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I always hated the eeveelutions for the first couple of gens. Not a lot of moves, and most were pretty frail. Then I bought a copy of Soul Siver, and used Flareon for my fire type. Great attacking stats, and that 130 base attack was pretty devastating on giga impact. Now, I always use one of them on my team. Took em a couple of gens, but I learned their value.
I always hated the eeveelutions for the first couple of gens. Not a lot of moves, and most were pretty frail. Then I bought a copy of Soul Siver, and used Flareon for my fire type. Great attacking stats, and that 130 base attack was pretty devastating on giga impact. Now, I always use one of them on my team. Took em a couple of gens, but I learned their value.
You learned their value... With FLAREON???
First time poster here—slightly surprised there is no introductions thread, so here I jump in.

I find Grass-types enticing but often skip the underdogs I like the most, on first playthrough of a new generation: their movepool limitation turns me off. On subsequent reruns I give in and use them despite their lack of efficiency. I am thinking particularly of Sunflora and Maractus.
No luck for Cherrim, he is tiresome to require constantly setting up sun to even look at.

Salutations to everyone.
The mega evolutions for me. The designs are fine, but I thought they were just a cheap way of making pokemon stronger and would be overpowered. But then I saw that mega evolving was only in-battle and removes a held item for the pokemon in question made me like them.

The sewaddle line was also this. I never really used them, because I thought Leavanny looked stupid and I knew grass and bug had a lot of weaknesses, but then I used a sewaddle in my Black 2 nuzlocke. Changed my whole perspective on them. And after my starter died, it became my hardest hitter. Who would've thought that Bug and Grass would be such a good offensive combo?

Zubat is another. Hated those things from the moment I fought one. But my hipster self didn't want to use a starly in my Platinum run, so Crobat became my flyer. LOVE THE ZUBAT LINE NOW. Except for Golbat. Close your mouth once in a while.
When I first became interested in Pokemon in middle school, I thought Starmie was a horrible Pokemon. It seemed like a really lazy design smacking a jewel on a cartoon starfish. Plus, my only measure of its strength was when it almost lost to Ash's newly caught Pidgeotto.

In high school I became interested in marine biology and started drawing sea invertebrates for fun. When I got back into Pokemon, I had a new appreciation for strange aquatic creatures. Starmie's use as a great offensive rapid spinner and ability to heal status in game have made me even fonder of the alien starfish.
Man, I have so many of these stories. I did not like many of the Gen II pokémon much at the time ~2000, but many of those have grown on me, Donphan, Ampharos, Skarmory, Girafarig, Sneasel, all of them fall into that category. But the biggest turnaround was Escavalier. I first thought something like "Man, that is so uninspiring. A pokémon that need to use weapons." But then, suddenly, a youtuber introduced the idea of a specially defensive Escavalier, and I got hooked. My staple of any BW2 team is a female knight (called 'Brienne' of course). it takes any non-fire hit. It deals MASSIVE damage back. Gotta love.
I used to hate Sigilyph and thought it was ugly and strange. Then I realized the thing on the top of its head was its eye and now it's actually kind of cute.

Then I started playing RU and now I hate Sigilyph again. just kidding
Sunflora. No joke.

In-game, it is a piece of shit that I would never want, especially as Sunkern. Competitively, it is still a piece of shit, and if it were allowed in LC it probably wouldn't even break it lol.

Then I started playing ASB. A few months in, I discovered Sun Stone Sunflora. That thing hits like a fucking NUKE. Also it's cute (funny how I didn't notice it before).
I have to go with Golem. Back in Red,it looked like a soccer ball with arms and legs to me.

But then my gimmick Female attracter one, Headache, won me my first competitive battle in Gen II, and I've started to imagine a Golem trying to be sexy and seducing everyone around (she made 3 of the guys' Pokémon useless), and this was just hilarious, that I love her now.
I'm thinking Gogoat for this one.

When it was first revealed, I was pretty much like.

"Gogoat. Go-goat. Nice."

But now I'm like

"This thing kind of looks badass. Like seriously look at it. You wouldn't mess with it. It's badassgoat."
Blissey is one of the most braindead and stupid Pokemon in this game. But I appreciate what it does because to be frank, I realized that Special Attackers in Pokemon are even dumber for competitive Pokemon in general. Especially when you factor stuff like Alakazam, Keldeo, and Hidden Power exists. It's like Game Freak thinks low counterplay glass cannon Special Attackers are somehow a good thing for the game.

Scizor is sorta easy to hate because of it's nearly perfect defensive typing and ludicrously insane offensive movepool, except I realized it's very well balanced because its offensive coverage is easily checked and countered. It rarely ever does bullshit you can't see coming, and it can be forced out reliably, but what it does is solid, which is as far as I'm concerned an ideal competitive balance.
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Skarmory. I started playing competitively in advance, when skarmbliss just sucked the fun out of everything. Plus, it has stupid wings. But then something interesting happened during platinum: I hatched a nearly perfect shiny one. Now I have no choice but to love it, as skarmory is no longer is a mindless ou buzzkill, and competitive quality shinies are statistically almost impossible to get.

Gengar. Seeing its megaderpy green version sprite killed any appeal it had, and there's nothing I hate more than arbitrary typing. Why is it poison? Also, ghost didn't have a good stab attack until shadow ball. But then a few things happened: first, I saw that sick sugimori pic where it's standing behind a trainer looking all wicked. And then I caught a not-completely-terrible shiny one in diamond. It's been love ever since...still hate that poison typing though.
I remember when I first played Pokemon Red I really disliked Starmie. Maybe it was because by friend picked Charmader and I watched his get his butt kicked a million times by that thing (I picked Bulbasaur). Maybe it was because at first I liked those Pokemon with eyes and limbs: Bulbasaur, Dragonite. Well, I caught a Staryu in Leafgreen and I actually started liking it.

Another would have to be Zekrom. I thought that the BW Legendaries looked way too complicated, but then I realized that Electric/Dragon is awesome and that he actually looks pretty cool.


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I hate to admit it but... Quilladin. It looked fucking stupid, too similar to Pignite, not to forget this:

But, I ended up making through with it, and can I say: Instant bro. Tanking hits like a boss, not giving a fuck.
Ferrothorn. I understood that it was a good defensive/support Pokemon, but that just didn't interest me. Then, during my playthrough of Black 2, I ended up catching N's Ferroseed, and I thought, "might as well give it a try." 'Twas then that I learned just how much damage it can do. Be it setting up with Curse, tanking whenever I need a tank, or simply eating Marlon alive in the PWT, Ferrothorn has been the star of my in-game team.
The Pidgey line.

No, seriously, hear me out. From all the way in Gen 1, that Pidgey was everywhere. Gen 2? Everywhere. I saw so many Pidgeys that I couldn't stand them. Yeah, ok, anime Ash's Pidgeotto/Pidgeot was badass, but that didn't sway me much. Gen3/4/5 they're absent, and I thought nothing of them.

Then imagine my surprise when I go through Gen 6 and I'm actually excited to see a Pidgey. I catch it, use it for my team, and it was boss. And I learned that Pidgeot got a BST increase? Hell yes. Sure, it still sucks, but at least it doesn't suck as badly anymore. And playing with my Pidgeot in Pokemon Amie was the best. I would scratch it under its beak and it'd look so happy and I'd just melt. And Pidgeot's amazing hair! My Lonely female Pidgeot named Freedom (252Atk/252Spe EVs) was seriously one of my MVPs in my X run (other was Lapras, another favorite mon of mine).

So gonna try and make a team with a Pidgeot in it somehow...
Technically I haven't used one ingame or competitively yet, but I'd have to say Klefki.
The first time I saw it, my reaction was "Game Freak must have run out of ideas". But ever since I found out that the keys weren't actually part of its body, it's started to grow on me- I think the concept of it collecting keys that it likes is adorable. It's definitely #1 on my list of Pokemon to EV train in X.

When I saw it I was like, "Oh great this thing is a piece of shit unless it gets Reckless with Flare Blitz and Brave Bird with an insane Attack stat, and it'll still be worse than Staraptor."

And then I saw Gale Wing...
Pretty much Garchomp, I always found it ugly... untill I bred one for competitive play and now I love it for everything it is, even its look^^ I think I found cuteness beneath those hammerhead shark rocket head thingies.

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