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To my knowledge, this hasn't been posted yet:

From Serebii

I count several different hats/headgear (among them one looking slightly like a Chespin), and at least two skin colours (the two very dark at the bottom appear to be "greyed out"). Now, we know from earlier that there will be at least three skin colours, but the variety of hats and hair styles was a nice surprise.

Again, I wonder if the sunglasses will be of any significance? There are several characters shown without them in this picture, after all, but they are present in all artwork of the playable characters.
iirc, you find different clothes, hats, sunglasses etc. throughout your journey.
Another artsy Bug-leader? Uh I'm amazed how they make everyone beautiful and well-fashioned. Well we're in France afterall.

That Pokemon on the flower is just too adorable. WANT.
Wait. Or is it the flower?
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