Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 In-Game Tier List (Reboot)

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this is more of a nitpick, but I don't think getting it to level 59 is that difficult, given you have tons of trainers and Rare Candies to level it up with. As I've mentioned before, Lucky Egg + Audino existing more-or-less eliminate the need to consider experience groups, at least in my opinion (though I will admit that I also go with that approach to simplify tiering for myself, since most people will Audino grind if they are really desperate). Plus, tier lists rarely tend to consider full teams, which removes this issue

with that said, I am a bit skeptical on B-tier as well, but that's moreso because I remember it being very bleh before the endgame. I will reuse it in a next run and provide modern logs

edit: just to be clear, I have a separate run going right now and I won't be using it in this one, I will use it in the one after that
I'm not sure you'll consistently have Quiver Dance by E4. That's level 59 for a Slow EXP mon in a game in which the champ caps out at level 59. In my experience with B2W2 my team of six capped out at 57-58 by endgame and that was without any Slow EXP mons.
Ryota already pointed this out but, between Lucky Egg and potential Audino grinding, getting Volc to 59 is not a big deal whatsoever. Experience in general is abundant in the endgame and teams of 4-5 can almost struggle not to overlevel depending on how many trainers you fight.

If it's any recompense, when I began to write up my post, I went in with the expectation of nomming it to C, but after reading my logs again, I felt it was just valuable enough for B tier. I hinge that nomination specifically on its Iris mu; Iris is the hardest boss in the game by far, and taking even more than 2 mons in a row against her can be very difficult. So a mon that takes at least 5 vs her (and, in my case, sweeping her outright) possesses one of the most valuable matchups in the game, hence why I ultimately decided to nom it to B. If others find Volcarona to be a C tier, then I will go with the majority vote and rank it in C.
this is more of a nitpick, but I don't think getting it to level 59 is that difficult, given you have tons of trainers and Rare Candies to level it up with. As I've mentioned before, Lucky Egg + Audino existing more-or-less eliminate the need to consider experience groups, at least in my opinion (though I will admit that I also go with that approach to simplify tiering for myself, since most people will Audino grind if they are really desperate). Plus, tier lists rarely tend to consider full teams, which removes this issue
The experience argument within tiering is a bit of a slippery slope (starts with a T, rhymes with explosion) and I certainly don't want to go into a policy discussion on this thread. But I try to put myself in the shoes of a casual when thinking of these things and one, I do think many casuals would try to fill out a full team of six. But two and more importantly, I have a hard time believing a casual running Volcarona would have anything higher than a C tier experience while running it through B2W2...unless of course they cater their run to specifically use it.

What I want to avoid is the idea that a mon's performance entirely hinges upon achieving very particular benchmarks. In which case there would seem to be too big of a temptation to achieve said benchmarks and ignore the several problems it took to get there (heavy investment, poor prior performance, etc.). To me a B tier mon should have relatively good (not great) pacing throughout a game. Volcarona's pacing on average in this game is mediocre at best, hence C tier in my view.
Finally completed my run. Or it was actually over a week ago, but I haven’t had the time to get this post done until now. Time for some nominations and thoughts.

First of all, some things worth noting about my run. As said earlier, I played on Challenge Mode. When I played, I always explored all optional areas and battled all optional trainers. I also started using the Lucky Egg as soon as I got it. Whenever I caught a new team member, I grinded it a bit to the point that it was at the same level as the rest of the team (or slightly below) before I continued with the story. I ended up being underleveled throughout most of the game, then I grinded a bit before Marlon and got overleveled for the rest of the game. My team was at level 64-65 when I challenged the E4. So keep that in mind. Because of this, you should take everything I have to say with a grain of salt.

I did not test every single Pokémon in every important fight. I thought about doing it at first and I even tried it a little in the beginning, but I stopped because I didn’t find it very fun. It is just not my style of playing. I did not write any logs for the rest of the game either, guess I should have done that but it is too late now. However, I can provide the early logs I did write if those should be of interest.

Instead of posting logs, I will focus on how I felt that each Pokémon performed in general. Not sure what is important, but I’ll include everything that feels relevant. Though now that I look back, I don’t feel very satisfied with what I have to say. I considered scrapping this post because it was starting to feel pointless, but I decided to make it anyway since I said I would, and hopefully I can at least contribute a little to the thread.

Now, for some overall thoughts on the Pokémon I used.

:Snivy: :Servine: :Serperior:
Final moveset: Leaf Blade / Return / Leech Seed / Coil

Available immediately since it is a starter. Mine evolved into Servine quite quickly, don’t remember exactly when, but before the second Gym at least (not before the first). Don’t remember when it evolved into Serperior either, but it must have been between the fifth and sixth Gym.

It gets Vine Whip early, which later upgrades to Leaf Tornado and then to Leaf Blade at level 32. In my playthrough, it learned Leaf Blade right before Elesa. It also gets Return and Growth early on, Growth later upgrades to Coil at level 38. I suppose you could keep Growth and use a mixed set with Giga Drain, but I think a full Physical set with Coil is better. Not sure though.

On the whole, Snivy is an odd one. It is a fast defensive Pokémon with somewhat lower offenses. Unfortunately, Grass isn’t a very good defensive typing. It also has a limited movepool without many good coverage options, making it very dependent on good matchups in order to win. It doesn’t hit super hard before boosting either. It can at least outrun most opponents thanks to its great speed, and it can usually tank one or more hits as long as they aren’t super effective. I don’t think Snivy is bad, but not super great either. I think C-tier is fine for it.

:Pidove: :Tranquill: :Unfezant: :Unfezant-f:
Final moveset: Return / Fly / Work Up / Roost

Available early, on Route 20. It evolves into Tranquill at level 21, which should be possible before Burgh at least (don’t remember when mine evolved). It then evolves into Unfezant at level 32. Mine evolved after Elesa, directly after I beat Charles on Route 5.

It gets Return, Roost and Work Up early on, which is great. Unfortunately, it will lack a Physical Flying-type move for quiet a while, forcing you to use Air Cutter. It doesn’t even learn Peck! It finally gets Fly on Route 5, which is possible before you challenge Elesa. I suppose it can also use Aerial Ace or Acrobatics once you get access to those, but I felt that Fly is enough. Mine had Big Pecks, not sure if it or Super Luck is the better Ability. Neither of them feels super useful. One is very niche and the other is luck-based, as its name suggests.

On the whole, I feel that Pidove is best described as good but not great. It doesn’t have a lot of options, but it gets all it needs to be moderately useful. Like Snivy, it is a bit reliant on good matchups in order to win. It is fast and hits pretty hard with its two STABs as long as the opponent doesn’t resist them. I think B-tier is fine for it.

:Drilbur: :Excadrill:
Final moveset: Earthquake / Iron Head / Rock Slide / Swords Dance

Available mid-early in Relic Passage. However, it only appears in Dust Clouds and even when you manage to spawn one, there’s a big chance you’ll get a Shard instead (though Shards are useful for MTs, so it isn’t all that bad). I used Repels and a Pass Power to make it easier to find a Drilbur, but it still took a few tries to get one. Mine evolved into Excadrill right before I faced Elesa.

It gets Dig at level 19, Hone Claws at level 22 and Rock Slide at level 29. It later gets Earthquake at level 36 and Swords Dance at level 42. It can also get Iron Head from the Driftveil Move Tutor for 4 Red Shards. Not sure if that is necessary but I found it very useful to have a secondary STAB. Neither of its Abilities are particularly useful unless you plan to run a Sandstorm set or something.

Drilbur is a really great Pokémon, it has many good matchups and it was easily the MVP of my team. I could always rely on it. No wonder it seems to be the chosen Pokémon for speedruns in B2/W2. It has a fantastic movepool, great stats and good STABs. It is slightly weak during the final levels as a Drilbur, and finding it can be a bit annoying (though it is at least available quite early), but its positives outweigh its negatives by far. I think S-tier is fine for it, but it should definitely not be anywhere lower than A.

:Scraggy: :Scrafty:
Final moveset: Crunch / Hi Jump Kick / Rock Slide / Work Up

Available mid-early on Route 4. It has Faint Attack and Headbutt when captured, it can also be taught Rock Slash and Work Up. It learns Brick Break at level 20. It then upgrades to Hi Jump Kick at level 31 and Crunch at level 38. It can also be taught Rock Slide once you find the TM at Mistralton Cave. I guess that can be changed to Head Smash later on, but I kept Rock Slide until the end. The accuracy of Hi Jump Kick is unfortunately bad, and the crash damage is really bad. It can be improved with the Wide Lens that is found on Route 4… but only in Black 2, now that I look a bit closer. So that’s a negative for those who play White 2.

Mine evolved at Route 7, before facing Skyla. Both of its Abilities are great, not sure which is better. Mine had Shed Skin which was great for curing status once in a while, but Moxie might be better for sweeping when it comes to important trainers. Though many regular NPCs only have 1-2 Pokémon even late in the game, making it a bit limited against them.

Sadly, I found Scraggy to be a big disappointment. It just never really worked for me. As a Scraggy, it didn’t feel particularly bulky even with the Eviolite. Scrafty didn’t feel like an improvement when it comes to defenses either. It was also slow, which meant that it pretty much always had to take a hit before it could move. HJK also missed way too often for me. I could have used the Wide Lens more though, I mostly used the Lucky Egg to make grinding easier. Scraggy also lost several matchups which I really expected it to win. Maybe Scraggy is just worse in Challenge Mode, or maybe I just had a bad experience with it, but I can’t nominate it for anything higher than B-tier.

:Litwick: :Lampent: :Chandelure:
Final moveset: Shadow Ball / Flamethrower / Energy Ball / Psychic

Available early late-game at the Celestial Tower. You get the Lucky Egg at the same time which makes it a bit easier to grind.

DrumstickGaming was wondering whether it was possible to get a Lampent before Skyla. I decided to give it a try, here’s how I did:
  • First, I caught a Litwick in Celestial Tower at level 27 (the highest possible level is 33). I gave it the Lucky Egg immediately. Before going to the Tower, I had skipped all trainers on Route 7 as I wanted to save them for later.
  • After capture, I grinded it against wild Pokémon on Route 7 until it was at level 36.
  • Then I went back to re-explore some earlier areas (from Aspertia to Route 6, everything new that could be accessed with Surf). This made it grow to level 38 (same as the other team members at this point)
  • After that, I explored Route 7 properly and battled all trainers there, but with equal focus on all team members instead of just focusing on Litwick. This made it grow to level 39.
  • I then explored the whole Celestial Tower and beat all trainers here. I prioritized training Litwick now. While exploring the Tower, it grew to level 41 and evolved into Lampent!
So the answer is yes, but it requires a lot of extra training. I’m not sure if an average player is willing to invest that much time and effort into it. In addition, Litwick is rather weak, frail and slow, which isn’t exactly a great combination. I would also guess that grinding it will be harder outside of Challenge Mode since the levels of the Pokémon owned by trainers are lower, which means less Exp. In the end, I guess most players won’t have a Lampent before Skyla, and that it should be considered a negative for Litwick in the long run.

You can find a Dusk Stone at the Strange House. Lampent should be evolved into Chandelure immediately, there’s no reason to keep it unevolved.

It has Flame Burst and Hex upon capture, it should also be taught Energy Ball immediately since you should have the TM at that point (if not, just go get it in Aspertia). Early on, it can potentially use the combo of Hex and WoW for extra damage. It then learns Shadow Ball once you get the TM at Reversal Mountain, and it can get Psychic from the TM found on Route 13. Unfortunately, Flamethrower isn’t available until 23, though I honestly found Flame Burst to be good enough until then. Not sure which Ability is better but I went with Flash Fire.

Overall, Litwick is pretty good. It is available late and is very weak before evolving, but it picks up after that and can plow through many opponents. Good experience, decent Speed and great Sp.att made it a great powerhouse. It isn’t perfect though. Because of my experience with it, I’d say B-tier, but C might be more appropriate in general.

:Staryu: :Starmie:
Final moveset: Surf / Psychic / Thunderbolt / Ice Beam

Staryu is available late-game at Undella Town. It can be found between levels 25-40, I think getting one at a higher level is preferable since it means less grinding. I caught mine at level 38. Natural Cure is the better of its two Abilities.

It can be taught Surf immediately, I’d also say it should be taught Recover through the move relearner before evolving (you should have a Heart Scale at this point, and if not, they are easy to find). After that, it should be evolved immediately (a Water Stone can be found on Route 19 with Surf). It can be grinded a bit at Route 13/14 and Undella Bay.

It gets Psychic from the TM on Route 13, which is pretty much immediately after capture. It can be changed for Psyshock at the Giant Chasm, not sure which is better. It then gets Ice Beam at the Giant Chasm as well, and finally Thunderbolt after beating Hugh at the end of Victory Road.

Staryu is very strong, but it is brought down by late availability and the fact that its two best coverage moves are available very late. It is still very strong and fast though, and I often found that its STABs alone were enough to take down most opponents. I think B-tier is fine for it.

Those are all of my nominations. I won’t be contributing any more to this thread as I have no plans to do another playthrough of B2/W2 anytime soon.

Before leaving, I want to give some words of encouragement to everyone else involved. I rarely contribute to the in-game tier lists here on Smogon, but I like reading them and seeing other people’s contributions and nominations. I also find them very helpful for the rare times when I replay Pokémon games. They are great to see which Pokémon are great and which are not so good. I think everyone who contributes to this thread (and to the other threads in this subforum) are doing a great job and I want you to keep up the good work! I really hope you can finish the tier list not only for B2/W2, but also for all other games which still have unfinished tier lists.
Before leaving, I want to give some words of encouragement to everyone else involved. I rarely contribute to the in-game tier lists here on Smogon, but I like reading them and seeing other people’s contributions and nominations. I also find them very helpful for the rare times when I replay Pokémon games. They are great to see which Pokémon are great and which are not so good. I think everyone who contributes to this thread (and to the other threads in this subforum) are doing a great job and I want you to keep up the good work! I really hope you can finish the tier list not only for B2/W2, but also for all other games which still have unfinished tier lists.
Okay I just want to highlight this remark in particular and how much it means to me.

These projects are a mostly thankless thing, so the fact that it means something to even one person just means the world to me. Even if you said all your Pokemon were F-tier, I still would have enjoyed your post because you were courteous about it. Thank you.

(I also don't really care that you played on Challenge Mode, data is data and beggars can't be choosers).

I agree with Snivy, Pidove, and Drilbur wholeheartedly.

I can kind of see your thoughts on Chandelure. It definitely feels like a Volcarona alternative in that it has the power. I wouldn't think B tier is that bad for it but I still lam(p)ent its lack of sweeps - maybe 145 Special Attack with decent availability is out of place in C tier?

I definitely disagree on Scraggy though. Now, I'm not trying to be the "HEY YOU USED IT WRONG, YOUR OPINION IS INVALID" guy because your efforts (we rarely see completed runs here unfortunately) are appreciated even if you went with Shed Skin. If anything, that's important data for how a Shed Skin one performs, and shouldn't be ignored.

That being said however, I don't think Scraggy should go in B tier, and should remain in A tier. Scraggy, while a little annoying to get with Moxie, more than makes up for it with a fantastic Eviolite performance for Gyms 3-5. It starts to lose its luster a little after that, but it will never be outright useless in most matchups (beats Skyla's Swoobat, beats Drayden alright, but slowly IIRC, beats Marlon's Carracosta / Jellicent). 58 Speed is lacking for a Moxie sweeper, but I think Scrafty's endgame is comparable to a lot of other A tiers even if it has some issues with Speed and Shauntal's Cofagrigus. Most notably, it has both a good enough League and a good enough Colress / Ghetsis (usually mons that aren't great for one are good for the other, with some exceptions). Saying "it will never be outright useless" does feel like a B, I know, but I think Scraggy has enough desirable traits to be a defining A tier Pokemon for the game. It's not S by any stretch thanks to the issues though.

Starmie seems like the pick of the bunch of the Undella stuff, but seems to be let down by weaknesses. I think it might go in C but I might have to run with it soon.

Thank you for your contributions!
As a sidenote, I fixed the logs in my first post, they are now all separate. But anyway, my seventh run is complete. I ran with Sandile, Roggenrola (Trade) Braviary, Panpour, Skorupi, and Metang.

Burgh (25): Eviolite. You outspeed and 3HKO Swadloon with Bite: it takes two uses of String Shot for it to outspeed you: it roughly 2HKOs with Razor Leaf though you might live two. Leavanny comes out right after and murders you. Sandile was level 26 for Dwebble by accident. Bite 3HKOs it, you have decent odds to flinch (though Burgh will heal Dwebble), and Struggle Bug does next to nothing. Decent.

Elesa (30): Cheri Berry. Krokrok’s Crunch / Rock Tomb seems to 2HKO Emolga, with Crunch doing 2/3s (I actually OHKOed with a crit Crunch once). And no, Crunch into Snarl leaves Emolga alive.

Flaaffy dies to +1 Dig as I grow to level 31, and Zebstrika dies to +2 Dig. Emolga is annoying because Rock Tomb misses can increase the odds for Emolga to crit and chip you down as the battle goes on: I have actually lost to it from a few crit Quick Attacks (you’ll be at 2/3s HP if you hit everything). +1 Crunch into Take Down recoil kills Flaaffy, if curious. Good, but a sweep isn’t watertight due to A) Rock Tomb 80 accuracy B) crits and C) Static, though I never rolled it, oddly.

Clay (32): Eviolite (with Intimidate fodder). Rock Smash into Dig 2HKOs Krokorok. Sandslash outspeeds after Clay’s Krokorok uses Bulldoze, but does little with Fury Cutter as +1 Crunch / Dig 3HKOs it: you’ll trigger an heal and be at red HP after all this. You can Crunch, Rock Smash, then Crunch to skip potion.

You’ll have to heal to take on Clay’s Excadrill - Slash seems to 3HKO but I think a crit could actually OHKO you: in any case +2 Dig OHKOs it. I rolled a Metal Claw crit second attempt. Solidly beating two members. 1v1 against Excadrill shows you 2HKO with unboosted Dig even through Berry, but crits are still an issue.

Skyla (40): Expert Belt. Swoobat’s Acrobatics does roughly a third as you OHKO back with Crunch. Krookodile outspeeds and OHKOs Swanna with +1 Rock Slide (you live BubbleBeam in red). +2 Rock Slide barely 2HKOs Skarmory: Hard Stone can assure the 2HKO. Even when I missed Rock Slide on Swanna, Skarmory can miss Steel Wing too, so it averages out. Pretty easy sweep.

Drayden (50): BlackGlasses. Crunch 2HKOs Druddigon (got a crit OHKO in my first attempt), but unfortunately +1 Crunch leaves Flygon alive (you outspeed) though it doesn’t threaten you at all. +2 Crunch OHKOs Haxorus. Pretty easy sweep.

Marlon (52): Rawst Berry. Bulldoze roughly 2HKOs Carracosta even before Shell Smash and you still outspeed afterward. +1 Crunch does 3/4s to Wailord as it does roughly equal damage with Scald. +2 Crunch OHKOs Jellicent. Pretty easy sweep.

Colress (54): Expert Belt. Rock Slide the magnets to hopefully flinch one of them (Flash Cannon from either 3HKOs). You should beat the magnets fine, but if Magnezone goes Explosion it does half your HP: this seems fairly common. Beheeyem comes in next but dies to Crunch (unboosted Energy Ball 2HKOs if you try to heal off magnet damage). +3 Crunch 3HKOs Klinklang as it uses Shift Gear: you can heal as +1 Giga Impact 2HKOs you, then kill on the recharge turn with Earthquake and level to 55. Metang dies to Earthquake.

Without healing, you chew through the magnets and Beheeyem, heal on Klinklang, then kill it and Metang. Pretty great, seems to take four at worst: I didn’t try Low Kick. Unboosted Earthquake OHKOs Metang so you can switch out of Klinklang if you want.

Ghetsis (54): Soft Sand. Earthquake 2HKOs Cofagrigus (but only with Soft Sand on): heal off Toxic before you finish off Cofagrigus. Sesmitoad dies to +1 Earthquake, Drapion dies to +2 Earthquake, Toxicroak dies to +3 Earthquake as Krookodile grows to level 55. Hilariously, you outspeed and 2HKO Hydreigon with +4 resisted Crunch (Rock Slide knocks it to red, I rolled a flinch, and yes I know you can use Return). Eelektross dies to +5 Crunch. Easy sweep.

Shauntal (58): Soft Sand. Taunt Cofagrigus to block Will-O-Wisp, then Soft Sand Earthquake to 2HKO Cofagrigus (a crit Shadow Ball only 3HKOs lol). You outspeed and OHKO Chandelure easy with Earthquake, growing to level 60 in the process. Crunch beats Golurk and Driftblim. Easy sweep.

Grimsley (58): Soft Sand. Earthquake OHKOs everything (I even outsped Liepard). Was level 60 for his final mon Krookodile but I doubt it mattered. Flawless sweep.

Caitlin (58): BlackGlasses. Taunt turns Musharna into a potato: it literally can’t hit you at all. Amusingly, if this happens, Caitlin actually switches into Reuniclus…which is OHKOed by Crunch. Sigilyph comes in next and dies to +1 Crunch, Gothitelle comes in next and dies to +2 Crunch, and with Krookodile at level 59 Musharna comes in last and dies to +3 Crunch.

Taunt is actually helpful here because unboosted Crunch leaves Musharna alive, and if Reflect goes up during Yawn it gets 20x more annoying. Strangely, even though I did not Taunt, she switched into Reuniclus who got 2HKOed by Crunch. In any case, Sigilyph is 2HKOed by Crunch as it fails to 2HKO with Ice Beam, then Reflect wears off and you clean house. Taunt and Chesto Berry are recommended, but not required.

Marshal (58): Soft Sand. Soft Sand EQ 2HKOs Throh as it tries to Bulldoze / Rock Tomb you, which makes Mienshao outspeed: best to likely avoid Throh. With no debuffs, Krookodile outspeeds and OHKOS Mienshao with +0 Earthquake. Conkeldurr looks to be 2HKOed through Berry by +1 EQ, but OHKOs you with Hammer Arm. You outspeed Sawk and 2HKO with Earthquake as you live Brick Break in full from red. Good, beats Sawk and Mienshao or Sawk.

Iris (60): Expert Belt. Outrage seems to outspeed and OHKO Hydreigon on rolls (Surf does 2/3s) and +1 Outrage OHKOs Druddigon, which prompts Lapras to come in. Heal off confusion as Ice Beam does 2/3s to you, then OHKO with +2 EQ. You outspeed Haxorus and knock it to Focus Sash but it revenges you with EQ. From full, Archeops seems to 2HKO with Acrobatics as you knock it to red with unboosted Rock Slide. Can notably live Druddigon’s Focus Blast in low yellow. Good with a little luck on Hydreigon.

Burgh (25): Hard Stone. Swadloon outspeeds and 4HKOs with Razor Leaf: you can Iron Defense if you want to make it do scratch damage. Smack Down OHKOs it. Leavanny comes out next: it takes 3 hits of Rock Blast to OHKO it through Berry (you’ll likely be at half HP after Razor Leaf: without Defense buffs it 3HKOs). With Gigalith at level 26, Dwebble does nothing with Struggle Bug and if you land Rock Blast you basically OHKO it, ending at 1/3 HP.

It’s worth noting 2 hits of Rock Blast knocks Leavanny to Hyper Potion range, so you will likely only take one attack from it. I ended at about the same 1/3 HP range even without Iron Defense. Leavanny will hurt if it crits Razor Leaf though. Pretty easy sweep.

Elesa (30): Hard Stone. Emolga’s Volt Switch is a 5HKO (!) as Rock Slide knocks Flaaffy to red: Smack Down cleanly 2HKOS it so you don’t have to risk 90 accuracy. Flaaffy Volt Switched out to Emolga, taking me to half HP…and Emolga promptly was OHKOed by Smack Down: then Flaaffy crit me out. Assuming you don’t get crit (and thus knocked to red HP) Rock Slide cleanly 2HKOs Zebstrika through Sitrus Berry before it finishes you off. Good, but your Speed means a sweep is unfeasible unless you heal, which I didn’t.

Clay (32): Leftovers (with Intimidate fodder). You can Iron Defense on Krokorok’s Torment, then Rock Smash / Strength to 2HKO Krokorok: at +2 Defense, Crunch gets healed off with what looks like two rounds of Leftovers, so feel free to buff to +4 Defense as you kill it: it rolled a crit Crunch to knock me to half HP: if this doesn’t happen you’ll be near full HP.

Sandslash does literally nothing with Crush Claw / Fury Cutter (literal 1-5 damage) as you seem to roughly 4HKO with Strength. I got a Defense drop with Rock Smash after Strength: another Strength knocked it to red / seemed to 2HKO at -1 Defense as it did nothing with Rollout: even if it gets off like four, you’ll still be at like 7/8s HP.

I was a little above half HP when Excadrill comes in: a Rock Slide crit 3HKOs Gigalith and knocked me to red, so I had to heal: a Slash crit 5HKOs you: that plus a Metal Claw crit ended me before I could get an attack off.

Coming in near full HP at +6 Defense, Rock Smash seems to roughly 4HKO Excadrill, with essentially +1 Strength knocking it to Sitrus Berry range after the Defense drop: notably even Metal Claw bounces off at -6 if it doesn’t crit you. I think I got Excadrill to -2 Defense and killed it via attrition, they never want to Bulldoze you. Should at absolute worst beat Krokorok and Sandlslash. Good.

Sandslash literally does so little it is possible to heal back to full with Leftovers if you can get it in Hyper Potion range (tho I rolled two crits on it). Even in an attempt where I rolled no Rock Smash Defense debuffs on Excadrill, I still beat it with Gigalith. I got three sweeps. Rock Slide flinches on Gigalith could be annoying, but really, this is incredibly solid.

Skyla (40): Leftovers. Setup Iron Defense (unboosted Heart Stamp does like 15 out of your roughly 125 HP) then go for Sandstorm (was expecting Swanna). Actually though, Skarmory comes out next, and you can Iron Defense to max and laugh as you 3HKO with Rock Slide. After burning a potion Skyla used, I heal up for Swanna. BubbleBeam does 2/3s of your HP but you cleanly OHKO back with Rock Slide. If Swanna Featherdances turn 1, it looks like you need Expert Belt / Hard Stone to secure the 2HKO, though it comes pretty close. Pretty good, leave Skarmory to something else unless you want to deal with 90 accuracy repeatedly.

Drayden (50): Leftovers. You can Iron Defense a couple times to make Revenge do laughable damage: Rock Slide 2HKOs Druddigon and you should be close to full HP when you beat it. Flygom Dragon Tailed me away but that’s probably the most favorable outcome, as Flygon’s Earth Power knocks you to red or so, and Return sadly seems like rolls to 2HKO.

You’re best off fainting Druddigon, then fainting Haxorus with four Rock Slides due to Sitrus + item (+2 Assurance does jack diddly to you). Pretty good.

As a fun sidenote, you can use ten Blue Shards to tutor Gravity, which can be comboed with Hard Stone Stone Edge at level 49: it actually comes close to OHKOing Druddigon with a neutral move (knocks it to red) and 3HKOs Flygon. Stone Edge + Rock Slide 2HKOs Haxorus through Sitrus Berry, notably.

Marlon (52): Hard Stone. Gigalith outspeeds Carracosta and Bulldozes it for a 3HKO as unboosted Scald does 3/4s of your HP: Bulldoze + Stone Edge looks close to a 2HKO (I missed mine). Two Hard Stone Stone Edges does 2HKO however. For some strange reason I kept critting Carracosta, but sadly not even Expert Belt Bulldoze 2HKOs it and it doesn’t seem interested in Shell Smash.

Wailord seems to derp with Amnesia, but Bulldoze + Stone Edge 2HKOs it while letting you outspeed (Scald does 2/3s). Rock Slide 2HKOs Wailord as well. However, the same strategy falls flat for Jellicent because it still outspeeds at -1. However, you cleanly live Scald from full and Stone Edge, assuming you aren’t burned, almost knocks Jellicent to red (2HKOing it through Sitrus Berry).

While it is unlikely for Wailord to not spam Scald on you, I once Rock Polished, as it used Bounce: since you outspeed next turn, you can amusingly use Gravity to stop it before it hits you. If Wailord derps with Amnesia and doesn’t damage you, you can get to Jellicent at full HP, and Rock Slide (Jellicent takes a third due to Sitrus Berry) and Stone Edge should outspeed and 2HKO. It seems like on high rolls Scald + burns kill you from both Wailord and Jellicent I think, though the latter a little more.

Colress (54): Hard Stone. Bulldoze Beheeyem to 4HKO as it Calm Minds, then outspeed and destroy it with Stone Edge (I crit). You get two shots due to Sturdy and probably kill. It looks like Gigalith MIGHT survive a +1 Gear Grind from Klinklang (!) but one hit crit and I died. Not taking on the others.

Ghetsis (54): Hard Stone. Outspeeds and 2HKOs Cofagrigus with Stone Edge + Rock Slide as Shadow Ball 3HKOs. Pretty great Drapion check, unSTAB EQ doesn’t even 2HKO as you OHKO with Stone Edge + Bulldoze (Night Slash does nothing). Pretty solid Hydreigon check too: Dragon Rush doesn’t even 2HKO you. Life Orb recoil + Stone Edge knocks it to red, though Rock Slide seems to barely 2HKO even without recoil anyway. Toxicroak doesn’t even 2HKO with Brick Break and is likely 2HKOed by Bulldoze (I crit tho). Stone Edge knocks Eelektross to red as is 3HKOs with Thunderbolt (Eelektross outspeeds). Beating virtually any mon on the team 1v1 sans Sesmitoad. Solid.

Shauntal (58): Hard Stone. Unfortunately, Cofagrigus outspeeds Gigalith, so don’t bother with it (due to burn) or Golurk. Shadow Ball from Driftblim and then Chandelure kills you. However, if you can force in Driftblim when Cofagrigus and Golurk are dead (try a Water type to kill Golurk) you can Rock Polish twice, then Rock Slide to OHKO both Driftblim and Chandelure (you live two Shadow Balls from Driftblim in low yellow).

Grimsley (58): Soft Sand. I crit Liepard out with Rock Slide (Hard Stone Rock Slide looks like it would secure the OHKO, Stone Edge OHKOs without it) as it does laughable damage with Fake Out / Night Slash. Bulldoze seems like it would miss the 2HKO on Bisharp (tho I think Metal Claw misses the 2HKO after Night Slash, not sure) thanks to Sitrus Berry. Bisharp also still probably wins even if you Rock Polish at full: Stone Edge + Rock Smash fails to kill unless Gigalith holds Expert Belt. Not great, but passable.

With Iron Defense and Leftovers, you can buff to +6 Defense then 2HKO Liepard with Rock Smash (you’ll be at 7/8s HP). You 4HKO Krookodile with -1 Rock Smash (3HKO if you roll a Defense drop, I rolled 2 after three turns which seems pretty average and enabled me to almost 2HKO after potion). Earthquake does virtually nothing at +6. I was at 1/3 HP as Krookodile fell, and I still hadn’t used a potion, but decided to for fear of a crit.

Scrafty’s Brick Break 9HKOs you at +6 Defense, but Leftovers heals off half of that: I ended up killing it in five Rock Smashes thanks to some Defense drops, ending at 2/3 HP. I crit Bisharp out turn 1, though I wouldn’t have been surprised if it took my remaining three Rock Smashes to kill it at -1. Not great or fast by any means, but possible if you’re lucky. TLDR: Decent with possible cheese.

Caitlin (58): Chesto Berry. Surprisingly solid. Gigalith thankfully outspeeds Musharna, so set Gravity, then 2HKO it with Stone Edge. Reuniclus comes in (you outspeed) and Focus Blasts but you live due to Sturdy and 2HKO it before Gravity returns to normal. Sigilyph went for Shadow Ball to kill as I healed up (rough 3HKO) but that and Psychic (3HKO) didn’t kill me as I OHKOed with Rock Slide. Gothitelle finishes you off with Thunderbolt.

Marshal (58): No, unless you want to use Explosion on Mienshao (HJK doesn’t take you to Sturdy, oddly).

Iris (58): Hard Stone. Lapras outspeeds you and can Sing, but Rock Slide OHKOs it. Bizarrely a good Haxorus check: Iron Defense to +2 as it boosts to +1 and does a third with EQ, Iron Defense to max as it DDs to +4 and then fails to kill you with Earthquake, though you have to hit both Rock Slide and Stone Edge to 2HKO it: you end up in red. You MIGHT have enough HP to beat Archeops (I had 20, it did 16 with Rock Slide) but I healed up: Gigalith’s Rock Slide OHKOs it. Should beat Lapras and Archeops.

Elesa (30): Cheri Berry. Emolga and outspeeds and 3HKOs with Volt Switch: Braviary can even comfortably live a critical hit one. Sadly, +1 Return is a range to OHKO Flaaffy without Silk Scarf, though Take Down recoil can help.

Alternatively, you can Hone Claws to +2 as Flaaffy Thunder Waves you, then OHKO it: I rolled one turn of full paralysis on Emolga’s Pursuit, letting it kill me next turn with Volt Switch. This sort of Ai guessing game WILL happen in most attempts: Emolga can just as easily Pursuit turn 1, Volt Switch away, then come back in and kill you.

Running Silk Scarf ensures the Flaaffy OHKO, and if the Ai Volt Switches to Zebstrika, you OHKO it with +1 Return which is pretty nice. Passable, but just inconsistent enough to be annoying. At best taking two mons.

Clay (33): Silk Scarf. Snag a free +1 from Krokorok thanks to Defiant, then Hone Claws to +2 as Krokorok uses Torment (you outspeed). Outspeed and OHKO Krokorok with Return. Excadrill outspeeds and 2HKOs with Rock Slide, but you chunk it pretty hard with +2 Rock Smash - enough to likely 2HKO through Sitrus Berry. Switch out, come back in versus Sandslash. Even at half HP, you should barely 2HKO with Return (Crush Claw takes you to red). +1 Return OHKOs Krokorok without setup too. Pretty good.

Skyla (40): Expert Belt. Heart Stamp 7HKOs you as you Hone Claws once, but Attract + Heart Stamp is likely to make you revenged by Swanna, though you at least OHKO Swoobat. +1 Rock Slide OHKOs Swanna and it seems like Air Slash only 4HKOs you. Skarmory pretty much laughs at you: +1 Rock Slide looks like a rough 3HKO. Low Speed strikes again.

Drayden (50): Silk Scarf. Hone Claws to +1 then OHKO everything with Return. Flygon 3HKOs you with Rock Slide (not even a crit stopped me, though I died to Haxorus). Unfortunately I just kept getting hoaxed out: if Druddigon crits unboosted Revenge, you again die to Haxorus’s Slash. Even my one successful attempt at sweeping ended with me at 2 HP, and I by all accounts would have died if Haxorus went for Slash. Disappointing.

Marlon (52): Rawst Berry. Two uses of Superpower 2HKOs Carracosta as +1 Smack Down 2HKOs you (though it does look like Carracosta gets close to potion range, if it heals, you lose, though this only happened 1/3 times).

Braviary is great for Wailord: Scald 3HKOs so you can setup two Hone Claws, OHKO Wailord with +2 Return, then OHKO Jellicent with +2 Shadow Claw. Pretty good.

Colress (54): Cheri Berry. Return + Superpower looks like it 2HKOs Magneton though I did crit the latter. If you don’t switch out for debuffs, Braviary does not beat Magnezone as -1 Return + Superpower is too weak to 2HKO. Without debuffs, Braviary can setup on Beheeyem as unboosted Psychic 3HKOs and +1 Return OHKOs. Klinklang outspeeds and goes for Shift Gear but dies to +1 Superpower. +0 Superpower 2HKOs Metang and makes you die to Rock Slide before you beat it. Decent.

Ghetsis (54): Silk Scarf. Hone Claws to +2 and OHKO Cofagrigus with Shadow Claw, which prompts Eel, then Hydreigon, though I skipped Cofagrigus on my first attempt. You can come in on Sesmitoad since you outspeed it and Muddy Water only roughly 3HKOs. Hone Claws to +1, outspeed and OHKO Sesmitoad and Eelektross with Return (crit the latter). Hydreigon crit me out. Unboosted Return does 3/4s of Hydreigon’s HP though as Rock Slide cleanly 2HKOs. Drapion’s Night Slash 4HKOs so you can setup a Hone Claws…until he crits you out (one normal Night Slash + crit kills you due to Sniper). You outsped and OHKO Toxicroak with unboosted Fly (Brick Break seems to 3HKO). Meh.

Shauntal (58): Rawst Berry. Hone Claws three times, heal off burn if necessary (Cofagrigus’s Psychic 5HKOs) then sweep with Shadow Claw, using Rock Slide on Driftblim and Chandelure to avoid Aftermath and Flame Body respectively (Shadow Claw Golurk last).

Grimsley (58): Sharp Beak. OHKO Liepard with Return (watch out for Attract). Scrafty comes in and dies to Sharp Beak-boosted Fly (lives in red without the item). Krookodile outspeeds and 2HKOs with Crunch, but +1 Return OHKOs it fine (you can Superpower if you want, I didn’t and still OHKOed in both attempts). You outspeed and OHKO Bisharp with Superpower. Pretty easy sweep, you can afford to take one Liepard Night Slash so Attract isn’t too bad.

Caitlin (58): Chesto Berry. Hone Claws twice then outspeed and OHKO everything with Return, though Gothitelle is a roll. If Musharna uses Reflect it gets 20x more annoying: I ended up boosting to +5 and Full Restoring off sleep. Easy sweep though.

Marshal (58): Sharp Beak. Hone Claws to +1 as Throh tries to Rock Tomb you (it missed): +1 Fly OHKOs it. Impressively, if Conkeldurr goes for Bulk Up, you still OHKO with Fly. Sawk 2HKOs with Rock Slide as you outspeed and 2HKO with Return. Mienshao finishes you off. Great.

Iris (59): Expert Belt Superpower OHKOs Hydreigon as it 3HKOs you. Apparently you can 2HKO Hydreigon with Return but I didn’t try it. Without debuffs, you can Hone Claws once on Lapras’s Ice Beam then OHKO with Superpower, but Druddigon comes in after and is only 2HKOed by Fly as it KOs you with Rock Slide (even if Lapras uses Surf). With no debuffs, Superpower OHKOs Aggron. Probably beating two Pokemon.

Elesa (30): Mystic Water. Amusingly, my first attempt died to a crit Emolga Volt Switch, but at least Simipour outspeeds Emolga.

Anyway, Work Up to +1 as Emolga does 2/3s with Volt Switch, then outspeed and OHKO Flaaffy and Emolga with +1 Scald. Zebstrika immediately revenge kills you right after: even in the attempt where Emolga used Pursuit and Quick Attack Zebstrika killed me. If curious, you can live a Zebstrika Volt Switch from full HP in red and 2HKO through Berry with unboosted Dig, though you lose since it is faster. Good.

Clay (32): Mystic Water. Outspeed and OHKO Krokorok and Sandlash with Scald. You outspeed Excadrill, but believe it or not, Excadrill can barely live Scald from full on rolls, which by all accounts is absurd. It can also just 2HKO you with Bulldoze easily, but you have decent chances to burn (if he lives, Clay will heal). You can Work Up once on Krokorok’s Crunch or Bulldoze (3HKO) to secure the sweep. Even if Krokorok uses Bulldoze, you still outspeed both it and Sandslash. Unless Excadrill crits you out with Slash, you should be good. Amazing all things considered, and perhaps one of the most solid Excadrill checks.

Skyla (40): Expert Belt. Simipour sadly does not outspeed Swoobat as Acrobatics 3HKOs you, so Work Up and OHKO it with Rock Slide (looks like a Heart Stamp flinch would put you in 2HKO range tho). Swanna is outsped and dies to +1 Rock Slide (this actually requires Expert Belt). Scald Skarmory which knocks it to mid-red as it uses Agility: if you’re lucky you’ll burn it and speed things up. As long as you aren’t in red you probably live Skarmory’s Steel Wing. Pretty great, sweep isn’t guaranteed because Swoobat is annoying but overall, certainly better than average unless RNG hates you.

Drayden (50): Expert Belt. Crunch 3HKOs Simipour, so unless it crits / Defense drops you can setup two Work Ups. Simipour outspeeds and OHKOs all three Pokemon with +2 Ice Punch. In fact, +1 Ice Punch kills everything too. Even if you lack Ice Punch, +2 Silk Scarf Return OHKOS Druddigon, +2 Surf OHKOs Flygon (Return leaves it in red), and +2 Return knocks Haxorus to red before Sitrus Berry. Great.

Marlon (52): Expert Belt. Surf cleanly 2HKOs Carracosta who you outspeed after a Shell Smash (unboosted Crunch roughly 3HKOs). Work Up once as Wailord uses Amnesia, then Return to cleanly 2HKO it (mine used Amnesia twice in two separate attempts). +1 Shadow Claw knocks Jellicent to red pre-Sitrus Berry as Ominous Wind is a 3HKO.

If Carracosta attacks turn 1, go for two Work Ups on Wailord: +2 Return does 3/4s of its HP. You can Work Up again as it goes for Bounce (4HKO) but I didn’t. +2 Shadow Claw OHKOs Jellicent. It’s worth noting +1 Surf does just enough chip damage on Jellicent for Shadow Claw to OHKO next turn. I swept in all three attempts.

Colress (54): Cheri Berry. Simipour doesn’t look like it 2HKOs Magneton with Surf so you’d need Dig there (Volt Switch OHKOs). I crit Magnezone but died to Discharge. So yeah probably avoid the magnets and go Mystic Water. Simipour 2HKOs Klinklang with Surf it looks like (this was in the Gigalith test that broke Air Balloon).

With Mystic Water on, Work Up on Beheeyem as it uses Calm Mind: it looks like you need Expert Belt to secure the OHKO at +1 with Shadow Claw (actually, it’s a roll even with Expert Belt, to my shock, he went for CM again that time), but I actually lived +1 Energy Ball at 1 HP. Unfortunately, even if you get past Beheeyem with Mystic Water, Klinklang lives +1 Surf and kills you. However, Klinklang’s +1 Giga Impact only knocks you to red from full…only for Metang to live +1 Surf in red and kill you. Yeah, Simipour has power issues here.

Ghetsis (54): Mystic Water. Work Up to +3 as Cofagrigus uses Toxic, then hopefully Protect and Shadow Ball: you live one Shadow Ball and the Toxic damage from a few turns. I Full Restore as Psychic does 1/3 and gets a Special Defense drop, but that’s okay because Cofagrigus, Eelektross, and Sesmitoad all are outsped and OHKOed by +3 Surf, with Simipour growing to level 55 afterward. Drapion is outsped and OHKOed by +3 Surf, Hydreigon is outsped and OHKOed by +3 Ice Beam, and Toxicroak is outsped and OHKOed by +3 Surf. Working Up to only +2 seems to achieve all the OHKOs too, so you’re fine even if Cofagrigus attacks early. Pretty easy sweep. Even without boosting, I still beat both Sesmitoad and Drapion without healing.

Shauntal (58): Sitrus Berry. Work Up to +2 as Cofagrigus burns + Shadow Balls you: +2 Surf OHKOs and Shadow Ball does not 2HKO you without burn. Ice Beam OHKOs Driftblim and Surf OHKOs Chandelure but burn will kill you after it dies unless you have Sitrus Berry on. You’ll be at level 59 for Golurk which you OHKO with Surf (you’ll finish in red HP). Easy sweep.

Grimsley (58): Mystic Water. Simipour outspeeds Liepard and can get in two Work Ups, but even at +1, I still swept with Surf (you have to dodge Scrafty’s Rock Tomb, though if Fake Out from Liepard had been used I would have died to Bisharp. You 2HKO Scrafty and Bisharp with Surf).

Even if Fake Out is used, you live it + two Night Slashes in red and thus can Work Up twice safely…however Scrafty will live +2 Surf and KO you, unfortunately. So the sweep seems like a toss-up - still pretty good though. It’s best going for +1: Scrafty’s Crunch barely fails to kill / 2HKO you so you get a shot at Bisharp that way (dunno if you would with a Speed drop, though). Great.

Caitlin (58): Chesto Berry. Work Up to +2 as Musharna spams Yawn, then Taunt it. Much to my surprise, I thought I was doomed after I boosted to +3: Charge Beam looks like it would 2HKO if Musharna rolls the boost turn 1, but no, Shadow Claw OHKOed it and everything else at +3 (was at level 59 for Sigilyph).

Taunt proved useful in the second attempt as Musharna tried Reflect turn 3…however Gothitelle did live +3 Shadow Claw this time and killed with Thunderbolt.

So Work Up to +4: Musharna is 2HKOed by Shadow Claw under Reflect: Full Restore sleep off and kill Musharna as Reflect wears off, THEN sweep. You outspeed everything.

Marshal (58): Mystic Water. Surf 3HKOs Throh as it drops your Speed: I got a lucky crit though. Simipour outspeeds Mienshao and knocks it to red with Surf, but it is rolls for it to just straight up OHKO you with HJK: you can abuse Marshal’s Full Restore to Work Up to +1, but +1 Surf only takes Conkeldurr to half post-Berry before you die. Sawk is outsped and 2HKOed by +0 Surf as it 2HKOs you with Brick Break. Mediocre.

Iris (58): Sitrus Berry. You outspeed Hydreigon as barely 2HKOs with Dragon Pulse and Sitrus Berry usually lets you avoid that unless Hydreigon gets high rolls, so Work Up to +2 (you end up in red HP). +2 Ice Beam usually OHKOs Hydreigon (it’s a roll) as I grow to level 59. Lapras is left in red by +2 Rock Slide, but you being at low health occasionally prompts it to Ice Beam you, so heal up (Thunderbolt does 3/4s of your HP). Generally it’s pretty impossible to both kill Hydreigon and flinch Lapras, so don’t bother with either and use Expert Belt.

Expert Belt Ice Beam 2HKOs Druddigon as it 2HKOs back with Rock Slide. Expert Belt Surf OHKOs Aggron. Haxorus seems to be beaten by Rock Tomb into Ice Beam, though oddly I crit both (think it 2HKOs with unboosted EQ). Archeops 2HKOs with Rock Slide but you OHKO it back with Surf. Good.

Drayden (50): Expert Belt. Hone Claws to +2 as Druddigon does nothing to you (+1 Ice Fang knocks it to red). Then outspeed and sweep everything with +2 Ice Fang (Druddigon and Haxorus live without Expert Belt). Easy sweep. Drapion also lives one Earth Power from Flygon in red easily.

Marlon (52): Rawst Berry. You can only sweep if Carracosta uses Shell Smash, but it never seemed like it wanted to often unless I used Sunny Day. Two uses of +1 Crunch, with the second one being post Shell Smash, barely fails to 2HKO Carracosta while +2 Scald does 3/4s of your HP letting Wailord pick you off. +1 Thunder Fang doesn’t look like it 2HKOs unless it goes Shell Smash either.

+1 Crunch barely 2HKOs Wailord while Thunder Fang cleanly does and can flinch. +1 Crunch OHKOs Jellicent. Given how I almost never got to Jellicent, it’s probably better to setup on Wailord. Kinda mediocre, but passable.

Colress (54): Cheri Berry. Beats Magneton with Bulldoze and can barely avoid being 2HKOed by Magnezone.

Healed up, Drapion walls Beheeyem until the end of time so you can setup two Hone Claws then OHKO it with Crunch, but Metang somehow lives +2 Crunch (this attempt was with Expert Belt). Avoid Klinklang.

Ghetsis (54): Leftovers. It’s worth noting. Anyway, Hone Claws to +3 as Cofagrigus does 1/3 of your HP with two uses of Shadow Ball (Protected once in my +3 attempt). OHKO Cofagrigus with +3 Crunch. Absurdly, Sesmitoad can potentially live a +3 Crunch, but Drapion is only 2HKOed by Sesmitoad’s Earthquake / knocked to red after Shadow Ball damage: if this happens heal alongside Ghetsis.

You outspeed and OHKO Ghetsis’s Drapion with Dig, but you only barely live a doubled Earthquake from full, so watch out. Hydreigon comes in next and forces you to heal, only for it to sadly 2HKO with Dragon Rush so you’re pretty stuffed unless you roll a miss…at least, that’s what I thought until I sped tied and OHKOed it after a miss as I healed Drapion, growing to level 55. +3 Crunch cleanly OHKOs Eelektross and +3 Dig OHKOs Toxicroak.

However, +3 with BlackGlasses and Bulldoze makes the sweep substantially better: Seismitoad dies, but Drapion lives a +3 Bulldoze. Died to Hydreigon as I speed tied.

So go to +4, heal up if you want, then sweep Ghetsis’s entire team. Great.

Shauntal (58): BlackGlasses. Hone Claws to +2, heal off burn, then clean sweep everything with +2 Crunch. Chandelure lives +2 Rock Slide if you try to avoid Flame Body so you’ll need +3 to be guaranteed (or Expert Belt +2 I think) but it missed Fire Blast anyway. Easy sweep.

Grimsley (58): Expert Belt. Expert Belt X-Scissor OHKOs Liepard on rolls as you take roughly a fourth from Fake Out + Night Slash. Switch out of Krookodile and come back in versus Scrafty: +1 Rock Smash followed by +2 Rock Smash (yeah, I boosted weirdly) doesn’t seem to 2HKO it as Brick Break fails to 3HKO you, though it is annoying because Rock Tomb cripples your speed. As it turns out, not even +2 Rock Smash 2HKOs unless you roll a Defense drop: but +2 Rock Smash does OHKO Bisharp. You’ll likely have to heal twice to do so. You can likely 2HKO Bisharp with unboosted Rock Smash if you roll a Defense drop, though I still 1v1ed it as Grimsley had used his potion already. Very mediocre.

Caitlin (58): Chesto Berry. Hone Claws twice, then outspeed and OHKO everything with +2 Crunch. Easy sweep. Even if Musharna uses Reflect turn 3, you eat Charge Beam and Focus Blast in low yellow fine (2HKO Musharna and Reuniclus, it fades after the latter falls), and you can TM Taunt on if desired.

Marshal (58): Leftovers. It takes two Speed drops for Throh to outspeed…you can actually Hone Claws six times before having to heal because it spams Storm Throw eventually, but Throh ACTUALLY LIVES +6 Cross Poison. Mienshao HJKs you to red and you kill it. Conkeldurr comes out and Stone Edges me as I heal: I get a lucky Hammer Arm dodge as Cross Poison knocks it to red: Stone Edge takes me to yellow. You knock Sawk to Sturdy range with Cross Poison, but do not have enough HP to take another Brick Break (4HKO I think) unless you heal a third time. Decent, wish I had Poison Barb but Leftovers is helpful here.

Iris (58): Leftovers. Didn’t test as I didn’t see any place where Drapion would be remotely effective.

Colress (54): Leftovers. Agility turn 1 as Magneton Thunder Waves, then Volt Switches for a 3HKO. After Colress heals Magnezone, you actually outspeed it while paralyze with +2 Speed on Metagross and -2 Speed on Magnezone. Meteor Mash Klinklang who does nothing with Thunderbolt, then Full Restore off paralysis and chip damage (you’ll be at 2/3s HP). Klinklang used Shift Gear twice, then Gear Grind, with one hit scoring a crit…it only took me to half HP lol. Magneton comes back in and paralyzes you, feel free to Full Restore it off.

Metang comes in, uses Agility, but is outsped and 2HKOed by Bulldoze with no damage on you, meaning the Full Restore on Volt Switch is pretty free. Magneton comes back in and dies with Metagross growing to level 55. Beheeyem is cleanly 2HKOed by Meteor Mash, even if Beheeyem uses Recover once you should have enough chip to kill. Since they can’t meaningfully harm you, this matchup is great, though I only tested once.

Ghetsis (54): Leftovers. You seem to barely 2HKO Cofagrigus with Meteor Mash (Shadow Ball 4HKOs) though Leftovers makes this shaky. However, I got an Attack buff on the first use of the move, so I used Agility, then KOed it after a Protect and a miss IIRC. Sesmitoad comes out as I’m at 2/3s HP and I knock it to red with +1 Zen Headbutt…only to actually live Earthquake in red. As Ghetsis heals, I miss twice and die.

Metagross barely 2HKOs Eelektross with Zen Headbutt as it 3HKOs with Flamethrower. Drapion outspeeds and 3HKOs with Earthquake, but is 2HKOed by Bulldoze + Meteor Mash. Toxicroak does absolutely nothing (Brick Break is a 4HKO) so you can easily Agility / heal on it then OHKO with Zen Headbutt. Now at level 55, Meteor Mash does 3/4s of Hydreigon’s HP as Crunch seems to roughly 3HKO with Leftovers on. Good, though 90 accuracy on both STABs can be a pain.

Shauntal (59): TwistedSpoon. Hone Claws twice and Agility once as Cofagrigus 3HKOs with Shadow Ball: if you get a Will-O-Wisp miss that helps (Full Restore once you are fully boosted). +2 Meteor Mash OHKOs Cofagrigus but weirdly +2 TwistedSpoon Zen Headbutt doesn’t (this made me heal, full disclosure). +2 Zen Headbutt seems to OHKO Chandelure though I rolled a crit and grew to level 60.+2 TwistedSpoon Zen Headbutt from Metagross OHKOs Golurk but that might be close due to Ryota’s logs. +2 Meteor Mash OHKOs Driftblim. Shaky due to Chandelure’s Flame Body and not very good, but possible.

Grimsley (58): Leftovers. Agility once and Hone Claws twice, then OHKO Liepard, Krookodile, and Scrafty with +2 Meteor Mash, growing to level 60 after Scrafty. Even if Liepard crits a Night Slash you’ll be just above half for Bisharp. +2 Meteor Mash does not 2HKO Bisharp, but you live two Night Slashes in red and can 2HKO as Grimsley heals. Excellent even in the worst-case scenario.

Caitlin (59): Chesto Berry. Hone Claws twice. Musharna can be annoying if it goes for Reflect, but that simply means you get more chances for Meteor Mash’s Attack buff (it used CB then Reflect, then Yawn) - you still 2HKO at +2 with Reflect up). I was at 1/3 HP from a crit Charge Beam as Reuniclus came in: I 2HKO it and got the Attack buff as Focus Blast left me at 1/3 HP. Gothitelle comes in and dies to +1 Meteor Mash (I believe Reflect wore off the previous turn or so) and I grow to level 60 IIRC. Somehow, Sigilyph’s Shadow Ball is a 5HKO and leaves me in red. Considering I rolled the worst possible scenario and still swept without healing, this is amazing.

Marshal (58): Leftovers. Agility, then Hone Claws on Throh with Clear Body preventing stat drops. Everything is outsped and OHKOed by +1 Zen Headbutt save Sawk, who does nothing. You’ll end in green HP. Easy sweep - Metagross doesn’t even need a held item to do so, so you can use Lucky Egg if you want (I did Marshal first).

Iris (58): TwistedSpoon. Hone Claws to +2 on Lapras and set an Agility up as Surf 3HKOs (tends to miss with Sing, was at 2/3s HP). I OHKO Lapras…but then a crit Aggron EQ OHKOs me. Unboosted Meteor Mash 2HKOs Druddigon as it 2HKOs with Flamethrower.

Sadly, Bulldoze + Metal Coat Meteor Mash does not 2HKO Haxorus as EQ 2HKOs you: but I was able to kill it coming in on a Focus Sash heal. Bulldoze 2HKOed Aggron and I somehow lived an EQ from half HP (it wasted a turn to use Autotomize). Pretty mediocre in all honesty, I didn’t try setting up on or killing Archeops as it is very hard to lure in.

Sandile is S tier, but only barely. I wasn't a fan of training up Sandile (before Level 20-25 or so, the bulk is awful) and its midgame sweeps aren't exactly guaranteed (albeit still good). I wouldn't lie if I said I thought it felt kinda like A around Skyla, but aound Drayden there is almost nothing stopping Krookodile from just...beating the entire game with the exception of Marshal right there, very comparable to Lucario's lategame dominance. That being said, Sandile's relative ease of access, complete lack of dependence on setup (I mean, even Darmaniatan and Excadrill need to setup) and superb Ground / Dark typing means it more or less evens out. Sandile has the slightly better availability over Drilbur (imo) and lacks the Hustle problem of Darumaka, plus you get a ton of Ground and Dark weak trainers around levels 33-40 so you're basically matching their evolved output even as Krokorok anyway, so I can cut Sandile some slack and say it deserves S tier. It gets everything it needs at the right times: Crunch, Dig and evolution for Elesa, Earthquake for Colress and Ghetsis, and level 60 Outrage for Iris. Also has NO 4MSS to think of which is a blessing.

Gigalith is a C tier, no doubt. Of all the Pokemon that got nerfed from BW1 (that aren't lategame Digimon / meme mons like Sawk / Throh) Gigalith was perhaps the hardest hit, but it still pulls off some nice accolades. It has a decent Elesa, surprisingly sweeps Clay with Iron Defense and Rock Smash with no healing items, and does good for Skyla. Gigalith's Hard Stone Stone Edge is also very powerful (like, close to OHKOing Drayden's Druddigon powerful) and can be helped along by Gravity if you have the Blue Shards for it (relevant for Caitlin mostly, unnecessary otherwise). It can also Iron Defense sweep Grimsley and has an acceptable performance for Ghetsis, Shauntal and Iris. That being said however, Gigalith still has base 25 Speed, Marlon and Colress wreck it, it's a very linear Pokemon in terms of coverage with no offensive boosting options unlike its contemporaries Ferrothorn and Escavalier, and while it does get a few sweeps it's not enough for me to fully recommend. Not bad by any stretch though.

Unlike Gigalith, Panpour is roughly as good as it was in BW1, is a strong B tier, and maybe even the BEST Water type in BW2. The 10% rustling grass / Water Stone availability is terrible, but Simipour pulls off so many sweeps it doesn't even matter that much. It does good for Elesa, sweeps Clay with a little luck (somehow Excadrill lives Mystic Water-boosted Scald????? wut), sweeps Skyla with Expert Belt, mostly sweeps Drayden with Ice Punch / Return, sweeps Marlon, sweeps Ghetsis (!), sweeps Shauntal and Caitlin...it's really freaking good! Having Scald at level 22 when every other Water type is objectively worse until Surf a solid two Gyms later is just incredible - Mystic Water Scald literally 2HKOs Water resists on the field like Basculin and Axew and like lolohmygoshsoamazing. It also helps that unlike virtually every other Water in BW2 bar Starmie and Floatzel (both pretty mediocre) Simipour both comes early and has an actual Speed stat of 101, crucial for letting it get the jump on things like Hydreigon. It's basically a souped up, way better Golduck that shows how much better that mon could have been with Work Up instead of the mediocre crapfest Golduck actually is. Panpour is vastly underrated and should be bumped up to B tier, I'd even argue A if it wasn't for availability.


Braviary is the epitome of disappointing until the Pokemon League or so. It will get a few KOs in Gyms but never consistently sweeps until the end of the game, and its Colress and Ghetsis performances aren't really much to write home about in spite of Superpower. Despite solid all-around stats, Braviary fits into a jack of all trades mold that really doesn't help it all that much. 123 Attack is good, but not good enough when it doesn't hit super-effectively often in the field. 80 Speed is good in the field, but bosses often have faster mons that can outpace it. Defiant is a decent Ability, but it really isn't all that good in the field (where even the Stoutland you'd use it against you fail to OHKO at +1 with Return, proving my point about Braviary's mildly lacking field performance, though it does OHKO a decent amount of frailer things) - I also think Stoutland's Intimidate and Unfezant's Super Luck have better utility. 100 / 75 / 75 bulk is nice, but is let down by the Normal / Flying typing being prone to common coverage, and since Braviary isn't the fastest thing you'll find yourself falling victim to said coverage until you have all those Speed EVs by endgame (I think my Braviary outspeed Caitlin's Sigilyph). Braviary does sweep the Elite Four, but that merely washed the bad taste out of my mouth and cemented B tier rather than convinced me it was an A tier. Braviary is not S tier or A tier by any stretch of the imagination and is virtually indistinguishable from other Normal and Flying types aside from a pretty good endgame.


Skorupi is solid enough for C tier. It does run into some power issues here and there (check my Marshal log for proof, sucked even at +6) but gets enough sweeps for me to call it one of the better lategame Pokemon. Sweeps Drayden, Ghetsis, Shauntal, and Caitlin - roughly half of lategame. I was leaning toward D but I looked at the definitions again and it sounded more like a C tier.

Metang is likewise a C tier, but only barely. Like with Skorupi, I was leaning D on this (setup hog, super super late) but Metagross is relevant in most of the bosses left in the game and pretty reliable thanks to Clear Body. I do wish it had a better Iris performance, but it's fine enough. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to D tier though, mostly for how late it is. It does sweep the entire Elite Four though, which is impressive (unlike Ryota, I swept Shauntal with TwistedSpoon).
I'm interested in making a contribution. Are there any Pokemon in need of testing?
Thank you for your interest! Right now the most helpful mons to test would be those that already have a couple tests under their belt, as more opinions on them can help lead to a more clear and popular consensus. Some mons that fit that description would be Tepig, Drilbur, Staryu, Oshawott, Heracross, and Pidove. If some or any of those mons don't interest you, of course you're free to use whatever you want, as any logs help this early in the thread. Hope you enjoy testing!
Thank you for your interest! Right now the most helpful mons to test would be those that already have a couple tests under their belt, as more opinions on them can help lead to a more clear and popular consensus. Some mons that fit that description would be Tepig, Drilbur, Staryu, Oshawott, Heracross, and Pidove. If some or any of those mons don't interest you, of course you're free to use whatever you want, as any logs help this early in the thread. Hope you enjoy testing!
Cool, i'll go with a mix of these and some other Pokemon i'm personally interested in testing. I'll get back in a few days when I finish the run
Big post inc

Firstly, posting my run featuring Tepig, Onix (Trade), Sigilyph, Pansage, and Frillish


Tepig (14): Ember 3hkos Patrat, 4hkos Lillipup. I made use of both Oran Berry and Defense Curl in order to sweep. Lillipup speed ties with you so perhaps if you get super unlucky with rolls you might lose but I doubt it. Good mu.


Pignite (18): +1 Flame Charge 2hkos Koffing, ohkos Whirlipede. Koffing spams Tackle for little to no damage so it’s an easy setup and easy sweep. Great mu.


Both 23

Pignite: +1 Charcoal Flame Charge ohkos Swadloon and Leavanny, 2hkos Dwebble. Swadloon String Shots you as you Work up but does no damage to you next turn with Razor Leaf. Dwebble also does no damage to you with Smack Down. After spamming Flame Charge you outspeed Leavanny for a clean ohko. Fantastic mu.

Steelix: Hard Stone Smack Down is a roll to 2hko Swadloon and Dwebble, 3hkos Leavanny (4hkos after berry). Both Autotomize and Stealth Rock are useful here, the former to outspeed Leavanny and the latter for getting better Smack Down rolls. Setting up on Swadloon is fairly risk-free as Razor Leaf does nothing but using Autotomize will make it spam String Shot consistently, so you will have to Autotomize a lot to keep up. If you’re slower than Leavanny, you can be opened up to crit hax, which can leave you close to death or even kill you outright. Good mu.


Pig is 31, rest 28

Pignite: Cheri Berry. Flame Charge as Emolga Volts out to Flaffy (Volt Switch is a 4hko). Charge into Heat Crash kos Flaffy. Emolga comes out, is outsped, and drops to Heat Crash. Zeb comes in, outspeeds you, and Volts for a 3hko. Flame Charge itself 3hkos Zeb, even after berry as Zeb knocks you to Blaze Range. It’s possible that Zeb can Volt you to around single-digit HP and finish you off with Quick Attack, but I’ve more often had Zeb derp with Pursuit instead of spamming its STAB so it’s likely not an issue. Most pressing challenge is if you proc Static twice but those odds are very low so it’s not a big deal. Great mu.

Steelix: Soft Sand Dig ohkos Zeb and Flaffy, Smack Down 2hkos Emolga. You can Autotomize up to +4 Speed on Emolga for literally free as it does single-digit damage with Pursuit, allowing you to outspeed everything on Elesa’s team. Soft Sand confirms the kill on Zeb, but you could run Leftovers and use Stealth Rock to chip Zeb into Dig range, I suppose. Flaffy comes out last so you don’t need to worry about Static. Great mu.

Sigilyph: TS Psybeam 2hkos Flaffy. Emolga outspeeds and 2hkos you with Volt Switch. Poor mu.

Simisage: +1 Hard Stone Rock Tomb ohkos Emolga, +1 Dig ohkos the rest. Zeb comes out after Emolga and outspeeds you, but even after two QAs will you be out of range of Flame Charge. Like Lix, Flaffy comes in last so you don’t need to worry about Static. Great mu.


All 32

Pignite: Eviolite. I actually managed to full sweep once, but I’m fairly certain it was a fluke; sweeping relies on the fact that the ai will sometimes derp and not use Bulldoze on you when they outspeed you. This is pretty consistent with Krokorok, who will Torment then either Crunch or Sand Tomb if he outspeeds you, but against Sandslash it’s very inconsistent; you need him to Bulldoze into Rollout, but he can just as easily Bulldoze twice or even use Crush Claw. If you get the optimal turn order you should outspeed and ohko Excadrill with Blaze-boosted Heat Crash. You need the right turns and have to deal with Torment horseshit for the entire battle, so this is far from an inconsistent sweep. 1v1 you beat Exca with Flame Charge spam (whom even after you become faster refused to Bulldoze, for some reason) and Krok. Slash walls you out. Decent.

Steelix: Leftovers. Dodge Intimidate and Autotomize up as Krok Torments. Screech as Bulldoze does almost zero damage, outspeed next turn, and Dig to ohko. In comes Slash as you Screech and it Bulldozes you to neutral Speed. Slash will go for Fury Cutter as you can Dig to 2hko. Autotomize up again and Dig to ko. Exca comes in and does basically the same thing as Slash as you can Screech -> Dig to ohko. Sweep is pretty likely here, although the inherent slowness is less efficient than other sweepers and opens you up to being crit which will ruin your day. Good mu.

Sigilyph: TwisteedSpoon. Signal Beam ohkos Krok and Psybeam 2hkos Slash. Slash Crush Claws for little damage. Avoid Exca. Good mu.

Simisage: Miracle Seed. +1 Seed Bomb ohkos Krok and Slash, 2hkos Exca. Better to straight ohko Krok after dodging Intimidate so that it can’t Torment you. Slash Bulldozes on Work Up. At -1 Speed, you are outsped by Exca and are 2hkod by Metal Claw, so you have to dodge to win. Good mu.


Sigi 41, Jelli 40, rest 38

Emboar: Expert Belt Tpunch ohkos Swanna and Swoobat; Flame Charge 2hkos Skarmory. You can Flame Charge Swoobat turn 1 to gain a Speed boost for the latter two, but you still get outsped even after a boost, meaning you’re still susceptible to being flinched / Attracted. Alternatively, you can just ohko Bat with TPunch and grab your Speed boost on Swanna, but Swanna will Air Slash you to very low HP (literally just 2 in my case), risking a flinch and leaving you low enough to be finished off by Skarm. So you have to risk BS and potentially heal either way, but sweeping here is still more than possible. Good mu.

Steelix: Leftovers. Curse twice on Swoobat and sweep. +2 TFang 2hkos Bat (Unaware :/) and Skarm, ohkos Swanna. Swanna outspeeds and does major damage with Bubblebeam but literally everything else tickles you so it’s an incredibly safe sweep. Only real issue is that setting on Swoobat can be slow with potential for flinches and the 2hko with TFang. Great mu nonetheless.

Sigilyph: Leftovers. Air Slash 2hkos Swoobat and Swanna through berry, 4hkos Skarm. Swoobat is faster and Acros for a 3hko, but can also Assurance for like 10 damage. Swanna Air Slashes for about a third of your HP but it outsped. Skarm will Agility up and spam Steel Wing. Physical damage overall can be negated with Reflect, and with a 30% chance to flinch I haxxed Skarm consistently at least once every fight. Even so, you finish the fight in low red so it might not be terribly consistent and you do need to be at the level cap to get Air Slash. Good overall.

Simisage: Hard Stone Rock Slide ohkos Swoobat as you tank Acrobatics from Swoobat. Rest beat you. Poor mu.

Jellicent: Leftovers. Surf 2hkos Swoobat and Skarm. Ominous Wind 3hkos Swanna. Despite my male Jelli Bat refused to Attract and simply spammed Acro for a 4hko. Swanna outspeeds and uses Air Slash; I got flinched once and still swept at low yellow HP. Skarm is deadweight against you. Good mu.


All 47

Emboar: Set up 3 Work Ups on Druddigon; Flame Charge into Return to ko. +3 SS Return ohkos Flygon and Haxorus, both of which you outspeed. Since +3 is required to ohko you have to boost a lot on Drud, who likes to spam Slash for a 5hko. This opens you up to getting crit, which will force a heal or just end your sweep there. Good mu.

Steelix: Leftovers. +3 Ice Fang ohkos everything. Drud doesn’t reliably click Revenge but even when it does your multiple Defense boosts means it tickles. Gon, perplexingly, doesn’t use Earth Power against you, opting to Dragon Tail in both my attempts, meaning that literally nothing here threatens you. Great mu.

Sigilyph: TwistedSpoon Psychic 2hkos everything. Reflect vs Drud turn 1 to negate damage. For some ungodly reason, Drud prefers to use Revenge against you, so you should take minimal damage anyways, but having Reflect up by that point is useful for Flygon, who absolutely does go for Crunch. You’ll have to Reflect up again vs Haxorus, who DDs and spams DTail. Unless you get unlucky with Defense drops it’s a fairly solid sweep. Great mu.

Simisage: Set up to +1 and 2hko Drud with SS Return. Drud 3hkos back with Crunch so you have very little opportunity to boost further and +2 Return fails to ohko Drud anyways. Gon comes in, lives Seed Bomb comfortably, and kills you. Poor mu.

Jellicent: Leftovers. Blizzard ohkos Gon and 2hkos Drud. Both 2hko back with Crunch. You can Wisp Drud to make Blizzard inaccuracy more lenient, but both are moves with accuracies in the 70s so have fun pulling your hair out. By some stroke of luck I managed to kill both but it is very difficult to pull off with so much hax involved. Poor mu.


All 50

Emboar: Expert Belt. Avoid Carracosta as it Shell Smashes, outspeeds, and ohkos with Scald. Work Up on Wailord, who does 3/4ths of your HP with Scald. Outspeed and ohko both it and Jellicent with Thunder Punch. Good mu.

Steelix: With Rawst Berry and Bulldoze spam you can 1v1 Carracosta, as it Shell Smashes turn 1 and makes Bulldoze a 2hko. Thanks to Sturdy even a boosted Scald fails to ohko and berry covers burns. Everything else destroys you tho. Poor mu.

Sigilyph: Expert Belt. Charge Beam spam on Costa, who Shell Smashes and gets outsped anyways. Jellicent survives even a +2 Energy Ball so you can Charge Beam it first to try and avoid Cursed Body shenanigans; Ominous Wind 2hkos. Wailord is ohko’d by even +1 Energy Ball. Great mu.

Simisage: Miracle Seed. Rawst Berry is unnecessary as Costa goes for Crunch instead of Scald. Work Up and spam Seed Bomb. Costa’s Crunch 3hkos but everything else is outsped and ohko’d so it’s not a big issue. Great mu.

Jellicent: Expert Belt. Will-o-Wisp Costa to break Sturdy and lower the damage of incoming Crunch (about a 4hko), then Energy Ball to ko. Jelli comes out next, outspeeds and 2hkos with Ominous Wind; Shadow Ball leaves it at 3/4ths HP after berry. Wailord is outsped but 3hkod after factoring in Amnesia turn 1; Wailord then bounces for a 4hko. If potion hasn’t been burned yet, it’s a bit tedious, but can be augmented somewhat with Wisp. Decent.


All 52

Emboar: Charcoal. Magneton outspeeds and Volts turn 1 for a 3hko, meaning Cheri Berry isn’t as necessary for Emboar; Flame Charge into Flamethrower to ko Magnezone. Beheeyem comes in, walls you, and ohkos with Psychic, so you have to bring something else out to beat it. Klinklang comes in next and Shift Gears on you; Flamethrower ohkos (Charcoal required). Metang is outsped and ohko’d by Flamethrower. Ton comes out last, and you outspeed it now, for some reason; because of this, it can either Volt Switch or TWave. The former is preferred as you’ll live comfortably on yellow HP, but in the case of the latter, you should use a Paralyz Heal for maximum security. Good mu, somewhat convoluted and you’re taking 4 out of 5 but still pretty impressive.

Steelix: Leftovers. Bulldoze brings the Mags to Sturdy, 2hkos the other steels. Beheeyem is 2hkod by Crunch. Despite what would be common sense, it’s optimal not to spend time Curse boosting, as there are a lot of strong special moves in this fight and even Magneton just spamming Flash Cannon wears you down to the point of needing a potion. After two Bulldozes you outspeed Magneton and after one Bulldoze you outspeed Zone, strangely. Beheeyem Calm Minds and puts you in yellow with an Energy Ball. Fortunately, the remaining opponents can’t touch you for shit, so it’s pretty safe despite the heavy damage. Great mu.

Sigilyph: Expert Belt. Shadow Ball 2hkos Beheeyem through Calm Mind, although Beheeyem sometimes just goes for Psychic anyways. The rest are a no-go without farming Blue Shards for Heat Wave. Poor mu.

Simisage: Cheri Berry. Low Kick / Dig takes out a Mag as they burn berry with Twave. Beheeyem is 2hko’d by Shadow Claw, Metang by Dig. Both can either choose to setup spam or attack you; the former means you end at full HP but the latter means you die. At most taking 3 out of 5. Decent.

Jellicent: MW. Shadow Ball 2hkos Beheeyem through Calm Mind. Klang comes out and Shift Gears into TBolt dealing about a third of your HP as you 2hko it back with Surf. Metang comes and is 2hko’d as well; it Agilities turn 1 and spams Zen for a 3hko, so long as you don’t get flinched twice you’re safe. Good mu.


All 53

Emboar: Pecha Berry. Set up to +4 on Cofagrigus with Work Up. Thanks to Emboar’s high HP stat you can tank a Psychic even after multiple rounds of Toxic chip, an ability aided by Cofag’s proclivity to spam Protect. Full Restore to full and knock Cofag to red with Flame Charge as it Toxics you. Full Restore Again and ko it with Flamethrower. From there, you outspeed and ohko everything with the combination of Flamethrower and Return. Good mu.

Steelix: Leftovers. Sweeping with Curse is pretty unlikely as Seismitoed comes in immediately after Cofag and clicks Muddy Water; even when I dodged the attack in one attempt, +3 Bulldoze failed to ohko. You wall Cofag and Hydreigon, but both are 3hkod by Crunch / Ice Fang, respectively, so it’s a somewhat slow process. You also can beat Drapion and Toxicroak 1v1 but their coverage against you mean you’ll need healing to face any other mons. Poor mu.

Sigilyph: Expert Belt. Thanks to Cosmic Power and Magic Guard, you actually have a decent chance of setting up on Cofag, although it will require a fair bit of healing. After 2 Charge Beam boosts you ohko Cofag, Eelektross, Toed, and Hydra with Psychic / Signal Beam. After which Drap comes in, eats Signal Beam comfortably, and kills you. 1v1 you can take on Cofag, Toed, and Croak with your assorted coverage, although the combined damage of Shadow Ball + Sucker Punch will take you out. Poor mu.

Simisage: Miracleseed. Get up to +3 on Cofag, Full Restore up, and ohko everything with the combo of Seed Bomb / Dig / Low Kick for Hydra. Great mu.

Jellicent: With Jelli’s wide coverage, you beat Cofag, Croak, and Toed 1v1. That said the damage from Cofag will leave you weak enough to where Toed will outspeed you and kill you with EQ, so you’re taking 2 at best. Poor mu.


All 59

Emboar: Charcoal. Cofagrigus’ Psychic is a roll to 2hko (I’d say about 50/50 based on my multiple attempts), so if you get lucky, you can get up two Work Ups and ohko Cofag with Flamethrower. Golurk comes in next, which you outspeed, but even a +2, Blaze boosted, Charcoal Flame Charge fails to reliably ohko it. If you get the ohko on Golurk, you outspeed and finish off Drifblim and Chandelure with Rock Slide, but given the multiple hoops you have to jump through to attain this sweep I cannot call this reliable in good conscience. Decent.

Steelix: Sweeping here is unfeasible, both because of Cofag (outspeeds and burns after Curse, +3 Crunch needed to ohko) as well as Chandelure. You can 1v1 Drifblim and Golurk with Crunch (even EQ fails to outdamage you), tho not both without healing. Poor mu.

Sigilyph: Expert Belt. Charge Beam on Cofag as you live Shadow Ball and ko it. Similar to Emboar vs Golurk, +1 EBelt Shadow Ball is a roll to ohko Drifblim; get the roll and you sweep, don’t and you die. Sigi can’t ohko anything with Shadow Ball unboosted so your 1v1ing potential is limited. Decent.

Simisage: Leftovers. Outspeed and ohko everything with +3 Shadow Claw (Golurk with Seed Bomb). Cofag opts to spam Shadow Ball for a 3hko, forcing you to heal up before you can finish your setup; after you kill it you will be at low yellow HP. Leftovers is preferable to recover HP over the sweep to allow you to survive Drifblim’s Aftermath. Good mu.

Jellicent: Expert Belt. Surf ohkos Chandy and Golurk, SBall is a roll to ohko Cofag and Blim. If you lose the roll vs Cofag you will be beaten out by Blim or Chandy, whom you can beat at full health but lose with damage taken, especially with Chandy. You can take Golurk plus one for sure, 3 if you get the correct roles. Decent mu.


Jelli 60, rest the same

Emboar: Charcoal. Work Up on Liepard. After Fake Out, Liepard can Aerial Ace for a 3hko or bs you with Attract. Perplexingly enough, you might actually want to get immobilized once so Liepard has time to knock you into Blaze range with Ace, which lets you ohko Liepard with Flame Charge, and outspeed and ohko everything else on Grimsley’s team with +1 Flamethrower. Either that or set up to +2, I guess. This makes an otherwise straightforward sweep somewhat complicated, as getting Attract turns wrong can lead to using a potion very quickly. Obviously this is easier with a female Tepig, but since your starter is much more likely to be a male than a female, I feel like the performance of a male Emboar here is important, since getting a good female Tepig takes some luck. Good mu.

Steelix: Leftovers. Set up to +3 on Liepard as you wall it completely. +3 is necessarily as Krookodile comes in immediately after to Intimidate you, and you need at least +2 Attack to reliably ohko it and 2hko Scrafty. Bisharp is ohkod by Bulldoze. A tad slow, but incredibly reliable (not even crit Brick Break from Scrafty seriously threatens you). Great mu.

Sigilyph: Expert Belt. You outspeed Liepard, which enables you to grab a Charge Beam boost off it and ohko it with Signal Beam. Scrafty comes in and dies to Air Slash, then Krook to Signal Beam. Sharp requires Heat Wave, which I would not recommend investing in. Good mu.

Simisage: Set up to +2 on Liepard. You outspeed, but the combo of Fake Out + two Aerial Aces *can* ko you; fortunately it can also just Night Slash so you have some odds to survive. At +2 you ohko everything with the combo of Seed Bomb / Low Kick / Acrobatics. Rough setting up but an otherwise clean sweep. Good mu.

Jellicent: You can beat Liepard and Krook 1v1 as both fail to 2hko / ohko you, respectively, but you can obviously only take one without healing and you lose to the rest. Poor mu.


Lix and Jelli 60, rest 59

Emboar: Charcoal. Set up 3 Work Ups and 1 Flame Charge on Musharma before finishing it off. Everything else is outsped and ohkod by Flamethrower. Standard Caitlin mu.

Steelix: Leftovers. Musharna is actually pretty annoying for Steelix to setup against due to Speed drops meaning you’re always gonna get Yawned + Reflect robbing you of all ohkoing potential. Fortunately Taunt exists and completely shuts Musharna down, allowing you to set up pretty easily and ko it while only tanking one Yawn. The other big problem is Reuni, who takes you to Sturdy with Focus Blast, but unless it misses there’s no getting around that anyways, you just have to heal and carry on. At +3 you ohko everything with Crunch. Good mu.

Sigilyph: Get up to +2 with Charge Beam on Musharna and sweep. Interestingly Musharna itself will spam Charge Beam on you, which can get out of hand quickly if you don’t get the necessary boosts (iirc, getting two Charge Beams in a row is a 49% chance with all the rng factored in, so take that for what you will). Even at +2 Goth eats a Shadow Ball, but you just barely hang on after a TBolt (I was at 2 HP) and sweep. Calling this good since you should sweep but there’s a lot of RNG and I’m unsure if the Goth TBolt is me getting lucky or not.

Simisage: Expert Belt. Work Up twice, heal off sleep, ohko everything. Easy as pie.

Jellicent: Expert Belt. Everything is 2hkod by Shadow Ball. Ko Musharna as you fall asleep. Goth comes out, outspeeds, and Calm Minds up, turning your SBAll into a 3hko and making its TBolt a 2hko, so you can just skip it and heal off sleep off-screen. Come back in to beat Reuni and Sigilyph, who leave you on very low HP (perhaps more reliable with Leftovers). Good mu.


Sigi and Simi 59, rest 60

Emboar: Charcoal. Work Up on Throh as it Bulldozes you to -1 Speed. Throh outspeeds next turn and Storm Throws, putting you into Blaze range, as you 2hko back with Blaze-boosted Flame Charge. Mienshao and Conkeldurr are both ohko’d by +1 Blaze Flamethrower. Sawk will finish you off with Brick Break; healing up enables you to beat it as Brick Break is a 3hko. Great mu, will overlook the required potion for how difficult Marshall tends to be.

Steelix: Hypothetically you can try and set up on Shao or Sawk (Throh beats you with Storm Throw and Conk matches your setup with Bulk Up) and do some sweeping but I’m pretty sure Conk would beat you with Bulk Up spam anyways. Poor mu.

Sigilyph: Leftovers. Cosmic Power twice on Throh and get a Charge Beam boost, it will need 3 Rock Tombs to finally outspeed you. Afterwards, ohko everything with Psychic. Despite your Defense boosts you will need to heal after Conk due to Stone Edge doing hefty damage. Good mu.

Simisage: Work Up sweeping is pretty much impossible here thanks to Throh dropping your speed and Simisage’s inherent frailty. With Acrobatics you beat Shao and Sawk (Shao you outspeed and Sawk you eat a Brick Break). Conk is a 3hko after berry and it 2hkos you in turn. Throh is also beatable but requires you to switch out in order to reset your Speed. Decent.

Jellicent: Expert Belt Psychic ohkos Shao, 2hkos the rest. Sawk comes in immediately after Throh, which you will need to avoid due to it 2hkoing you with Payback (Throh Rock Tombs into Payback to leave you at a little over half). Conk is outsped and opts to Bulk Up allow you to ko it easily, whereas Shao Bounces for little damage. Good mu.


Simi 59, rest 60

Emboar: If you have Hammer Arm you can try taking on Hydra / Aggron but pretty much everything else is a wash, as one would expect with a Fire type vs Iris. Poor mu.

Steelix: Leftovers. Curse sweep is impossible here due to there being 3 special attackers all with super-effective coverage. Fortunately Steelix can handle the physical attackers just fine, beating Aggron and Archeops with Bulldoze / Gyro Ball, respectively, and Haxorus with Curse + Gyro Ball. Decent.

Sigilyph: Leftovers. Like Marshall, you can spam Cosmic Power and Charge Beam vs the lead to attempt to sweep. Hydra opts to spam Dragon Pulse which becomes pretty weak after a couple Cosmic Powers so getting a couple of those and two Charge Beam boosts isn’t impossible. However even at +2 Sigi can be pretty weak; you 2hko Lapras and even fail to ohko Druddigon, who Dragon Tail’d me out and made me wanna punch a hole through my screen. I’m sure you could pull a sweep off if you get boosted up enough but I wouldn’t consider Sigilyph especially unique, or good, in that regard. 1v1 you can take on Hydra and Lapras with coverage. Poor mu.

Simisage: You can take Aggron + either Hydra or Lapras with Low Kick + Seed Bomb (Lapras lives but prefers to Sing and you barely live Ice Beam in a pinch). Poor mu.

Jellicent: Leftovers. With its wide coverage, Jellicent can hit all of Iris’ team super-effectively, but its low Speed and propensity to take a lot of damage means that, in practice, you can only reliably take Aggron + 1 other team member before you require healing. Lapras also just naturally outspeeds you and will Sing / Tbolt you away. That said, being to take almost any of Iris’ team in a pinch is neat, so I’ll say decent.

:Tepig: to A: Back when I started testing for Bw2 a while ago I used Tepig and thought it was pretty underwhelming. At the time, I ran with a Work Up / Flamethrower / Hammer Arm / coverage set, which I assumed was the most straightforward and best given it has both STABs and a slot for hitting whatever might resist those. Missing out on Flame Charge sucked hard, but I didn't think there was room to fit it. Using it this way really highlights Emboar's low base Speed and its several exploitable weaknesses, and if you were gonna rank it on this strategy I would not blame you for considering it a B or even C tier mon. I certainly did.

That's all in the past though, because as other testers here have proved, and as I have validated, Hammer Arm is a complete and utter bait of a move and should never be run over Flame Charge. The latter, patches up Emboar's low Speed, and enables it to pull off a bunch more sweeps that it couldn't before, such as Skyla, Ghetsis, and even Marshall. While Emboar still suffers from a lot of weaknesses, its bulk is good good enough to tank certain attacks, which is enough to facilitate its sweeps. That said Emboar still has to boost a fair bit in some cases, and might require healing in others, so while it certainly can do a lot, it's definitely not S tier worthy or anything. A tier is a great fit, even if it a bit more high skill-floor than others.

:Steelix: to B: Steelix is really weird. On the one hand, it has perhaps the best defensive typing in the game, titanic physical bulk that will make even strong physical moves shrug off, a wide variety of coverage options, and two solid setup moves to make use of (yes, Autotomize is actually good on Steelix until you get to Curse). On the other hand, it's very slow (especially after Curse boosts), has low Sp. Def (to the point where even resisted special moves will start to stack up), exploitable weakness in the late-game, and mediocre power even after multiple Curse boosts. This is all on top of what has to be the worst availability in the game: a 20% chance via Dust clouds, preferring a specific ability (tbh Sturdy didn't come up that often and you could probably make something like Rock Head Double-Edge work anyways), and having to Thief Metal Coat off Magnemites if you wanna use Steelix before Chargestone Cave (which you do, Steelix absolutely crushes from Burgh to Clay). Overall, I don't think Steelix is really that different from other bulky but slow boosting tanks in the game (Ferrothorn is a specific example that I've tested previously), whom I would consider C tiers, but it comes a bit earlier, which I think is enough to land it in B tier.

:Sigilyph: to C: Sigilyph has a lot of cool stuff, with good STABs, wide coverage, and boosting options in both Charge Beam and Cosmic Power. Unfortunately, Sigilyph also sucks. Its coverage is wide enough to be notable, but also bad enough to not be relevant in a ton of mus; its boosting options exist, but are pretty mediocre aside from trying to boost-spam your way through mus. It's Special Attack seems pretty good, but even at +2 your STAB Psychic can fail to ohko neutral targets. Overall, it has trouble in a lot of mus, and also has pretty poor availability (10%, preferred ability, low capture rate), so it can't be rated highly. That said, it's still good enough to be notable in certain mus, like Marlon, Skyla, and Marshall, so I think C is a good midground. It's just perfectly average.

:Pansage: to C: High Speed, above-average Attack, and wide coverage pool balanced by poor availability, paper-thin bulk, and reliant on Work Up. Pansage does what it needs to as a Grass type and a little bit more, but isn't terribly impressive on the whole. I don't have a ton to say about it, it feels pretty similar to Deerling, so I'll nom it to C alongside them.

:Frillish: to D: Frillish has a unique typing and pretty great coverage, but has a ton holding it back. Poor availability requiring you to grind something like 20 levels before it's caught up to your team, low Speed, mediocre Special Attack, and a few notable weaknesses. Jelli could make way better use of its coverage if it had enough Speed to outpace some things, and enough power to actually ohko things, but as it stands a mon with 60 Speed that is a chronic 2hkoer gets worn down way too quickly to be useful most of the time. That said, it manages to do well for itself at times, so I won't be so harsh on it to suggest it should wallow lower than D.

Next, I think enough tests have been completed that we can begin making some decisions on rankings. I am putting up a slate for the following mons, whose current noms you can see below:

:Tepig: 3 votes for A, 1 for B, 1 split

:Azurill: 1 vote for A, 3 for B

:Staryu: 1 vote for B, 3 for C

:Drilbur: 3 for S

:Pidove: 3 for B

:Oshawott: 1 vote for A, 1 for B, one split

This slate will be up for two weeks, until Saturday, Oct. 22nd, at which point the ranks will be decided on and reflected in the OP. Once these tiers are set, they cannot be changed. I recommend anyone interested in testing these mons do so ASAP if they wish for their opinion to be counted in their ranks.

Finally, I'm looking at Pokemon which can be quickdropped to F tier, as they are pretty obvious cases and do not need someone to suffer through using them to prove that. The Pokemon which I can see qualifying are:

  • Bronzor
  • Ditto
  • Delibird
  • Karrablast (no trade)
  • Shelmet (no trade)
  • Shuckle

If anyone has qualms with this I'll hold off on it, but I think this is an easy and quick way to make decisions on mons that obviously aren't gonna do anything useful. Alternatively, if you think I should add something to the list, let me know.

Thank you for reading all this, and I wish you all good testing :psyglad:

Ryota Mitarai

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so I had finished two runs a while ago, but was too busy to write up my stuff and decide ranks for some more difficult cases, but now I had some time to do all of this

first run was with Pidove / Magnemite / Scraggy / Minccino / Pinsir / Terrakion

Pidove -> leaning towards B

Cheren(14): Oran Berry. Frustration 2HKOes Patrat which spams Work Up. Leer into Frustration into Quick Attack KO Lillipup, which also just spams Work Up. I ended up sweeping without taking damage. Easy sweep

Roxie(17): Silk Scarf. Work Up twice and 2HKO Koffing with Return or Air Cutter. Whirlipede is KOed by Air Cutter + Quick Attack. However, Venoshock is a roll for a KO, so you need to heal. Decent

Burgh(23): Eviolite. Work Up once and spam Air Cutter. 2HKOes Dwebble and OHKOes the rest. Dwebble's Smack Down alone is a 4HKO. Air Cutter + Return are enough to KO it as well, if you don't feel like risking a miss. Easy sweep

Elesa(32): Silk Scarf. Return OHKOes everything, though Zebstrika is faster. Zebstrika 2HKOes. If get lucky enough with no Static triggers, you sweep. Average matchup, given you have to grind a bit to evolve Tranquill

Clay(33): Silk Scarf. Return 2HKOes Krokorok and Sandslash. Skip Excadrill (comes after Krokorok). Decent

Skyla(40): Silk Scarf. Return OHKOes Swoobat and 2HKOes Swanna, speedtieing with the latter. Avoid Skarmory. Decent

Drayden(50): Silk Scarf. Work Up once then outspeed and OHKO everything with Return. Easy sweep

Marlon(53): Sharp Beak. Work Up twice on Wailord (which seems to spam Amnesia, never went for Scald) then OHKO it with Return. Jellicent is OHKOed by Fly. Decent matchup

Ghetsis(54): Sharp Beak. You can Taunt Cofagrigus (Psychic is a 3HKO) and set up to +2, at which point Fly will OHKO on rolls. You outspeed and OHKO Eelektross. Hydreigon comes in and you have to switch out because it's faster and KOes with Rock Slide. Unfezant struggles to do much against Drapion and Seismitoad without healing more than once (Seismitoad 3HKOes from full, idk about Drapion) as +1 Return doesn't OHKO them. You can safely KO Toxicroak, though. Meh matchup

Shauntal(59): Sharp Beak. +3 Fly OHKOes everything while outspeeding, but smart plays with Taunt will be required to make it to +3 with just one healing. Okay-ish

Grimsley: Sharp Beak. Beats Liepard and Scrafty. Krookodile then comes in, outspeeds, and finishes you off. Liepard is also faster and 3HKOes with Night Slash. Okay-ish matchup

Caitlin: Chesto Berry. Work Up twice, Taunt, Work Up again, then OHKO everything. Decent

Marshal: Sharp Beak. +1 Fly OHKOes Throh and Conkeldurr, outspeeding both at -1. Switch out against Sawk, then outspeed and OHKO Mienshao. Decent

As I've mentioned in my Braviary nomination, I think Pidove is pretty much superior to it (minus some edge cases where Braviary turns out to be better). It's fairly decent as a whole, but there are some glaring issues with it, ranging from it having no coverage (which means you are helpless against Rock and Steel Pokemon) and becoming a huge Work Up addict as the game progresses. Much like Braviary, if you are very generous, you can make a case for A-tier, but if Lillipup is staying in A (I am testing this next), I think it makes sense to push Pidove down to B

Magnemite -> B

Roxie: yes

Burgh(23): Eviolite. Sonic Boom 3HKOes Swadloon and (iirc) 5HKOes Leavanny (it takes some time), while Thundershock 2HKOes Dwebble. Paralyze Leavanny. Leavanny seems to 6HKO or so, but the damage taken from Swadloon and Dwebble means Razor Leaf may force you to heal, unless you get very lucky with paralysis. Decent, but not an easy sweep

Elesa(30): Eviolite. Thundershock 2HKOes Emolga. Only Zebstrika threatens you in any way, 4-5HKOing you with Flame Charge. Mirror Shot after Metal Sound is a 2HKO, but berry turns it into a 3HKO. Once you beat Zebstrika, Magneton can safely KO the rest. You will have to heal once for sure, unless you get very lucky with accuracy drops. Decent

Clay(33): Expert Belt. Outspeeds and OHKOes Krokorok with Signal Beam, then dies to Sandslash. Meh matchup

Skyla(40): yes

Drayden(50): Leftovers. Flash Cannon 2HKOes Druddigon and almost 2HKOes Haxorus through berry. Haxorus uses DD twice and forces you out with Dragon Tail. Okay-ish. Note that Druddigon's boosted Revenge is a 2HKO

Marlon(53): Magnet / Leftovers. Discharge spam beats Carracosta, which outspeeds after a Shell Smash. Magnezone then outspeeds and OHKOes Wailord. Jellicent lives a Discharge and, if you are in Brine range, will KO you back. You will either have to heal, hope for Carracosta to attack you (and preferably not burn you) or get a Discharge paralysis on Carracosta for a sweep without healing. Good

Colress(54): Leftovers. The magnets paralyze you as you paralyze them. You can muscle through them and heal with Full Restore at the end (unless they wear you down too much before you beat them), but this will take time. Beheeyem stalls you with CM + Recover, so avoid it. Klinkland and Metang are easy targets, as they do not threaten you. Fairly slow matchup for something that isn't even a sweep

Ghetsis(54): Leftovers. Beats Cofagrigus and Hydreigon. The rest all pack super effective moves. Meh matchup

Shauntal(59): Beats Coffin and Drifblim

Grimsley: Magnet. Beats Liepard and Bisharp. Scrafty can be taken out with TWave + Electro Ball (OHKO on roll), but you will likely have to heal. Okay-ish

Caitlin: beats Sigilyph and can muscle through Musharna and Gothitelle with TWave and Electro Ball (watch out for Synchronize). Okay-ish, given how slow that is

This one might be quite the hot take, but it's also one of the nominations that I am quite confident about. Simply put, Magnemite works mostly thanks to resistances, but its other qualities aren't really suitable for BW2. Magnemite feels great early on because of walling many things, but later on, you start encountering stuff that doesn't care about its resistances. Furthermore, Magnezone is fairly slow, making it very ineffective if you are going for sweeps. It also felt incredibly slow at killing things at times, such as Elesa, which is due to the fact that Magnezone doesn't have a setup move to help it muscle through resists / bulky Pokemon. S-tier is greatly overselling Magnemite and I don't think it belongs in A-tier either when that tier is full of Pokemon that are a lot faster in KOing things than Magnemite is

(note: it could be interesting to see how a Magneton performs throughout the entire game. It has a lower Special Attack, but it's faster and can use Eviolite, which may improve a matchup or two)

Scraggy -> A

Burgh(23): Eviolite. Work Up twice and OHKO Swadloon on rolls (seems to be a very high roll) with Payback if you get String Shot. Leavanny dies to +3 Payback on rolls (yet again very high roll) and Dwebble is overwhelmed easily as it spams Struggle Bug. A crit or low roll on Leavanny will force you to heal, but otherwise, easy sweep

Elesa(30): Eviolite. Work Up while Emolga switches out (4HKO) and outspeed and OHKO Flaaffy with Dig. Emolga comes in again and does the same. Dig against it and KO Zebstrika safely. Then Emolga dies to Payback. If Flaaffy's Static hasn't triggered, you have more-or-less won. Great matchup

Clay(33): Eviolite. Work Up then Brick Break Krokorok, which Torments you turn one and then goes for Crunch or Sand Tomb. HJK into Payback seem to 2HKO Sandslash (you are slower than it). Scraggy can live one attack from Excadrill even if it has a Defense drops as long as it is in green. Should you not be flinched, Brick Break will easily KO it. Fairly good

Skyla(40): Leftovers. Swoobat 2HKOes with Acrobatics, but you OHKO with Crunch. Swanna may fail to KO with Air Slash, allowing you to hit it hard with Crunch (putting it in low yellow; not sure if Rock Sldie can KO). Alternatively, you switch out and bring it back against Skarmory (and heal it when needed, typically after two Air Cutters) and spam Low Kick, coupled with Work Up. Okay-ish

Drayden(50): Leftovers. Work Up twice and OHKO Druddigon with Low Kick. Two Revenges don't put Scrafty in yellow thanks to Leftovers. +3 Low Kick OHKOes Flygon on rolls. Even after taking an Earth Power, Scrafty will be healthy enough to force Haxorus to go for Dragon Tail, letting you outspeed and OHKO it with Low Kick. Fairly good

Marlon(53): Rawst Berry. Low Kick 2HKOes Carracosta, which 3HKOes with +2 Scald. Wailord almost dies to Low Kick (I suspect roll), but it goes for Amnesia. Jellicent is faster, but if you manage to avoid a burn / live, you KO it with Crunch. Decent

Colress(54): Expert Belt. Magneton is faster and Volt Switches out, never going for TWave. Spam Low Kick on Magnezone, which you outspeed. Klinklang is faster, but Shift Gears and dies to Low Kick (without EBelt, you miss the KO). Metang and Beheeyem are outsped and OHKOed by Low Kick and Crunch. Magneton comes in and you can finish it off. You may need to heal once against Magneton to finish it off, but I lived at 2 HP and managed to win without healing. Pretty good

Ghetsis(54): Pecha Berry. Work Up thrice to OHKO Coffin, heal off poison. Low Kick OHKOes Seismitoad which hits you with Drain Punch. Toxicroak comes in and beats you (unless you somehowly fit Dig, but you are still left at low HP), at which point you switch out. Hydreigon lives Low Kick very barely (HJK will probs OHKO). You will probably be unable to setup properly on Eelektross. This borders on a meh matchup, honestly

Shauntal(59): Leftovers. Work Up twice, heal off burn, then spam Crunch, which OHKOes everything. Drifblim puts you in red with Acrobatics, though, so you are beating only three Pokemon before Drifblim finishes you off (at least you are faster than Golurk). Decent

Grimsley: Expert Belt. Spam Brick Break and heal against Krookodile to sweep. Pretty good

Caitlin: Chesto Berry. Spam Crunch and hope Air Slash doesn't flinch you. Easy sweep

Iris(60): Expert Belt. Low Kick OHKOes Hydreigon on rolls, Aggron, and Lapras. Lapras speed ties you, though. Druddigon is not OHKOed reliably even by +2 Low Kick, though you outspeed it. Okay-ish/decent

For this run, I went with Low Kick over HJK and I have one thing to say: don't. Low Kick seems to miss on OHKOs fairly often, which HJK should pickup, so just bite the bullet with the inaccurate HJK if you want guaranteed OHKOs. Anyways, even with HJK taken into account, Scraggy unfortunately couldn't make a case for S-tier for me. Outside of the terrible availability (effectively a 2.5% encounter rate if you want one with Moxie), it's not a particularly fast sweeper, so it takes a bit more time and resources to sweep than something I'd put in S-tier. It's a great Pokemon as a whole, but its issues are very obvious and that keeps it away from S-tier, in my opinion.

Minccino -> A

Elesa(30): Eviolite. Emolga is faster and seems to 3-4HKO with Volt Switch. Work Up then Tail Slap, which almost certainly triggers Flaaffy's Static. +1 Tail Slap puts Flaaffy in red while it tries to paralyze you. Lock it into TWave while it heals with Encore and set up to +3. Tail Slap should then OHKO everything. Not very consistent, but it's doable, so okay-ish matchup

Clay(33): Silk Scarf. Tail Slap OHKOes Krokorok even at -1. Skip Sandslash. Charm spam Excadrill, Work Up once or twice and spam Wake-up Slap. You may have to heal to 1v1 Excadrill and watch out for Slash crits. Fairly decent

Skyla(40): Hard Stone. Outspeeds and OHKOes Swanna and Swoobat with Rock Blast +1 Rock Blast also 2HKOes Skarmory. Swoobat's Acrobatics is a 3HKO; missing against it or Swanna will force you to heal against Skarmory. Fairly good

Drayden(50): Silk Scarf. +1 Tail Slap OHKOes Druddigon and Flygon. Haxorus barely lives it, suggesting a roll that I never confirmed. Haxorus seems to 2HKO with Dragon Tail and Druddigon's unboosted Revenge puts you in range for that. Combine it with having to land three Tail Slaps (around 61% chance) which more-or-less dooms Cinccino, this is a bit shaky, but a good matchup if you are lucky enough. Note: Druddigon's Revenge is a 2HKO on rolls, making it unreliable to set up two Work Ups

Marlon(53): Miracle Seed. Bullet Seed 2HKOes Jellicent and OHKOes the rest. Easy sweep

Ghetsis(54): Pecha Berry. +3 Bullet Seed puts Cofagrigus in red. If possible, throw in a Full Restore on the turn before KOing Coffin. Tail Slap spam OHKOes everything, with Bullet Seed OHKOing Eelektross and Seismitoad. Decent

Shauntal(59): Miracle Seed. +2 Bulelt Seed puts Coffin in red. This matchup is realistically good only if you have both Bullet Seed and Rock Blast so you can take out everything but Cofagrigus with super effective moves

Grimsley; Expert Belt. Work Up twice while Liepard barely fails to KO you with Night Slash (you are left at like 4 HP or so). OHKO Liepard and Bisharp with Wake-up Slap, Scrafty with Tail Slap, and Krookodile with Bullet Seed. Shaky sweep

Caitlin: Chesto Berry. Work Up twice then OHKO everything with Tail Slap. Your sweep ends if you miss at any point past Musharna. Decent

Marshal: Silk Scarf. Outspeeds and OHKOes Sawk and Mienshao with Tail Slap, though it dies if it misses. Okay-ish

Iris: Sitrus Berry. Work Up twice and OHKO Hydreigon. Dragon Pulsie is normally a 2HKO, but Sitrus Berry turns it into a 3HKO. OHKO Druddigon. Heal against Aggron, which 2HKOes with DEdge on rolls. It seems to always go for Autotomize, even if you are in yellow. OHKO it with Dig. Haxorus dies to Tail Slap and the rest die to Bullet Seed. Decent, I guess?

Obligatory disclaimer that I used the Hidden Grotto one for Skill Link. This one also borders on the "hot takes" territory, but I am not convinced of Minccino in S-tier. For starters, this thing comes after three badges. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, but I expect something to perform very consistently with this availability to earn S-tier. This leads me to the second point: it's not the most consistent Pokemon as a whole. Tail Slap is a fairly inaccurate move and you will end up missing sometimes with it. This normally isn't a big deal to me, but a problem with Cinccino is that it's incredibly frail, so a miss is often fatal for its sweep attempt. There's also some 4MSS involved here; you want STAB, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Wake-up Slap, Work Up, Tickle, and Encore, but you obviously cannot fit all of those in one slot, meaning that Cinccino has to sacrifice some matchups for others. Thus, I think Minccino doesn't really have the qualities of an S-tier (I very much doubt it is a tier higher than Lillipup, though again, I will test that one next), but it's a fairly good Pokemon as a whole (when it hits, of course)

Pinsir -> B

Elesa(30): Soft Sand. Dig OHKOes Flaaffy and Zebstrika. Emolga typically Volt Switches into Zebstrika, letting you KO it easily. X-Scissor and Volt Switch from Emolga 3HKO each other, so you will have to heal (as Emolga is faster). Fairly good

Clay(33): Expert Belt. Storm Throw OHKOes Krokorok and 2HKOes Excadrill, which is faster and 2HKOes with Rock Slide. The only way to beat Excadrill is to skip Krokorok and OHKO Excadrill with -0 boosted Revenge. Meh matchup

Skyla(40): Hard Stone. Beats Swoobat then dies to whatever comes in. I never tried it out against Skarmory, but I have some doubts you will be winning consistently. Meh matchup

Drayden(50): Silverpowder. +2 X-Scissor OHKOes everything, though only Druddigon is slower. Should Pinsir not be flinched by Rock Slide, Haxorus will go for Dragon Tail, allowing you to outspeed it. Fairly good

Marlon(53): Hard Stone. +2 Storm Throw OHKOes Carracosta, X-Scissor OHKOes Wailord, and X-Scissor + Rock Slide or Soft Sand Dig KO Jellicent. Burns are your only issue. Pretty good

Colress(53): Cheri Berry. SD once then OHKO the Magnets and Klinklang with Storm Throw and the rest with X-Scissor. Klinklang is faster, but it goes for Shift Gear. Easy sweep

Ghetsis(54): Pecha Berry. Set up to +6, heal off poison, then OHKO Coffin with Soft Sand Dig. X-Scissor / Dig then OHKO the rest. However, Hydreigon is faster and puts you in mid yellow with Rock Slide. Drapin is also faster, but puts you in low red with Night Slash. Toxicroak is the last Pokemon to come out and it can KO you with Sucker Punch. Fairly decent

Shauntal(59): Rawst Berry. +6 Dig is an OHKO on rolls on Coffin, OHKO on Golurk (never verified for rolls), while Rock Slide OHKOes the rest. Pinsir outspeeds all. Psychic is a 3HKO on Pinsir. Situational

Grimsley: Expert Belt. SD once, then spam X-Scissor / Storm Throw. Heal against Krookodile to avoid a KO. Pretty good

Caitlin: SD once then spam X-Scissor. Sigilyph can flinch with Air Slash, easy swep

Unlike Heracross, which made me consider A-tier for it, Pinsir kind of had a hard B-tier performance. Outside of the terrible availability that it shares with Heracross, Pinsir isn't particularly impressive until later into the game, where it provides some useful niches (one of the easiet Colress sweeps, for example). If it was stronger in the earlier portions of its performance, I think it could also have a case for A, but the way things stand, B-tier sounds more appropriate

Terarkion -> C

Colress(54): Cheri Berry. Outspeeds and KOes Magneton, which paralyzes you. Metang comes in after that. It goes for Agility, but you outspeed it anyways, so you SD and then OHKO it with Sacred Sword. Klinklang dies to Sacred Sword (you are faster) and Beheeyem dies to X-Scissor. Magnezone comes after Metang (iirc) and paralyzes you; you live a Flash Cannon, so you can safely heal the paralysis off after putting Zone in red. Great matchup

Ghetsis(54): Pecha Berry. SD to the max, heal off poison (Psychic is a 3HKO on Terrakion), then outspeed and OHKO everything with Rock Slide / Sacred Sword. Great matchup

Shauntal(59): Hard Stone. SD twice, heal off burn if needed (Psychic is a 3HKO), then OHKO Cofagrigus with Rock Slide. Terrakion can return and OHKO Drifblim and Chandelure while outspeeding them. Decent

Grimsley: Expert Belt. SD once then outspeed and OHKO everything with Sacred. Easy sweep

Caitlin: Chesto Berry. SD once then spam X-Scissor. Easy sweep

Iris(60): Expert Belt. Outspeeds and OHKOes Hydreigon, Archeops, Aggron, and Lapras. Decent

Despite coming late, Terrakion manages to pull its weight for the last matchups, with Marshal being its only bad one. The Iris performance, in particular, was very impressive, as few Pokemon OHKO that many Pokemon of hers with little effort. I think C-tier is good for it, given that its performance far exceeds that of many Pokemon I consider D-tier, even if those come much earlier than it. This is also consistent with my Metang nomination, as Metang also performs very well in the endgame compared to the earlier, but worse D-tiers

The second run was with Riolu / Rattata / Petilil / Volcarona / Litwick / Virizion. Missing Caitlin matchup means that there's a self-explanatory sweep and I didn't bother writing it up

Riolu -> A

Cheren(13/14): Oran Berry. Frustration seems to 3HKO everything. One Frustration will cause Patrat and Lillipup to almost always attack you after a Work Up. +1 Tackle is a 3HKO on Riolu, so Riolu ends up sweeping without Counter. Good matchup

Roxie(18): Silk Scarf. Work Up thrice, heal, then 2HKO everything with Return. If you get poisoned against Whirlipede, you will die to Venoshock. Okay-ish matchup

Burgh(24): nothing touches you here, so you can basically do whatever you want to

Elesa(30): Soft Sand.I replaced Work Up with Dig so I can have Bone Rush for Colress without reteaching it later on. Emolga is faster at level 30 and Volt Switches into Zebstrika, so you can predict that and go for Dig, which OHKOes Zebstrika. Flaaffy comes in and also dies to Dig. Emolga is 2HKOed by Return. Static RNG is the only thing stopping you from a guaranteed sweep and, even then, Emolga's Volt Switch is a 4HKO. Great matchup

Clay(33): Expert Belt. Outspeeds and OHKOes Krokorok with Force Palm. Excadrill is put in red, while Bulldozes 2HKOes you. You beat it if you get the paralysis in, otherwise, lol. Meh matchup

Skyla(40): Hard Stone. Rock Slide OHKOes Swoobat and 2HKOes Swanna. Both are faster and the latter likes to Featherdance you, making the Swanna matchup unreliable. You can probably 1v1 Skarmory, but never really tried it, so I will assume somewhat decent matchup as a whole

Drayden(50): Silk Scarf. SD twice, then outspeed and OHKO everything with Return. Revenge is a 3HKO. Easy sweep

Marlon(53): Rawst Berry. 2HKO Carracosta with Force Palm, which 3HKOes with Scald. Wailord is 2HKOed by +2 Force Palm (put in low yellow). It will either Scald you, requiring you to heal and pray for no burns if Rawst Berry was already used, or it will go for Amnesia at least once, which almost secures your victory. Jellicent is OHKOed by +2 Shadow Claw. Pretty good

Colress(54): Cheri Berry. SD once, then outspeed and OHKO the magnets with Bone Rush (two hits is enough for both). Force Palm OHKOes Klinklang and 2HKOes Metang (which doesn't threaten you at all), while Shadow Claw OHKOes Beheeyem. Great matchup

Ghetsis(54/55): Expert Belt. SD twice, OHKO Coffin with Shadow Claw. Outspeed everything but Hydreigon and OHKO with Force Palm or Bulldoze. Hydreigon is faster but it 4HKOes with Dragon Rush (Coffin also 4HKOes with Psychic), so you are likely getting past it without issues. Great matchup (I purposely didn't try Close Combat to see if Force Palm is enough; it is)

Shauntal(59): Expert Belt. SD once, heal off burn, then outspered and OHKO everything with Shadow Claw or Bulldoze. Great matchup

Grimsley: Expert Belt. Krookodile is faster, unless you have Steadfast and got flinched, but everything dies to Close Combat. Decent

Iris(60): Expert Belt. Beats Hydreigon, Aggron, and Lapras. Okay-ish matchup

Riolu is all-around a great Pokemon. It comes early and achieves many sweeps. Its biggest flaw comes from a 5% encounter rate (and the need for Steadfast if you want to sweep Grimsley). I don't think the mid-game is as bad as claimed; Return and Force Palm were generally enough for me to go by until Close Combat and Aura Sphere, so I didn't feel it underperforming significantly at any point. If it wasn't for the terrible avaialbility, Riolu would arguably have a case for S-tier as it rarely has bad matchups.

Rattata -> leaning towards C

Burgh(24): Silk Scarf. Work Up twice and OHKO Swadloon with Hyper Fang. Dwebble is 2HKOed by Crunch and Leavanny is 2HKOed by Hyper Fang. Leavanny's Razor Leaf is a 3HKO. You will have to heal against Leavanny (most likely) to stand a chance at sweeping. Decent

Elesa(30): Cheri Berry. Outspeeds Emolga. Work Up once as it Volt Switches into Flaaffy, which you OHKO with Dig. Emolga comes in and is OHKOed on rolls by Return. Zebstrika is OHKOed by Dig and is unable to KO you if you are healthy enough. Great matchup

Clay(33): Silk Scarf. It can 1v1 Krokorok, but the rest beat it. Excadrill doesn't even get 2HKOed by -0 Dig and 2HKOes you with Bulldoze. Meh matchup

Skyla(40): Silk Scarf. Return puts Swoobat in red while it fails to 2HKO you. Afterwards, you lose to whatever comes in. Meh matchup

Drayden(50): Status orb. SD once then outspeed and OHKO everything with Return. Easy sweep

Marlon(53): Status orb. Cannot take on Carracosta without losing the others, so skip Carracosta, SD on something else and OHKO the rest. Decent

Colress(53/54): Flame Orb. Can deal damage to Magneton with Dig while getting statusde, but is 2HKOed by Volt Switch. If healthy enough, it can set on Metang or Beheeyem and OHKO them with Dig and Crunch, respectively. Not very impressive

Ghetsis(54/55): Flame Orb (Toxic Orb is preferred, though). SD once on Coffin and OHKO it with Crunch. You are ideally poisoned (as Facade doesn't ignore burn drop this generation). You outspeed and OHKO everything with +2 Facade, even though you lack Guts. You are taking out at worst four threats in total (including Cofagrigus) or five if Coffin doesn't Protect after poisoning you. Decent

Shauntal(59): Status orb. Coffin lives a +2 Crunch even with Guts on, so it's best to skip it. Have Raticate switch in on Drifblim or Golurk, set up SD, then outspeed and OHKO everything with Crunch. Raticate can live a Brick Break from Golurk enough to last for three turns, though Drifblim's Aftermath will cause it to self-KO (fortunately, it's the last Pokemon). Decent, but kinda risky

Grimsley: beats Liepard and then dies

Iris(60): Status Orb. SD on Hydreigon and outspeed it and Druddigon to murder them with Facade. You can also OHKO Aggron with Dig, but Raticate will either die to status afterwards or to whatever comes in next (Haxorus). Okay-ish

Rattata was a bit hard for me to decide, as it is mostly decent with few outright bad matchups, but it never really sweeps. On top of this, there's a bit of a slump in its performance after Elesa and before Drayden. Guts + Facade was pretty fun for the endgame, but it wasn't very sustainable given Raticate's rather low bulk. But as a whole, it rarely sweeps (beyond the easy matchups), has mostly decent matchups with few outright bad matchups, so C-tier probably makes more sense, though I wouldn't 100% rule out B-tier, depending on tiering standards

Petilil -> A

Elesa(29): Miracle Seed. QD once then spam Giga Drain. In fact, you could easily spam Giga Drain without QD if you feel up to it. In any case, Lilligant achieves an effortless sweep here

Clay(33): Miracle Seed. QD once, then Giga Drain OHKOes everything. You outspeed everything even at -0. If you are hit with Torment, Giga Drain -> Magical Leaf -> Giga Drain lets you circumvent it with no issues. Very easy sweep

Skyla(40): Miracle Seed. Swanna is initially faster, but its Air Slash is a 2HKO and it sometimes goes for Featherdance. Set up a QD (assuming no flinches) and OHKO it with Giga Drain. Skarmory is 3HKOed by +2 Giga Drain (puts it in healing range, though) as it tries to set up two Agilities. You can put it to sleep if you wish to, but Air Cutter crits are the only notable danger. Surprisingly decent, though a bit slow against Skarmory

Drayden(50): Miracle Seed. QD twice then 2HKO and OHKO Druddigon and Flygon, respectively, with Giga Drian. Haxorus is OHKOed by Petal Dance. Good matchup, though I think this might be because the traded Petilil has a 31 SpA IV and a Modest nature (normal ones may need to set up a bit more)

Marlon(53): Miracle Seed. Click Petal Dance and watch everything die. Total demolition

Colress(53-55): Cheri Berry. Lilligant needs three QDs to 2HKO Magneton with Giga Drain. You can use Sleep Powder to make this possible in a reasonable manner. Your biggest issue is Magnezone's Explosion, as it deals heavy damage to Lilligant, if not KO it if weakened enough. Once you get past it, +3 Petal Dance OHKOes Klinklang on rolls and OHKOes the rest. Okay-ish matchup, bit of a hassle to get a sweep here

Ghetsis(54-57): Pecha Berry. You need to get to +3 to OHKO Coffin with Giga Drain (Petal Dance makes contact), you can use Sleep Powder to help you with that. +3 Giga Drain OHKOes non-resists, Petal Dance OHKOes Poisons and 2HKOes Hydreigon, which 2HKOes as well. Good matchup

Shauntal(59): Miracle Seed. QD thrice. OHKO Cofagrigus and Golurk with Giga Drain and OHKO the rest with Petal Dance. Never confirmed if Petal Dance is a roll, you can always set up a fourth one if you are desperate enough. Decent

Grimsley: Miracle Seed. QD twice and spam Giga Drain (or Petal Dance on Bisharp). You heal off all damage that you take. Great matchup

Marshal: Miracle Seed. QD twice, then outspeed and OHKO Throh and Mienshao with Petal Dance. Giga Drain is enough to OHKO Conkeldurr. Sawk is also defeated afterwards, as you are able to heal off any prior damage. Throh will not go for Storm Throw due to you boosting your Speed. Easy sweep

Iris(60): Sitrus Berry. You can QD twice before having to heal. After doing so, put Hydreigon to sleep and set up more QDs. Set up to +6. +6 Giga Drain puts Hydreigon in red, use this to heal yourself up to full (considering Hydreigon gets a heal) and then finish it off with Petal Dance. Druddigon is OHKOed (Giga Drain doesn't OHKO) by Petal Dance. Haxorus tries to DD (X-Scissor isn't an OHKO from full), but it gets obliterated by Petal Dance and the rest also get OHKOed. Convoluted, but it works

I used the traded Petilil, so my nomination will be based off this. As a whole, Lilligant has no bad matchups whatsoever (discounting Burgh since the traded one comes after him); even Skyla ended up being quite decent. So what's the problem? In few words, it often requires a lot of Quiver Dances. Lilligant has no coverage whatsoever, so it has to resort to QD spam whenever a team features a Grass resist (and God forbid that it's a 4x resist). This is taking into account that the traded Petilil has a 31 Special Attack IV with a Modest nature, so a Petilil with a more normal IVs will probably need even more QDs (as I had some fairly flat 2HKOs despite numerous boosts). You can see in some of the later matchups how I easily reach +3 to start KOing things. Even if Lilligant has little difficulty setting up the needed QDs, that is still a bit too slow for me to say S-tier, but if you were to look only at the end results, Lilligant is probably the most broken Pokemon by this metric.

Litwick -> C

Skyla(40): Eviolite. WoW into Hex KOes Swoobat and Flame Burst takes care of Skarmory. Decent matchup

Drayden(50): Spell Tag. Shadow Ball fails to OHKO Druddigon, which 2HKOes you with Crunch. Flygon is faster and KOes you with Earth Power. You can probably take on Haxorus 1v1, but never tried it, as Flygon always KOed me before that. Meh matchup

Marlon(53): Expert Belt. Chandelure fails to OHKO anything and is 2HKOed by Scald. Whether you take out one, two, or three members depends entirely on when the AI decides to attack you, if at all. Luck dependent

Colress(54): Cheri Berry. Flame Burst triggers Sturdy or OHKOes the Steel-types. Shadow Ball OHKOes Beheeyem. You are guaranteed to take out four threats here, but you are likely sweeping with some healing. Great matchup'

Ghetsis(54/55): Charcoal. Shadow Ball is an OHKO on rolls on Cofagrigus. Fire Blast OHKOes Drapion and Eelektross, though Drapion is faster and 2HKOes. Toxicroak is killed by Psychic if it doens't Sucker Punch you. Okay-ish matchup

Shauntal(59): Spell Tag. Shadow Ball OHKOes everything, but her own Chandelure is faster and OHKOes you first. Decent

Grimsley: Charcoal. Beats Liepard and Bisharp.

Caitlin: Spell Tag. Shadow Ball isn't a guaranteed OHKO on Reuniclus, it seems, and Musharna lives one. The rest are OHKOed, though Sigilyph is faster and 2HKOes you on rolls. With a Full Restore, you can reliably take out three members on average. Decent

Marshal: TwistedSpoon. Beats Mienshao and Throh. Okay-ish matchup

Litwick is a tad worse here than in BW1, as some of its best matchups (such as Brycen) are gone from here. Outside of coming after five badges, Chandelure somehowly fails to OHKO with super effective moves at times (how the hell do you not OHKO Reuniclus reliably, holy hell) and the lack of setup moves and a good enough Speed certainly don't help it either. It killing things is certainly satisfying, but I think Litwick is far from a B-tier (let alone an A-tier where it currently resides) as it isn't really the most consistent thing ever

Volcarona -> leaning towards B, now that I think about it

Skyla(40): Silverpowder. Signal Beam seems to OHKO Swoobat which puts you near red (still in yellow) with Acrobatics. Ember 2HKOes Skarmory, which fails to finish you off with Air Cutter. Surprisingly decent

Drayden(50): Silverrpowder. Signal Beam 2HKOes everything while outspeeding. Avoid Flygon because of Rock Slide. Haxorus typically goes for DD then DTail if you took a Crunch. Decent matchup in non-solo context

Marlon(53): Silverpoiwder. Nope. Signal Beam 2HKOes Carracosta, but it immediately kills you with Smack Down. The rest are no-go. Absolutely terrible matchup

Colress(53-54): Cheri Berry. Ember 2HKOes all Steel-types and Signal Beam 2HKOes Beheeyem, even through Calm Mind. All you have to do is heal off Volcarona's paralysis the turn before KOing Magnezone. Metang goes for Agility, but you outspeed it anyways. Klinklang seems to go for two Shift Gears if you are healthy enough, but note that a burned +1 Giga Impact is a 3HKO. Fairly good as a whole, doesn't seem to need Fire Blast as much other than to OHKO Klinklang and reduce the risk of Giga Impact.

Ghetsis(54/55): Charcoal. Psychic into Fire Blast KO Cofagrigus. Drapion and Eelektross are outsped and OHKOed by Fire Blast as well, while Toxicroak is killed by Psychic. Hydreigon is 2HKOed by Signal (put in low yellow), but OHKOes back with Rock Slide. Decent if you hit all your Fire Blasts

Shauntal(59): Charcoal. QD twice, put Chandelure in red with Psychic, and OHKO the rest with Flamethrower. QDing to +3 allows you to OHKO Chandelure in case you get Special Defense drops from Cofagrigus. Good matchup

Grimsley: Charcoal. QD twice then OHKO everything with Flamethrower. Easy sweep

Caitlin: Spell Tag. Shadow Ball isn't a guaranteed OHKO on Reuniclus, it seems, and Musharna lives one. The rest are OHKOed, though Sigilyph is faster and 2HKOes you on rolls. With a Full Restore, you can reliably take out three members on average. Decent

Marshal: TwistedSpoon. QD once while living a Rock Tomb and OHKO Throh with Psychic. You then outspeed and OHKO Conkeldurr with Psychic as well. Switch out against Sawk. Volcarona can come back and OHKO Mienshao with Psychic, since you are faster. Decent

Iris(60): QD thrice on Hydreigon (you are faster initially), allowing you to tank Surf easily. Heal up before OHKOing Hydreigon with Signal Beam. Archeops dies to Psychic, the rest are covered by Signal Beam and Flamethrower. Haxorus goes for DD when you are healthy (somewhere in green), though its EQ seems to be a 3HKO (and Dual Chop might be a 2HKO, it never used it on me). Great matchup

Volcarona was the hardest Pokemon to decide, as it's very polarizing in terms of its pros and cons. The cons are that it's not the most impressive thing when you first obtain it. The pros are that it makes a 180 as soon as you beat Marlon, as it manages to perform well in every matchup (Ghetsis being the shakiest one since you need to use Fire Blast a few times) and a nomination to B-tier is consistent with previous nominations for late stuff that basically destroys the endgame (e.g. Gligar). I mean, it's really hard to ignore a Colress, Iris, Shauntal, Grimsley, and Caitlin sweep while performing decently against Marshal, Skyla, and Ghetsis as well, which made me reconsider my earlier doubts about C-tier. To address a few counterarguments:

- Low catch rate - simply Fly back with a Master Ball and make this a non-issue. You do miss on the Chargestone trainers, but Volcarona should be able to grind up at Celestial Tower to compensate.

- "Investment" - The only "costly" resources you need to give Volcarona are Signal Beam and Fire Blast. I don't consider Red Shard tutors as bad, unless taught for one-time uses (e.g. teaching Vespiquen Signal Beam, only for it to be replaced by Bug Buzz after Clay). Fire Blast isn't a cheap TM, but you are swimming in money at the point of buying it and I personally think penalizing for something that is not an issue is sort of silly, but that may be just me

- Fire Blast reliance - Normally, I'd agree that requiring Fire Blast often would be a negative. However, Volcarona doesn't need it as much. In particular, it needs it to OHKO Colress's Klinklang (Ember covers the rest handily) and a bunch of Ghetsis's Pokemon. After this, you don't need it anymore, so I don't think this is enough to bring it down

- Difficulty of getting Quiver Dance - As I have mentioned, getting to level 59 shouldn't be difficult as a whole, since you have Audino, Lucky Eggs, tons of trainers in the endgame, and even tons of Rare Candies if you decide to use them. Furthermore, IGTLs rarely assume a team of six, four Pokemon is generally more common

To be honest, a reason for me to suggest B-tier is also cause I have a hard time seeing Litwick and Volcarona in the same tier. Volcarona is in another league in terms of performance, though I realize that I shouldn't be comparing Pokemon to make a final decision

Virizion -> B

Drayden(50): Lucky Egg. SD twice then outspeed and OHKO everything with Sacred Sword. Easy sweep

Marlon(53): Miracle Seed. +1 Giga Drain OHKOes Wailrod and +2 OHKOes Jellicent. Great matchup

Colress(54): Cheri Berry. You need SD here, as +1 attacks miss on some KOs. 2HKO Magneton and chip Magnezone with Giga Drain. SD once heal off paralysis and KO it. Then X-Scissor OHKOes Beheyeem and Sacred Sword 2HKOes Metang (goes for Agility if you are healthy) and OHKOes Klinklang. Fairly good

Ghetsis(54/55): Pecha Berry. You need to get to +3 with Work Up, which allows Giga Drain to put Cofagrigus in red. You should heal off poison the turn before you KO Cofagrigus (which seems to 4HKO with Psychic). After that, you outspeed and OHKO Eelektross with Sacred Sword and Seismitoad. Toxicroak is 2HKOed by Retaliate and Drapion is OHKOed on rolls by Sacred Sword. Hydreigon is outsped and OHKOed by Sacred Sword. Decent

Shauntal(59): never tested it, but you have no tools against Chandelure and Drifblim

Grimsley: Expert Belt. Outspeeds and OHKOes Liepard and Bisharp with Sacred Sword. Work Up once on Scrafty and OHKO it and Krookodile with Sacred Sword and Giga Drain, respectively. Easy sweep

Caitlin: Chesto Berry. Work Up four times and spam X-Scissor. Sigilyph lives one, but it is slower and fails to OHKO with Air Slash. Decent

Marshal: Leftovers. Unfortunately, even if you Work Up like crazy, Mienshao easily OHKOes you with Bounce. You have a hard time setting up on Conkeldurr anew, as it can easily 2HKO you with Hammer Arm and you 3HKO with +1 Giga Drain. Disappointing

Iris(60): Expert Belt (could be any item you want, doesn't matter). SD twice on Hydreigon (you are faster), then heal up. OHKO Hydreigon. Archeops, Druddigon, Lapras, and Aggron all go out as quickly as they come in (you outspeed all of them). Haxorus goes for DD, but Iris seems to heal it after triggering Sash, allowing you to OHKO it. Great matchup

For this run, I tried to use Work Up over SD with the hopes that a Giga Drain set might have helped Virizion against Marshal. Welp, it didn't. So for the purposes of this nomination, assume that Virizion sweeps Ghetsis and Caitlin more effortlessly. Anyways, despite coming late, Virizion more-or-less crushes the rest of the game, with Shauntal and Marshal being the only matchups that are not sweeps. Considering this thing sweeps Iris fairly easily while also sweeping Colress, Ghetsis, Drayden, Marlon, Grimsley, and Caitlin, I think B-tier is perfect for Virizion.

Until next time...
Since I'm starting to slow down with my runs to a few irl factors, I'm gonna start posting in-between runs with logs and my thoughts on my team thus far. Here's my run starring Snivy, Growlithe, Roggenrola (trade), Panpour, and Klink, with logs up to Skyla


Snivy (13): +2 Vine Whip 2hkos both Patrat and Lillipup. You outspeed both, and with your natural bulk and Oran Berry recovery, this is a very reliable sweep. Great mu.


Both 17

Servine: Oran Berry. +3 Return 2hkos Koffing, 3hkos Whirlipede. Item choice is pretty ambiguous here; Oran Berry provides important recovery, Silk Scarf allows Servine to 2hko Pede, and Pecha Berry is actually relevant here as Koffing spams Smog vs you. I actually swept here once but it was pretty lucky since I didn’t get poisoned by Koffing and had enough HP to eat a Venoshock from Pede (both of these conditions are pretty unlucky). Many attempts later I could not replicate this result. I’m gonna say decent.

Growlithe: Pecha Berry. Ember 3hkos Koffing, Flame Wheel 2hkos Whirlipede. Running Pecha over Oran as the recovery isn’t too necessary here and with Koffing sometimes using Smog (tho preferring to spam Assurance) and Poison Point from Pede you have some odds of getting poisoned. Should end the fight at low green easily. Good mu.


Gigalith is 25, rest 23

Servine: Eviolite. +2 Return 2hkos Swadloon and 3hkos Leavanny. Leaf Tornado 2hkos Dwebble. Swadloon drops your Speed enough to where everything will outspeed you, leading to you getting progressively chipped down until Leavanny finishes you off, but you’re still taking ⅔. Good mu.

Growlithe: Eviolite. Fire Fang ohkos the Grasses, Ember 2hkos Dwebble. Dwebble Rock Polishes and Smack Downs for about half, but you easily tank that + Cut from Leavanny. Great mu.

Gigalith: Hard Stone. Iron Defense and spam Rock Blast, which kills Swadloon and Dwebble in two hits, Leavanny in 3. Barring Razor Leaf crits you’re untouchable, finishing the sweep at half HP. Great mu.


All 30

Servine: Cheri Berry. +3 Return ohkos Emolga, Leaf Tornado ohkos Zebstrika and Flaffy. Cheri Berry prevents Static from Emolga. Setting up on Emolga is pretty costly in terms of HP but once you finish it off you’ll still be able to tank even a Flame Charge from Zebstrika, and either way you’ll be in Overgrow range, which is important for koing Zeb, so no Eviolite / Leech Seed shenanigans here. Good mu, very doable but relies on being at low HP and not getting screwed over by accuracy.

Growlithe: Eviolite. Emolga outspeeds and 3hkos with Volt Switch; it switches into Flaffy, whom is outsped and 2hko’d by Flame Burst. Emolga comes in again, and Volts to Zeb; Dig on its Volt Switch to 2hko Zeb through berry. Emolga comes out and 2hkos you. Alternatively, you can Agility on Emolga’s Switch to Zeb, outspeed, and 2hko it that way; Agility seems to provoke Zeb into Volting out, but on the off chance it derps and goes for a different move as you emerge from the ground (in my case, it used Quick Attack), you can actually beat it with enough HP to 2hko Emolga and win the battle. I would not consider this consistent (it probably matters that it used QA and didn’t damage me at all instead of using, say, Pursuit, which could put me in range of Volt + QA from Emolga), but at the very least you’re taking 2 out of 3, which is a good mu.

Gigalith: Leftovers. Rock Blast ohkos Emolga in two hits, Flaffy in four, and Zeb in five, factoring in berry. Everything outspeeds and Volts all over you, which about 4-5hkos, so you’re living off of good Rock Blast rolls to sweep. Rock Blast is also 90% accurate which can make you wanna pull your teeth out at points. Generally you will sweep but might require healing to do so if you aren’t lucky. Hard Stone notably can allow you to ohko Flaffy with just a Rock Slide, but is a roll, so unless you get it Lefties is gonna be more impactful. Good mu.

Simipour: MysticWater. +1 Scald ohkos Emolga and Flaffy, Dig ohkos Zebstrika. Emolga always goes for Pursuit turn 1 as you Work Up. On very rare occasions it can QA turn 2, which is important as Zeb outspeeds you and a Pursuit won’t put you into Volt range, but Pursuit + QA will. That said, after multiple attempts Emolga most often did not QA turn 2, so I wouldn’t consider this a consistent occurrence. It’s also worth noting that Zeb can still derp out and use Pursuit on you anyways, so this sweep feels very consistent to me. Great mu.


Arcanine is 34, rest 33

Servine: Eviolite. +2 Leaf Blade ohkos Krokorok and Sandslash, 2hkos Leaf Blade. Even with Overgrow, Leaf Blade comes just shy of one-shotting Exca, so you will have to rely on your tankiness to beat it out. Unfortunately, in all of my attempts to get to Exca, Sandslash always dropped my Defense at least once with Crush Claw (it outspeeds you after a Bulldoze), meaning Exca tore right through me. You can sweep full with healing but are taking 2 out of 3 guaranteed. Good mu.

Arcanine: Outspeed and ohko everything with Charcoal Flamethrower. Flawless mu.

Gigalith: Leftovers. Dodge Intimidate and get up to +6 on Krok. Return 2hkos Krok, 3hkos Slash; Rock Smash 3hkos Exca before berry. Krok’s Torment makes things a tiny bit slower but, at +6, nothing meaningfully threatens you, so it’s pretty easy to spam attacks and laugh at the pathetic amount of damage you take. Good mu, tho it requires spamming ID (not difficult to achieve, but just inefficient).

Simipour: Outspeed and ohko everything with MW Scald. Flawless mu.


All 38

Serperior: Miracleseed. Leaf Blade fails to 2hko Swanna after berry while Swanna 2hkos you with Air Slash. Swoobat similarly beats you. Skarmory walls you outright. Bad mu.

Arcanine: Charcoal. Flamethrower is a roll to ohko Swoobat, brings Skarm to Sturdy. Thunder Fang ohkos Swanna. Agility turn 1 to outspeed Bat and Swan. You can comfortably tank two Acrobatics and Bat seems to spam Heart Stamp anyways so it’s pretty safe. Great mu.

Gigalith: Leftovers. Rock Slide ohkos Bat. Skarm comes out next; Rock Slide is a 3hko, and Steel Wing does little damage after an Iron Defense, but with potion, Skarm will whittle you down enough to be in range of Bubblebeam, and a potential Defense boost from Steel Wing will make this fight even more tedious, so I recommend you just switch out. Come back in vs Swanna, tank Bubblebeam, and ohko back with Slide. Good mu.

Simipour: Expert Belt. Due to the fact that Swoobat and Swanna are a roll to ohko with Rock Slide (even at +1, in Swanna’s case), sweeping with Work Up is unreliable. Skip Swoobat, as it outspeeds and can 2hko you with Acrobatics. Swanna is outsped and 2hko’d by Rock Slide after berry; it Air Slashes for about a 3-4hko. Skarm is 2hkod by Surf and does minimal damage with Air Cutter. Good mu

Klink: Eviolite. Autotomize to +4 as Swoobat spams Heart Stamp for about an 8hko. Spam Charge Beam for a 4hko. Swanna is ohkod by +2 Charge Beam and Skarm is 2hko. Issues are flinches setting up and potential for missing with Charge Beam, which can force a potion or even an Ether if you run out of Charge Beam pp. Decent/good. If you plan on holding off on evolving Klink to get Shift Gear at level 48, you can use it here and still do well.

My thoughts thus far:

:Serperior: Despite its low offenses and mediocre typing for the early-game, Snivy actually performed pretty competently, sweeping Cheren, taking 2/3 vs Burgh, and actually managing to BS its way through Roxie at least once. Once you get past that point, you get good mus with Elesa and Clay (though not as brainless and perhaps I'd want), and, unfortunately, you eat shit vs Skyla even with what's gonna be (at least for me) the end-game movepool for Serp. In terms of major battles it's actually done quite well for itself, but I still am not a huge fan, it's weak without setup and has genuinely awful coverage. B/C seems most likely.

:Arcanine: Meanwhile the big dog has been amazing thus far. It's swept every gym thus far, even Elesa as Growlithe, which I was not expecting whatsoever. I didn't think there was much practically separating it from Magby, but so far it's blown its fellow VC Fire type out of the water. If this keeps up I can see the arguments for A tier.

:Gigalith: Strong and bulky, but dead slow with limited coverage and no option to boost Attack. Giga's raw power and bulk carries it hard in mus but its low Speed is a huge liability, especially when a pure Rock typing does not offer it as many resistances as similar mons like Steelix and Ferrothorn. Being able to cheese Clay with ID spam is also hilarious. Probably gonna shake out to be a C.

:Simipour: Like the other monkeys, it has good Speed, mixed offenses, and coverage as wide as the sky, but paper thin bulk and some issues ohkoing at +1, all traits that have already reared their heads in this run. I'm expecting Pour to outshine its contemporaries simply based on its better typing / coverage, but this is definitely gonna be in B/C range.

:Klink: I'm keeping Klink until level 48 for Shift Gear, which I expect to regret once Ryota uses this thing and proves me wrong for doing so like he did with Krokorok, but fuck it I really want SG for Drayden. Being able to sweep Skyla with just Klink is pretty funny, but damn did I have a a hell of a time grinding up Klink from capture, its stats are terrible and it has basically no good coverage even after you get a strong enough Return. Shift Gear cheese might make it shine in the lategame but all I can think about rn is how horrible using this thing in Reversal Mountain is gonna be.

Finally, a reminder that we have a slate up for Tepig, Oshawott, Pidove, Drilbur, Azurill, and Staryu; the slate ends next week, on Saturday, October 22nd, at which point their ranks will be decided on and locked in. If you have any interest in testing any of these mons, please do so ASAP. Thank you for reading.

EDIT: Ryota already used Klink and didn't go for early SG, but judging by his logs SG will probably make Drayden / potentially Marlon easier so fuck it we ball
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Doing a run. Oshawott / Drilbur / Heracross / Lopunny / Joltik / Litwick

I go get my Oshawott and he's Bashful with decent IVs, so could be worse. Hugh battle 1 was Hugh 1, we bet our heads against each other with tackle and I won due to it being a 4HKO v Snivys 5HKO. Bianca teaches me stuff I already know and leaves for Route 19. I love how early you get the running shoes in theses games.

After another tutorial on how to do something I already know, I'm off to meet Alder. He offers to train me but tells me to go give Hugh the other town map first so I head for Route 20. By the time I fight Hugh at Flocessey Ranch I'm level 8 and I win despite forgetting to heal, largely due to Tackle being a 4HKO on both sides despite the damage. After the battle we go looking for the missing Herdier and meet the Team Plasma guy throwing a temper tantrum. We return to Flocessey town, where Alder pulls a fast one by using us as training tools rather than training us himself but by this point Oshawott was level 12 so it didn't really matter. Walk out, meet Mr. Medallion, blah blah blah. Never gonna talk to him again.

I return to Aperita City, picking up the X Defend from the guy in the gym. I don't plan on spamming these but I feel that the whole point of them giving you one literally in the gym is to use it. Water Gun rips apart the two trainers you have to fight first and then, it's gym time.
v Cheren.png

Battle starts. He Work Up's, I X Defend. Water Gun crits for the 1HKO. Lillipup comes out. I Water Gun, he Work Up's. It's just under a 3HKO for me. I tackle, he Work Up's again. Game over, I'm faster. Water Gun ends the fight without me taking a single hit. Basic Badge Get. Work Up get. Why was I worried about this dummy? Bianca stops me as I leave to give me Return and a C-Gear as well as her and Professor Junipers Xtransceiver numbers, before telling me where Virbank Gym is.

As I leave Flocessey Town, Bianca stops me to upgrade the Pokédex and tell me about shaking grass. After she leaves, Hiker Jerome tries to teach me how rough the world can be. Not sure using Foresight on a water type that can 2HKO your Riolu is the best way to do that mate. Afterwards, Cheren stops me to tell me about dark grass. At this point I actually considered using Venipede instead of Heracross but. No. Thanks for the Pecha Berries Cheren. I advance to Virbank City, learning that the two little girls aren't a mandatory battle if you only have 1 pokémon. After witnessing the family drama Roxie leaves for the gym and I leave for the complex to get some training in. I hit 17 and Dewott after fighting an Audino and I forgot just how good Razor Shell is. 75 power STAB with a 50% chance to lower defence is nuts this early, just deletes things. After picking up Rock Smash, which I only learned you could get here like yesterday, it's time for the 2nd badge.

...except not quite because I'm a dummy who replaced Water Gun instead of Focus Energy so after beating her 2 band members I only have 2 Razor Shells and so need to run back to the Pokémon Center.

v Roxie.png

Turn 1 I Razor Shell, getting the drop though it'd be a 2HKO despite that while she does 7 with Tackle. Turn 2 Razor Shell brings down Koffing and brings me to level 20. Razor Shell agains deals >50% and a defence drop as Pursuit does 6, Protect stretches the battle out and a 5th Razor Shell gets me the Toxic Badge and Venoshock. As I'm leaving a Pokéstar Studios scout asks me to visit and Roxie heads off to get her old man back on the ships. His movie sucked, I filmed one, blah blah blah not coming back.

Heading back to Virbank, I find Roxie and Hugh confronting Team Plasma. Dewott punches out their Patrat, they run away having been beaten just as easily by Roxie and Hugh, Roxie gives me cut. Time to hunt them down. Fury Cutter takes out her Purrlion when I catch up to her and she flees to the coast. I get back just in time to see Papa Roxie realise he shouldn't be a moive star and he takes me and Hugh to Castelia City, where Hugh misses the obviously evil Plasma Frigate and a harlequin gives me a bicycle.

At the gym the gym guide guy or whatever his job is tells me Burgh has ran off again and then Iris shows up. She isn't any better, running off without saying where she was going but luckily GGG is psychic and knew she was going past the Pokémon center. I catch up with her at Thumb Pier, the same place Hugh catches up with us. We head into the sewers, where we quickly find Plasma and batter them as they have 2 level 16's while Servine is 20 and Dewott is 21. Burgh tells us no one suspicious further in and High gives us Strength. While we were battling the guy who had lost something found it so we can go get Lopunny.

*1 Hour Later*

Yeah screw this. I'll find it tomorrow.

Looks like an S but is that Dewott being boss or is that Dewott being overlevelled?
Hello, and happy Sunday. With the time limit for the slate expiring yesterday, it's time to lock in the first official rankings for this list! Thanks to everyone who's contributed and allowed us to get this far. For the sake of MoonlightRose, who is still in the middle of their test, I will refrain from ranking Oshawott and Drilbur for now, but will do so once they're finished. Otherwise, here are the results:

:Tepig: remains in A

:Pidove: drops to B

:Azurill: drops to B

:Staryu: drops to C

These Pokemon's ranks will be reflected in the OP asap. I will also be going forward with quickdropping the several bad Pokemon I listed previously to F tier, as no one's objected to it. These Pokemon will be listed with bold text so as to indicate their ranks are locked.

Thank you, and happy testing!


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I've been going through this thread and seeing a ton of Magnemite slander. While I'm fine with a drop to A, I think the proposed B ranking is too harsh for a multitude of reasons.
  • Casual players do not have strictly have optimized teams, so Magnemite's defensive prowess are quite useful, especially with Sturdy. If you don't have a definitive answer to something then throwing Magnemite at it will often suffice.
  • Speaking of Sturdy, it lets Magnemite throw out guaranteed Thunder Waves or Volt Switches in most worst case scenarios. You hopefully won't rely on this too often, but it can't be overlooked.
  • Magnemite has only a couple bad Gym matchups (Elesa and Clay) while dominating four others (Roxie, Burgh, Skyla, and Marlon). While Drayden has a Flygon, his other two Pokemon can't touch you outside of forced switches with Dragon Tail, plus you can T-Wave Haxorus if you really need to. (You shouldn't need to but w/e.) E4 and Iris are admittedly a mixed bag, especially Iris, but it can at least take on Archeops and Lapras.
  • Has a decent Hugh matchup as long as you didn't pick Oshawott, since he'll always have two Pokemon weak to Electric in that scenario.
  • While there's definitely a major weak period after Burgh until evolving into Magneton due to lagging stats, moves, and matchups, you do get Mirror Shot before evolving and Charge Beam shortly after Skyla. These are passable enough for neutral hits until Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt come online considering the Magnemite line's high SpA, and Charge Beam can snowball in long fights where the opponent can't touch you.
  • By the time it can evolve into Magneton you are likely near Chargestone Cave to evolve into Magnezone if you so choose. More of a convenience thing but still notable.
  • Gets Flash Cannon by level up at a fairly reasonable 39, which is neat.
  • Strong Steel STAB and an Electric resistance are good for the Kyurem-B fight. Don't fight Kyurem-W because you are totally losing there.
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I've been going through this thread and seeing a ton of Magnemite slander. While I'm fine with a drop to A, I think the proposed B ranking is too harsh for a multitude of reasons.
  • Casual players do not have strictly have optimized teams, so Magnemite's defensive prowess are quite useful, especially with Sturdy. If you don't have a definitive answer to something then throwing Magnemite at it will often suffice.
  • Speaking of Sturdy, it lets Magnemite throw out guaranteed Thunder Waves or Volt Switches in most worst case scenarios. You hopefully won't rely on this too often, but it can't be overlooked.
  • Magnemite has only a couple bad Gym matchups (Elesa and Clay) while dominating four others (Roxie, Burgh, Skyla, and Marlon). While Drayden has a Flygon, his other two Pokemon can't touch you outside of forced switches with Dragon Tail, plus you can T-Wave Haxorus if you really need to. (You shouldn't need to but w/e.) E4 and Iris are admittedly a mixed bag, especially Iris, but it can at least take on Archeops and Lapras.
  • Has a decent Hugh matchup as long as you didn't pick Oshawott, since he'll always have two Pokemon weak to Electric in that scenario.
  • While there's definitely a major weak period after Burgh until evolving into Magneton due to lagging stats, moves, and matchups, you do get Mirror Shot before evolving and Charge Beam shortly after Skyla. These are passable enough for neutral hits until Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt come online considering the Magnemite line's high SpA, and Charge Beam can snowball in long fights where the opponent can't touch you.
  • By the time it can evolve into Magneton you are likely near Chargestone Cave to evolve into Magnezone if you so choose. More of a convenience thing but still notable.
  • Gets Flash Cannon by level up at a fairly reasonable 39, which is neat.
  • Strong Steel STAB and an Electric resistance are good for the Kyurem-B fight. Don't fight Kyurem-W because you are totally losing there.
  1. Defensive prowess means next to nothing if a Pokemon can't make effective use of it to actually...kill things. Exhibit A: Ferroseed. Exhibit B: Weezing. Both have great defensive types but struggle to make use of them. Throwing Magnemite at something also will not really suffice until Mirror Shot, and Mirror Shot runs on the same accuracy of 85% we are penalizing Minccino for. It takes until level 39 (Flash Cannon) for Magnemite / Ton / Zone to be consistent at killing things (Volt Switch is pretty in-efficient, means nothing for Clay anyway, and is only nice for Skyla...right when you get Flash Cannon so not much better). That's roughly 30 levels of either missing or choosing a reliable, but slow-as-molasses option in Volt Switch. Even then, Steel STAB is pretty bad, and Electric STAB ain't much better because lol level 51 Discharge.
  2. Sturdy is virtually irrelevant imo. I don't think I recall a single time it seems truly useful. Even then, a guaranteed Thunder Wave really isn't anything jumping for joy over and highlights how the line does not have sweeper Speed.
  3. "Dominating" is overstating it for Burgh for sure. You kill Burgh slowly. You do rip Roxie, Skyla and Marlon apart but Skyla is slow because lol Volt Switch or ThunderShock, even if she can't touch you.
  4. Hugh is irrelevant. The first two fights Magnemite isn't around for, PWT Hugh is literally free for anything, and no even remotely competent player would be scared of Hugh's Undella team. Victory Road Hugh has an actual team, yes, but c'mon, you should ream his mostly speed bump team by then with anything. So...only one fight is a non-footnote, and by that point it's better to ignore him for consistency's sake.
  5. Charge Beam is an awful move that fools you into thinking it's good when it really isn't. 90 accuracy makes it, like with Mirror Shot, unreliable, and I've stated with Sigilyph it's a bad boosting option over actually reliable boosting options like Work Up. 90% accuracy x 70% boost chance = 63% chance to boost and hit in the same turn. That's worse than Focus Blast assuming an optimal outcome.
  6. Yeah you should evolve twice by Chargestone Cave.
  7. Level 39 isn't fairly reasonable to me for Flash Cannon for reasons stated above and then some. Generally, I expect a mon to have a reliable STAB around Clay, but you have to wait a good 6 more levels of pain until Magnezone FINALLY gets something of value to use as STAB.
  8. Kyurem-B...uh no. It's a full team against one mon and you are healed afterward. Kyurem-B is irrelevant.
  9. You know what else sucks? Being average for Colress and pretty bad for Ghetsis - those fights are pretty huge - an A tier mon should at least be great for one of them.
I will run with Magnemite myself, but I'm 90% sure from past experiences that it is a B. It uses its defensive typing as a crutch while it struggles to actually kill anything for half the game. B tier is also not a bad tier at all, it means you'd give a mon a good recommendation.
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Defensive prowess means next to nothing if a Pokemon can't make effective use of it to actually...kill things. Exhibit A: Ferroseed. Exhibit B: Weezing. Both have great defensive types but struggle to make use of them.
I think defensive power should be considered when it's not the fastest thing around and is likely taking hits over the course of a route or whatever. Comparisons to Ferroseed and Weezing are faulty since Magnemite has a high SpA stat and Electric STAB.

Throwing Magnemite at something also will not really suffice until Mirror Shot, and Mirror Shot runs on the same accuracy of 85% we are penalizing Minccino for.
Minccino is still S right now so uh...

It takes until level 39 (Flash Cannon) for Magnemite / Ton / Zone to be consistent at killing things (Volt Switch is pretty in-efficient, means nothing for Clay anyway, and is only nice for Skyla...right when you get Flash Cannon so not much better).
Thundershock is sufficient in the early game when Magnemite is rocking a fairly high SpA for that time period. I've already conceded it's got a low point until Skyla.

Also, if Volt Switch is killing Skyla (or anything really) you can just switch back in after the kill. Most casual players are on Switch mode.

Even then, Steel STAB is pretty bad, and Electric STAB ain't much better because lol level 51 Discharge.
It still lets you hit Dragons and Grasses. Definitely not the best, but it gets the job done. Also, don't you get the Thunderbolt TM before then?

Sturdy is virtually irrelevant imo. I don't think I recall a single time it seems truly useful. Even then, a guaranteed Thunder Wave really isn't anything jumping for joy over and highlights how the line does not have sweeper Speed.
It can protect against crits and allows you to stay in on stuff you shouldn't for one turn. When you have a slow Volt Switch that can provide some unique utility if you choose to play on Set or just want a free hit before switching to something frail.

Not every good mon needs to have sweeper Speed btw. Otherwise we wouldn't have stuff like RSE Mudkip in S.

"Dominating" is overstating it for Burgh for sure. You kill Burgh slowly. You do rip Roxie, Skyla and Marlon apart but Skyla is slow because lol Volt Switch or ThunderShock, even if she can't touch you.
Okay, "dominating" might have been an overstatement, but Burgh still can't touch Mag at all and Sonicboom is still killing.

See previous point about Skyla and Volt Switch.

Charge Beam is an awful move that fools you into thinking it's good when it really isn't. 90 accuracy makes it, like with Mirror Shot, unreliable, and I've stated with Sigilyph it's a bad boosting option over actually reliable boosting options like Work Up. 90% accuracy x 70% boost chance = 63% chance to boost and hit in the same turn. That's worse than Focus Blast assuming an optimal outcome.
Mag at least has STAB so it's doing more than Sigil. Unless you're getting supremely fucked then 90 accuracy is perfectly acceptable, and you only need one proc to snowball.

Also many casual players will not opt to Work Up on random fights, if at all.

Kyurem-B...uh no. It's a full team against one mon and you are healed afterward. Kyurem-B is irrelevant.
You can't imply Mag should be knocked because it has issues soloing stuff then turn around and say the capacity to solo Kyurem-B is completely irrelevant.

You know what else sucks? Being average for Colress and pretty bad for Ghetsis - those fights are pretty huge - an A tier mon should at least be great for one of them.
Fair point tbh. Colress is consistently ass for Mag because you have a neutral-leaning-towards-slightly-good matchup against Beeheeyem and Klingklang.
I think defensive power should be considered when it's not the fastest thing around and is likely taking hits over the course of a route or whatever. Comparisons to Ferroseed and Weezing are faulty since Magnemite has a high SpA stat and Electric STAB.

Minccino is still S right now so uh...

Thundershock is sufficient in the early game when Magnemite is rocking a fairly high SpA for that time period. I've already conceded it's got a low point until Skyla.

Also, if Volt Switch is killing Skyla (or anything really) you can just switch back in after the kill. Most casual players are on Switch mode.

It still lets you hit Dragons and Grasses. Definitely not the best, but it gets the job done. Also, don't you get the Thunderbolt TM before then?

It can protect against crits and allows you to stay in on stuff you shouldn't for one turn. When you have a slow Volt Switch that can provide some unique utility if you choose to play on Set or just want a free hit before switching to something frail.

Not every good mon needs to have sweeper Speed btw. Otherwise we wouldn't have stuff like RSE Mudkip in S.

Okay, "dominating" might have been an overstatement, but Burgh still can't touch Mag at all and Sonicboom is still killing.

See previous point about Skyla and Volt Switch.

Mag at least has STAB so it's doing more than Sigil. Unless you're getting supremely fucked then 90 accuracy is perfectly acceptable, and you only need one proc to snowball.

Also many casual players will not opt to Work Up on random fights, if at all.

You can't imply Mag should be knocked because it has issues soloing stuff then turn around and say the capacity to solo Kyurem-B is completely irrelevant.

Fair point tbh. Colress is consistently ass for Mag because you have a neutral-leaning-towards-slightly-good matchup against Beeheeyem and Klingklang.
Fair but I disagree on Kyurem-B. That’s just one Pokémon and not even a threatening one. Freeze Shock lets you kill it faster.

Thunderbolt TM is at the end of Victory Road from Hugh though, so no, you get it at basically the Elite Four.

I do think saying our words are “slander” is silly though. It’s Pokémon, not some sort of political debate.

The Mind Electric

Calming if you look at it right.
I think defensive power should be considered when it's not the fastest thing around and is likely taking hits over the course of a route or whatever. Comparisons to Ferroseed and Weezing are faulty since Magnemite has a high SpA stat and Electric STAB.

Minccino is still S right now so uh...

Thundershock is sufficient in the early game when Magnemite is rocking a fairly high SpA for that time period. I've already conceded it's got a low point until Skyla.

Also, if Volt Switch is killing Skyla (or anything really) you can just switch back in after the kill. Most casual players are on Switch mode.

It still lets you hit Dragons and Grasses. Definitely not the best, but it gets the job done. Also, don't you get the Thunderbolt TM before then?

It can protect against crits and allows you to stay in on stuff you shouldn't for one turn. When you have a slow Volt Switch that can provide some unique utility if you choose to play on Set or just want a free hit before switching to something frail.

Not every good mon needs to have sweeper Speed btw. Otherwise we wouldn't have stuff like RSE Mudkip in S.

Okay, "dominating" might have been an overstatement, but Burgh still can't touch Mag at all and Sonicboom is still killing.

See previous point about Skyla and Volt Switch.

Mag at least has STAB so it's doing more than Sigil. Unless you're getting supremely fucked then 90 accuracy is perfectly acceptable, and you only need one proc to snowball.

Also many casual players will not opt to Work Up on random fights, if at all.

You can't imply Mag should be knocked because it has issues soloing stuff then turn around and say the capacity to solo Kyurem-B is completely irrelevant.

Fair point tbh. Colress is consistently ass for Mag because you have a neutral-leaning-towards-slightly-good matchup against Beeheeyem and Klingklang.
You've correctly identified strong areas for Magnemite, but IGTs are based on efficiency, which affects how much certain strengths are weighted compared to others. Yes, a great defensive typing and easy Thunder Wave are points in Magnemite's favor, but a Pokémon that has to go on the defensive and spread paralysis to put in work is always going to be inferior to a Pokémon that can just straight-up beat things for the purposes of this tier list. If defensive and support utility is the best Magnemite can manage for a lot of the game, it's going to get knocked down a few pegs, because offensive utility is just valued more.

Matchups are also weighted differently, and Magnemite's best major fights aren't among the most important. Beating Roxie and Burgh is cool and all, but like, it's Roxie and Burgh. Skyla and Marlon also aren't exactly roadblocks for most people, nor is Kyurem-B. If it spends most of its time on the bench during fights like Colress and Iris, that's gonna be factored in a lot more than its ability to win these gym fights.

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as someone that nominated Magnemite to B, it may be good for me to give more insights

first, Kyurem should definitely not be considered at all. Outside of the team vs one Pokemon with automatic healing argument that was already mentioned, Kyurem also picks moves at random, so it's fully possible for something with a tremendous disadvantage to win if you get lucky enough. Hugh (and Zinzolin, though I didn't see him mentioned) doesn't feel relevant or noteworthy enough for me to consider either

it's hard me to justify something to A-tier with a huge dead period. Once you get past Marlon, Magnezone more-or-less falls out of relevancy and pmuch never gets more than one-two KOs. Most of the things I have nominated to A-tier are moreso plagued by things like availability (e.g. Riolu), needing too much setup a few times, and other factors, but generally perform consistently well throughout the entire game. Furthermore, even in its good period, Magnemite isn't exactly the most efficient option; while it walls Roxie, Burgh, and Elesa, the latter two simply take a lot of time for Magnemite to actually sweep (they even require healing iirc, which is pretty funny). Even Marlon isn't watertight for Magnezone, as I needed luck or healing to sweep him.

It'd be interesting to see how a Magneton (aka no fully evolving whatsoever) would perform, though. The extra Speed might end up handy in a few matchups, though it's questionable whether it'd give it a boost in placement given the problems I mentioned above

(Also, in regards to Thundershock vs Volt Switch, you might be better off with just Electro Ball. In worst cases, it's as strong as Thundershock and occassionally you will get more power out of it)
My thoughts

I'm not a fan of Tepig - it's rather slow and gets extremely outclassed mid to lategame. I suppose its earlygame availability and advantage is decent though.

It's already in A, so I suppose it's great already, but Zorua gets near 6IVs which I feel is something else. I think it would be kind of interesting to compare with other N's Pokemon from Memory Link that also get 6IVs.

Big fan of Psyduck/Riolu, but they're good where they are; just hard not to use them repeatedly

A little surprised Pidove and Azurill share a tier.

I've also used

Scrafty (N's)
Lapras (traded)
Ferrothorn (N's)
Hydreigon (admittedly more of a post-game-esque option)

I've also used Scizor, Stunfisk and Skarmory but those are traded/not applicable whatsoever

I liked all of them (even Lapras but obviously it is kinda slow and lackluster compared to the others) but some of them had the trade EXP (or IVs) so there is that.

Somewhat off-topic, but out of curiosity how would you rank the following?

Hidden Ability Nidoking (Sheer Force w/ Life Orb potentially)
Hidden Ability Excadrill (Mold Breaker)
6IV Sandile/Krookodile (N's) with trade exp boost

I will probably do a challenge mode run with some new (to me) mons soon

I have a weird obsession with putting Surf on non-water types (Nidoking) and having a physical water mon with Waterfall
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Ran the game again with Magnemite, Yamask, Heracross, and Ducklett. Magnemite will be in a post separate from the other three.

Elesa (31): Eviolite. Emolga Volt Switches for roughly 1/3 of your HP as you hopefully burn Zebstrika. I expected it to Volt Switch out and tried to Wisp again, oops. Anyway, boosted Hex seems to do just under half Zebstrika’s HP. Emolga actually picked me off unfortunately. Next time had Zebstrika die to two Hexes and two rounds of burn even with a crit Pursuit (does roughly half). Flaaffy outspeeds you even if you live a hit from Emolga, so you take Zebstrika as long as it doesn’t Volt Switch. Decent.

Clay (34): Leftovers. Well worth the effort. Even before burn, Krokorok’s Crunch fails to 2HKO you, with Leftovers healing you to 2/3s turn 1. Boosted Hex knocks Krokorok to low yellow after burn. As Clay heals up, boosted Hex again to cleanly 2HKO. He Tormented me at this point as I used Rest, with me being at roughly 3/4s HP as Excadrill comes in. Excadrill Slides me to half and of course I miss Wisp. He Metal Claws as I Shade for a fifth of his HP. I burn him next turn, now at 15 HP. I barely live another Metal Claw and rest again, with Cofagrigus now effectively immortal (I think boosted Hex does 1/4). I kill with Shade at 3/4 HP. I burn Sandslash with Wisp as it uses rollout, then boosted Hex suprisingly kills it. Slow, but effective: I don’t think I saw any Crunch debuffs or Slide flinches.

Skyla (40): Leftovers. Swoobat’s Acrobatics does exactly 1/5 of your HP (22/100) and you OHKO with Shadow Ball. Swanna’s Air Slash seems to take you to roughly half HP post-Leftovers healing, and Swanna seems to be at roughly 1/3s HP post-Sitrus Berry from Shadow Ball, so one flinch is all it takes for you to easily lose to Swanna (idt you 2HKO at a glance).

Skarmory’s Air Cutter does literally no damage (12, half of which is healed by Leftovers, Steel Wing does similar at 16) and my first Shadow Ball crit to do 2/3s, so I think you 4HKO. I think I got a Special Defense drop but you seem to win this handily, Skyla wasted a potion and I was just above half HP. So beat Swoobat and Skarmory. Once again, only decent thanks to slowness.

Drayden (50): Leftovers. Druddigon outspeeds and Sheer Force Crunch 3HKOs you, but you remove Sheer Force after being hit once: I tried Iron Defense (tutor for 2 Blue Shards). Shadow Ball 3HKOs and he sadly still does more damage than you heal (one Crunch did 22, I healed 7 with Leftovers). He Tailed me out as he’s at red after a heal: so I heal up Coffin and kill with the switch-in, healing up offscreen. Crunch from Flygon seems to potentially miss a 3HKO but I miss Will-O-Wisp because of course I do. Earth Power seems to 5HKO as I heal up for convenience. 3 rounds of burn + Hex seems to barely kill Flygon, with me now at half HP.

Haxorus Tails and misses as I burn it: Hex + 2 rounds of burn takes it to yellow post-Berry as he Tails me out. I switch back in and have enough HP to kill him without healing. Aggressively mediocre due to how slow you are and how annoying Dragon Tail is, but Will-O-Wisp support could neuter a problematic member. D tier seems cemented for this guy. Mu is better if you choose to go Cofag solo so you don't get phased out.

Marlon (53): Leftovers. Interestingly, Cofagrigus outspeeds Carracosta so you can burn it before it moves, of course I whiffed in my first two attempts so cue resets. The first two times it went for Smash in these aborted attempts, but when I finally landed the burn in take 3 hit went Crunch, which when burned does like 16 of your 130 HP with Leftovers. Ordinary Crunch is like a rough 3HKO which Leftovers offsets.

Energy Ball kills him and you should hopefully be close to full HP as Jellicent comes out which you 100% lose: Shadow Ball does not 2HKO thanks to berry and you cleanly die to the Ominous Wind 2HKO. Wailord goes for Bounce which does literally nothing (Bounce and Scald take you just above half combined) as you 2HKO with Energy Ball. For the literal fifth time in a row, decent / mediocre. In another attempt I only failed to beat Costa and Wailord due to a really inopportune Scald crit (same attempt also had a Crunch Defense drop).

Colress (53): Leftovers. Metang’s Meteor Mash is a rough 5HKO but I think Leftovers can negate this, if only barely. Unfortunately, Shadow Ball is a 3HKO. I was lucky enough to roll a miss, so I beat Metang with 2/3s HP. Beheeyem actually seems to win if you took on Metang as it is faster than you (Shadow Ball takes Beheeyem to near red). You do avoid the 2HKO at full HP, so you’re taking on either Metang or Beheeyem. I guess you can burn Klinklang if you really wanted to. Mediocre once again due to low Speed.

Ghetsis (53): Pecha Berry. Outspeed and 2HKO Ghetsis’s Cofagrigus while it Toxics you: this prompts Ghetsis to send in Eelektross. Acrobatics from Eelektross 4HKOs while you 3HKO with Shadow Ball (Eel is faster). Ghetsis healed it, I got a Special Defense drop on Shadow Ball (next hit failed to kill) and he paraed with Thunderbolt so you lose the 1v1 if Ghetsis hasn’t healed, though do note Mummy can remove Eelektross’s Levitate. Avoid Hydreigon. Sesmitoad sucks: Muddy Water can drop accuracy and 3HKO while Energy Ball looks like rolls to OHKO. You should hopefully beat it.

Thankfully a heal is free on Toxicroak because you bait Sucker Punch. Shadow Ball from Croak 3HKOs and you OHKO with Psychic. As a fun sidenote: Cofagrigus has enough HP after Croak’s Shadow Ball that it can live Drapion’s Night Slash in red and burn it if that’s something you’re into, though accuracy drops from Muddy Water could make that unreliable (I hit).

Shauntal (58): Expert Belt. Belt Shadow Ball sadly leaves Shauntal’s Cofagrigus in red unless you get good rolls. Shauntal’s Cofagrigus is faster and does 3/4 of your HP with Shadow Ball, but I got an OHKO on it on heal. Freshly healed up and switched in on Driftblim, I setup Trick Room as Driftblim Acrobatics crit me to well under half…then I left it in red and died. Tried the same strat on Golurk: again you leave it in red, but Mummy can deny the Shadow Punch 2HKO. Chandelure also lived in low red and I died. Yeah you’re not accomplishing much of anything here it seems.

Caitlin (58): Chesto Berry. Shadow Ball 2HKOs Musharna (got a Special Defense drop but I don’t think it matters); you outspeed. Sigilyph 2HKOs with Shadow Ball and you leave it in around red with Shadow Ball so lol. Outspeed and 2HKO Reuniclus with Shadow Ball as it 2HKOs with Psychic. Gothitelle Calm Minds, you do a third to it with Shadow Ball, then die.

Marshal (58): Leftovers. Throh’s Payback does like 35 damage of your roughly 140 HP as you burn it. Psychic takes it to low yellow. You’ll be at 2/3s HP when you kill it. Psychic cleanly 2HKOs Sawk as two Paybacks take you to red. Conk comes in and I full heal on a Stone Edge miss. It has Guts so don’t bother burning: instead I went for Trick Room on another Edge miss (does 1/3 of your HP post-Leftovers). Two Psychics leave Conk in red after Berry: you 2HKO it on heal as Trick Room wears off (I’m now just above half HP). Psychic takes Mienshao to red and lets Shadow Ball pick it off as you live two Bounces in red. The fact an objective good Marshal check burned through all of Psychic’s 10 PP and still almost needed to be full healed twice even with good luck on a couple of Stone Edge speaks volumes about how actually terrible Cofagrigus is.

Grimsley (58): Leftovers. Heck to the no.

Iris (58): Leftovers. Archeops 3HKOs with Slide so you can burn it and barely 2HKO with Shadow Ball (range). With one flinch I beat it with Iris wasting a full heal, with me close to red. Pretty good Aggron check if you heal up as Slide 4HKOs pre-burn and you can chip it with Shadow Ball (should take three to kill). Haxorus comes in and I’m at 1/3 HP, but I get a burn and Trick Room off, sending out a Shadow Ball that combined with the burn takes Haxorus to red. Fully revived offscreen I try Druddigon with Slide seeming to 3HKO pre-burn, but Flamethrower seems to 3HKO anyway so eh (think I missed Wisp so I lost). Actually pretty good, who would have thought????

Serious Yamask IVs.png

This cannot be stressed enough: Both Yamask and its evolution Cofagrigus are absolute trash, E tier for sure. A painful roughly 13-15-level grind as Yamask (oddly it can eventually beat the Breeder's Liepard if you burn it, but you'll need to heal after 1-2 battles) which is well-below average for what most other unevolved Pokemon have to deal with. A decent Elesa showing but nothing really spectacular. Cofagrigus is admittedly a good check to Clay's Excadrill and is good for Skyla but then it falls off a cliff immediately after, consistently failing to make any real impact in major battles beyond sporadically picking up a few KOs. While its bulk is good, everyone and their mother runs Ghost coverage lategame so have fun being 3HKOed anyway.

And speaking of 3HKOs, let's talk about that awful damage output. Cofagrigus only hits six types super-effectively with Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Energy Ball: Ghost, Psychic, Fighting, Poison, Water, and Ground, with the only really common one being Water (with Psychic probably being second-most common). What does this mean for you? It means that anytime you are not hitting super-effectively, you do absolutely miserable damage, 3HKOing most non-frail things nearly all the time, which wouldn't be a problem if the line also didn't have a beyond-molasses base Speed of 30 in both forms. Even with Leftovers, the chip starts to rack up, and again, the omniprescent Ghost coverage lategame always screws you over. Even when you hit super-effectively, Cofagrigus has the infuriating as heck tendency to leave foes in red, meaning more chip damage, meaning even more slow battles, meaning more agony. Did I mention the lategame loves Ghost resists?

All of Cofagrigus's problems are laid bare at the Pokemon League, where it, I crap you not, loses to Caitlin, is an obvious no-show vs Grimsley, leaves virtually all of Shauntal's Pokemon in red while taking building damage in return. and has a not-particularly-impressive, insanely slow Marshal matchup, one where it basically uses all of Psychic's 10 PP to win and needs one healing item...in a matchup that is supposed to be its selling point. Bizarrely, Cofagrigus is inexplicably good against Iris's bevy of physical attackers, but hates Rock Slide's 30% flinch chance on most of them.

To recap: Slog to evolution, unremarkable power, slow as molasses, not many outright wins and the only positive matchups are still pretty slow. Putting it in D tier would be an insult to usable Pokemon, and Cofagrigus consistently borders from garden-variety bad to borderline unplayable suffering across much of the game, and while I've definitely used worse in my life, I think you'd be better off with pretty much anything else.

Elesa (30): Soft Sand. Emolga does less than 1/4 with Volt Switch and goes into Zebstrika, who outspeeds (doing nothing), but dies to Dig. Flaaffy is outsped and OHKOed by DIg. Emolga does nothing and gets 2HKOed by Strength. Should be cake if you dodge Static on Flaaffy. Swept twice, the second in red even after a crit Volt Switch from Emolga.

Clay (34): Expert Belt. -1 Brick Break actually OHKOs Krokorok, but 4HKOs Sandslash so you might just wanna switch out. Even if you don’t, -1 Close Combat roughly 2HKOs Sandslash (!!!) though it looks like a range (I switched out in this second attempt as I don’t want a Bulldoze debuff). Effectively +1 Crush Claw is a 3HKO.

In any case without debuffs, Heracross outspeeds and OHKOs Excadrill with Close Combat. You might struggle with Sandslash, but OHKOing Excadrill alone and dealing with Krokorok smoothly means I call this great regardless.

Skyla (40): Expert Belt. Outsped and beat by Swoobat (they crit but doubt it mattered), same with Swanna, so don’t even try to Rock Slide them. Hilariously, you outspeed Skarmory and prompt it to Agility: Brick Break followed by Close Combat barely failed to kill as I rolled an Air Cutter miss: Close Combat cleanly 2HKOs and I think at -2 Special Defense I still lived an Air Cutter in low yellow. You should bizarrely beat Skarmory so, lul.

Drayden (50): Toxic Orb. Work Up, get badly poisoned by Toxic Orb, then OHKO with basically +2 Brick Break (crit Druddigon and Flygon first time but Haxorus died lol, with Flygon seemingly going for Tail and Haxorus DDing). On a retest…I still OHKOed Druddigon and Flygon (!) Only Druddigon seems to want to Slash you, the others just die with you finishing just above half HP. Third time Flygon did Earth Power but that does nothing. Despite clearly being in yellow, Haxorus refused to attack and died.

Somehow, even trying the fight with Leftovers I still did good: unboosted Brick Break manages to 2HKO Druddigon. I Worked Up on Flygon with it rolling a Special Defense Earth Power drop and another taking me to 3/4 HP as +1 CC obliterates it. Haxorus Dragon Dances and gets torn to shreds by +1 CC.

Marlon (53): Toxic Orb. Brick Break almost knocks Carracosta to red as Scald is a rough 3HKO. When Wailord comes out you’ll be close to half HP, but Close Combat OHKOS it. I thought Jellicent was where Heracross would fall, but Guts-boosted Shadow Claw nukes it off the face of the planet.

The second time around, I went for Shadow Claw to break Sturdy as Carracosta used Shell Smash: Brick Break kills it. Out of curiosity, I tried Brick Break on Wailord which revealed that you 100% need to click Megahorn or Close Combat as it lives Brick Break in red: even at full HP (I healed to check), you’ll live Bounce in red then likely succumb to poison.

Next time, Carracosta went for Scald and burned doing a third. I CC Wailord to OHKO, now at 1/3 HP. This time, Jellicent barely lives and kills me off. Still pretty good even in the worst case scenario as anything can pick Jellicent off with 1/4 HP left post-Berry.

Colress (53): Toxic Orb. Without Guts, Heracross still OHKOs Klinklang with Close Combat, but be wary it does outspeed you (seems to always go for Shift Gear though). Assuming Klinklang is third, Beheeyem comes out next. Pretty great against Beheeyem as long as you are at full HP: you can afford to miss a Megahorn like I did as Psychic puts you in low yellow; Close Combat likely puts this in jeopardy though.

Metang is knocked to red by Megahorn as you get poisoned by Toxic Orb and it goes for Agility: Zen Headbutt cleanly 2HKOs so if you flinch like I did you die. I once crit a Brick Break and OHKOed Metang in one attempt so you might 2HKO with Brick Break.

With a Cheri Berry on, Brick Break knocks Magneton to red prompting a heal from Colress, and you beat Klinklang and Beheeyem as long as you hit Megahorn. Pretty good but not nearly as good as Pinsir.

Ghetsis (53): Toxic Orb. Come in on Sesmitoad. Brick Break does a third as Muddy Water does a third (you outspeed) then finish it off with a souped-up Brick Break. Eelektross dies to Close Combat. I’d imagine Hydreigon kills you at your roughly half HP here, but I rolled a Slide miss so lol as I gain a level. You outspeed Toxicroak and chunk it for 3/4s HP as you die to Poison Jab. Drapion outspeeds but does nothing with Poison Fang, and even without Guts Close Combat somehow does 3/4s of its HP (Poison Fang takes you to half at -1 next turn). Good.

Shauntal (58): Toxic Orb. Force in Golurk and Work Up as Shadow Punch 3HKOs and Toxic Orb activates. Then outspeed and OHKO Golurk, Chandelure, and Driftblim with Shadow Claw. You should be in low yellow after Aftermath. Note this does cause some slight 4MMS for Hera, so keep that in mind. Shadow Claw cleanly 2HKOs Golurk without boosts. Without Work Up, Chandelure looks like it has good chances to live in mid-red and if it does you die. Situational.

Caitlin (58): Toxic Orb. Work Up once as Musharna Yawns and you get poisoned by Toxic Orb. Then OHKO with effectively +2 Shadow Claw. Sigilyph comes in, gets outsped and dies, Reuniclus dies, Goth died to a crit. Second attempt was also a sweep without the crit on Gothitelle. Way more preferable than risking Megahorn.

Marshal (58): Toxic Orb. Work Up on Throh’s Bulldoze / Tomb as you get poisoned from Toxic Orb, then outspeed it next turn and hang on to your suspension of disbelief as you OHKO it. Switch out of Mienshao as it threatens with Bounce. Unboosted Guts Close Combat is a special kind of insane, taking Conkeldurr to mid-yellow after Berry, but beware: Brick Break can’t pick it off if it goes Bulk Up, and Stone Edge just shreds you at -1. Brick Breaking takes Conk to mid-green post Berry and lets you live unboosted Stone Edge in low yellow, doing just enough to let Close Combat finish it off. Guts Brick Break takes Sawk near Sturdy (might wanna preserve CC PP) and you die. Decent, anything being able to OHKO Throh gets a passing grade in my book.

Grimsley (58): Toxic Orb. Aerial Ace does 2/3s of Heracross’s HP as Brick Break OHKOs and Toxic Orb activates. Bisharp comes in and is outsped and OHKOed by Brick Break. Scrafty dies to Close Combat. Heracross finally folds to Krookodile who outspeeds it and finishes it off. Pretty great.

Iris (58): Toxic Orb. Hydreigon outspeeds and 2HKOs with Flamethrower, amusingly burning me in the process which didn’t mean much as this timeline shifted to a Cofagrigus test and I got poisoned in my actual attempt. Archeops scares you out. Come back in on Aggron and OHKO it with Brick Break. Druddigon comes in, you also outspeed it - I crit with CC but I’d imagine you nuke it hard, now I’m at low yellow. Lapras comes in and I inexplicably crit it again as Heracross levels up, now one turn from death. Haxorus finally picks me off. Upon a retest, Lapras cleanly dies but Druddigon barely lives in low red: that being said taking over half of the Champion’s Pokemon is freaking amazing.


Guts Heracross is a pain to find, make no mistake, but should be A tier in spite of this. Heracross was Serious nature with I believe 17 IVs all around. Heracross smashes Clay's Excadrill easily and has unreal power lategame- if it gets Toxic Orb and Work Up off in a single turn, the enemy might as well fold right there. Everything from Drayden onward more or less gets ripped to shreds: +1 Attack Guts-boosted Close Combat is broken as all get out, being honestly comparable to the infamous Darmanitan in power, and Shadow Claw is perfect coverage for the rare foe immune to Fighting.

Heracross also has significant resistances to Ground, Fighting, and Dark (these three show up everywhere lategame) alongside Bug and Grass resistances as bonuses, meaning that despite being offensively oriented, it can live some hits. Even Heracross's raw 80/75/95 bulk is surprisingly sturdy - the bug can do insane things like live Reuniclus's STAB Psychic from full.

Toxic Orb does put it on a timer, but that seldom means much with the raw engine of destruction you become in a single turn. Heracross's only real downside is no easy Black Belt access but with how insane Toxic Orb is it hardly even matters. Heracross may have worst-in-the-game availability, but that does little to curb its destruction and I think its definitely one of the premiere sweepers if you can get your hands on a Guts one. It absolutely demolishes the Elite Four and Iris and puts in solid performances until then. I see little reason why Heracross shouldn't be A tier, availability or no.

Clay (35): Expert Belt. Outspeeds and OHKOs Krokorok with BubbleBeam, outspeeds and OHKOs Excadrill with BubbleBeam, then outspeeds and OHKOs Sandslash with BubbleBeam. Since I am Quiet with good IVs, I tested without Expert Belt in rain: you still OHKO everything.

Skyla (40): Mystic Water. Swoobat outspeeds and does 1/5 of your HP with Heart Stamp, hopefully letting you Rain Dance up. Rain-boosted Surf OHKOs Swoobat after a Stamp flinch: now I’m at 1/3 HP. I roll a miss on Swanna (who outspeeds) barely live an Air Slash, and actually 2HKO with rain-boosted Surf through Sitrus Berry (!) as I think rain fades. I Roost as Skarmory misses Fury Attack (you outspeed prior Agility) and Steel Wing only chips you.

Upon a replay, Swoobat’s Heart Stamp and Acrobatics seems to take you to half as Mystic Water Surf actually kills it straight up. Again, I live Swanna’s Air Slash, but bring it to 1/3 post berry with my own. I roll a miss as I heal: it derps as I FeatherDance and I barely fail to 2HKO, then crit to OHKO (lul). So Swanna mirror is probably unreliable but you could maybe do it with Sharp Beak. Third time around with Sharp Beak I crit Swoobat with Surf and successfully 2HKO Swanna now in red: I am baffled she never rolled a flinch. I Roost and kill Skarmory. Good, but slightly unreliable for Swanna and Acrobatics from Swoobat and flinches can jeopardize things. Others I only really tested once.

Drayden (50): Sharp Beak. You easily outspeed Druddigon and can Featherdance it: -2 unboosted Revenge does like 8 HP of damage and -2 Crunch seems to be a 5HKO, while you sadly look like rolls to 2HKO with Air Slash (my first knocked it to low green, then somehow killed, I think that’s Quiet at work). With Swanna still at 3/4 HP, Flygon comes out, and I actually outspeed it (notable, as Quiet reduces Speed!) and Featherdance makes -2 Rock Slide do next to nothing, taking me to roughly half HP. I Roost up in his face and he Dragon Tails me out. I switch back in as he misses a Slide so basically that was moot. Surf cleanly 2HKOs as I’m taken to 2/3s HP as Surf kills.

Swanna doesn’t outspeed Haxorus as Slash takes me to 1/4 HP as I Featherdance. I Roost again to fall to half from Tail. I switch back in on a DD, now at half HP, he does so again as I Featherdance once more. Roost on a Slash, Air Slash seems to 3HKO with Berry and 2HKO disregarding it, think I got a lucky flinch.

Next time I try Leftovers, which after healing seems to make Druddigon’s Crunch do 20 damage at -2. I roll a flinch, he Revenges, then heals. He tails me out at red, so I go ahead and kill him with Cofagrigus since Swanna would have killed him anyway.

At 3/4 once again, Swanna cleanly lives a Slide which seems to 2HKO without debuffs and I kill with Surf. Undebuffed Haxorus Dragon Tail hurts without debuffs, it honestly looked like a 2HKO after Roost. He DDs as I switch back in and kills with Slash.

Third time with Leftovers, Surf + two Air Slashes kills Druddigon. Flygon Tails me for a third but Zone gave me a free switch as it baited Earth Power. Roost on Rock Slide seems to do about 30 of your roughly 150 HP after Leftovers (5HKO) and no debuffs.

I’d honestly say you’re best off dealing with Druddigon and Flygon then Featherdancing Haxorus which is pretty safe as long as you aren’t in kill range. Solid.

Marlon (53): Sharp Beak. Swanna outspeeds and cleanly 2HKOs Carracosta with Surf while being 2HKOed with Smack Down, which you can abuse by using Roost to get back to 3/4 HP before killing it. Air Slash seems to BARELY 2HKO Wailord (prob Quiet at play again + level) but it uses Amnesia. I Roost on a predicted Bounce, then Fly to actually finish it off, which surprised me, letting me take on Jellicent with full HP (!)

Air Slash does a fourth to Jellicent who rolls the Ominous Wind omnibuff first turn (4HKO otherwise tho close to 3HKO). Jellicent outpaces and cleanly beats Swanna with Fly bringing it to low green post-Berry.

Second round with the other two goes basically the same as before aside from the fact Air Slash landed Wailord in low green this time: Fly still picked it off.

Fly to full-HP Jellicent actually knocks it to Berry range impressively, being at about 4/5 HP after as Ominous Wind again looks dangerously close to 3HKO territory. Jellicent uses Recover, then Fly takes it to half as it crits Ominous Wind and I live at 3 HP (!!!!) This prompts the Ai to go for the kill with Scald and let me kill Jellicent LETTING A WATER TYPE SWEEP MARLON. Good at absolute worst, you probably lose to Jellicent but you could do a lot worse for a Marlon check all the same.

Colress (53): Mystic Water. Set up rain as Metang goes for Agility. Rock Slide 3HKOs and Metang barely holds on to rain-boosted Surf in red, much to my displeasure. Seeing as you’ll be in red from 2 Slides, you need to roll no flinches to win. Klinklang comes out and fries you before you can move, likely due to my Quiet nature. On the other hand, you cleanly take on Beheeyem, as you cleanly 2HKO with Surf without rain whatsoever and Psychic 2HKOs you, Quiet is probably affecting that damage output though. Also about Swanna vs Colress's Metang; you 2HKO it outside of rain with Mystic Water Surf.

Ghetsis (55): Mystic Water. Surf boosted by rain and Hurricane both only 2HKO Cofagrigus and you only get poisoned from it even with Pecha Berry anyway, so it’s best to just avoid it and run Mystic Water (Protect stalling rain turns also sucks). Also, with Pecha Berry on, Coffin seems to avoid the 2HKO from Surf: not even Surf plus a lucky Hurricane killed it though it came close.

Surf boosted by rain (without Mystic Water) I believe leaves Sesmitoad in low yellow (normal Mystic Water Surf 2HKOs!) and Sludge Wave doesn’t do much to threaten (4HKO). So you can setup rain after you hit it once: sadly Mystic Water Surf leaves Eel in mid-red so you die.

Outside of rain, Toxicroak is left alive by Air Slash as Poison Jab 3HKOs (I forget if you outspeed: also Jab + Sucker Punch leaves you at 1/3 HP). You 2HKO Drapion with Surf as Night Slash 4HKOs; also Surf 2HKOs Eelektross normally so you can revenge kill if it is weakened. Simply too frail and weak to really do much: you’re probably beating one and a half guys.

Hydreigon is faster and takes you to red with Slide so don’t even try it really, I’d wager you 2HKO with Ice Beam.

Shauntal (58): Mystic Water. I rolled a crit Surf OHKO on Cofagrigus in my first attempt (clean 2HKO normally, Coffin seems to derp with Wisp). Driftblim scares you out with Thunderbolt. Seeing as Ryota said you need rain to OHKO Golurk and Chandelure, set up rain on the former, as Shadow Punch doesn’t 2HKO you should be just fine. Even with a Quiet nature, Swanna outpaced and OHKOed Golurk and Chandelure. Without rain in the second attempt, I OHKOed both anyway (did so amidst Zone testing too, so it seems consistent). Pretty great!

Caitlin (58): Mystic Water. Sharp Beak Hurricane barely 2HKOs Musharna for the record, and you cleanly live a Charge Beam in red. Mystic Water Surf in rain seems to cleanly 2HKO, so hope you roll a Charge Beam miss. You knock Gothitelle to 2/3s HP post Berry with Surf then die to Thunderbolt even in this best case scenario. Impressively, Swanna outspeeds Sigilyph (notable, as I am Quiet) and can even live a crit Psychic in red (!!!!) as you 2HKO with Surf outside rain. I healed up offscreen again. Surf 3HKOs Reuniclus as it 2HKOS with Psychic. Taking Sigilyph only.

Marshal (58): Sharp Beak. Set up rain as Throh’s Tomb 3HKOs: you still outspeed it and Conkeldurr even at -1, OHKOing them both with Hurricane (!) Sadly Sawk’s Slide picks you off if you took damage from Throh. I switch in at full HP on Sawk with no debuffs with one turn of rain left, revealing rain-boosted Surf almost takes Sawk to red as Slide takes me close to red and I gain a level. You actually outspeed Mienshao without debuffs (notable as I am Quiet!), HJK misses as you Fly and hopefully kill it. At the 2/3s range from Tomb, Swanna lives a HJK in red and can dance on the chance Mienshao goes for Bounce: Hurricane OHKOs. Also Air Slash OHKOs Mienshao if you have it. Three out of four mons against Marshal is astonishing.

Grimsley (58): Fake Out does like 25 damage and Attract is pretty awful, but you can live two non-crit Night Slashes so you have decent chances to set up rain and OHKO with Surf. Scrafty comes out next and folds to Hurricane. Krookodile actually ends your sweep by being faster and killing you (I was in red at the time) as rain stops. From full, Crunch is a clean 2HKO and Surf OHKOs outside of rain as I grow a level. Swanna somehow lives a Bisharp Night Slash (again, looks like a rough 2HKO) as two Surfs bring it to red including Berry. Could be better if you have a female. Not particularly good, unfortunately (I’d consider the performance on par with Caitlin, that is to say, bleh).

Iris (58): Mystic Water. Archeops OHKOs with Slide so don’t try it. You’re realistically only outspeeding and OHKOing Aggron, didn’t try much at all because they simply have coverage for you and it’s not like you’ll get a turn to setup rain.
Quiet Ducklett IVs.png

Ducklett is a pain to evolve and doesn't come super early, but if you can just reach level 35 it's all downhill from there. Swanna has great Speed and just enough moderate firepower to hold its own in almost every boss battle aside from the battles that are hard for virtually everyone like Colress, Ghetsis, and Iris, with the other battles that give it trouble being not particularly hard to find counters for like Grimsley and Caitlin. Swanna has a decent showing in all the Gyms, being one of the best Clay counters available if you can reach level 35 in time and being actually viable against Marlon (Jellicent can be obnoxious though). For Drayden, you can Featherdance Druddigon into oblivion and be cheeky against Flygon with Roost, which also has a niche against Marlon's Carracosta by removing your Flying type.

Hurricane is only really notable against Marshal and a few fringe targets because rain-boosted Mystic Water Surf always outdamages Sharp Beak Hurricane when both hit neutrally. Speaking of Marshal, you kill three out of four with no healing and take on three of Shauntal's Pokemon, making up the fact Grimsley is only decent and Caitlin and Iris are kinda in the toilet.

To sum it up: pain to evolve, but relevant in most places to avoid being lumped in with the trash in D tier. Ducklett is a C tier and is a lot of fun if you've never tried it before! Mine had Quiet nature which was a double-edged sword (raised Special Attack, lowered Speed).

Magnemite will be in the next post.
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Time to talk about the eternally contentious Electric / Steel type Magnemite. Ever since this game came out in 2012, Magnemite is generally pointed to as some unstoppable mon of destruction that resists a ton and steamrolls in damage back. Thing is though...only the first part of that statement is actually true. I'm here to argue that Magnemite has no place in S tier and even no real place in A tier, instead advocating for the perfectly serviceable B tier as its home. I'll be backing up my arguments with extensive data from several factors, including the majority of the mooks on the field, major battles, and the well-documented movepool troubles the line has. Let's get into it.

Below is how Magnemite stacks up against most mooks and Gym Leaders in regard to the majority of the game as a whole. I skipped some places like Abundant Shrine and Big Stadium / Small Court, but by and large this is Trainers most people would probably fight. If my math is incorrect, I apologize: this was a huge 15-page undertaking so I think its inevitable a slip-up might occur.

Virbank Complex
1. Youngster Masahiro: Lillipup (resists)
2. Worker Mitchell: Patrat (resists), Elekid (resists aside from Low Kick)
3. Youngster Waylon: Patrat (resists)
4. Worker Nathan: Riolu (no Force Palm, so basically resists), Lillipup (resists)
5. Worker Issac: Magby (threatens), Koffing (resists)
6. Lass Daya: Woobat (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 6
More or Less Beats: 5/6, counting Elekid and Magby as one Trainer
Hits Super Effectively: 1/9 Pokemon

Virbank Gym:

7. Roughneck Nicky: Grimer (resists), Koffing (resists)
8. Guitarist Billy Jo: Venipede (resists), Koffing (resists)
9. Gym Leader Roxie: Koffing, Whirlipede

Current Trainer Total: 9
More or Less Beats: 8/9
Hits Super Effectively: 1/15

Castelia City

Battle Company:

10. Clerk Clemens: Growlithe (threatens)
11. Clerk Warren: Marill (SE)
12. Clerk Britney: Budew (resists)
13. School Kid Neil: Eevee (resists), Herdier (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 13
More or Less Beats: 12/13
Hits Super Effectively: 2/15


14. GAME FREAK Morimoto: Pansage (resists), Pansear (threatens), Panpour (SE)
15. GAME FREAK Nishino: Clefairy (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 15
More or Less Beats: 13/15; debatable if Magnemite can beat all of Morimoto no healing
Hits Super Effectively: 3/15

Castelia Sewers:

16. Plasma Grunt Double: Sandile (threatens) Scraggy (threatens)
17. Janitor Felix: Lillipup (resists), Trubbish (resists)
18. Doctor Heath: Sewaddle (resists)
19. Worker Zach: Drilbur (theoretically threatens, but lacks Dig)
20. Worker Scott: Timburr (threatens)
21. Scientist Caroline: Grimer (resists, but can choose Mud-Slap)
22. Scientist Clark: Magnemite (both resists: neutral)
23. Janitor Brady: Marill (resists), Cinccino (resists)
(Back Alley)
24. Roughneck Ricky: Scraggy (threatens)
25. Dancer Jean-Paul: Darumaka (threatens)
26. Guitarist Tina: Krokorok (threatens), Liepard (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 26
More or Less Beats: 17/26
Hits Super Effectively: 4/29

Relic Passage (Castelia side):
27. Scientist Terrance: Grimer (resists, but has Mud-Slap)
28. Scientist Lumina: Venipede (resists), Koffing (resists)
29. Backpacker Kendall: Herdier (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 29
More or Less Beats: 20/29
Hits Super Effectively: 4/33

Castelia Gym
30. Harlequin Clarence: Sewaddle (resists), Sewaddle (resists)
31. Harlequin Jack: Combee (SE), Swadloon (resists)
32. Harlequin Gary: Sewaddle (resists), Combee (SE), Dwebble (SE)
33. Harlequin Anders: Dwebble (SE), Swadloon (resists)
34. Gym Leader Burgh: Swadloon (resists), Dwebble (SE), Leavanny (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 34
More or Less Beats: 25/34
Hits Super Effectively: 9/45

Route 4
First trainer is Black 2 / means White 2
35. PKMN Trainer Colress: Magnemite (stalemate) Klink (resists)
36. Policeman Braven: Growlithe (threatens), Herdier (resists) / Backpacker Clifford: Sandile (threatens), Herdier (resists)
37. Policeman Dell: Riolu (threatens), Growlithe (threatens) / Backpacker Roland: Riolu (threatens), Timburr (threatens)
38. Policeman Neagle: Herdier (resists) / Rich Boy Keenan: Herdier (resists)
39. Roughneck Silvester: Darumaka (threatens) / Pokefan Sachiko: Darumaka (threatens)
40. Roughneck Joey: Venipede (resists), Sandile (threatens) / Pokefan Norbert: Growlithe (threatens), Sandshrew (threatens)
41. Youngster Sinclair: Pidove (SE) / Backpacker Rachel: Woobat (SE), Pidove (SE)
42. Biker Stanley: Zubat (SE), Timburr (threatens) / Lady Lina: Liepard (resists) (calling this a win for both versions for consistency)
43. Hooligans Rob & Sal: Cottonee (resists), Petilil (resists) / Twins Tara & Val: Cottonee (resists), Petilil (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 43
More or Less Beats: 29/43
Hits Super Effectively: 11/61

Desert Resort
44. Nurse Mariah: Cleffa (resists)
45. Pokemon Ranger Jaden: Darumaka (threatens)
46. Backpacker Sam: Dwebble (SE)
47. Backpacker Tami: Drilbur (threatens)
48. Backpacker Walt: Sandile (threatens)
49. Psychic Future: Munna (resists)
50. Psychic Tommy: Woobat (resists), Yamask (resists)
51. Pokemon Ranger Anja: Magby (threatens)
52. Backpacker Clara: Sandshrew (threatens)

Current Trainer Total: 52
More or Less Beats: 33/52
Hits Super Effectively: 12/71

Relic Castle
53. Psychic Perry: Sigilyph (resists)
54. Psychic Dua: Gothita (resists)
55. Psychic Low: Solosis (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 55
More or Less Beats: 36/55
Hits Super Effectively: 13/74

Nimbasa City:
56. Subway Boss Ingo and Emmet: Gurdurr (threatens) and Boldore (SE, has Mud-Slap)
Ferris Wheel: Male trainers first, female demoted by /
57. Lass Persephone: Liepard (resists) / Dancer Dirk: Darumaka (threatens)
58. Nursery Aide June: Swadloon (resists) / Clerk Augustin: Tranquill (SE)
59. Clerk Trisha: Minccino (resists) / Hiker Andy: Boldore (SE)
60. Beauty December: Flaaffy (resists, SonicBoom 4HKOs) / Guitarist January: Whirlipede (resists)
Going to say you have three outright wins here on average and not count Flaaffy or the SE hits since they are gender dependent.
61. Team Plasma Grunt: Trubbish (resists)
62. Team Plasma Grunt: Watchog (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 62
More or Less Beats: 41/62
Hits Super Effectively: 14/74

Route 16
63. Depot Agent Hank: Drilbur (threatens)
64. Cyclist Hector: Tranquill (SE)
65. Backpacker Ivan: Watchog (resists)
66. Backers Stu & Art: Scraggy (threatens) and Scraggy (threatens)
67. Cyclist Krissa: Whirlipede (resists)
68. Backpacker Blossom: Liepard (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 68
More or Less Beats: 45/68
Hits Super Effectively: 15/81

Lostlorn Forest:
69. Pokemon Breeder Galen: Tranquill (SE) and Liepard (resists)
70. Pokemon Ranger Serenity: Trubbish (resists)
71. Pokemon Ranger Forrest: Emolga (resists, but not counting as one you beat because Emolga has Double Team and is faster, making Magnemite bad here)
72. Veteran Murphy (Surf + Waterfall): Larvesta (threatens but you probably tank Flame Charge), Pinsir (Swords Dance + Submission: definitely threatens), Heracross (has Close Combat, strong no), Leavanny (resists, but Swords Dance + STABS), Scolipede (resists, free)

Current Trainer Total: 72
More or Less Beats: 47/72
Hits Super Effectively: 16/81

Nimbasa Gyms (Old and New, SonicBoom uses base HP):
73. Rich Boy Rolan: Blitzle (resists, threatens with Flame Charge, SonicBoom 3HKOs)
74. Lady Colette: Flaaffy (resists, but SonicBoom 4HKOs)
75. Beauty Nikola: Elekid (resists, SonicBoom 3HKOs, lacks Low Kick), Flaaffy (resists, but SonicBoom 4HKOs)
76. Beauty Fleming: Flaaffy (resists, but SonicBoom 4HKOs), Blitzle (resists, threatens with Flame Charge, SonicBoom 3HKOs)
77. Beauty Ampere: Blitzle (resists, but threatens with Flame Charge, SonicBoom 3HKOs, you probably win), Elekid (resists, SonicBoom 3HKOs, lacks Low Kick)
78. Gym Leader Elesa: Emolga (resists), Flaaffy (resists), Zebstrika (threatens with Flame Charge but Ai can derp). Not counting as an outright win because the matchup is slow.

Current Trainer Total: 78
More or Less Beats: 52/78
Hits Super Effectively: 16/92

Route 5:
79. Motorcyclist Charles: Sigilyph (SE), Archen (SE), Tirtouga (SE)
80. Baker Jenn: Sunkern (resists), Combee (SE)
81. Artist Horton: Sigilyph (SE)
82. Pokemon Ranger Lois: Budew (resists), Roselia (resists)
83. Dancer Brian: Scraggy (threatens)
84. Backers Ava and Aya: Minccino (resists), Minccino (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 84
More or Less Beats: 57/84
Hits Super Effectively: 21/103

Midgame Report:
The most threatening areas for Magnemite by far in the first half of the game are Castelia Sewers, Route 4, and Desert Resort. Magnemite only hits roughly one-fifth of the Trainer mons super-effectively, but resists quite a lot of them. You should definitely have Mirror Shot by this point.

Driftveil City + Driftveil Gym (not counting Charles again):
85. PKMN Trainer Rood: Herdier (resists) and Swoobat (resists)
None of the Baltoy in the Gym have Ground moves, and you resist the rest. Likewise, all Sandile but Worker Friedrich’s level 31 one have Mud-Slap, but Magneton has five higher base Speed.

86. Worker Noel: Baltoy (resist)
87. Worker Tavarius: Drilbur (threatens), Baltoy (resist)
88. Worker Niel: Baltoy (resist), Sandile (toss-up)
89. Worker Friedrich: Sandile (threatens with Dig)
90. Worker Pasqual: Drilbur (threatens), Baltoy (resists)
91. Worker Tibor: Sandile (toss-up), Drilbur (threatens)
92. Worker Maynard: Drilbur (threatens)
93. Gym Leader Clay: Krokorok (threatens), Sandslash (threatens), Excadrill (threatens)

Current Trainer Total: 93
More or Less Beats: 59/93 (counting Worker Noel as a win)
Hits Super Effectively: 22/117

Driftveil Tournament:
94. PKMN Trainer Hugh: Going to say you hit two SE here (Dewott or Simipour + Tranquill): only Hugh’s Servine team has Tranquill as the lone target.
95. PKMN Trainer Cheren: Stoutland (resist), Cincinno (Sing-Wake-Up Slap can hurt but you probably win), Watchog (resist, watch out for status).
96. PKMN Trainer Colress: Magneton (resist), Elgyem (resist), Klink (resist), you win.

Current Trainer Total: 96
More or Less Beats: 62/96
Hits Super Effectively: 24/126

Plasma Frigate 1:
97. Team Plasma Grunt: Koffing (resists)
98. Team Plasma Grunt: Trubbish (resists)
99. Team Plasma Grunt Multi Battle: Golbat (SE), Liepard (resists), Grimer (Mud Bomb threatens), Krokorok (threatens) - assuming you lose
100. Team Plasma Grunt Multi Battle: Koffing (resists), Watchog (resists), Grimer (Mud Bomb threatens), Raticate (resists) - assuming you win if Hugh targets Grimer

Current Trainer Total: 100
More or Less Beats: 65/100
Hits Super Effectively: 25/136

Relic Passage (Driftveil City side)
101. Backpacker Eileen: Sandslash (threatens with Dig)
102. Hiker Keith: Drilbur (threatens), Roggenrola (SE)
103. Backpacker Randall: Raticate (resists)
104. Hiker Tobias: Roggenrola (SE), Timburr (you prob tank Wake-Up Slap = win)
105. Psychic Tully: Swoobat (SE)
106. Backpacker Annie: Watchog (resists)
107. Psychic Ena: Baltoy (lacks Ground move), Yamask (resists) = win

Current Trainer Total: 107
More or Less Beats: 70/107
Hits Super Effectively: 28/146

Route 6 (All Deerling have Jump Kick, so not a full resistance. Will say resist and count as win because it is non-STAB).
108. Pokemon Breeder April: Minccino (resist), Deerling (resist)
109. Parasol Lady Nicole: Castform (might as well resist)
110. School Kid Mara: Deerling (resist), Shelmet (resist)
111. Scientist Jacques: Deerling (resist)
112. Scientist Marissa: Shelmet (resist), Karrablast (resist)
113. School Kid Alvin: Foongus (resist), Karrablast (resist)
114. Parasol Lady Tihana (might as well resist)
115. Pokemon Ranger Richard: Whirlipede (resist), Foongus (resist)

Current Trainer Total: 115
More or Less Beats: 78/115
Hits Super Effectively: 28/159

Mistralton Cave
116. Hiker Shelby: Boldore (SE, lacks Mud-Slap)
117. Hiker Jebediah: Onix (SE, lacks a Ground move)
118. Ace Trainer Geoff: Tirtouga (SE), Axew (resist)
119. Ace Trainer Belle: Archen (SE), Axew (resist)

Current Trainer Total: 119
More or Less Beats: 82/119
Hits Super Effectively: 32/165

Chargestone Cave:
120. Guitarist Anna: Emolga (resists, counting as a loss because Double Team + faster)
121. Scientist Ronald: Magneton (resists, but slow with SonicBoom = loss)
122. Ace Trainer Corky (Triple Battle): Klink (resist), Unfezant (SE), Sandslash (threatens) (guess I can count this as a win if you position Magnezone on the far left).
123. Pokemon Ranger Louis: Ampharos (resists, but you can’t hit it back unless you had the foresight to relearn Tri Attack as Magneton only, which is exceptionally easy to miss, so loss).
124. Ace Trainer Mary: Tirtouga (SE), Magmar (threatens)
125. Hiker Otto: Aron (resists), Nosepass (SE)
126. Pokemon Ranger Briana: Minccino (resists), Excadrill (lacks a Ground move, but you’re not killing it fast either which is a problem since Hone Claws + Rock Slide flinches)
127. Doctor Kit: Solosis (resists), Gothita (resists)
128. Scientist Lumi: Joltik (resists), Golbat (SE)
129. Guitarist Beverly: Zebstrika (resists, can probably tank Flame Charge = win)
130. Ace Trainer Shaye: Archen (SE), Electabuzz (best to avoid because Light Screen)
131. Hiker Jeremy: Onix (SE, lacks a Ground move, Boldore (SE)
132. Ace Trainer Vicki (Rotation Battle): Stoutland (resists), Krokorok (threatens), Ferroseed (resists, you overpower it)

Current Trainer Total: 132
More or Less Beats: 88/132
Hits Super Effectively: 39/188

Route 7:
133. Pokemon Breeder Marcus: Ducklett (SE), Tranquill (SE)
134. Youngster Cody (Rotation Battle): Stoutland (resist), Deerling (Jump Kick), Deerling (Jump Kick) (counting as a loss since you’d probably take too much chip)
135. Lass Flo (Triple Battle): Ducklett (SE), Unfezant (SE), Ducklett (SE)
136. Nursery Aide Hollie: Cleffa (resist), Cinccino (resist)
137. Preschooler Greg: Sunflora (resist)
138. Preschooler Chrissy: Darumaka (threatens)
139. Twins Sola & Ana: Seviper (resists), Zangoose (resists)
140. Harlequin Pat: Baltoy (resist, lacks Ground moves)
141. Harlequin Ian: Baltoy (resist, lacks Ground moves)

Current Trainer Total: 141
More or Less Beats: 95/141
Hits Super Effectively: 44/204

Celestial Tower:
142. Psychic Joyce: Musharna (resist)
143. School Kid Alberta: Litwick (technically threatens, but you tank Flame Burst and likely KO with Thundershock + Volt Switch, so I consider this a win).
144. Pokefan Jude: Clefairy (resists)
145. Pokefan Georgia: Cubchoo (SE)
146. Psychic Bryce: Elgyem (resists), Duosion (resists)
147. Nurse Dixie: Leavanny (resists)
148. Socialite Grace: Roselia (resists)
149. Gentleman Daniel: Umbreon (resists)
150. Psychic Sarah: Yamask (resists), Gothorita (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 150
More or Less Beats: 104/150
Hits Super Effectively: 45/213

Mistralton Gym:
151. Pilot Flynn: Swoobat (SE)
152. Pilot Winslow: Sigilyph (SE)
153. Pilot Elron: Archen (SE), Unfezant (SE)
154. Pilot Ewing: Unfezant (SE)
155. Pilot Chase: Ducklett (SE), Swoobat (SE)
156. Gym Leader Skyla: Swoobat (SE), Skarmory (SE), Swanna (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 156
More or Less Beats: 110/156
Hits Super Effectively: 55/223

Reversal Mountain (Outer):
157. Cyclist Jeremiah: Zebstrika (resists, lacks Flame Charge)
158. Cyclist Adelaide: Unfezant (SE)

Strange House:
159. Backpacker Boone: Numel (threatens), Sigilyph (SE)
160. Psychic Lynette: Driftloon (SE), Spoink (resists), Driftblim (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 160
More or Less Beats: 113/160
Hits Super Effectively: 59/230

Reversal Mountain (Inner):
161. Hiker Markus: Gurdurr (threatens, but must hit DynamicPunch), Crustle (SE) - win
162. Backpacker Kiyo: Golbat (SE), Swanna (SE)
163. Doctor Derek: Swoobat (SE)
164. Backpacker Kumiko: Golbat (SE), Darmanitan (threatens)
165. Hiker Jared: Boldore (SE), Excadrill (threatens)
166. Ace Trainer Ray: Vibrava (threatens), Camerupt (threatens)
167. Ace Trainer Cora: Grumpig (resists), Driftblim (SE)
168. Black Belt Corey (Rotation Battle): Gurdurr (threatens, but must hit DynamicPunch), Scraggy (threatens), Scraggy (threatens)
169. Battle Girl Chan (Triple Battle): Riolu (Force Palm is probably middling), Gurdurr (threatens, but must hit DynamicPunch), Riolu (Force Palm is probably middling) - loss with all the RNG here
170. Pokemon Ranger Eliza (Black 2): Banette (resists), Golduck (SE-not counting because exclusive) / Pokemon Ranger Lewis (White 2): Watchog (resists), Camerupt (threatens)

Undella Town:
171. PKMN Trainer Hugh: Going to say you hit two SE here (Samurott or Simipour + Unfezant): only Hugh’s Serperior team has Unfezant as the lone target.

Current Trainer Total: 171
More or Less Beats: 117/171
Hits Super Effectively: 68/254

Undella Bay
172. Swimmer Matt: Mantyke (SE)
173. Swimmer Arissa: Alomomola (SE)
174. Ace Trainer Summer: Pelipper (SE), Starmie (SE)
175. Swimmer Bart: Basculin (SE)
176. Swimmer Mitzi: Spheal (SE), Wailmer (SE)
177. Swimmer Tim: Sealeo (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 177
More or Less Beats: 123/177
Hits Super Effectively: 76/254

Route 14
178. Socialite Marian: Lopunny (resists)
179. Gentleman Sheldon: Delcatty (resists, can Sing though)
180. Battle Girl Glinda: Gurdurr (threatens only with DynamicPunch, arguable win)
181. Ace Trainer Junko (Triple Battle): Gligar (no Ground moves), Lilligant (resists), Basculin (SE)
182. Fisherman Sid: Staryu (SE), Buizel (SE)
183. Ace Trainer Kipp (Rotation Battle): Tangela, Zebstrika (lacks Flame Charge), Skarmory (SE). They can’t hurt you, but two of them resisting Flash Cannon is a pain, so eh, no.
184. Backpacker Reece: Skorupi (resist), Pinsir (Swords Dance Vital Throw, risky, but win)
185. Black Belt Jay (Surf and Waterfall): Heracross (threatens), Conkeldurr (threatens), Gigalith (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 185
More or Less Beats: 129/185
Hits Super Effectively: 80/258

Route 13
186. Black Belt Wesley (SHUT UP WESLEY): Gurdurr (threatens only with DynamicPunch, arguable win)
187. Battle Girl Alize: Scrafty (likely loss, it has HJK)
188. Ace Trainer Miguel: Delcatty (resists, can Sing though), Eelektrik (you’ll probably win)
189. Fisherman Leroy: Vaporeon (SE)
190. Parasol Lady Laura: Castform (easy win)
191. Fisherman Vince: Golduck (SE)
192. Fisherman Damon: Basculin (SE), Staryu (SE)
193. Fisherman Jones: Alomomola (SE)
194. Ace Trainer Angi: Lopunny (resists): Lampent (threatens, you outspeed it, watch out for Inferno)
195. Pokemon Ranger Daryl (Rotation Battle): Jolteon (bleh), Nosepass (SE), Galvantula (bleh) (you lose here, takes too long)
196. Pokemon Ranger Dianne (Triple Battle): Vibrava (threatens), Larvesta (debatably threatens), Flareon (threatens)

Current Trainer Total: 196
More or Less Beats: 137/196
Hits Super Effectively: 86/276

Lacunosa Town
197. Team Plasma Zinzolin and Team Plasma Grunt: Cryogonal (SE), Sneasel (SE), Golbat (SE), Garbodor (resists)
Route 12
198. Battle Girl Azra: Gurdurr (threatens only with DynamicPunch) Meinfoo (arguable loss since it is faster and has Drain Punch + Force Palm)
199. Black Belt Jeriel: Heracross (threatens)
200. Backers Cleo & Rio: Roselia (resists), Roselia (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 200
More or Less Beats: 137/200
Hits Super Effectively: 89/285

Village Bridge
201. Smasher Lizzy: Whimsicott (resists)
202. Smasher Amy: Lilligant (resists)
203. Gentleman Stonewall: Durant (threatens with Dig), Lucario (threatens with Bone Rush)
204. Artist Gough: Sunflora (resists)
205. Youngster Karl: Sandslash (toss up if it threatens, you have similar Speed and he has Sand Tomb, I’ll be nice and count this as a win).
206. Baker Chris: Heatmor (threatens with Flame Burst, you both get close in Speed, loss)
207. Fisherman Dean: Basculin (SE)
208. Hoopster Nicolas (Triple Battle): Magby (threatens), Magmar (threatens), Magby (threatens) - FYI Volt Switch doesn’t OHKO Magby here when I was a few levels higher so lul
209. Hoopster Derrick (Triple Battle): Elekid, Electabuzz, and Elekid (best to avoid)

Route 12:
210. Pokemon Breeder Magnolia: Emolga (lacks Double Team but Light Screen sucks), Altaria (resists). I won’t call this one a win, it takes too long.
211. Pokemon Ranger Crofton: Tympole (lacks Mud Shot), Palpitoad (lacks Mud Shot) (I’ll give you this win barely)
212. Pokemon Ranger Thalia (Surf and Waterfall): Simisage (resists) Simisear (threatens) Simipour (SE) - you debatably lose as they are faster.

Current Trainer Total: 212
More or Less Beats: 143/212
Hits Super Effectively: 92/306

Route 9
213. Roughneck Chance: Scraggy (threatens)
214. Biker Zeke: Pawniard (resists)
215. Biker Phillip: Skorupi (resists)
216. Hooligans Jim & Cas: Krookodile (threatens), Drapion (resists)
217. Roughneck Reese: Krokorok (threatens)

Shopping Mall Nine
218. Waitress Olwen: Minccino (resists)
219. Waiter Lou: Liepard (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 219
More or Less Beats: 147/219
Hits Super Effectively: 92/314

Opelucid Gym
220. Veteran Lucius: Fraxure (resists)
221, Veteran Rhona: Fraxure (resists), Druddigon (threatens with Revenge)
222. Veteran Jerry: Fraxure (resists), Druddigon (threatens with Revenge)
223. Veteran Denae (Rotation Battle): Fraxure (resists), Druddigon (threatens with Revenge), Axew (resists)
224. Veteran Ron (Triple Battle): Fraxure (resists), Druddigon (threatens with Revenge), Axew (resists)
225. Gym Leader Drayden: Druddigon (threatens with Revenge), Flygon (threatens with Earth Power), Haxorus (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 225
More or Less Beats: 152/225
Hits Super Effectively: 92/328

Opelucid City
226. Team Plasma Grunt: Watchog (resists), Muk (resists)
227. Team Plasma Grunt: Golbat (SE), Garbodor (resists)
228. Team Plasma Grunt: Seviper (resists), Weezing (resists)
229. Team Plasma Zinzolin: Cryogonal (SE), Cryogonal (SE), Weavile (SE)
230. Team Plasma Shadow: Pawniard (resists), Pawniard (resists), Absol (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 230
More or Less Beats: 157/230
Hits Super Effectively: 96/340

Himalau Gym
231. Ace Trainer Doyle: Floatzel (SE), Mantine (SE)
232. Ace Trainer Melina: Alomomola (SE)
233. Ace Trainer Santino: Walrein (SE)
234. Ace Trainer Jeanne: Pelipper (SE), Wailord (SE)
235. Ace Trainer Sable: Golduck (SE), Starmie (SE)
236. Ace Trainer Enzio: Basculin (SE), Basculin (SE), Azumarill (SE)
237. Gym Leader Marlon: Carracosta (SE), Wailord (SE), Jellicent (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 237
More or Less Beats: 164/237
Hits Super Effectively: 110/354

Route 22:
238. Ace Trainer Shel: Starmie (SE), Drapion (resists)
239. Backpacker Myra: Vanillite (SE), Bouffalant (resists, beware Revenge)
240. Hiker Justin: Nosepass (SE, watch out, this has Sturdy Earth Power tho), Steelix (lol this can only hit you with Slam and DragonBreath, so might as well be a win)
241. Pokemon Breeder Addison: Camerupt (threatens), Grumpig (resists)
242. Backpacker Lowell: Swinub (resists), Darmanitan (threatens)
243. Ace Trainer Lucca: Arcanine (threatens with Fire Fang), Excadrill (threatens)

Current Trainer Total: 243
More or Less Beats: 167/243
Hits Super Effectively: 113/366

Route 21:
244. Swimmer Desiree: Wailord (SE)
245. Swimmer Kaoru: Remoraid (SE), Remoraid (SE)
246. Swimmer Harold: Octillery (SE)
247. Black Belt Kenneth: Crustle (SE)
248. Swimmer Kyle: Wingull (SE), Wingull (SE)
249. Doctor Braid: Alomomola (SE)
250. Fisherman Kenzo: Frillish (SE), Frillish (SE), Frillish (SE)

Current Trainer Total: 250
More or Less Beats: 174/250
Hits Super Effectively: 124/376

Seaside Cave
251. Battle Girl Tia: Heracross (threatens)
252. Pokemon Ranger Mikiko: Vibrava (threatens), Gligar (watch out for Sky Uppercut)
253. Pokemon Ranger Johan: Onix (SE, has Sand Tomb), Lairon (resisted) (think this is a win)
254. Black Belt Drago: Scrafty (threatens)
255. Black Belt Rocky: Roggenrola (SE), Roggenrola (SE), Roggenrola (SE), Roggenrola (SE)
256. Battle Girl Maki: Mienfoo (threatens)
257. Black Belt Rich: Gurdurr (threatens with Hammer Arm)

Current Trainer Total: 257
More or Less Beats: 176/257
Hits Super Effectively: 129/388

Plasma Frigate 2 (Black 2 Trainers come first if applicable, White 2 Trainers behind /)
258. Team Plasma Grunt: Watchog (resists), Garbodor (resists)
259. Team Plasma Grunt: Golbat (SE), Drapion (resists)
260. Team Plasma Grunt: Seviper (resists), Garbodor (resists)
(These three grunts are in both games)

261. Team Plasma Grunt: Krookodile (threatens) / Scraggy (threatens), Krokorok (threatens), Golbat (SE) (counted as two Pokemon on average, SE not counted despite equaling the exclusive Sneasel Grunt below)
262. Team Plasma Grunt: Drapion (resists) (both games)
263. Team Plasma Grunt: Garbodor (resists) (both games)
264. Team Plasma Grunt: Whirlipede (resists), Watchog (resists) (both games)
265. Team Plasma Grunt: Pawniard (resists), Pawniard (resists), Pawniard (resists) (both games)
266. Team Plasma Grunt: Weezing (resists) (both games)
267. Team Plasma Grunt: Krokorok / Raticate (both games)
268. Team Plasma Grunt: Weezing (both games)
269. Team Plasma Grunt: Scraggy (threatens), Liepard (resists) / Scrafty (threatens) (counted as one on average)
270. Team Plasma Grunt: Deino (resists), Deino (resists), Sneasel (SE) (shows up early in Black 2, shows up on next visit to the Frigate in White 2, not counting it there)
271. Team Plasma Zinzolin and Team Plasma Grunt: Cryogonal (SE), Cryogonal (SE), Weavile (SE), Liepard (resists), Watchog (resists), Scolipede (resists)

Current Trainer Total: 271
More or Less Beats: 193/271
Hits Super Effectively: 133/417

Plasma Frigate 3 (Includes Giant Chasm mook and Ghetsis)
271. Team Plasma Grunt: Weezing (resists), Muk (resists)
272. Team Plasma Grunt (Double Battle): Scraggy (threatens), Scrafty (threatens), Whirlipede (resists), Trubbish (resists), Golbat (SE), Garbodor (resists)
273. Team Plasma Grunt: Skorupi (resists), Foongus (resists), Golbat (SE)
274. Team Plasma Grunt: Krookodile (threatens)
275. Doctor Julius: Leavanny (resists)
276. Team Plasma Grunt: Scrafty (threatens)
277. Team Plasma Grunt: Scolipede (resists)
278. Team Plasma Grunt: Trubbish (resists), Zangoose (resists)
279. Team Plasma Grunt: Grimer (resists), Seviper (resists)
280. Team Plasma Grunt: Raticate (resists), Watchog (resists) / Koffing (resists) Amoonguss (resists)
Bonus: Two more Team Plasma Grunts exist in Black 2, with one using a Drapion and the other using a Krokorok and Krookodile. They will not be added to the official count due to lacking counterparts in White 2.

282. Team Plasma Zinzolin: Cryogonal (SE), Cryogonal (SE), Weavile (SE)
283. Team Plasma Colress: Magneton (resists), Beheeyem (resists), Metang (resists), Magnezone (resists), Klinklang (resists) (not counting as a win because you’ll get worn down / paralyzed).
284. Team Plasma Shadow: Pawniard (resists), Pawniard (resists), Absol (resists)
285. Team Plasma Shadow: Pawniard (resists), Pawniard (resists), Banette (resists)
286. Team Plasma Shadow: Pawniard (resists), Pawniard (resists), Accelgor (resists)
287. Team Plasma Ghetsis: Cofagrigus (resists), Sesmitoad (threatens), Eelektross (threatens with Flamethrower), Drapion (threatens with Earthquake), Toxicroak (threatens with Brick Break), Hydreigon (resists).

Current Trainer Total: 287
More or Less Beats: 204/287
Hits Super Effectively: 138/461

Route 23
288. Battle Girl Brenda: Throh (threatens)
289. Ace Trainer Grant: Emolga (Zone can beat it now), Jellicent (SE)
290. Hiker Don: Piloswine (SE, Zone outpaces it), Probopass (watch out for Earth Power, gonna call it a loss due to that).
291. Ace Trainer Juliet: Swanna (SE), Galvantula (resists)
292. Black Belt Luke: Sawk (threatens)
293. Pokemon Ranger Steve: Stunfisk (lacks a Ground move, be wary of Revenge, just avoid it probably for efficiency’s sake), Amoonguss (resists)
294. Pokemon Ranger Lena: Floatzel (SE), Lucario (threatens with Aura Sphere)

The following require Cut, with the Battle Girl also requiring Strength
295. Hiker Doug: Boldore (SE), Aggron (resists)
296. Ace Trainer Miki: Scolipede (resists), Arcanine (threatens with Fire Fang)
297. Black Belt Benjamin: Gurdurr (threatens with Hammer Arm), Scrafty (lacks a Fighting move, actually)
298. Ace Trainer Tom: Magmar (threatens), Mamoswine (threatens)
299. Battle Girl Tiffany: Gurdurr (threatens with Hammer Arm), Mienshao (threatens)

Current Trainer Total: 299
More or Less Beats: 207/299
Hits Super Effectively: 143/483

Victory Road (55 mons)
300. Ace Trainer Billy: Golurk (threatens), Sigilyph (SE)
301. Ace Trainer Jamie: Driftblim (SE), Claydol (threatens)
302. Psychic Alla: Lampent (threatens), Musharna (resists)
303. Psychic Al: Metang (resists) Cofagrigus (resists)
(Next two require Surf and Waterfall, Double Battle)
304. Veteran Claude and Veteran Cecile: Braviary (SE), Carracosta (SE), Mandibuzz (SE), Archeops (SE)
(The next three are in different areas but are in all versions just the same)
305. Ace Trainer Chandra: Darmanitan (threatens), Tangrowth (resists)
306. Ace Trainer Beckett: Whimsicott (resists), Unfezant (resists)
307. Ace Trainer Shelly: Swoobat (SE), Lilligant (resists)
308. Veteran Cathy: Sigilyph (SE), Crobat (SE)
309. Doctor Logan: Clefable (resists, but watch out for Sing and Minimize: best to let a faster party member handle this)
310. Backpacker Mae: Sawsbuck (resists)
311. Ace Trainer Pierce: Swanna (SE), Ampharos (resists)
312. Veteran Abraham: Gigalith (SE), Skarmory (SE)
313. Ace Trainer Shanta: Heatmor (SE), Galvantula (resists)
314. Ace Trainer Webster: Durant (resists, but watch out for Dig), Ferrothorn (both resist)
315.Pokemon Ranger Eddie: Electabuzz (resists, has Low Kick), Probopass (lacks Earth Power)
316. Pokemon Ranger Elle: Magmar (threatens), Camerupt (threatens)
317. Veteran Hugo: Fraxure (resists), Zweilous (resists), Flygon (threatens)
318. Black Belt Martell: Pinsir (threatens with Superpower), Heracross (threatens)
319. Battle Girl Chalina: Throh (threatens), Sawk (threatens)
320. Ace Trainer Elmer: Zweilous (resists), Eelektross (has Flamethrower)
321. Ace Trainer Caroll: Fraxure (resists), Vanilluxe (SE)
322. Veteran Portia: Zebstrika (has Flame Charge), Sawk (threatens), Starmie (SE)
323. Veteran Sterling: Beartic (SE), Throh (threatens), Golurk (threatens)
324. PKMN Trainer Hugh: Unfezant (SE), Bouffalant (has Earthquake), Simipour / Samurott depending on team composition (SE). Most likely won’t have the Serperior team, so assuming two SE targets.

Current Trainer Total: 324
More or Less Beats: 215/324
Hits Super Effectively: 161/538

Unova Pokemon League
325: Elite Four Shauntal: Cofagrigus (resists), Driftblim (SE), Golurk (threatens), Chandelure (threatens)
326. Elite Four Grimsley: Liepard (resists), Scrafty (threatens, but you outspeed and 2HKO), Krookodile (threatens), Bisharp (resists) - basically a win
327. Elite Four Caitlin: Musharna (resists), Sigilyph (SE), Reuniclus (resists, but 2HKOs with Focus Blast), Gothitelle (resists, but iffy thanks to Calm Mind)
328. Elite Four Marshal: Throh (threatens): Sawk (threatens) Conkeldurr (threatens), Mienshao (threatens)
329. Champion Iris: Hyrdeigon (threatened by Flamethrower), Druddigon (threatened by Focus Blast / Flamethrower), Aggron (has Earthquake, but is slower and can waste a turn with Automatize, since you take on the others I say you lose here), Lapras (SE), Archeops (SE), Haxorus (threatens with Mold Breaker Earthquake)

Current Trainer Total: 329
More or Less Beats: 216/329 Trainers = 66%
Hits Super Effectively: 165/560 Pokemon = 29%

Back when I started this run in late November, I had originally planned to solo the game with Magnemite, testing it only. When I revived this run a few weeks ago, I quickly got the three team members in the previous post to have a bit more fun, but I did some extensive notes until Burgh which focused extensively on Magnemite's early mook performance, and based on my notes above, it still has some iffy bits around and past this, as Magnemite has trouble with plenty of Castelia Sewers mooks as well as Route 4 and Desert Resort. Roxie and Burgh are also listed in Major Battles below but I figure I'd keep them in this section as well for coherence, as I'm pretty sure I marathoned this note taking session in one evening. Naturally after I got more members I stopped being this in-depth about mooks, but hey, that's what the above data is for. And yes, I do take on some Trainers in the route before Virbank which aren't listed up above, but it's minor in the grand scheme of things I think. Let's begin.

So we have our level 13 Serious Magnemite with 17 IVs across the board. We take on the infamous Nursery Aide Kimya and her level 11 Dunsparce first. Magnemite seems to 3HKO it with SonicBoom and 4HKO with Thundershock, albeit taking only four damage in the process and getting almost an entire level up. The level 10 Lillipup is cleanly 2HKOed by SonicBoom + Thundershock, and Psyduck is just straight up destroyed: I think Magnemite outsped all of these - grew to level 14.

I head to Virbank Complex and take on the level 13 Lillipup, noticing my first problem with Magnemite - SonicBoom’s 90 accuracy - though Thundershock looked like it would have 2HKOed anyway.


STAB Thundershock guys. I’m not quite seeing the power yet.

Magby comes out next, is faster and goes for Leer, then Ember as Thundershock BARELY 2HKOs: I grow to level 15 as I am now around 9 HP. Koffing comes in and is cleanly outsped and 2HKOed by Thundershock, now at 6 HP. I Potion up then take on Patrat guy, 2HKOing it with Thundershock and SonicBoom respectively, being taken to roughly half HP in the process as I grow to level 16. Next Patrat guy Bides and dies. I crit Riolu on an Endure turn, lul, then crit Lillipup to OHKO, holy moly Magnemite wanted that guy running home in tears.

Virbank Gym time. Grimer is 3HKOed by either move and Disable sucks, but Tackle can finish it off. Koffing is 2HKOed by SonicBoom. Not even Screech from Venipede makes Koffing threaten you: I go back and heal up at the Pokemon Center since I’m at 10 HP.

Roxie (17): No item because I don’t think I need one. Koffing is sadly not 2HKOed by Thundershock as it crits me for 7 damage: you have to chance a SonicBoom…only for THAT to not 2HKO. As Roxie heals up to full, I discover you MUST chance SonicBoom twice to cleanly 2HKO, and thanks to another crit I’m down to 20 / 38 HP. Whirlipede comes in to do 3 damage with Pursuit and I paralyze it first. Two uses of SonicBoom followed by Thundershock beats it, with me ending at 13 HP.

Thus, you need four hits with SonicBoom to win, meaning Magnemite has a 66% chance to make this fight go by quickly, since Thundershock does laughable damage. Second time around I miss at least once and end at half HP after growing to level 18.


Thundershock + Magnet Bomb takes care of both Plasma Grunts, thankfully working around Sand-Attack as Magnemite is now just shy of level 19, doing so in a wild encounter in the sewers before I use repels. Thundershock 2HKOs Lillipup and barely missed the 2HKO on Trubbish which I expect because its bulky: Stench proves annoying but we have free healing. Thundershock 2HKOs Timburr and somehow a crit Low Kick only does half my HP (!)

Drilbur is up next, and it being faster + Mud-Slap being annoying + SonicBoom not 3HKOing means this is kinda unfavorable, so I Rayquaza it. Sewaddle is not 3HKOed by Magnet Bomb but seems 3HKOed by SonicBoom as I grow to level 20. Are you sensing a slow pattern? Grimer ALSO has Mud-Slap, but a SonicBoom + two Magnet Bombs kill it. Servine does more work against the Grunts than Magnemite, lol. Thundershock reams the Venpiede + Koffing scientist but I also want to point out this is the THIRD accuracy annoyance in the sewers even if Magnet Bomb always hits. Two SonicBooms and a Magnet Bomb eat the Grimer trainer alive.

Herdier comes out next, and I again want to point out how Thundershock is not A-tier offense against Herdier: it 3HKOs it. I take on a level 15 Audino, and three uses of Thundershock with no Oran Berry 3HKOs it (was more for my Pokedex as I need forty for Eviolite): we are now level 22. Nothing of note really happens in the Battle Company aside from Magnemite avoiding Growlithe and me being an idiot from forgetting to switch Magnemite back to the front, resulting in some dumb potshots that are completely my fault. You 3HKO both Eevee and Herdier up top but even if you come into the Battle Company with like, half HP from the sewers you should live fine - I even forgot to put Leftovers on here because I’m just that stupid (I grow to level 23).

At Castelia Gym, Magnemite 3HKOs Sewaddle through double SonicBoom + Bomb, notably healing off almost all damage with Leftovers. Thundershock rips Combee apart, but you have to SonicBoom to 3HKO Swadloon. Magnet Bomb barely 2HKOs the next Trainer’s Dwebble and the one following it.

I do one wild encounter to get to level 25 for Mirror Shot and slap Eviolite on. Time for Burgh.

Burgh (25): Eviolite. Mirror Shot seems like unfavorable rolls to 2HKO Swadloon, and what’s worse is that Struggle Bug can actually screw you over hard, a very bad thing when you only have 10 PP to work with (though Thundershock can finish Swadloon off if you miss the range, Razor Leaf does nothing with Eviolite on). -1 Mirror Shot still knocks Dwebble to Sturdy - snipe it with Thundershock. Leavanny comes out, I whiff a couple Mirror Shots at -1, and-


I get it to low yellow past its Sitrus Berry then run out of PP and die: we both had several misses.

The second attempt went even worse, because I Thundershocked turn 1 only for Swadloon to use Struggle Bug twice: prompting a heal, but I assume you’d take Dwebble fine (I switch out to Rayquaza and kill Swadloon, then Dwebble for convenience). One on one against Leavanny without debuffs, Mirror Shot 3HKOs it even with Sitrus Berry.

Third attempt sees Swadloon spam Razor Leaf and not Struggle Bug with one miss on my end: I think Dwebble missed a Struggle Bug too; you’ll likely be at 2/3s HP when Leavanny comes in (I did score a lucky Thundershock crit on Dwebble) Leavanny crits me out and I miss before I can even get it out of green HP. I would call this decent if you didn’t have to get to level 25 to do so. Yet another matchup that is noticeably unreliable: take the lowlights or take Leavanny.

Early game thoughts: good on the field, but I cannot shake the nagging feeling of how unreliable Magnemite can be. You are forced to SonicBoom fairly commonly, and the fact accuracy issues don't end with Mirror Shot means that it has the performance of an A tier, but the reliability of a B tier, and I only expect this to get worse with the dead period coming up. Another thing I noticed is that Thundershock does not hit super-effectively very often, and when you’re not using Thundershock Magnemite feels exceptionally slow as an attacker.

Roxie (17): No item because I don’t think I need one. Koffing is sadly not 2HKOed by Thundershock as it crits me for 7 damage: you have to chance a SonicBoom…only for THAT to not 2HKO. As Roxie heals up to full, I discover you MUST chance SonicBoom twice to cleanly 2HKO, and thanks to another crit I’m down to 20 / 38 HP. Whirlipede comes in to do 3 damage with Pursuit and I paralyze it first. Two uses of SonicBoom followed by Thundershock beats it, with me ending at 13 HP.

Thus, you need four hits with SonicBoom to win, meaning Magnemite has a 66% chance to make this fight go by quickly, since Thundershock does laughable damage. Second time around I miss at least once and end at half HP after growing to level 18.


Burgh (25): Eviolite. Mirror Shot seems like unfavorable rolls to 2HKO Swadloon, and what’s worse is that Struggle Bug can actually screw you over hard, a very bad thing when you only have 10 PP to work with (though Thundershock can finish Swadloon off if you miss the range, Razor Leaf does nothing with Eviolite on). -1 Mirror Shot still knocks Dwebble to Sturdy - snipe it with Thundershock. Leavanny comes out, I whiff a couple Mirror Shots at -1, and-


I get it to low yellow past its Sitrus Berry then run out of PP and die: we both had several misses.

The second attempt went even worse, because I Thundershocked turn 1 only for Swadloon to use Struggle Bug twice: prompting a heal, but I assume you’d take Dwebble fine (I switch out to Rayquaza and kill Swadloon, then Dwebble for convenience). One on one against Leavanny without debuffs, Mirror Shot 3HKOs it even with Sitrus Berry.

Third attempt sees Swadloon spam Razor Leaf and not Struggle Bug with one miss on my end: I think Dwebble missed a Struggle Bug too; you’ll likely be at 2/3s HP when Leavanny comes in (I did score a lucky Thundershock crit on Dwebble) Leavanny crits me out and I miss before I can even get it out of green HP. I would call this decent if you didn’t have to get to level 25 to do so. Yet another matchup that is noticeably unreliable: take the lowlights or take Leavanny.

Elesa (30): Eviolite. Magneton’s Thundershock 3HKOs Emolga and Elesa is actually smart enough to swap into Zebstrika after the first use. She is however, not smart enough to spam Flame Charge consistently, and after a couple rounds of Metal Sound, Mirror Shot nukes her to red pre-Berry, and I kill it at half HP. Flaaffy paralyzes you as functionally +2 Mirror Shot into Thundershock kills it tho she switched out first (I think Mirror Shot took Emolga to red, accounting for Thundershock damage prior). Sadly this means Flaaffy is annoying since the buffs are reset and I have to heal. SonicBoom finishes them off. They can’t touch you but I think you’re better off with a more proactive approach. Only tested once. Mildly above average, wouldn’t outright recommend here.

Clay (32): Expert Belt. No.

Skyla (40): Expert Belt. Magnezone's Volt Switch kills Swoobat, Thundershock kills Swanna (lul) and 2HKOs Skarmory thanks to Sturdy (which I don’t think I procced). They all outspeed you but do nothing notable. Easy sweep.

Drayden (50): Leftovers. Magnezone outspeeds and 2HKO Druddigon with Flash Cannon as boosted Revenge 2HKOs: you’ll be half health from two turns of Leftovers. Avoid Flygon. Haxorus avoids the Flash Cannon 2HKO thanks to Berry as it DDs, so Metal Sound into Flash Cannon to OHKO. He just kept spamming Dragon Dance. Pretty good.

Marlon (53): Expert Belt. Magnezone's Discharge paralyzes Carracosta (no full para) as Scald does a third. You outspeed and OHKO Wailord. Discharge takes Jellicent to mid-yellow post Berry (Scald takes you to near-red with burn) and Volt Switch finishes it off in case Cursed Body triggers. I actually almost died in my second attempt thanks to a turn 1 Carracosta burn but Discharge masochism on Jellicent with full para gave me the win.

Colress (53): Leftovers. Magnezone's Discharge looks like rolls to 2HKO Klinklang (first hit was low green, second killed). Second attempt had the first Discharge get low yellow so this seems to be favorable. Interestingly has a niche against Colress’s Magnezone in that Metal Sound into Discharge 2HKOs Colress’s Magnezone: even with a Special Defense drop and a round of full paralysis I won at half HP. In the same attempt I cleanly 2HKO Metang with Discharge; I rolled a para so Zen Headbutt paralysis flinch masochism didn’t happen.

The above strategy of Metal Sound on Magneton is considerably less favorable however as it outspeeds you and can Volt Switch away before you can land a hit. Beheeyem is a good deal more awkward than you’d expect given how Discharge again looks like rolls to 2HKO and Synchronize can make 30% paralysis backfire. Might be better to run Magnet here. This is probably the one matchup where Magnezone’s tanking prowess really stands out: none of his members can meaningfully hurt you.

Ghetsis (53): Leftovers. Magnezone's Metal Sound into Flash Cannon actually leaves Cofagrigus alive in red: I rolled a Special Defense drop that let me kill it on a heal: Shadow Ball’s chip damage is more or less irrelevant so you can afford a miss. Normally Flash Cannon / Discharge is a 3HKO. If Ghetsis rolls a Special Defense drop, you’ll probably be around 115 of your roughly 150 HP. Either way, Sesmitoad comes in and scares you out.

Flash Cannon 3HKOs Hydreigon: it looks like you need 2 rounds of Life Orb damage to do it in 2 shots. I mistakenly Metal Sounded on what I thought was a heal turn, but he proceeded to whiff the next two turns anyway as I kill, now at 3/4s HP again. Drapion comes in and scares you out as it has Earthquake.

You outspeed Eelektross but Leftovers barely prevents the Flamethrower 2HKO from full (disclaimer: I healed to check) and you do literally nothing in return. You and Toxicroak seem to roughly 2HKO each other coming close on both sides: you look like you lose unless you roll a Discharge paralysis or Ghetsis gets low rolls. Decent, if only for neutralizing Cofagrigus and Hydreigon.

Shauntal (58): Leftovers. Magnezone's Thunderbolt cleanly 2HKOs Cofagrigus as it does nothing of note but break Sturdy. Don’t even bother with Chandelure or Golurk, just OHKO Drifblim with Thunderbolt (it also does nothing). Decent.

Caitlin (58): Leftovers. Have Magnezone Metal Sound twice as Musharna spams Yawn: if you hit one: Thunderbolt will take it to low yellow / red: full heal off sleep for free when you snooze (you outspeed, it can also derp with reflect). Sadly, Reuniclus stops you cold: Focus Blast takes you to red as you 3HKO with Thunderbolt. I rolled a lucky 10% paralysis and a full para the following turn. Sigilyph Psychic takes me back to red as Gothitelle comes in and I’m basically forced to heal on Calm Mind. +1 Psychic 3HKOs you while Thunderbolt at +0 seems to 2HKO it before Berry (I Metal Sounded). I rolled the 10% para AGAIN and I think it just Calm Minded as I killed it???? Was utterly bizarre. Effective, but given the oodles of set up sweepers that kill her far faster, it isn’t particularly impressive.

Marshal (58): Leftovers. Magnezone's Discharge takes Mienshao near red I guess.

Grimsley (58): Leftovers. Fake Out is literally healed off by Magnezone's Leftovers. Night Slash does less than 20 of your roughly 160 HP as Thunderbolt thankfully OHKOs Liepard, but seeing as Sturdy is broken you are 100% forced out by Krookodile. Magnezone outspeeds Scrafty prior to a Tomb debuff and seems to have just enough power to cleanly 2HKO it, with Brick Break 2HKOing you and taking you to just under half thanks to Leftovers. Unfortunately, Bisharp just barely avoids the Thunderbolt 2HKO thanks to Berry and two Night Slashes puts you in low yellow, meaning you need to go a whopping three turns without a single Night Slash crit to avoid healing, though said healing is amazingly free. Definitely great here, but an average Elite Four ultimately.

Iris (58): Leftovers. Hydreigon cleanly 2HKOs Magnezone with Flamethrower and you actually seem to barely miss the 2HKO with Flash Cannon anyway. Aggron has Earthquake so lol (FWIW, you outspeed turn 1 as Aggron boosts Speed and almost take it to red with Thunderbolt, so you do win with Sturdy). Slide flinches from Archeops suck but he’s not meaningfully threatening (I think it’s like a 7HKO?) and you OHKO back with Thunderbolt. Magnezone outspeeds and does 2/3s of Lapras’s HP with Thunderbolt but Sing can screw you over if it hits.

Haxorus has Mold Breaker Earthquake meaning you 100% lose. You outspeed and 3HKO Druddigon with Flash Cannon, but Focus Blast takes you to low yellow (they spammed it twice so you could hope for a miss). Pretty good honestly but a lot of the foes have asterisks beside them if you catch my drift.

Roxie: "Thus, you need four hits with SonicBoom to win, meaning Magnemite has a 66% chance to make this fight go by quickl"
Burgh: "I would call this decent if you didn’t have to get to level 25 to do so. Yet another matchup that is noticeably unreliable: take the lowlights or take Leavanny."
Elesa: "They can’t touch you but I think you’re better off with a more proactive approach. Only tested once. Mildly above average, wouldn’t outright recommend here."
Clay: "I could just as easily say 'the muffin has become the new despicable despot' and it would mean about as much as Magnezone's contributions here." (I didn't actually say this)
You have no issues on the rest of the Gyms sans avoiding Drayden's Flygon

Going away from quotes for a bit, Colress is pretty good due to Zone's resistances but you also kill them kinda slowly, with the magnets and Beheeyem in particular being super meh

Ghetsis sees Zone only taking Cofagrigus and Hydreigon while being a tossup against Toxicroak: alright, but not great, and it's here we see Zone's true issue emerge: the lack of a reliable setup move. More on this later.

Shauntal sees you only taking Cofagrigus and Driftblim, stop the presses people it's another matchup where you don't sweep! We've never seen that before!

Caitlin: "Effective, but given the oodles of set up sweepers that kill her far faster, it isn’t particularly impressive."

Marshal: "Never gonna give you up and in this essay I will-"

Grimsley: "Definitely great here, but an average Elite Four ultimately." (read: like with Shauntal, Krookodile scares you out)

Iris: "Pretty good honestly but a lot of the foes have asterisks beside them if you catch my drift."

The point I'm framing with all of this raw data is that Magnezone isn't a sweeper. It's a tanky wallbreaker that has a lot of hoops you gotta jump through to get results in far slower time than actual S and A tiers. Sure, Magnemite walls Roxie, but said "free" matchups actually involves a 34% chance to fail by missing one of four SonicBooms. Sure, Magnemite also walls Burgh, but you're doing dismal damage unless you're level 25 for Mirror Shot...in a part of the game where 87% of players add multiple team members to their roster, thus forcing you to likely ignore them and focus on powerleveling Magnemite. And before you say "a competent player can build around this" - c'mon, you'd be mad to not get something from around Castelia, and even crazier to not pick something up from Route 4 or the Desert Resort, which are full of potential party members. Even if you do get to level 25 for Mirror Shot GUESS WHAT you still have 85% accuracy that can and will screw you over.

And then Magneton just pillow fights Elesa where no side can meaningfully hurt the other, and is a complete flop against one of the hardest bosses in the game in Clay. For roughly 40% of the game Magnemite never stops asking you to put up with its slow-killing potential of Thundershock / SonicBoom or its unreliable killing potential of Mirror Shot. And let's talk about THAT by the way...


Magnezone is stuck with Thundershock and SonicBoom for roughly 12-15 levels depending on what level you catch it at. This wouldn't be so bad if it improved from Mirror Shot, but...

Hitting two Mirror Shots in a row to 2HKO foes means you have a roughly 72% chance for that to work, And this is your main move until level 39 Flash Cannon, because Volt Switch is lame until about Skyla on when more Electric-weak foes start showing up (by Driftveil Drawbridge Magnemite hits a grand total of only 20% of the mook base SE). So in reality, Magnemite has roughly 15 levels of weak, then 15 more levels of relative unreliability. That's practically half the game. It's also very easy to forget only Magneton can relearn Tri Attack and be helpless against the occasional Electric type you pillow fight.

Volt Switch is also mostly terrible until the game finally starts using Waters more consistently. Because if you're playing on Shift (and I'd assume most people in these lists do, as that's the default and makes 1v1s easier to setup), that means you have to go through the switch animation if the foe has another Pokemon, switch out, then be asked to switch again, taking a GIANT STEAMING DUMP on the pacing. I distinctly remember a point on Village Bridge where I Volt Switched a Magby six levels lower and it lived, so it's a pretty palatable possibility to not KO with Volt Switch, which forces you back into Miss Shot prior to level 39 (remember, Magby resists Flash Cannon).

Flash Cannon does pick up the punch and finally gives Magnezone a reliable attack, as does Discharge at level 51, but until then, does this sound like a mon that can carry the team pretty consistently? You have a bleh rut for three Gyms, pull back up in efficiency for the rest, which would be acceptable if the endgame was better. I will admit, endgame Discharge / Flash Cannon is good business but the foes have plenty of stuff to fight you off with, which brings us to...

Okay, so Colress is slow enough that Zone can get the jump on him, that's passable. But when I'm able to sweep Ghetsis with even obscure stuff like Work Up Lopunny yet Magnezone folds to half his team and is restricted to 1v1ing, is 1v1ing really the best place to be?

I can name numerous top tiers in this game: Emboar, Heracross, Crustle, Haxorus, Lucario, Pinsir, Lilligant - so many Pokemon - some of them even fellow B tiers - all have status buffs that help them set up for the more full boss rosters, like, the only one off the top of my head that manages A tier without easy setup is Roselia. What does Magnezone have? The ever-amazing 85% accurate Metal Sound, which only works on one foe, can miss, and gives me Mirror Shot PTSD.

Oh man guys, top tier here!!!!

Without setup, Zone is restricted to taking out Shauntal's Cofagrigus and Driftblim (not that scary), Grimsley sans Krookodile, and a few of Iris's Pokemon, the latter of which would be great if it didn't mean you do nothing to another really difficult fight in Marshal. Otherwise you slowly kill Caitlin. Like maybe that's something you're into? Oh wait, any Work Up sweeper can do that, so that's really not notable in the slightest.

B tier is not a bad place to be for Magnemite. B tier means "fairly reliable with a couple glaring issues" and I'd say that sums up Magnemite well. I would say Magnemite's core issues come down to a lacking movepool and inconsistent boss matchups that vary from "slow unreliable killer" to "walks over them" to "gets a few KOs but is scared out by something" to "avoids them entirely" (Clay and Marshal). It's all over the place, but far from bad and is still relatively reliable. But even then, it still has some small issues like hitting less than a third of the game super-effectively and forcing you to rely again on its inconsistent early moves. Magnemite just pales in comparison to faster, more efficient setup sweepers, which S and A tier are full of.

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