Pokemon Rap Battles Season 2: Round 1

Alright, we're in the first round. You guys know the deal by now. Go ahead and get to work on those raps, because they're due on June 8th. Smaug I've given you a free pass to the next round. If you didn't submit a different pokemon last thread then I just carried over your pokemon from last round.

MikeDec (Rotom-W) v. LeefHoof (Bastiodon)
Samosael (Gengar) v. LucaroarkZ (Zoroark)
Ulttimaa (regigigas) v. Pwnemon (Gliscor)
Nanoswine (Machamp) v. smashlloyd20 (Bronzong)
Fisdunction (Weezing) v. darkie (Haunter)
Grumbler (arbok) v. Triangles (Magneton)
Corkscrew (Qwilfish) v. TrueSoprano (Forretress)
Aviator99 (Vanillite) v. Layell (Starmie)
Coolking49(Medicham) v. Da Letter El (Kabutops)

Adamant Zoroark

catchy catchphrase
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Hmm.... Probably shouldn't procrastinate on this one, lol.

Getting to work, can't half-ass this like I did my self-promo rap... lol
working on my rap. gonna be lame as shit (Rotom is a shit Pokemon to rap about, damn you Blak lol)

Hopefully be done by Sunday
Two thumbs up, Ebert and Roeper. I can't really see anyone else getting any closer. Ult, you'll probably still be the man when this round is dead and over.

This really didn't come out as well as I hoped, for a number of reasons, one being my awful mic that I should really replace. I can only apologise.


Alas poor Yorick!
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You bet I'm making the mami's wet with all this STAB now!

Ironically the mon with Slow Start was one of the first.
Been busy as shit with work, will do my rap tomorrow. Also, switching from Rotom-W to Rotom in general.
You need to clear that with your opponent first.

It wasn't a big deal during the seeding round, because only you had to rap about that pokemon. But your opponent's material is also going to depend on your pokemon, so that's why you need to change before the round starts or check with your opponent to make sure it's cool.


The professor?
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I've done this, but I'll probably re-record it before Friday, 'cos it's pretty crap.

Does anyone else have a problem with recording on Audacity that it's always ever so slightly out of sync with the other tracks?

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