Project Pokemon Reservation Thread

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taken from the OU version

  • Do not post your thread until you have approval from a moderator (either a like on the post or edit to say so)
  • Post which Pokemon you would like to reserve a discussion thread for.
  • Focus on new Pokemon first, or those that will likely be heavily different to their previous gen sets.

Barraskewda: Ika Ika Musume


Pokemon Name

Type(s) - [Type]
Base Stats - XX HP / XX Atk / XX Def / XX SAtk / XX SDef / XX Spe

Moveset - Level Up, TM, TR, Egg Move, Pre-Evolution Exclusives
Notable Moves
Description of New Abilities
Description of New Moves

General overview of the Pokemon, positives/negatives
Dynamaxing potential

Potential Movesets


You can check out an example from Colonel M here: Weezing-Galar
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What Pokémon avalible? If it’s permitted, I like to do Haxorus or Hydreigon.

EDIT: Actually, I'd like to do Hatterene. I had good amount expierence using it Battle Stadiums Doubles so I feel confident on its Pros and Cons.
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Hey actually, might be best if someone else does Corviknight now, I've been very busy trying to get Preview stuff set up


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How long do we have to write these analyses after requesting? If we have a while I might want to request Inteleon.

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