Pokemon Showdown bug reports

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According to that log, Solarbeam didn't do any damage in Turn 9, so it charged up in Turn 9 and hit in Turn 10. Looks normal to me.
He's right, any two-part attack will do this. If you use Bounce the Pokemon will do the animation, become intangible, and after selecting it again, use the move.

It will say "gyarados used bounce" twice.


The costume fits Just a little too tight
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Ditto should be able to transform into Zoroark when his Illusion isn't active, but isn't able to.

It's a minor thing and it's pretty situational but my favorite pink blobby choice-scarfed imposter became useless when they had one poke left =(
I keep getting disconnected every few minutes.It says:
"You have been disconnected - possibly because the server was restarted.

Reconnect Cancel"

I noticed a few other players having the same issue.Try to fix it ASAP please.Its really annoying.
Ok, I found this one kinda funny:

If an opposing pokemon dies from Life Orb Recoil (must go first) and you use Toxic Spikes, Spikes, or SR, the animation will make it look as if the EH set up missed. The hazards are still set up, and everything, but it makes the animation look wonky.
After the server reset today (occurred on July 21st at approximately 9:55 PM Central Time), I believe some users are unable to get random battles started.

According to Zarel, the error is in battledata.js:327.

There are several lines of errors the moment the battle starts, and one user is forced to wait out the 180 second timer and forfeit.

Here's a screenshot of the issue, which happens every time a randombattle starts. I tested to make sure it wasn't just a single poke causing the issue - everything seems to experience an error: parsing.

My Blastoise Dragon Tailed out an Amoonguss to a Zoroark, whose Illusion failed to activate. Later in the battle, at a regular switch-in, Illusion functioned normally.
I just wanted to formally post this bug now:

Essentially when i use google chrome every 30 seconds i am disconnected from the server. I tried safari and it only disconnects me when i find a battle. I am currently tring out firefox and it seems to be working a little better however it still does disconnect me occasionally.

EDIT: Firefox also seems to disconnect when i am in a battle

EDIT: It started working on Chrome again but then after a few battles it just looped 1 turn over and over gain spilling out code on the chatbar before disconnecting me. I now have the exact same problem as before :(
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