Pokemon Showdown Ladder Speedruns!

finally got a 0 losses run, probably going to try to do it faster before moving to dou or smth

would love to see longer categories added as well, blitzing out games vs randoms is fun and all but keeping it together for longer grindier runs sounds pretty interesting too. those >1hr long vgc runs are super cool
Verified for a 15:01

Verified for a 17:25


stranded on an island
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rising voltage moment (dou 1300 in 14:38)

paste here https://pokepast.es/64c51c4ce9a0fd02 but honestly you just need eleki+koko+4 fillers that can hit ground types
can be done a lot faster i'm sure, this was my second attempt
verified 14m 39s

Wanted to join in on the fun 12:45 speedrun of 1v1 1300
Yes this time is bad
Maybe i'll come back with a better team someday :)
verified 12m 45s

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