Pokemon Showdown Ladder Speedruns!


stranded on an island
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Not a very good run but it's my first random battles run :
23:32, but i think the battle ended at 23:30

Start at 0:11 and ends at 23:43
verified 23m 30s

Let's go! 1v1 -1300 (4:45:71)

verified 4m 45s

Already beaten :O
I don't exactly when it starts (It depends on how the rules works)
but it ends at 6:01
rejected this run, when the footage begins rolling there is already 2 battles on screen, and you can't see the first game starts, this starts you with a small advantage due to multiple games active pre timer and will not be allowed. Timer begins when the first game is started on ladder so being able to see it happen on camera is essential for proper timing.

Made a new run on SS 1V1 1300, and beat my score.
I screwed my timer but it's not really a problem, it's start at
0:10 and ends at 6:34
This is verified at a 6m 24s
I love doing speedruns of these :blobglare:

Still 1v1 1300, the run starts at 0:08 and ends theorically at 6:14, but at that moment i saw that i lose points but i already was at 1300, the last battle that i won finished 5:34.
It's to the staff to choose
So in that case the run is 5:25 long
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stranded on an island
is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

Cao Jie

formerly iKiQ
This is my first speedrun :D

Starts at 0:15 and ends at 6:00, I'm sorry if the quality isnt very good
Verified and timed for a 5:41

Still not verified, although already beaten !
It starts at 0:20 and ends at 16:05
Smogon Speedrun 1v1 1500 Elo
Let's go to the sub 15 next time
Verified and timed for a 15:44

Hippity Hoppity, gimme back my property

1v1 -1300 Run - 3:24 or 3:23, dunno
Verified for a 3:23 , very solid run !

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