SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

Curiously, Melmetal is not included in the list of things which can be changed to Gigantamax. Whether this means it's kept secret because it's a mythical, or it's being held back for an event, I have no idea.
I'm guessing it's because they dont want someone to bring over their Melmetal and g-max it before they've revealed its existence.

once it's actually shown, I think they'll update the game silently to allow any melmetal to take the soup
Some of those new moves sound amazing. Flip kick, scorching sand, and tripple spin(that ice move) all have my eye.

So has there been any word on how to evolve a normal pokemon into an alolan form yet? I would like to breed for a good alolan marrowak, eggecutor, and raichu, but in the base game there was no way. I am hoping they added a way in the dlc. I guess at least we have a gift option if all else fails but still not that ideal

Hmmm so basicslly that slowbro ability is quick claw... not sure if its worth it... may be nice though. Regenerator is probably better

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It looks like Tutor moves are not included w/ the dex leak. So I'm guessing these are all tutor moves, outside of the legendary stuff
Ok those moves are balling. A 140 power electric move inder terrain. Is the tapu the only one that had setting terrain ability or someone else? Those terrain moves in general sound very strong. Pokemon trying to push a terrain meta.

Scorching sands is ground scald but slightly weaker. Still sounds great.

Tripple axel i wound how strong it gets. Maybe it doubles each hit, so 20, 40, 80? And in 1 turn like tripple kick?

How often to pokemon not have an item? That new ghost move has me very interested...
Is there a chance U-Turn (and if so techncian boosted for Scizor) and Scald itself have been nerfed instead.

Dual Wingbeat is a decent physical flying stab, also depending on the boost expanding force could be very useful for Indeedee
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