Pokemon Type Coverage (Excel Sheet) - NEW! Version 2.2 using December Stats!

Does the final amount of the formula (percent) basically mean the average damage it would do to each pokemon? If it does, that would mean, on average, the Gengar in the OP can deal about 72.85% damage to every pokemon in OU?
Awesome app, though it seems you're missing Bug Bite.

Also, it doesn't have Night Shade or Seismic toss. I know they have set damage, but if possible, it'd certainly be nice to include them.


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I might update this for the newest stats (remember: this is quite outdated now) but I actually would prefer to rewrite the whole thing such that it gets updated automatically when the stats are updated.
I know what Can do the most damage! A Herecross that has had Swords Dance Passed to him with a Flame orb and Guts, if you give it an Adamant Nature and max Att ev's it can 1HKO everthing except Garintina

This excel sheet is truly awesome. I like it to input the data of all my sweepers and see the results. I'm also using some of your data to make a simple damage calculator, just for the fun.
This is scary: Choice-Banded Scizor does 81.87% to the standard metagame, with a moveset of

Bullet Punch
Night Slash

Inside the thingy, I actually put the following:

Magnet Bomb
Night Slash

to account for technician.

Next, i looked at SD scizor with life orb (Attack stat of 1024)

Bullet Punch
Brick Break
X-Scissor (NOT BUG BITE)

and it gave me 93.36%!!!!

Now, we look at a guy who got banned from OU, and you see why he got banned. SD Chomp, with the same stat of SD scizor, with the moveset Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Fang, gives 99.82%. Even if you lower Outrage to Dragon Claw, you still get 99.18%, with the best defender being Cresselia, taking a giant 75.37%.

If you lower the attack to 788, for yache berry, the average damage is 96.15%, but you still get a 2HKO on Cress, for 58%, or if you opt for Outrage still, you get 98.84%, with skarmory taking 65.85% from fire fang.

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