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And Pidgeotto sounds Spanish.... wait. Was Pidgeotto intended to be Spanish in the first place? Good work Fatecrashers, although the right claw looks dodgy to me.
Hey fate, I'd really appreciate a picture of a Victreebel and a Houndoom, either in a battle pose, or in a pose of them just being cool, whichever works for you :)

Thanks in advance if you can do it!


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That Pidgeot Spain flag is so clever xd - thanks for your tournament contribution, Fate!


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Not much I can say except for I love how incredibly expressive you make your figures, all your stuff is just so lively and energetic! Only possible criticism I could have is that Whitney's fists look strange, as though she's have to bend her wrist and an uncomfortable angle to get that view of them, that that is really a minor issue compared to all of your other fabulous work.

And also is that last picture pokemon Scott Pilgrim? That is awesome <3

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