Pridemons! (Requests Open)

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Welcome To Pridemons!
What can't be derived by looking at the title of the thread? Well, to be more specific, for the entirety of June forever I have decided to make pride flag edits of various Pokemon at the request of users. Nothing super intricate or fancy, but hey, it's cute and fun, so why not?

If you want a Pridemon of your own, all you need to do is tell me
1. The Pokemon you want to be edited
2. The pride flag you want it to adopt the colors of.

You'll find a sample of what these'll look like in the hide tag below. This sample will increase as more requests are fulfilled. Due to the simple nature of these I also welcome user-submitted edits should anyone desire to do so.

All the Pridemons made by me and others can be found here!

Let's make Smogon super duper colorful!
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