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Mad late to the party, but recently been reading Bret Hart's book and I think it might be my fav (non Jericho/Foley - where clearly they corner that market) wrestler book.


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with WWE being open to a collab with AEW, do you think a collab could ever happen?
I could feel that a collab could happen. However, AEW has a current storyline with TNA Impact Wrestling with Kenny Omega gaining the TNA World Title from Rich Swann, so I don't know if the WWE wants to collab with another competing promotion on the market. And I feel TNA and AEW want to keep that storyline to themselves and don't want to include WWE in it, as we all know Vince McMahon, storylines should go like HE wants. For now i am excited to see how TNA and AEW collab with each other and how Kenny Omega turns out as a double champ.


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A huge day in wrestling as CM Punk returns to the ring for the first time in 7 long years.

AEW is on a huge roll right now and I can't wait to see what they do moving forward.

Bryan Danielson next? :blobthinking:
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Well well well low and behold the two biggest free agents in Pro Wrestling have arrived in AEW!

AEW continues to prove it's the company to watch and the company to be in if you're a pro wrestler.


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For what is usually a glorified House Show WWE actually put on quite a good show this time around in Saudi Arabia

With Match of the Night honors going to Edge vs. Seth Rollins for putting on a Fantastic match.

Also the Saudi-Taker Streak continues for Mansoor! 5-0!


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Wrestlemania 38 Night One has finished and once again delivered despite the rather lackluster build this year.

Some slight faults with Ronda/Charlotte and the unfortunate Boogs injury but overall I was quite entertained by the action.

Bianca getting another big title win was great (And what a hell of a match it was),
As well as seeing Cody Rhodes return to the WWE for the first time in 6 damn years in an excellent match against Seth Rollins.

And of course can't forget the huge RETURN of Stone Cold Steve Austin in one final match against Kevin Owens in an awesome nostalgia bout that shows that when prepared Austin has still got it.

I'm quite interested in how Night Two will live up to the hype that was Night One.

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So I used to watch WWE shows regularly regardless of how bad the product was because I like being up-to-date on the world of pro wrestling. Well back in November I moved from Thailand back to Canada and I had to shift some of my priorities around a bit to account for timezone differences and resources (had fibre internet in Bangkok, using barebones DSL here until I move to a city again). I decided at that point to give up watching WWE's weekly product and watch more hockey and basketball instead, now only tuning in for the PLEs. Fast-forward to now, sitting here over an hour removed from Mania Night 2. In some ways I feel like the weekend delivered enough content to not only leave me satisfied but also wanting more if only to see what Cody Rhodes is up to or whatever. I also feel disappointed because I know that the most exciting parts of the weekend involved Steve Austin, and no matter what WWE does, they cannot escape the shadow they created of their own success over two decades prior. While other media franchises have gone on to have incredible peaks WWE has proven that they are incapable of creating the magic they had back then, and so instead of trying to ignite that spark, they simply rely on an old flame that might have finally burnt the end of the wick. Seriously, unless they can get The Rock involved somehow in the next year or two they are FUCKED on nostalgia bait. People aren't going to look back on Seth Rollins the same way they do Austin, Rock, or even Cena, and that's a shame.

I had a fun time and at some point I'll probably watch some weekly shows again but I feel like WWE hit a "peak" in their hype with this mania and I strongly doubt they do anything even close to intriguing again for a long time.


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Wrestlemania 38 Night Two has finished and was another good night of action.

Zayn/Knoxville delivered far beyond expectations and was quite fun, Sami is a beast and can make anything entertaining

Edge had an incredible entrance and put on quite a good match with AJ Styles and I wonder where this stable idea goes with Priest and others.

Pat McAfee looked like a million bucks in his match against Theory, And while it's cool he got to face Vince in an actual match he did get a bit punked out.

Stone Cold doing his thing again as Vinnie Mac took the absolute worst but also the funniest stunner while Pat & Theory both sold theirs really good.

The Raw Tag Title Triple Threat being some real good action between all 3 teams and I hope Chad Gable can get an even further push, He's just so damn good.

The only real faults of the show imo were the Finish of the Main Event (And the finisher spam) as well as New Day/Ridge&Sheamus going super short which they should of just put on the Pre-Show.

Overall I was sports entertained by both nights and can only hope next years Wrestlemania is anywhere close to this.
As stated by Camden above it's like they hit a Peak but will now slide down the mountain and not be as intriguing again for who knows how long.

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What a crazy and fun show AEWxNJPW: Forbidden Door was.

Lots of great Pro Wrestling action as well as some great surprises like Claudio signing with AEW and Katsuyori Shibata making an appearance.

Ospreay and Cassidy put on the best bout of the show while other matches delivered great contests such as the Tag Team Title 3-Way, The All-Atlantic Title Fatal 4-Way and Claudio vs. Sabre, As well as some fun from the Trios Match with an epic crowd reaction for 63 Year Old Sting.

I recommend giving this show a watch if you haven't already as it was an absolute joy to watch all the way through.

Can't wait to see how AEW follows up on this show and i'm quite hype for New Japans G1 Climax this year.



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What an absolute roller coaster of a show AEW All Out was.
Some great matches and some baffling booking decisions it sure ran the gamut of Pro Wrestling, so here are some of my thoughts.

SwerveLee vs. The Acclaimed was definitely match of the night for me though it's a shame Acclaimed lost, The crowd was white hot for them and would've exploded for them winning. But still an incredible match.

Punk regaining the AEW Championship was really cool but those post media scrum comments are definitely gonna sour some people against him if they weren't already soured on him.

AEW does need to crack down on how long these shows run for though, 15 total matches between pre-show and main show is ridiculous, You don't need to get everyone on the PPV. Look at how WWE has been running their PPVs lately, Maybe at most 8 matches these days.

The Casino Ladder match was quite sloppy and rather boring, The ending at first had me miffed but after the reveal at the end of the show I was overall fine with it. Just a shame the Ladder Match itself wasn't so good.

There was some good action and moments out of the other matches but there was some weird booking throughout the show and alot of the small mistakes that have been made this year sort of came to a head tonight.

I'd probably go ahead and give this show a B- ranking, Had it not been for the reveal at the end I probably would have gone C+/C grade. Definitely one of AEWs weaker PPV shows.

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Bron Breakker vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh was a masterclass.

Loved every second of it, Definitely the NXT MOTY imo. I could definitely see it getting 5* and personally I'd give it 5 myself, Just excellent on all levels.

Ilja is an absolute beast, JD played his part to perfection and Bron was no slouch being able to keep up.

Definitely worth checking out when you have the time.

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Last night’s episode of Dynamite was solid. It was randomly hype for me for a super specific reason and overall I thought it was good. The Dax/Danielson match was nice, as was the main event. I felt MJF’s promo wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be but it wasn’t bad, the triple B was a nice addition!
YOUR WORLD OF STARDOM OF CHAMPION - GIULIA! (this happened on Dec 29th so I'm a bit late but still)

For those who don't know, STARDOM is the top joshi wrestling promotion and has been putting on some of the best matches in all of wrestling for YEARS. Highly recommended to any wrestling fan but be aware that there is a bit of a language barrier as it is a Japanese promotion and their international outreach isn't the best.
I also highly recommend that you check out Will Ospreay vs Kenny Omega from NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 (if you haven't already!)
The match was an absolute masterclass in psychology and brutal offense. It is a super early Match of the Year Contender that'll be almost impossible to top unless these two have a rematch.

Dave Meltzer gave it a 6.25 star rating and it definitely deserved that. The match saved what was an otherwise kinda underwhelming Wrestle Kingdom event (though the last 3 matches including this were all pretty strong). Don't even get me started on how little time KAIRI and Tam Nakano's match got and what a travesty that was.
Mercedes Moné (FKA Sasha Banks) showing up was cool even though she ended up botching her finisher on KAIRI. :totodiLUL:


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This could legit be one of the best Dynamites ever
Three PPV-level matchups and likely _something_ of note in the women's tag. Let's see where this goes, no doubt a good card. I want my Max Caster rap though!!
I stopped watching wrestling around 2017 (one of the last memories I recall was watching WWE in 2016). Around the beginning of 2022, I began watching again. I had no idea about AEW around this time, so I was surprised when I saw it for the first time with my dad. I believe it was Lance Archer vs Adam Page, which was probably the first time I had heard of deathmatch wrestling. That was also the first time I watched a non WWE product that wasn't Impact. Now that I am back to watching wrestling, I am certainly enjoying watching AEW and WWE (apparently I missed a lot of bad things in WWE lol. Though I also missed a lot of good in the form of NXT). AEW introduced me to wrestlers I had never seen before, such as The Elite, FTR (I don't remember the Revival at all, so I didn't recognize them when I first saw them), and (a personal favorite) Orange Cassidy. Maybe one day I'll end up watching more of the Japanese wrestling. P. S. Sorry that this isn't related to anything currently going on in the wrestling world, I just really wanted to say this.

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