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lol the Saudi shows are so bad, and i'm not even being bitter/angry saying Fiend getting fed to Goldberg was my "Okay I need a break forreal" Moment for me.... especially after Kofi/Brock, Fiend/Seth in HiaC, Lashley/Rusev/Lana, etc - THAT SAID, I wish them and their fans the best and hope it can turn around I just cant sit through it anymore.

that said.... this Luke Harper & Lance Archer (to a lesser extent) and Matt Hardy (to AEW - still rumored, I think atm, but basically.... sealed and delivered in his last youtube video) definitely got me interested. Really have enjoyed NWA lately too. Super behind on NJPW & ROH admittedly though. MLW kept me up for awhile but fell off with Pop's health issues. Gunna try and get back to it now.
It's wild that Wrestlemania is not only gonna be a 2-Night Deal, It's gonna be without a Crowd and it's gonna be pre-taped. This is gonna be a wacky couple months till things start going back to normal.
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i'm gonna be interested to see if they say anything on Romans status this coming Raw, Or atleast say somethings gonna happen on Smackdown later this week. If the reports are true that is.

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