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Ok, I just read through the first two days of three current games on Mafia Scum.

Nothing happened that doesn't happen here.
<Life> I felt that I could actually control him
<iiMKUltra> i would have loved that
<Life> What, me controlling him?
<Life> I would have too
<iiMKUltra> i would have felt compelled to give you the role 'master of puppets' in metallica song mafia
<Life> :-O
<iiMKUltra> which isn't actually a bad idea

An irc discussion last night, with me saying it first in jest and then actually considering it a good idea. I'd like a cohost who is familiar with the subject material if possible, but not necessarily. Experience hosting and balancing games is very much preferred.

PM/VM me if interested.
A comment on Mafia vs Smogon Mafia:

Fact is scumhunting is still here, because there will be still cases where you won't have info. Like von said the basics are still there, but I do agree with Brammi that Smogon does indeed lack much of that basics, which might just be the reason why no really great players have surfaced for a while.

In Smogon mafia scum hunting comes in form of outside talks, mostly private ones. This do lead for easier games for villagers, since the talks are much more spontaneous, but it has become much harder for mafians to keep looking like town when they have to do that spontaneously and infront of different people. Which means it takes much more skill to play as a mafia here, than in normal games.

Though I'd say that we can't consider online Mafia the origin of Smogon Mafia. Mostly because Smogon retrained something important from the original real life game. This is the word I abused many times already, spontaneousness. Since it had real time talk, people didn't have much time to decide on what to say to remain town-like.

The games are like two cars that run on the same engines, but everything else is different. Basic skills are still need in SM.

And with this I'd like to end this debate. This thread isn't for this kind of things, so any other arguments will be deleted.
<Life> I felt that I could actually control him
<iiMKUltra> i would have loved that
<Life> What, me controlling him?
<Life> I would have too
<iiMKUltra> i would have felt compelled to give you the role 'master of puppets' in metallica song mafia
<Life> :-O
<iiMKUltra> which isn't actually a bad idea

An irc discussion last night, with me saying it first in jest and then actually considering it a good idea. I'd like a cohost who is familiar with the subject material if possible, but not necessarily. Experience hosting and balancing games is very much preferred.

PM/VM me if interested.
Shameless bump.

Found someone.
Lol just realized that i shouldn't give away much of my mafia.

Anyway, i'm making a mafia game, fairly early on in the stages, so PM me if you're interested. A cohost that is experienced would be appreciated, but not required.

EDIT: Found a cohost.
Do people know about the board game Scotland Yard?

The basic premise is that there are 5 detectives who are chasing a Mr. X throughout the taxi, bus, and subway stops of London.

It is turn-based, with the detectives coordinating their moves, and Mr. X moving secretly through the city, but surfacing every 4 or so turns.

It is meant for 6 players, but they would need to be fairly active. After seeing the recent Diplo game fail, due in part to it requiring a large number of players, some of which were not as active as they needed to be, it seems like a small game is the way to go with non-mafia games.



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I need a cohost for a mafia I'm planning to make. I can't go into any details, otherwise I may screw every person who is interested in playing over. So PM me TODAY if you want to cohost. April Fools.


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There has been some interest in this...
Seeking cohost for BIGSANDS, the BIGS game. As in, big mafia.
Both prior SANDS cohosts have opted to play, SO, there is room for 1-2 fellow hosts besides me. Almost nothing about this game is designed yet, however I have some solid ideas I want implemented. You will have room to work though. It will more than likely not be 1v2.
I would prefer someone who has experience hosting (notably big mafias but not needed) or is good at/likes balancing games however this is not a requirement.
Contact me, I can be reached on IRC at Yeti/firefly or my smogon inbox.

edit: could also be changed to an Expert game.. the mysterious SANDS the THIRDS. contact if you want to work on III/BIGS.
Pokemon BW One Pokemon Speed Run Tournament Concept

This is just an idea for now, as I would like to see if there is anybody who would want to attempt this. The idea is a complete playthrough of either Black or White as fast as possible while only using your starting pokemon. This means that you must catch three other pokemon and use them only for HM's.

There would be specific rules that change each round. Each round would go up to each gym and the final round ending at the Elite Four. The general rules consist as follows:

1. You may only use your starting pokemon to battle, but you may catch up to three other pokemon for them to use HM's exclusively.

2. No grinding you starter to be extremly overpowered, the highest level that the pokemon may be for each round would be 5 levels above the gym leaders' highest level.

3. As the tourament would be played on an emulator, there will be no using cheats or hacks. This also means that the people who use a mod chip on their DS to capture footage from WiFi battles cannot use a progam like Pokesav to edit their pokemom's EV' or IV's and then use that rom on their emulator.

4. No EV training, if you do EV train, odds are, the time that you would be training, people would be finishing the round.

5. As an emulator will be used, for each round the entire gym must be recorded either using a built in recorder or a screeb capture software. This is to see the times at the end of each round ( the time played when you save). The clips once recorded would be sent to me via Dropbox to see the times at the end of each round.

6. There will be time time restrictions on each round that you must meet to progress. *These times will vary every round, along with any specific rules for that round.

7. The tourament would start off with 64 players and then every round the 6 slowest players would be eliminated with the final round consisting of 16 players.

This is just a concept, and I have yet to submit it, because I would like to see the community's response to it. Please write any rules or ideas on what I could change. Feedback is apprectiated, as long as it is not rude. I would provide tutorials on how to record the gameplay, set up Dropbox, and how to set up the emulator, if this idea gets accepted. The only thing that I would not show is how to aquire a rom for the game, as it is considred illegal to get a rom, unless you own a physical copy of the game. Other than that tell me what you think, so I can improve upon this idea. You can either PM me on here or on my Skype account to contact me.
Hello, I'm new in this community, I've played and hosted mafia games in other sites, and I'm interested in hosting a mafia game here. I already sent a PM to Mekkah for approval, and now I want to introduce my game a little and see and gauge some interest:

Flavor: Hunter X Hunter
Players: 17
Special Information:
  • At the beginning of the game, and then after every Night Phase, a 48-hours Buy Phase will be included where players can obtain certain cards (or power-ups) to aid themselves and their faction during the game.
  • There are no vanilla townies included. Everyone will be a power role.
  • I ran this game in a chilean forum some time ago, and it was a total success ;) (that thread isn't around anymore so don't bother searching for it)

Game Mechanics
The game has three phases in the next order:

1. Buy Phase
This will be the 1st phase in the game; it will also be after every Night Phase and previous to every Day Phase.

During this phase, a card shop will be open. 10 kinds of cards (4 common, 3 uncommon, 2 rare, and 1 priceless) and 20 “Masadora Cards Pack” (a special pack with three random cards inside) will be for sale. Players can only buy cards (not sell them). For buying cards, players must send me the command “Buy” via PM and specify cards to buy and how many of them. Which cards each player buys... that’s not public info.

Only the name of the card and how many of them will be showed in the store. What each card does is not public info.

Cards aren’t limitless. There is a limit for each one put next to the card name each Buy Phase and cards will be sold following an ordered system I’ll explain later. The stock will be updated after certain set time periods.

The Buy Phase will last 48 hours.

The prices of common, uncommon and rare cards will be fixed, but the priceless card will enter into an auction. The base price will be 1500 J (J stands for Jenis which will be the currency used). The auction is public. Each player who wants to acquire the priceless card must post the command “Offer” and the respective amount of Jenis. At the end of each Buy Phase, the auction will end and the player with the highest offer will acquire the card. Players cannot offer more of what they’re able to pay. The auction’s winner is public info. There is only 1 priceless card into auction each Buy Phase, and of course, the effect of the priceless card is usually a lot better than the rest of the cards being sold.

During the Buy Phase, players may enter a mini-game that will be conducted during the Day Phase. Major details of the mini-game (rules, entry fee, prizes, etc.) will be explained at the beginning of each Buy Phase.

During the Buy Phase, players can post normally, but they can’t vote or use cards. Players start the game with 2000 Jenis, and at the beginning of each Night Phase, every player still alive will receive extra 2000 Jenis.

2. Day Phase
Typical Day Phase where players can vote and lynch.

It will be the only phase in which players will be allowed to use cards. To use them, players must send me the command “Gain” via PM and specify cards to use (Cards usage is secret). Cards used through Gain can’t be reverted back to card status, so they must be used with care.

3. Night Phase
Typical Night Phase. Players will receive 2000 Jenis at the start of this phase.


There will be Twilight Phases after every Buy Phase, and after every Day Phase, both with random duration (usually just a couple of hours). Players may post in both Twilight Phases, but cannot use any active ability, and cannot use cards.

All players will have an inventory (quick topic link), called Book, for being able to check their current cards and Jenis at any time.


Buy Phase Example:

Cards Shop open! Buy Phase 1 begins!

The vendor offers for today:

Common Cards:
80 Analysis (80 J)
60 Sight vision (250 J)
1000 Stone (30 J)
20 Trade (350 J)

Uncommon cards:
10 Transform (500 J)
10 Penetrate (500 J)
8 Accompany (950 J)

Rare Cards:
5 Reflection (1000 J)
10 Defensive Wall (1000 J)

20 Masadora Cards Pack (1500 J)
Inside every pack there are three random cards. Each card you receive follows the next distribution: 60% chance it’s a common card, 25% chance it’s uncommon, 10% chance it’s rare, and 5% chance it’s priceless.


Also, today the next priceless card will be in auction!

1 VIP Pass

The auction starts with a base value of 1500 Jenis. Did someone say “I offer 1500 Jenis?”


Today’s mini-game:

Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament!

It will have a 300 J entry fee. If you want to in, just post “In Mini-game”, bolded. Rules are the next:
- Single Elimination Tournament. Each round will have a deadline of 24 hours. Keys will be at random.
- Each player must send me via PM five ordered options (example: rock, rock, paper, rock, scissors). First options will decide a winner. If there is a tie between first options, second options will decide a winner, and so on. If there is a tie even after all five options, the winner will be decided at random.
- Results of each round are public including options of each player.
- If a player doesn’t send his options on time, that player will be assigned random options. In this case it will be announced the options were chosen at random by the game moderator.
- If the Day Phase ends before the mini-game ends, the game will be left unfinished with no winners.

- 1st place: 2000 Jenis and a random priceless card.
- 2nd place: a Masadora Cards Pack and 1000 Jenis.
- 3rd and 4th place: a random uncommon card, a random common card, and 500 Jenis.​


Resolution system for buying cards and using cards
In order to prevent time races which would come from a First come – First serve system, instead players will be requested to send a number between 1 and 20 along with their buy orders and cards usage orders. After a set period of time (probably 12 or 24 hours; it will be announced), all orders will be processed and resolved according to the next criteria:

- First, the orders will be separated into two piles: First pile will contain the orders with non-repeated numbers (that is, with the numbers that weren’t chosen more than once), and the second pile with the orders with numbers that were chosen twice or more times.
- Orders from the first pile will be processed first, from lowest to highest number, and then orders from the second pile will be processed, from highest to lowest value (within the second pile, in the tie cases the process order will be at random between the tied players).

Within a certain set time period, the next orders for using cards were sent to the mod:

- Player A sent his order along with number 5
- Player B sent his order along with number 3
- Player C sent his order along with number 2
- Player D sent his order along with number 3
- Player E sent his order along with number 1
- Player F sent his order along with number 1
- Player G sent his order along with number 3
- Player H sent his order along with number 6
- Player I sent his order along with number 4
- Player J sent his order along with number 4
- Player K sent his order along with number 1

Resolution order will be then:

First Pile: Non-repeated numbers:
- Player C goes first (2)
- Next is player A (5)
- Then player H (6)

Second Pile: Repeated numbers:
- Players I and J come next after player H (who goes first between I and J will be decided at random) (4)
- Then, players B, D and G (order between these three will be chosen at random) (3)
- Finally, come players E, F and K (order at random between these three) (1)

Note: Players may send several orders within a same PM and send only one number for all those orders (all those orders will be combined then into a one -big- order); they can also, within a same PM, send several orders separated by associating each order or group of orders different numbers.


Finally, I noticed that the classic Mafia ruleset used here is different from what I intend to implement. Here goes the ruleset I'd use:

Game Rules
  1. It's just a game. Try to have fun, but don't prevent others from enjoying themselves as well.
  2. Once dead, you are dead. Players that have died may not make any more posts in the thread, for any reason.
  3. Unless you're given specific permission in your role PM, no one is allowed to communicate with anyone outside of the game thread about this game. This goes for players that have died as well. If you are dead, you may not talk to anyone that is still alive in the game thread about this game, and vice versa.
  4. As long as the game is ongoing, do not publicly speak about the game, linking to this thread.
  5. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. Double posting is allowed and encouraged as a replacement for edits.
  6. Do not quote anything directly that you receive in a PM from the mod, real or fake (meaning, don't post something, saying that it is a quote from the mod). Disobeying this rule will result in an immediate modkill.
  7. Do not post any pictures that you were sent in your role PM. This includes posting the actual picture, or a link to the picture). Disobeying this rule will result in an immediate modkill.
  8. You may not post any screenshots. Any screenshots posted will immediately be edited out by the mod.
  9. Speak only in english. Posting in another language, encrypting your post in some code of some kind, or anything similar to this is not allowed.
  10. Do not quote logs of communcation you have had between yourself and another player. You may paraphrase instead.
  11. Failure to send your night action will result in no night actions being performed.
  12. Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in modkill or replacement at the mod's discretion. If you are unsure of whether a post would violate one of these rules, you are more than welcome to ask me personally, beforehand.

Infractions and ModKills
  1. During the Day Phase you may vote for any player to be lynched by posting (in bold) Vote: Player. For example, Vote: Xyro.
  2. To remove a vote, you may use the Unvote command, by merely posting Unvote. You do not need to Unvote before placing your vote on another player.
  3. The Day Phase will end when a majority vote has been reached, or the predetermined deadline has arrived. Each day phase will last, roughly, seven real days. If the day ends without there being a majority, the player with most votes against him will be lynched. If there is a tie, there will be a No Lynch.
  4. No Lynch is a valid vote choice. If a majority vote No Lynch, then the day will end without anyone lynched. For example, Vote: No Lynch.
  5. After a majority vote has been reached or once the Day Phase hits its deadline, the game will move to Twilight Phase. During this time everyone is able to still post, including the player about to get lynched. After the lynch scene is posted, the game will move to the Night Phase.
  6. Night Phases will last roughly two to three days. During this time, nobody is able to post in the game thread.

  1. You are required to make at least one post every 60 hours. If you fail to do so, you will receive a prod through PM. Receiving two prods will result in a replacement or modkill, depending on the situation. I will warn you personally beforehand if I'm considering replacing or modkilling you.
  2. The players are able to vote for a deadline extension. This may only be done once per game and is granted if a majority of the players do so. The deadline extension will last three days.

Helpful Rules and Links
Newbie Guide | Basic Rules | Common Roles

Let me know if you'd be interested in joining.
Most of my final exams are this week, so in a few days I plan on celebrating by starting a Diplomacy game on webDiplomacy. Are any Smogonites interested in joining me for a game? I know there have been some previous Diplomacy games before on Smogon, some successful and some canceled due to inactivity, but if you want to play and won't drop out during the game, send me a PM. If there's enough people interested, we could have a Smogon-only game on their site, and if there are enough people for 2 games, I can also host a game on Smogon (If the mods let me).

A couple things about the game: It will probably start around 2:00 GMT Friday, and each turn will last 36 hours; this will not be a live game. First time Diplomacy players are welcome :) But you must be willing to keep playing until the game is over or you are eliminated. If anyone wants to play, send me a PM by 2:00 GMT Friday.

Also, Rajam, welcome to Smogon! I don't completely understand your idea, but if it's been done successfully before, then it could be worth a try. However, it seems to be drastically different from Smogon Mafia, so many people here may not be interested.

Still EDITing: Major change of plans, the game won't start until next week, so you can still PM me to join :)

Steven Snype

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I'd like to design a complicated mafia game with mechanics similar to Guild Wars. This will be a very experimental mafia game and will take quite some time to design with a cohost as I have a tight schedule for the next couple of months. Preferably, the cohost should have some experience with Guild Wars and understand the Skills, HP, Energy, Exhaustion, Weapons, Professions, Casting, Conditions, Enchantments, and Hexes. Skills (and for that matter Elite Skills) will have to be modified to fit the game. If you have no idea what I just said in the previous sentence, this game is probably not the right type for you. However, this will definitely take a long time. I need an extremely committed cohost. Please PM me on IRC if you are interested.


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The following is a game using the mechanics of Pathfinder, a tabletop roleplaying game (and D&D variant). If you do not have experience with rpgs, don't worry. This is a creative problem solving game, and no player need worry too much about the mechanics.

From all walks of life. From all over the world. But most importantly, hidden. You are a Mage. You have toiled in secret your whole life to master an art and science long forgotten. "Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. June, 2011. Flamel." You receive this message, vague to an outsider, but something hundreds of Magi yearn for their whole life. You have been chosen to participate in the ritual to create a new Philosopher's Stone. You know that this is not a bloodless ritual. You will fight seven other Magi, and only one will come out alive. However, the stone grants unlimited wealth and immortality. But for most Magi, the allure is in using the most powerful summoning magic in existence, the summoning of heroic champions.

The Philosopher's Stone War is a battle royale between eight players, borrowing mechanical rules from the game Pathfinder (links below). If you've played or watched Fate/Stay Night, you know the basic rules already.

- Every player starts the game as a 10th level Wizard.
- Every player gets a heroic champion, from one of eight randomly assigned classes. The player and the DM (me) will design a 20th level character based on this class, using the identify of a figure from history, myth, or select fiction (ie. The Oddysey, Lords of the Rings).
- A player is removed from the game when either his character or his champion are killed.
- Every player has three Order Spells. These are trump cards, which allow their champions to perform impossible feats. These can be vital for saving the player's life, or for securing victory.

This is a game of stealth and intrigue. Game strategy can pan around enforcing defensive structures, drawing magical power from contested laylines, discovering the identity (and powers) of the enemy champions, forming tense alliances, and attacking your enemy before they see you coming. Because this is Pathfinder, your options are limited only by your creative problem solving ability.

This is a roleplaying game. Half the fun is roleplaying as badass legendary heroes, accompanied of course by a wizard with whatever personality you wish. You are allowed to talk with other players about the game in character when contact is made. Otherwise, you are not. This is not a balance rule, it’s to immerse you in this isolated and dangerous world where another player could be lurking around the next dark corner, not “a pm away”.

Some flexibility is required in when you can play this game. On some days you can send in a game plan and be unimpeded. But sooner or later, players will meet up and these interactions must be run in real time with the DM as arbiter. These encounters should be swift (average 30 minutes) and ran as soon as possible. An IRC channel will be set up to help the game run smoothly.

As noted, there are 8 Classes of Heroic Champion;

The Knight, a physically defensive martial class. The Knight excels at taking hits, while still able to physically threaten other classes. The Knight specializes in protecting her summoner, lending it to a playstyle where the player is never directly in harms way. The Knight can be literal, but soldier legends with strong discipline or duty can be considered as well.

The Warrior, a physically offensive martial class. The Warrior excels at direct combat above all others. The Warrior specializes in being able to reliably pressure any other heroic champion without fail. The Warrior is an exceptionally versatile class when it comes to choosing a legend, but are generally less honor bound and more brutal than the Knight.

The Cavalier, a physically versatile martial class. The Cavalier is neither specially offensive or defensive, but can fill both roles while bringing more versatility to the table. The Cavalier specializes in mobility, able to easily chase down foes or escape from them. The Cavalier can be any figure with a legendary mount, and in fact a mount is required, but free willed adventurers are also acceptable.

The Archer, a ranged utility class. The Archer prefers to at least mostly battle opponents from a distance. The Archer specializes in perception, allowing them to track down enemies or avoid traps. The Archer can be any legend associated with a bow, but any ranged weapon is also permissible.

The Rogue, a stealth utility class. The Rogue inflicts devastating blows before combat begins, greatly evening the odds in any fight. The Rogue specializes in stealth, allowing them to scout and ambush easily. The Rogue can be any legendary thief, assassin, or trickster.

The Monk, a versatile utility class. The Monk fights in an unpredictable style, reversing opponent's attacks, chaining combos, and using mystical powers. The Monk specializes in awareness, their meditative perception detecting magic throughout the combat zone. The Monk can be any legendary monk or martial artist.

The Wizard, an offensive magic class. The Wizard uses arcane magic to devastate her foes. The Wizard specializes in the same magic the player does but to a higher degree, allowing for more spell oriented strategy. The Wizard any mythical wizard or witch, but may also be a legendary scientist or alchemist.

The Shaman, a defensive magic class. The Shaman uses divine magic to heal and survive. The Shaman specializes in outliving her foes and being frustratingly hard to finish off. The Shaman may be any mythical shaman, druid, or priest, but may also be any legendary healer.

Pathfinder Database
Character Creation
Magic in General
Combat Guide (You don’t need to understand ALL of this, it’s just the mechanics behind what happens when you tell me to have your champion clobber the enemy over the head).
PM me if you're interested.

I've just started thinking of a really interesting concept. I will very much want to run such a game after my other game which will be hosted soon. I'm looking for someone with experience and plenty of time, although I don't think it will be that time-consuming. I'm still at extremely early stages, so there's plenty of freedom. It's worth noting that I've yet to decide on the type, be it standard, expert, or hell even big, based on the time it will happen. Find me on irc if you're interested.
I'm looking for a co-host for a beginner mafia game, I have a game designed that I'd like to run, but I've never run a mafia game on Smogon. If you're interested so far, you also have to have good flavour writing abilities since I cannot write flavour in updates to save my life. T_T PM me if you want to.
I'm looking for a cohost to a mafia game that'll probably be similar to SDS' idea here

Except for items, you have pokemon which you catch. And instead of a grid, try routes.
This'll most likely be expert level or a very experimental standard, so I am asking only those with past hosting experience to apply.


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if anyone would like to cohost MUDS Mafia, a beginner mafia similar to SANDS, contact me.
if you are a first-time host this is the game for you.. it's like SANDS but dulled down. i will have the sheet done tonight for it.
- edit: host found for MUDS, below is still open.

still seeking openings for hosting SANDS the THIRDS or BIGS. if we have spoken about it contact me again i am forgetful.


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game basis idea:

0. turn based
1. a map devided into fields
2. players start out on one of said fields
3. they can perform actions, such as:
-moving, which moves them to another field (duh)
-attacking, which kills a player that is undefended and not hiding, unless you have a greater "squad"
you win: if you have a greater total bonus then the person you are attacking, which kills him/her and everyone helping him/her
you lose: if your opponent fills the conditions for winning
you tie: if you have the same total bonus as the opponent, in this case, nothing happens.
-inspecting, which gives you the team/role/whatever of the player you inspect if they are not hiding, unless you outsquad them.
-hiding, which heightens your ability to not get killed
if you are hiding and you are attacked, you only get killed if the attacker has a higher total bonus (usually meaning he has a bigger squad).
-defending/helping, which helps a player hiding or attacking or not dieing, you can help people who help you.
squads: squads would be forming by making a chain of helps or a lot of people helping the same person.
you get the bonus from: people who directly help you, or people "below" you in the "help-hierarchy", people don't count as below you if a "loop" is formed.
in the case of a loop: everyone connected to the loop gets the bonus only from the ones directly helping them.
-any game or role specific
all actions targetting another player can only be used on players on the same field as the one that uses said action.
only one of these actions can be performed each turn.
4. players may or may not be devided into teams (but probably wil)
5. winning is done by completing a game or role specific goal, such as capturing a flag, piecing together a treasure, or simply killing the other team.
6. you can see who is on the same field as you are, unless there are too much people on said field (idk how much it should be, :I)

variation can be added by adding roles, special maps, and basically anything mafia can use to be more varied.

some rules base rules i came up with; PM/VM if you are in anyway interested in them or have suggestions/improvements on them. i would love to help with building a game around these too, if anyone would want to do that.

no, i don't plan on hosting anything using these, anyone remembering inventions mafia should know why. T_T


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Mafia Champion
I'm looking for a cohost for a Standard Mafia that I've been working on. PM me if you are interested. The game design is mostly finished, but there are a couple of blanks in the spreadsheet that I'd like a more experienced host to help me with.
NOTE: I am going on vacation tomorrow, and my access to IRC will be limited if at all. PM will probably be the primary form of communication until i return in about a week or so.
EDIT: Never mind the no IRC access thing. I just found out about Colloquy.
EDIT2: Back from vacation, game has been completely reworked. It is now a Beginner Mafia. PM me if interested.
EDIT3: Screw the cohost, I'm flyin solo


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Been awhile since I've written a mafia game. I want to write one about Lost. There is a huge amount of potential and characters. Need a co-writer/someone that could run the game for me (my least favorite part). I've written a few games in the past so I know what I'm doing, but I love bouncing ideas off of people. PM me if interested


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So I'm thinking of writing up a new mafia game. I don't want to ruin the theme, since it'll be quite secret, but I'll give a little tiny spoiler: Underground Mafia. Anyways, I'm probably going to need a co-host or two that would be willing to run the most of the game after I'm finished writing it up. The game will either be a Standard NOC or a Beginner game. Let me know if you are interested in being the lucky guy/girl to partner up with me.

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