PS! Staff Interviews #1: Haunter

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Evening Pokemon Showdown community. Stinson here again with the first of many Staff Interviews! This first installment sees me interview haunter! I hope you enjoy and thanks for participating! Don't forget to vote for the next interviewee and thanks again for taking part in the project!
Haunter: n_n
Stinson: good afternoon haunter!
Haunter: hello
Stinson: as many people know, you are a distinguished member of the smogon community, and a PS admin!
Stinson: for the benefit of those who haven't read your interview for the smog, what can you tell us about yourself?
Haunter: first of all, thanks for the "distinguished" ahah
Stinson: haha
Haunter: I'm a 30 yo male from Naples, Italy. I'm a lawyer in real life. I love soccer and motorbikes.
Stinson: a rare sight, an Italian smogoner
Stinson: to tie in with the lawyer thing though, I have here a question from MattL regarding that
Haunter: well, actually, the italian community has been growing a lot lately, with more and more people becoming involved in both Smogon and PS!
Haunter: I'd like to mention some honorable users, like the quasar, Alexander and the good, old, zarator
Stinson: I'll ask that in a minute, its great to see people from countries other than America and the UK getting involved, even the VGC winner of 2013 was from Italy!
Haunter: sure, ask it
Haunter: yeah
Stinson: "A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge." What do you think about that popular saying?
Haunter: I think that it's, sadly, very true. Sometimes important friendships are much more decisive than an excellent knowledge of the law.
Stinson: I guess that is similar to the phrase 'it is not what you know, it is who you know'
Haunter: exactly
Stinson: alright so lets get onto some pokemon stuff
Stinson: A popular question people always want to ask the admins is, how much do you actually battle, and which tiers?
Haunter: I've only battled in OU in gen 6 so far. I usually ladder on alts, so people rarely see me play. But I qualified for the last OU Suspect test.
Haunter: I play enough and watch enough games to keep myself up to date with the metagame
Stinson: Oh awesome, so you don't often need to battle to keep your skills up to scratch!
Haunter: you probably know about this directly
Stinson: I do often see you viewing OU battles, when you aren't in the lobby!
Haunter: exaclty
Stinson: Okay so here is one I wanted to know myself
Stinson: When you started playing pokemon, before you got into competitive, which mon was your favourite?
Haunter: I think you can guess it yourself ahah
Haunter: but I also loved Rayquaza
Stinson: haha that is true, which kinda answers the question where did your name come from xD
Haunter: exactly
Stinson: I loved rayquaza too, sapphie being my first game at 7 years old, rayquaza had me in awe
Stinson: sapphire*
Haunter: oh and, before you ask, I'm not going to evolve anytime soon!
Stinson: haha unsurprisingly that is on my list of questions, but I guess I'll cross it off!
Haunter: eheh
Stinson: So would it be reasonable to guess that ghost was your favourite type when you started playing?
Haunter: actually ghost and dragon
Haunter: but yeah, haunter was my favorite, so probably ghost comes first
Stinson: its a shame for you that gamefreak haven't come up with that combination yet!
Stinson: oh wait, giratina
Haunter: yep
Stinson: haha
Haunter: awesome type combination
Stinson: I agree, the gen 4 legends mixed dragon with 3 great types
Haunter: I agree
Haunter: Palkia and Dialga were great too
Stinson: yeah, I played pearl and palkia was pretty incredible
Haunter: indeed
Stinson: On the subject of type combinations, which new combination would you most like to see?
Haunter: dragon/fighting would be sick
Haunter: as ghost/fighting
Stinson: Yeah that would be amazing, there is a vast swathe of awesome combinations gamefreak hasn't mixed yet
Stinson: but the creation of fairy type this gen shows they listen to their fans
Stinson: so who knows for next one!
Stinson: So on a more showdown related note, a popular question people wanted me to ask was, what are the ups and downs of being an admin on PS?
Haunter: ups is that you're famous and have the power to set policies and manage staff promotions/demotions
Haunter: downs are basically the same as ups
Stinson: haha I guess being famous can be a good and bad thing, some admire you for your position, some not so much xD
Haunter: you have a lot of responsibilities, have to grow a thick skin to handle the many complaints you receive: from people who're not satisfied with how the site is run and stuff like that
Haunter: exactly
Stinson: I can relate to that, i've certainly gotten more thick skinned since becoming staff, I can only imagine how thick yours is!
Haunter: ahah, yeah you're starting to understand it
Stinson: definitely
Stinson: So heres a good one, which staff member would you most want to go sky diving with xD?
Haunter: uhm
Haunter: how many female staffers do we have?
Stinson: haha
Stinson: I'm actually struggling to think of one since skylight left
Stinson: are you simply saying you'd take any female staff member sky diving? Haunter yep, clearly
Haunter: I suppose I'll pick briyella then
Haunter: n_n
Stinson: briyella is the lucky girl!
Haunter: definitely
Stinson: I suppose shes probably the least likely to replace your parachute with something unlikely to save your life
Stinson: Okay, so MattL made it abundantly clear that I should ask this so please take your blame to him and not me
Stinson: what was it like meeting Stone_Cold?
Haunter: lol if I ever meet him in real life, I'll let you know
Haunter: note the I
Haunter: not him
Haunter: ._.
Stinson: Stone_Cold if you're reading this
Stinson: I'd be scared
Haunter: lol
Stinson: I must say, he tricked me into thinking it was you
Stinson: Until you reminded me you were from Naples not Florence!
Haunter: ahah
Haunter: stone cold is a professional troll
Haunter: no wonder he tricked you
Haunter: and many others
Stinson: haha I'll keep a look out for his antics in future
Stinson: So I think the main message we can take from this interview
Haunter: I'll ban him if he mentions me again in his troll attempts
Stinson: is to stop asking haunter when hes gonna evolve, haunter will always be haunter!
Stinson: haha sounds like a plan, or he may take that as a call to arms!
Haunter: that's a safe assumption yeah
Haunter: lol maybe
Haunter: knowing him...
Stinson: I hope you haven't just dug yourself a hole!
Haunter: ahah, stone is a friend
Haunter: he actually asked for my permission before posting that thread
Haunter: though his joke went a bit too far
Haunter: cause people actually believed that man was me
Haunter: ._.
Stinson: haha yeah I heard from someone that you weren't entirely happy about it
Stinson: you mean it would have been fine if people had taken it as a joke xD?
Haunter: yeah
Haunter: it was supposed to be a joke
Stinson: that makes sense
Haunter: but some people on this site just take stuff too seriously
Haunter: if you get what I mean
Stinson: I totally do, I always tell people, especially on PS, that everything works out best if you lighten up, and I need to take my own advice sometimes!
Haunter: ahah
Haunter: good to hear
Stinson: I guess there is only thing more I need to ask that is on my list, what is your biggest pet peeve?
Haunter: I have many. Probably cleanliness is the biggest though and I hate disorder
Stinson: I guess it fits that you are an admin then, as you have the power to turn disorder into order!
Haunter: good guess
Haunter: ahah
Stinson: Well this has been fun, and I think now would be a good time to conclude the first PS staff interview, and I hope everyone will read this and get to know you a bit better!
Haunter: thanks for the interview and greetings to the PS! community
Stinson: thanks very much haunter!

MattL will be happy to see I used some of his best questions!

Some notes about the poll:
Sorry its long, theres a lot of guys to pick from!
Nani Man is at the bottom because I forgot him when doing it inalphabetical order, similar to Scene being at the bottom of the S'.
The whom is there so Relados doesn't get upset at my grammar;D
Thanks for voting!
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I dont even realize everyone in my sig is being sarcastic
You did put in way to many options tho. I liked it when you kept it by ranks


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So many options XD

Anyhow, pretty good interview overall. Might consider ways to improve the formatting of the interviews. As right now it reads more like a log (which is what it technically is...) rather than a fun exciting interview that I want to read.

So now...the real question. If we vote for Stinson and he wins, who will interview him? Or will we be treated to the humor of Stinson interviewing Stinson?


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I'm not gonna make any promises, I'm not gonna campaign for your vote, I'm not gonna flatter you or some shit. Not even gonna point out how I stomped that little turd evankramer - I won our BO3. I used swagplay first game and he fucking outplayed the coinflip.

What I am gonna do is say this:

I'm the best.

Also, #TAONU: I will free Touhou if you vote me.

Nani Man

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Are you depressed? Are you getting owned by players on the ladder? Did that girl dump you and choose the idiot who looks like a blaziken? Fear no more. This all ends today! I will save you from despair and promise you many females and success. In the wise words of master rapper Drake, you only live once. Vote now, vote nani.

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