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art by the terrific Blue Frog
Welcome to Round 2 of the Pokemon Showdown Premier League! The format of this tournament is simple: if you're familiar with the soccer World Cup, it's identical (as we were lucky enough to get 32 teams signed up). Anyway, the idea is that there's eight groups, with four teams in each. Within each group, the four teams face each of the other three teams in their group once. After three weeks, the teams will be ranked (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss). The top two teams advance from their groups, while the rest are eliminated.

Now we'll have sixteen teams - two from each group. Each group winner will play a second-placed team from another group, in a straight knockout format. After all eight matches in this round are over, the knockout format continues into a quarter-finals -> semi-finals -> finals. Matches will be in standard Smogon tiers, so challenge your opponent in those. Obviously, play on PS. Series are best of one.

Basic tournament rules - you absolutely should read this, especially if you're new to forum tournaments
  • Sportsmanship: don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. The punishment for this could be a server ban (which means an instant loss for you), forum infraction or disqualification. Think before you type, please.

  • Activity wins and scheduling: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS too. Unfortunately, I'll have to make some activity calls - I'll be making these based on activity posts (make these detailed, please, and explain why you deserve an activity win) and VM conversations, so be active and schedule as early as you can with your opponent. Use VMs and you will be fine. No extensions, sorry.

  • Disconnections and timer: a timer loss is a loss. No ifs, no buts. If you disconnect and your opponent's nice enough to replay that's fine, but they're free to take the win.

  • Ghosting and identity: don't take or give battle advice or make moves based on the suggestions of others, and don't pretend to be someone else in order to play as them. You will be caught and you will be disqualified. Don't be silly.

  • Substitutions: managers, you're free to sub in players for inactive ones at any stage. Subs are taken from your /roomauth list. This follows the same requirements for legitimacy as your starting 7, so be aware. I'll accept substitutions from the manager and any roomowner.
Matchups format: Smogon Name (PS name if different)
Standings format: [points] Team Name [wins-losses-dead games]

Final group standings

Topaz Group

[9] Social Media (14-7-0) (MikeDecIsHere)
[6] Português (11-9-1) (zdrup15)
[3] Community Mentoring (9-11-1) (Redew)
[0] CAP (7-14-0) (jas61292)

Emerald Group

[9] Neverused (14-5-2) (Raseri)
[6] Italiano (13-7-1) (The Quasar)
[3] Trivia (9-10-2) (Sunako)
[0] Monotype (5-15-1) (Nani Man)

Onyx Group

[9] Rarelyused (14-7-0) (barton)
[3] Wifi (13-8-0) (Darnell)
[3] Challenges (8-12-1) (Bean)
[3] Anime and Manga (7-13-1) (Kostitsyn)

Amber Group

[9] Underused (14-4-3) (CoolStoryBrobat)
[6] Deutsche (10-8-3) (asgdf)
[3] Meteor Falls (6-9-6) (Vacate)
[0] Cafe Le Wow + TVBF (4-13-4) (Osiris)
Amethyst Group

[9] Español (12-6-3) (Astyanax)
[6] Doubles (11-10-0) (Audiosurfer)
[3] Roleplaying (9-11-1) (Formerhope)
[0] Health & Fitness + Sports (7-12-2) (jdarden)
Sapphire Group

[7] Ubers (10-8-3) (MAJISTRATE)
[6] Scavengers + Battle Spot (12-9-0) (Spydreigon)
[4] Other Metagames (11-9-1) (The Eevee General)
[0] Game Corner (6-13-2) (WintryCourtney)

Ruby Group

Overused (12-8-1) (MattL)
[6] Tournaments (12-8-1) (Scene)
[3] Free Time (8-12-1) (Champion Albert)
[0] The Studio (8-12-1) (evir)

Quartz Group

Competitive Tutoring (17-2-2) (Royalty)
[6] Français (10-8-3) (Luckstard.)
[3] Old Gens (5-11-5) (ashiemore)
[0] Mafia (4-15-2) (Transmuter)


Social Media (2) v (4) Italiano

Ubers: Edgar v Tricking
OU 1: chimpact v Inflikted
OU 2: Sork v Mix
UU: Omfuga v amber lamps
RU: MikeDecIsHere v The Quasar
NU: aim (pokeaim) v galbia
Randbats: ICB (iceycold) v trev

Rarelyused (1) v (5) Deutsche

Ubers: kingmidas v Resolut!
OU 1: Azumarill v Baharoth (teamtesting4)
OU 2: Pearl. v kloshitt (kloshitteroladelo)
UU: The Leprechaun v asgdf
RU: migzoo v soTsoT
NU: barton v Panoma555
Randbats: Lyto v silver99

Español (5) v (2) Scavengers + Battle Spot

Ubers: Ecuacion v Updated Kanto
OU 1: Alastor Law v innovamania
OU 2: NocturOP v Cyllage
UU: ImSNT v z0mOG
RU: Chano v Feliburn
NU: Dylan1244 v Montsegur
Randbats: Licor43 v BEEEEEEEANS

Overused (4) v (3) Français

Ubers: Tokyo Tom v Adyctif (pam)
OU 1: ben gay v Gros Orteil
OU 2: Leftiez v Unamed
UU: A Terrakion v Eaarth'
RU: Jaiho (the jaiho) v Kanap£sh (kanapesh)
NU: The Goomy v dfmetal
Randbats: Valentine v Luckstard. (BahaWin)

Português (2) v (5) Neverused

Ubers: Zxut v FLCL
OU 1: Destiny Device v Soulgazer
OU 2: DD. (ljdarkrai) v Sinclair
UU: WhiteQueen v Afro Smash
RU: Havor (renchon) v SilentVerse
NU: zdrup15 (zdrup) v Zebraiken
Randbats: Brazilian Army (I am BR army) v tennisace

Wifi (4) v (3) Underused

Ubers: Angeela v King UU
OU 1: Hairy Ambipom (hairytoenail) v Kushalos
OU 2: snakeindagrass v dingbat
UU: Cranham v st123 (xMarth)
RU: smelliott v Kitten Milk (Pleasure Kitten)
NU: slayerx725232 v ~Volbeatdown~
Randbats: Anto v Sage of the 6

Doubles (6) v (1) Ubers

Ubers: Steeljackal<3 (Steeljackal) v MAJISTRATE
OU 1: Mizuhime v dice
OU 2: Lohgock v Tesung
UU: offler v Sweep
RU: Robert Alfons v -Tsunami-
NU: xzern v Versace Python Cased
Randbats: Audiosurfer v Kebabe

Tournaments (2) v (4) Competitive Tutoring

DontStealMyPenguin (loughborough) v brokenwings
v Trinitrotoluene
Vaporeon for Ubers v Rob.
luka pucko v EyanZ
Scene v Wepwn
Blitzamirin v Royalty
Antemortem v DaAwesomeDude1

This week ends Sunday the 5th of October (one week from now) at midnight EST. Remember that from now on, the tournament is knockout. Enjoy!​
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you did a mistake in room franais line up :o

I pm'd you the line up we want

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