PSPL II: Round 2

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Won vs. Pam, GG. Sorry for the Willo miss on Dialga, definitely shifted the match in my favour a bit, otherwise solid game


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Ugh, was really looking forward to and anticipating my upcoming battle, but sadly it's come to this: Calling activity vs. ~Volbeatdown~ in the WiFi vs. Underused matchup. They agreed to battle today at 6PM EST, where it is now almost 30 minuets past that and I HAVE to go do things that cannot be shoved aside. So unless Volbeatdown somehow gets online in the next 3 or so minutes, I'm calling activity. (sigh, I really wanted to battle dem. :c)



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  • PLEASE POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S WALL: it makes it very easy to award you activity, rather than trawling this thread
  • if a manager disagrees with any of these calls (it's very possible I've missed something, it's a big tournament), pm me with evidence of activity (vm, post in this thread) and I'll certainly consider it
activity wins:
xzern v versace python cased
hairy ambipom v kushalos
alastor law v innovamania

dead games:

Blitzmirin v Royalty
kingmidas v resolut!
chimpact v inflikted

quarterfinals will be up shortly, stay tuned
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