Tournament PSPL IV Group Stages (Week 1)

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Welcome to the group stages of Pokemon Showdown Premier League IV!​

The format is simple: there are eight groups of four teams, and within each group, round robin matches take place in which every team faces one another once. After three weeks, the teams will be ranked according to a point system - 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The top two from each group advance to the playoffs. Thereafter, the Top 16 Playoffs will be conducted in knockout format until a winner is decided in the finals, with the succession being top 16 -> quarterfinals -> semifinals -> finals.

Important reminders
  • Replays - To encourage competitive exposure to the tiers within the PS community, and so that everyone is on an even playing field, all matches now must have replays recorded. If neither player posts replays of the match by the end of the week, both players will suffer an automatic game loss.
  • Updated Policy on Ghosting - Acts of ghosting have been subject to more hardline punishments in recent times, and this event is by no means an exception. Any convicted acts of ghosting will result in an immediate disqualification of this tournament, as well as a ban in place from participating next year. This ban will extend to BLT events (and vice-versa, meaning that BLT's bans will apply here as well), as well as possibly across any other big PS! forum community tournaments. For those unaware of what constitutes ghosting, check here.
  • Random Battle is Best of 3 - All other formats are best of 1.
All basic tournament rule apply. Please take a moment to read these, ESPECIALLY if you are new to forum tournaments.
  • Sportsmanship: don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. The punishment for this could be a server ban (which means an instant loss for you), forum infraction, or disqualification. Think before you type, please.
  • Activity wins and scheduling: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS too. Unfortunately, I'll have to make some activity calls - I'll be making these based on activity posts (make these detailed, please, and explain why you deserve an activity win) and VM conversations, so be active and schedule as early as you can with your opponent. Use VMs and you will be fine. No extensions, sorry. If they lack a Smogon account, be vigilant as far as contacting them on PS goes.
  • Disconnections and timer: a timer loss is a loss. No ifs, no buts. If you disconnect and your opponent's nice enough to replay that's fine, but they're free to take the win.
  • Substitutions: managers, you're free to sub in players for inactive ones at any stage. Subs are taken from the lineups that were sent to me and Dell, and can include any managers if necessary. I'll accept substitutions from the manager and any roomowner.

Deadline: Sunday, June 26th

Red Group

Comp. Tutoring
(3) vs (5) Nederlands

(0) vs (6) Français

Blue Group

Espanol + Portugues
(4) vs (4) Tours

(1) vs (5) Never Used

Silver Group

(6) vs (2) Survivor

(3) vs (5) Mafia

Gold Group

(6) vs (2) Scavengers

Managers:Acast, Bondie -- ashiemore, Painter Espeon -- Espeon

Ubers: Eien vs. Mr. Uncompetitive
OU: Balto vs. Painter Espeon
Doubles: Anttya vs. Manaphy286
UU: Wanka vs. Abyssal Ruins (keeping it icy on PS)
RU: all falls down vs. Ambi (Ambii on PS)
NU: Lax vs. Dylas (Breath of the Wild on PS)
PU: Acast vs. SergioRules
Randbats (2): Omega-Xis vs. PyoroLoli

Anime and Manga
(1) vs (6) Rate My Team

Crystal Group

(5) vs (3) Chinese

(0) vs (6) Rarely Used

Emerald Group

(4) vs (4) LC

MMO/TCG & Tabletop
(1) vs (7) The Studio+THP

Managers: Berserking Now, MochaMint -- Albert., Sigilyph

Ubers: Berserking Now vs. don't lose
OU: MonoMire (Pablo on PS) vs. MrMagicbuzz
UU: ShadowMinbari (LittleTree on ps) vs. Cerberax
RU: The Lucky Absol (AIMW on PS) vs. phil
NU: bumbadadabum vs. Brandon~ (Brrandon)
Doubles: XK_Zuko (Raineko on PS) vs. Beta.
LC: MochaMint vs. Mystifi
Randbats (2) (3): Swirlyder vs. Sigilyph

Ruby Group

Battle Spot (2) vs (6) Other Metas

(5) vs (3) Game Corner

Sapphire Group

(6) vs (2) Pro Wrestling

(2) vs (6) Cafe le Wow/Sun and Moon

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