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Welcome to the quarterfinals of the Pokemon Showdown Premier League IV Playoffs! The top two from each group has advanced to the playoffs. From here, the matches will be conducted in knockout format until a winner is decided in the finals, with the succession being top 16 -> quarterfinals -> semifinals -> finals.

Update on prizes for the winner: They can choose from either a temporary "top room" status or a custom avatar that will be whitelisted for the use of the winning team and its participants!

Tie Breaker
In the case of two teams that are facing each other both gaining 4 wins, three best of 1 games will be played between the teams that are tied. Each team must select 3 players from their team that can be used for the games, with one of the games being OU and the two others being decided by the respective teams. One team votes for one format to play and the other does the same.​

Important reminders
  • Replays - To encourage competitive exposure to the tiers within the PS community, and so that everyone is on an even playing field, all matches now must have replays recorded. If neither player posts replays of the match by the end of the week, both players will suffer an automatic game loss.
  • Updated Policy on Ghosting - Acts of ghosting have been subject to more hardline punishments in recent times, and this event is by no means an exception. Any convicted acts of ghosting will result in an immediate disqualification of this tournament, as well as a ban in place from participating next year. This ban will extend to BLT events (and vice-versa, meaning that BLT's bans will apply here as well), as well as possibly across any other big PS! forum community tournaments. For those unaware of what constitutes ghosting, check here.
  • Random Battle is Best of 3.
All basic tournament rule apply. Please take a moment to read these, ESPECIALLY if you are new to forum tournaments.

  • Sportsmanship: don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. The punishment for this could be a server ban (which means an instant loss for you), forum infraction, or disqualification. Think before you type, please.
  • Activity wins and scheduling: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS too. Unfortunately, I'll have to make some activity calls - I'll be making these based on activity posts (make these detailed, please, and explain why you deserve an activity win) and VM conversations, so be active and schedule as early as you can with your opponent. Use VMs and you will be fine. No extensions, sorry. If they lack a Smogon account, be vigilant as far as contacting them on PS goes.
  • Disconnections and timer: a timer loss is a loss. No ifs, no buts. If you disconnect and your opponent's nice enough to replay that's fine, but they're free to take the win.
  • Substitutions: managers, you're free to sub in players for inactive ones at any stage. Subs are taken from the lineups that were sent to me and Scpinion, and can include any managers if necessary. I'll accept substitutions from the manager and any roomowner.

UnderUsed (4) vs (4) Doubles

Managers: Hikari Sam -- kamikaze17 Memoric

Ubers: Euphonos vs Leru
UU: Pearl vs Colbrushie
RU: Killintime vs Nido-Rus
NU: FLCL vs xzern
DOU: Pak vs kamikaze17
PU: Thisbemyalt vs qsns
LC: King UU vs talkingtree

Tie Breaker
OU: FLCL vs Leru
DOU: Pak vs kamikaze17
UU: Pearl vs Colbrushie

LC (2) vs (6) Italiano

Managers: Mambo Coconut. -- Haund duck

Ubers: Mambo vs smilzo
OU: ZoroarkForever vs Gigo
RU: Confide vs Tricking
NU: Cased vs vakatalesau
DOU: Rumor vs v0lca
LC: Heysup vs r0spe
Randbats: Vileman vs duck

Francais (3) vs (5) Comp. Tutoring

Managers: Luckstard. -- Eyan MrAldo

Ubers: Gastrik vs Starmei
OU: Unamed vs p2
UU: Fairy Peak vs Kreme
RU: Holiano vs Andromeda.
NU: Adyctif (is voiced as pam on PS!) vs Peli
DOU: Vinc2612 vs DaAwesomeDude1
LC: majaspic22 vs Eniigma
PU: Raspberry vs Teddeh

Ubers (5) vs (3) PU

Managers: Sweep -- galbia Anty

Ubers: Pohjis vs Megazard
OU: Level 56 vs Raiza
UU: Lord Outrage vs amber lamps
RU: Aberforth vs Dundies
NU: Fireburn vs TTFTW
DOU: Haruno vs cityfolk
: SparksBlade vs RawMelon
: absdaddy vs trash

Deadline: August 2nd 11:59 PM EST

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