Tournament PSPL IV: Quarterfinals


majestic pride.
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tiebreak time

Hikari kamikaze17 Memoric

Tie Breaker
In the case of two teams that are facing each other both gaining 4 wins, three best of 1 games will be played between the teams that are tied. Each team must select 3 players from their team that can be used for the games, with one of the games being OU and the two others being decided by the respective teams. One team votes for one format to play and the other does the same.
doubles room picked dou


Like ships in the night, you're passing me by
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if only there was someone who would play for dubs room and is quite good at LC...


It's Vince, friend
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So it looks like it's the end of the road for us. It also looks like I'm late af but whatever. Sorry team if I couldn't be more available to get everyone ready, still glad I managed to play this with you :D

Good games Comp. Tutoring, best of luck in the future rounds. You're definitely in the top percentage of remaining teams. Also I don't like losing against bad players so you better win it all now, or I'll chase down everyone of you and make you regret not quitting in time :@

Also sorry Pearl, but your team is out next, because Leru and Kamikaze got this (but you can win though :D)

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