PSPL VI Playoffs: Finals [Won by PU]

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Ayyy, my PU dudes! Maybe they'll put us in Slam now :psysly:

  • Psynergy, cant say, DragonWhale, Hulavuta, NOVED: the managers and glue of the team, keeping everyone together and motivated behind the scenes
  • chemcoop, Jmal98, Psynergy, Sam I Yam, Lord Sodium, Jhon, Misaka Mikoto: the battling crews getting those Ws each round, with loads of epic games and even 6-0s :swole: Big thanks to Sam and Lord Sodium especially, cool dudes who were more than happy to help when I reached out to them the day we had to submit our Week 1 lineups lol, you guys are the best! Mikaav helped a ton, too, with test games for Ubers, you rock!
  • Special thanks from me to Jmash324, who helped me a lot with NU test games. You're the best, man!
Made it to quarterfinals this year, next time we going for the top! :blobtriumph:
Great run, Chess. This was my first year of PSPL (after learning of it from THP), which turned out to be very fun, despite the numerous times I had lost. I’d really like to thank blalib for doing so much for the team, especially managing it, and Knuckstrike (FIREEEE) for doing a lot of RMT or other team (pun intended) work. I also can’t forget to thank our whole team for letting us get this far; great job to everyone! Though we didn’t win, I had a great time, and a great deal of hype, and I’m sad that Chess won’t participate next year (unless we bump our activity up for something). Congratulations, PU, and maybe some year we’ll qualify to play again.
Soooooooo fellas... here we are, we actually did it. Even though we joined the tour a bit as a joke since no one apparently wanted to do it, we started form the bottom and now we here. I have to say, thank the lord managing this team was pleasant enough and everyone bar one person was able to schedule one pokemon match and avoid being a little cunt. Thank you to Teddeh and Robert Alfons, our arguably two most solid slots in respectively nu and ru, TJ and LordST for accepting to play the untiers that are monotype and ubers, allstarapology gz Specs Jigglypuff for offerign their support for whatever tier we needed, dibs for our amazing weekly art, Taskr and Aaronboyer for putting up with the pressure of guaranteeing us a weekly loss in ou and lc. A special fuck you, on the other hand, to HJAD just because, and Anty because you're so fucking brain damaged that you can't schedule one RANDOM BATTLE match of all tiers in a week. Special shoutouts to Tricking and Snou, who accepted to join our team mid-tour and help us out with everything, not only the tier. edit: forgot to thank our supporters: g, brambane, jklioe, shuckledeath, generalannoyance. too lazy to tag but please still like my post...

This might not be the most prestigious tour, but i'm extremely happy we managed to win it. Thank you everyone! and i still hate nui
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