Tournament PSPL VIII Group Stages: Week 1

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Gonna do some predictions (hopefully from knowledge and not reaction scores)

Ubers (4) vs Zeroused (4)

SS Ubers: ice-master-523 vs. 5gen - seen one and havent seen the other
SS OU: Pohjis vs. teal6 - rly good game, should be close
SS UU: Mysterious M vs. z3ll1 (shwiftyshiftry) - mm is rly good, rarely seen shiftry
SS RU: Enzo Gorlami vs. Feliburn - 50/50 but going with the person i've seen more of
SS NU: Garay oak vs. Ho3nConfirm3d - both good, one is just better
SS Monotype: Skysolo vs. czim - 50/50 for player matchup and team matchup
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): SparksBlade vs. DurzaOffTopic (Pitches) - good vs better
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): crucify vs. Aaronboyer - dunno vs know
Thoughts: Ubers brought an expected good team and ZU brought a better team than I thought

Scav+Surv (7) vs Espanol (1)

SS Ubers: Zyg vs. Viduf - a former ubers mon himself
SS OU: LittEleven vs. Lets In The Sun - know vs dunno
SS UU: Abyssal Ruins (keeping it icy) vs. Mordecai & Rigby (Clorodulce) - kii is goated sorry
SS RU: Cheese5555 (cheese555) vs. Forsendi - cheese is goated too
SS NU: SergioRules vs. Chokepic - gonna do this one based off of reaction score
SS Monotype: OM vs. Caspell - good vs dont know
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Gimm1ck vs. AnyeloM - anyelo is high on ladder
SS 1V1 (Best of 5): Felucia vs. juano (Xejuanox) - oh they got Felucia
Thoughts: Scav/Surv's team is clearly goated and Spanish seems underwhelming

Cap/OM/National Dex (5) vs Portugues (3)

SS Uber: Ransei vs. hs (Hydreigon Specs) - should be close
SS OU: Jordy vs. Ash KetchumGamer - shouldnt be close
SS UU: xavgb (Stresh) vs. lyd - kinda close
SS RU: SectoniaServant vs. Natan (JustªRandomNick) - RU auth
SS NU: Jrdn vs. lockjaw - goated
SS Monotype: againa vs. Tico 21 - dunno either of them
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): berry (regirock) vs. Cocoon Evolution - shouldnt be close
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Jho vs. Scizor Boladão - shouldnt be close
Thoughts: Portugues is an average team, Cap/om/Ndex is a pretty good team

Sports (7) vs Nederlands (1)

SS Ubers: Themasterofdankweed vs. Alpha Ninja - dunno either of em
SS OU: Adaire vs. kingbaruk - dunno vs know
SS UU: Moutemoute vs. Wild_Duck_NL - shouldnt be close
SS RU: Prank (Jayi) vs. Kipkluif - prank isnt good but he'll hax his way to win
SS NU: Abejas vs. Blue YM - reaction score
SS Monotype: Ninjadog vs. Miss Novelist - goated
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Patrick Marleau vs. smartiemartie7 - seen them before vs havent seen them before
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Arsenal vs. TheShadowClaw - same as above
Thoughts: Nederlands seems quite underwhelming, Sports have about half their team going for them (average)

PU (8) vs Mafia (0)

SS Ubers: Megazard vs. @ClaireC - not close
SS OU: Rexus vs. NeoNaruto - not close
SS UU: Xiri (Snow jiniri) vs. RB220 - not close
SS RU: termi (termiii) vs. EeveeLution Army - not close
SS NU: tlenit1 vs. micromorphic - not close
SS Monotype: TJ (Tjay) vs. Schiavetto - not close
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): LordST vs. Commander Awesome - not close
SS 1V1 (Best of 5): yogi (yogibears) vs. Sir Mister - not close
Thoughts: Mafia is the worst team I've seen so far, PU is up there as one of the best

Lobby (1) vs UnderUsed (7)

SS Ubers: Bidoferz vs. Accelgor - not close
SS OU: SacredLatias (Namielle) vs. CBU - not close
SS UU: PinkDragonTamer vs. Twilight - pdt is definitely lobby's saving grace, though 1 player wouldnt be able to do much. should be a close match
SS RU: barton vs. Juuno - not close
SS NU: Mariannabelle vs. Estarossa - not close
SS Monotype: Tenshi vs. explodingdaisies - tenshi is goated but not close
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): fart vs. Killintime - not close
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Aura Luna vs. Lilburr - not close
Thoughts: Lobby is pretty underwhelming and UU has a rly good roster

Little Cup (5) vs NFE (3)
SS Ubers: Joltage vs. Thimo - dunno vs rly good
SS OU: Luthier vs. Fruitdealer - rly good vs dunno
SS UU: LilyAC vs. Shing'n Streets - rly good vs dunno
SS RU: Serene Grace vs. Quagg (Guagsgone) - not close
SS NU: Plas vs. SBPC - not close
SS Monotype: Corporal Levi vs. vooper - close but i got vooper
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Merritt vs. Tack - not close
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Antgeezy vs. WMAR - dunno either
Thoughts: Little Cup is promising (just not as promising as teams like UU and PU) and NFE is subpar

Help/Scholastic (1) vs Monotype (7)

SS Ubers: Annika vs. Havens - not close
SS OU: Jukain vs. Chaitanya - not very close
SS UU: Dawn of ares vs. Sabella - not close
SS RU: KennedyLFC vs. MetaRiolu7 - not close
SS NU: quziel vs. Kev - p much 50/50
SS Monotype: MicktheSpud. vs. Conflux - not close
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Kris vs. Zap - p sure kris is better at rands
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Robyn vs. LuckyPiper - 50/50
Thoughts Help/Scholastic is pretty average, Mono is loaded

skipping tours vs game corner cuz ill be sad

Anything Goes
(3) vs Italiano (5)

SS Ubers: cromagnet42 (cromagnet) vs. Terracotta (TerraTheCreator)
SS OU: BaconEatinAssassin vs. Quaze - reaction score
SS UU: pichus vs. Lopunny Kicks - lopunny is too good
SS RU: Cam vs. Averardo - better player imo
SS NU: Ktütverde vs. poh - reaction score
SS Monotype: 64 Squares vs. Kebab mlml - reaction score
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Pigeons vs. duck - pigeons is a better player but duck has more experience with rands I believe
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Quantum Tesseract vs. AltCauseImInsecure - not close
Thoughts: both have better than decent teams

Hindi (5) vs. (3) Deutsche

SS Uber: Rhmsitb vs. Fogbound Lake - reaction score
SS OU: PrAiSe GrOuDoNiSm vs. vanisherrr - reaction score
SS UU: SANJAY vs. mind gaming
SS RU: Osh vs. Descending (decode)
SS NU: Assassin Rogue vs. Sificon - dunno vs decent
SS Monotype: DugZa vs. Emre Mor 9 - not close
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Crow Music vs. MGenius (MG) - goated
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): PartChandelure (PartMan) vs. SacredKunoCV (SacredCV) - know vs dunno
Thoughts: Hindi has an above average team, Deutsche has a slightly below average one

Ruins of Alph (6) vs Anime and Manga (2)

SS Ubers: mc56556 vs. @Mustay - picking the one with a smogon
SS OU: Alumn vs. Rory Mercury - goated
SS UU: TC (THUNDERCEBRA) vs. Gota Love Yaoi - reaction score
SS RU: Makkususu (Cherryb0ng) vs. Hippopotas - reaction score + badge
SS NU: Typhlito vs. @ClinicalAlexis - has a smogon
SS Monotype: El químico del pueblucho (Damm u captcha) vs. Snez - doesnt have a 0 reaction score
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): Austin vs. Vexen IV - same as above
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): Arai vs. Peary - better
Thoughts: These are rooms I know the least about, I'll assume that means they both aren't good

Trivia (1) vs 1v1 (7)

SS Ubers: Ryota Mitarai vs. Freddy Kyogre - not close
SS OU: @Aegii vs. ima - not very close
SS UU: Grimm Nightmare vs. LittleRunnerXC (LRXC) - not close
SS RU: DanDaMan99 vs. Waylaid - dan is goated
SS NU: lucario1582 vs. Boat (phiwings99) - better
SS Monotype: @104th Trooper vs. Yami - better
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): @Instruct vs. Alakazam (The Dark Alakazam) - not close
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): @Notater517 vs. Le Creme Brule - better
Thoughts: Triv is bad (as usual) and 1v1 has a pretty good group

Franais (3) vs Video/Pokemon Games (5)

SS Ubers: KabilaPok vs. jsmith1315 - reaction score higher than 0
SS OU: Sageau vs. Archer Kirby (Primal Unova) - shouldnt be close
SS UU: basaninho vs. ShadowKyle (Devilshinra) - reaction score
SS RU: Yggdrasil60 vs. Spook - reaction score
SS NU: Union Caboche vs. Gweebis - pfp
SS Monotype: Brumirage vs. 6Roggenrolas - dunno vs know
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): SFG (SaltyFrenchGuy) vs. Alfa610 - reaction score
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): LaBalladeDesCieux vs. inactive - better imo
Thoughts: both teams are pretty underwhelming

The Studio/Happy Place
(1) vs Random Battles (7)

SS Ubers: Kaiju Bunny vs. Thiago Nunes (TNunes) - dunno skill levels but reaction score
SS OU: sniperr (Sniper) vs. Typhlosion48 (Typhlosion08) - goated, shouldnt be close
SS UU: Thimblebony (Thimb) vs. A Cake Wearing A Hat - shouldnt be close
SS RU: DianaNicole vs. Odd Della Robbia - goated, not close at all
SS NU: StarBlim vs. i want a lamp - dunno vs know
SS Monotype: andyschrijvers (Absolites) vs. martha - dunno vs know
SS Random Battle (Battle of 3): Pirate Princess vs. pokeblade101 - shouldnt be close
SS 1v1 (Battle of 5): Baleblaze vs. sagar0027 (Frostyicelad) - dunno vs know
Thoughts: Studio/THP doesn't seem too good, Rands is looking solid

Chinese (1) vs NeverUsed (7)

SS Ubers:@sanv vs. rozes - no smogon vs rly good
SS OU: Vusty. vs. FLCL - not close
SS UU: pokeisfun vs. Finchinator - would say finch but its pif so
SS RU: cscl vs. Nat - not close at all
SS NU: DYWY vs. lax - not close at all
SS Monotype: Harpp vs. banks - not close
SS Random Battle (Best of 3): sigmatecture vs. Kiyo - not close at all
SS 1v1 (Best of 5): My Last Serenade vs. Sjneider - not close at all
Thoughts: Chinese only really got pif and Harpp going for them while NU has one of the best rosters
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