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while i can see the benefit of having a full heal on regigigas, the incredible cost of having to give it the z crystal of the team makes this a set i dont want to suggest to people. there are many, many better ways to use the z crystal so the opportunity cost of this set actually makes this an even bigger draw on the potential team than usual
i can agree on that :]
Hi, longtime Showdown player, new Smogon user here. This is my first time recommending a set, I erroneously thought this content was supposed to be posted in the Analyses section but anyway, here is my proposed alternate Drifblim set. I have found great success with it in PU.

name: Weakness Policy
move 1: Endure
move 2: Acrobatics
move 3: Shadow Ball
move 4: Thunderbolt
item: Weakness Policy
ability: Unburden
nature: Mild
evs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


*Endure ensures that Drifblim survives a super effective attack.
*Acrobatics takes advantage of the activation of Weakness Policy in both ways, as it utilizes the 2 stage attack boost alongside it's doubled base power.
*Shadow Ball is a STAB move that hits hard coming off of Drifblim's best attacking stat after a 2x special attack boost
*Thunderbolt functions as a decently powerful coverage option to hit what ever Acrobatics and Shadow Ball can't, as well as a check to bulky water and flying types.

Set Details

Maximum Special Attack and Speed EV's with a Mild nature allow Drifblim to hit hard while still outpacing basically the entire meta after setting up. 4 Attack EV's with an unhindered attack stat allow for Acrobatics to net surprise KO's on Specially Defensive opponents such as Sableye and Jellicent. Drifblim's Ghost/Flying typing provides useful immunities to threatening priority moves such as Hitmonchan's Mach Punch or Zangoose's Quick Attack. Endure guarantees Drifblim will survive a super effective attack and will allow it to activate it's weakness policy. Once weakness policy has been activated, Drifblim gains a 2x boost in both attacking stats and activates it's unburden ability, doubling it's speed as well. Once set up, Acrobatics and Shadow Ball provide solid mixed attacking STAB options while Thunderbolt hits the plethora of Flying types and Water types that might otherwise wall Drifblim.

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