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Hello everyone! Welcome to the PU tier, the official metagame below Neverused! Like any subforum, the PU forum has rules, and if you don't follow these rules at least to an extent, you are likely to receive an infraction.

The list of GLOBAL SMOGON RULES can be found here.

1) please ask an PU moderator before making a discussion thread:

I'd really like all of you to get approval from an PU moderator before creating a discussion thread. New ideas are nice, but it's usually a good idea to check in with a forum moderator before impulsively posting something that's of low quality, too similar to another project, or anything of the like. PU forum Moderators should be happy to help out with new discussions, and even if an idea isn't initially approved they might be able to help out with your thread to make it a bit more presentable before you post, which is good for you, us, and the people who will post in the thread in the future.

Currently the moderators of the PU forum are:
Megazard (Tier Leader)
Taskr (Tier Leader)
Anty (project)

2) do not make discussion threads about specific Pokemon:

One of the first types of threads that usually pops up in these new forums are threads about specific Pokemon. I dislike these kind of threads, they die fast and really clutter up the forum. If you want to discuss a specific pokemon in detail, try on IRC or in the np thread.

Outside of this, these two general rules should keep you out of trouble:

Stay on topic and think before you post: this forum is about PU. Be polite, even when you disagree with someone.

Look over what you write: such a forgotten step, but very important. I can't even count the number of times people are misunderstood because the way they write doesn't make their intent clear. I've seen many posts quoted for one side of a debate when in reality it was meant to be an argument for the other. Not only is double checking the content important, but so is including the context of what and why you are posting what you are. People take stuff out of context ALL THE TIME; this makes it easier for you to go back and bring up the real facts, so that no one can just cherry-pick certain points and quotes.

The PU Council consists of:
Dibs the Dreamer

PU Social
There are two main platforms for PU discussion, Discord and Pokemon Showdown.

Discord chat has plenty of players willing to help answer question, build teams, discuss the metagame and more, and also has an off-topic chat for non-PU specific discussion. Discord chat can be located here.

The PU Pokemon Showdown! room also has similar PU discussion and help with PU based questions/problems, and also has regular room tours. PU Pokemon Showdown! room can be located here.

Tiering Info
Visual Tier List
Speed tiers
Role Compendium

(non at the moment but will be updated in time)
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PU Tournament Schedule

PU Subforum Tournaments
PU First Blood Tournament II [Hosted by Taskr ] - after PUtrid Path ends

PU Seasonal Circuit
The PU Fall Seasonal
[Double Elimination] [Hosted by TONE ] - IN PROGRESS
The PU Winter Seasonal [Double Elimination] [Hosted by ] - After the Fall Seasonal
PU Ladder Tournament [Hosted by Twix ] - TBD
The PU Spring Seasonal [Double Elimination] date and host TBD
PU Bo3 Tournament:

tournament names/list subject to change
PM The moderators if you want to suggest something
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