PU is now an official tier!


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Well deserved!
Now get some defogers plz i rly wanna play this tier but this is out of hand
Well, congrats guys on making PU an actual tier.
I suppose that means the Strategy Dex will have to be updated so the Pokémon that are PU by usage are labeled as part of the PU or BL4 tiers instead of NU.

I'd consider it a bit of a nitpick though, but if it does get updated I'll be pleased.
I haven't played much PU yet, but it's been a fun one to start getting into. Seeing Arbok actually viable is a great thing.

(Although I'm still stunned to see Luxray in PU. That thing is a monster with Guts boosted Facades, Wild Charges and Crunches. It's a scary threat if you give it a scarf and I've had it wreck OU teams time and again....)
The reason why it's still in PU (as far as I know) is because it's really slow and kind of frail. It also has no reliable recovery. Zebstrika outclasses it as an Electric type
Even though it doesn't stand for anything, I've always thought it could stand for Poorly Used.
Pathetically/Pitifully Used works too.
I just wanted to say that, semantically, no name works as everything you could come up for, i.e. "pitfully", will still be above "never". That's why renaming it is a discussion better left for VII gen, as changing the name of two tiers midgen is simply noy an option.


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Or you can just say PU as it smells bad as the pokemon are mostly stinky bad in other tiers

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