Tournament PU Swiss Mini-Classic - Playoffs [won by Drud]


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Round 2 (BW):

1-0 Bracket:
vs. Haund
LordST vs. (winner of Heldinho vs Many)
EviGaro vs. pinktidal
PILZ vs. j0gurt
Aaronboyer vs. Specs Jigglypuff
Slowbroth vs. Mikaav
Skipkan vs. Chrisloud1
Drud vs. (winner of HaxBro.K vs UberSkitty)

0-1 Bracket:
vs. akaFila
5gen vs. LightPinkYoshi
BackAtYouBro vs. GeneralAnnoyance
SergioRules vs. Granuble
MiyoKa vs. (loser of Heldinho vs Many)
neomon vs. Lost Soul
Tack :] vs. Toy Time King
(loser of HaxBro.K vs UberSkitty) vs. TJ

Couple Things to note:
  • No one is disqualified from playoffs yet!
  • The format for this round is BW PU. This generation is infamous for people accidentally bringing illegal mons, so please quadruple check your teams or whatever is necessary. I will not be lenient with people bringing illegal mons when the banlist is easily accessible.
  • Here is a direct link to Gen5 PU resources
Deadline is Sunday, December 16th, at 11pm EST!
Extension deadline is Tuesday, December 11th, at 11pm EST

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ik it's literally day 1 but preemptively asking for an extension for myself and Granuble
not much to say except it's finals week for both of us and they're very busy until Sunday

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