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Celesteela is Life
Username: BrandonBeast999
Timezone: GMT -5
tiers played: ORAS PU
Availability: Quite active


Talent's in my blood but I don't wanna be vain
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Username: Taskr
Time zone: GMT+0
Tiers played: ORAS PU
Availability: Most nights
Username: Wooly Ampharosite
Time Zone: GMT -5
Tiers: Will play anything, but especially ORAS PU
Availablility: Most of the time, active
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name elevated but i still act average
Username: Peli
Time zone: gmt -7/8
Tiers played: oras
Availability: n
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Username: buy me please
Time zone: est
Tiers played: all
Availability: maybe even ok in a couple weeks!
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