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The PUPL has finally arrived for its 2017 run! In this thread the potential managers will get to sign up and formats for the tournament will be announced.

There will be 6 teams in this PUPL, so 6 managers will be chosen from this thread. The season will start early to mid September. If you want to manage, all you have to do is post and explain why you are fit to manage a team. Managers will be selected based on PU experience / Smogon experience / PUPL experience / PS as well so convince me (Akir the Host), galbia, and Anty you have that. Managers will be given the opportunity to buy themselves from the auction for 10k points so they can play as well. Additionally, managers will be expected to:
  • Send in a roster every week
  • Keep activity high in your team / make subs when required
Example sign-up (note that doing a better job is expected):
Hello, my name is Akir and I would like to be the manager for the team Wang-Bang Wobbuffets. I am a PU council member and blatantly stole the DPP PU idea from multiple people before me. Additionally I have placed ok-ish in previous PU tournaments and I topped the illustrious GSC STABmons ladder this month. I would be a good manager because I too can put 8 people in a list and send it to the host.

For this iteration, PUPL III will have 8 slots to fill:

  1. SM PU
  2. SM PU
  3. SM PU
  4. SM PU
  5. ORAS PU
  6. BW2 PU
  7. DPP PU
  8. ADV PU

Click on this sentence for more information on the PU Oldgen slots/metagame.

PU Oldgen resources are currently undergoing revamps to prepare for PUPL, and are expected to be completed by the time of the auction.

There is no deadline for manager sign-ups at the current moment, however posting earlier increases your chances to be chosen.

Good luck!


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PU Leader
Hello, I would like to manage the newest and future best PUPL team, the Driftveil Drampas. With my record-breaking performance last PUPL at odds with somehow being considered relevant here, it would clearly be a better use of my time than dragging down another manager's roster. Since the last iteration I have also had successful team tournament experience with a victory in BSPL and a soon-to-be victory in NUPL (go mushies!), as well as a second place finish in the prestigious scRUb league. I would be a good manager because I can not only send in a list of 8 people, but I can also play 8 people in a chess simul and win a game of 8 player smash.
If anyone wants to try out under the assumption that I'll be allowed a team just hmu
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Hello, I'd like to manage as the newly revamped Twinleaf Toucannons (formerly the Olivine Octilleries). Despite the lack of tournaments played, my knowledge of the meta more than makes up for this. Not only am I able to send a list of 8 people, but I'm the only person to draft 18 people in an auction and make it look good doing it. I also make Reflect Type haunter look good too. Plus the only thing better than a cannon is Toucannons.
Hello it's me hanudd and i'd like to manage the Marxist Marowaks this season. I've been involved with pu since before throh was banned so i've been around for a while. I participated in last PUPL but i only played 1 game (which i won needless to say) because team of 18 ppl so w/e. Some time ago i managed the italian team for pspl and we got to semis, and somewhat more recently i played in mpl where we also managed to get in semis. not the most prestigeous cv but i dont know, let's just have some fun playing pokemon! also im ps staff so im a certified good user :)

sorry, no cereals in this post.

Robert Alfons

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Hello it's me, Robert Alfons, here to manage the Fudge Packing Passimians (alternative title in case the Official Title causes controversy among The Mods: the Flamboyant Floatzels). I've been playing PU since it was in like alpha in XY and have been both a player and esteemed power ranker in PUPL in the past. I also ghosted Megazard through the auctions in the first PUPL because our manager went MIA so Megazard had to pick players and he was but a clueless scrub so I swooped in to create a beautiful team of winners. In addition, I've played in several editions of RUPL, NUPL, and PSPL (for the PU room no less!) including the most recent ones so I'm generally well-versed in the premier league format. I want to manage for three reasons: I'm motivated to win and I want to create a team that is equally motivated to win, I see this as a good opportunity to become more active in the PU community again after hating ORAS too much to play, and I hope to generally motivate more people to improve their skills/play PU and start contributing to the community by picking them and having a good time with them during PUPL.
Hi, I'm HJAD and I would like to manage this PUPL for the Destructive Dedennes. Honestly, tour experience (which I have, I can tell you if you care) aside, I think I would be perfectly suited to this role as manager in PUPL. I'm an excellent man motivator, knowledgeable of the PU community, and obviously have a long standing history in PU/Pokémon community. I also promise my team will be the most fun and will be comprised of memelords, seasoned vets and some new players (personally scouted by me or others) too.
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Hello, I would like to manage the newest and best PUPL team, the Cash Money Chinglings. Now, you're probably thinking what qualifies me for this role. Now tour experience, I have little, other than my amazing 2-1 Dark Horse run in PUPL I and my solid 2-2 run in PSPL III for the Challenges room (rip). I also get second in a lot of room tours so that shows that I have the potential for greatness. Currently, I am 184 on the PU ladder, showing how much commitment I have to the tier, even while in the face of sticky, mucky trash. Being drafted in the bottom five picks in the first PUPL, I know how to find hidden treasure among the seemingly lackluster, as I used to be that bountiful treasure myself. I will create Cash Money Players from trash, and make opposing Cash Money players into trash. Free Twix as PUPL manager.

Some things I am good at managing: My time, the PU Room, and, most importantly, my future team members. I'll see the rest of you losers at the end of my winning PUPL managing endeavor. Thank you.


you hear that? that's the bell of victory.

PS: Free XY PU
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Hello, I would like to manage the Derisive Dugtrios. I managed in the first PUPL and managed the Battlespot room in PSPL. Also played in various NUPLs. Been increasingly active over the past month in the room and am super hyped on PU right now. Most managers go for known tour players, I on the other hand will scout the ladder and room talent to find the hidden gems.


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You may know me as yogi, a weeb, an awful player, a toxic community member... And while all of those are true, I'm also clearly the best suited to manage a team; which will be called Ruby Roselias.

I'm like the best player because I've topped the ladder like a million times with top quality teams and expert plays, losing only, ONLY, to hax. I also have a fantastic tour record, coming semi finals in a pu room tour and going 0-0 and 0-2 in nupl and ltpl, respectively, clearly great records. I will pick a variety of players, and by that I mean all my friends and some 3k ppl that I'll choose using !pick, allowing me to fill all the spots with people for teddeh and dundies to ghost guide to victory.

I'll ofc send in the lineups on time because I have no life so that's all g.

Oh I'm also good at shit posting which looking at the nupl thread is a valuable skill.


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Hello everyone, the managers have been decided.

I would first like to thank everyone for applying. The main reason this was so late was because deciding on just 6 was a difficult task. That being said, here are our managers for PUPL III:

Megazard, with the Driftveil Drampas
HJAD, with the Destructive Dedennes
galbia, with the returning champs Shoegazing Stoutlands
Anty, who is lazy and hasn't given me a name yet with the Team Pikachu
Haund, with the Marxist Marowaks
Robert Alfons, with the Flamboyant Floatzels or Fudge Packing Passimians or whatever

(Managers, please send me any relevant info, such as discord links for tryouts)

Gratz to all, and player sign-ups will be up very soon!
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