PUPL IV - "casual discussion" thread


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I predict the managers’ bids to be deflated a little compared to last year, and that the highest bid will go to Taskr for ~27.5K
fellas is it gay to manage a pupl team? during the auction you're basically rating other (mostly) guys and giving a higher score to the best ones... during the tour you basically talk to your group of homies on a daily basis and interact with them more than with your family or irl people... and in the end, if you win you celebrate all the hard times you went through together till there and if you don't you cry yourselves to sleep on each others' shoulders...


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LMAOOO really? :facepalm: this ridiculous untier really got a PL? :blobglare: Idk even how this is gonna work LOL :smogthink: this probs only has 5 nibbas playin :blobshrug: just speaking the truth vros. but SERIOUSLY :psynervous: back in my day there was only one tier and that tier was OU:swole: , now you got all this newfangled shit ROFL :jynx: whatever fam you do you just sayin, Smogon.com has really fallen off :pikuh:


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Coming out the kitchen with only the spiciest of pu pu platters that'll make your lovely little bumhole quiver and quake more so than Shakira's hips while she goes into detail about how untier PU really is


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