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Hi Y'all,

This is the thread to sign up for PU World Cup captaincy. This is going up prior to player sign-ups so that hosts can have some idea of what teams will be competing this year. If you want to lead a team this year you must post here.

United Kingdom
US South
US West
US Midwest
US Northeast
South America


Note: Format and teams are not locked and can change. If you believe you can get eg. Team India pulled together or separate Brazil from South America alone, feel free to sign up even if it's not listed above.

Please note that we will not be accepting alternative versions of teams (such as Europe #2) or expanded/multi-country teams (such as Italy + Portugal). Only exception is Asia+Oceania+Africa region - unless they can manage to get team together on their own. The format will be 8 teams with 6+3 slots for now. Based on manager+player sign-ups we will preserve rights to expand - feel free to give feedback, we will appreciate it.

Also, please only post here if you are applying for captaincy or to give feedback. Feedback will be taken into account while polishing the format. This will be moderated and memes/nonsense will be deleted and possibly infracted. If you have any legitimate questions or concerns then feel free to PM us and we will address them.

In case you're not sure which team you're allowed to represent, please contact me or Akir and we will discuss it through.

An Important Note For Captains And Players

In order to move things forward as swiftly as possible, signups for players will go up on Oct 18, with games to begin on first of November. Captains must be signed up by Sunday, Oct 18 at 18:59 PM GMT +3. (11:59AM - GMT -4)

If it wasn't clear enough, Akir will be hosting this tournament with me.

The current tiers are: SS, SM, ORAS (3+2+1)
Format to sign:
Feel free to let us know why you would be good captain for your country. CO-Captain is allowed as long it comes from same region.
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US South !! with ManOfMany
as someone mentioned: 3 SS 2 SM 1 ORAS/BW/DPP is perfectly fine and worrying about signups shouldn't be a problem; I'm not sure how slots should work, should be decided based off last PUPL or estimate an amount of signups at least before adding something too crazy or low. I do not have a lot of experience in managing a lot of Smogon Tournaments but I have managed in quite a few discord tournaments along with having experience in SS PU and previous gens from RoA.
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Signing up to captain north east

As for format. I think the ideal amount of teams for a tour like this is about 12, and i think 6 starting slots makes it much easier for smaller regions/countries to field a decent starting line up. Having 6 starting slots as opposed to 10 or even 8 can make a big difference on the total amount of teams. For example, Brazil may be able to form their own team with 6 starting slots, but if you bump it to 8 they may fall short, and then you have to lump them into a larger region. This may be the case for a lot of countries, India, Oceania and Brazil being the first that pop into mind.
Also, when you have smaller teams I believe there will be more unity and comradery between the players. I'd definitely be more active if I was Indian and playing for team India than i would be if I was playing for Asia+Oceania+Africa. The feeling just isn't the same.
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Posting to give feedback regarding the format.

The format will be 8 teams with 6+3 slots for now.
I don't understand why people keep thinking that noone plays PU / can play PU / would sign up for PU tours. I'm 100% sure there will be enough sign ups for 10 teams with 8 playing slots. Unfortunately it's now too late so say that it would be better to do player signups first, but now when noone knows what teams there will be, please allow captains to sign up for any region (India, standalone Brazil, standalone Oceania, etc, just in the case when there will be enough player signups, so that those teams had a captain)

The current tiers are: SS, SM, ORAS (3+2+1)
There will be enough sign ups for 8 slots. Last PUPL format - 3 SS 2 SM 1 ORAS, BW, DPP is perfect.
Echoing Skipkan's post regarding format:
I believe the format should also be extended to 3 SS, 2 SM, 1 ORAS, 1 BW, 1 DPP. I believe there are several pros and cons to this change, and I'm more in favor of adding these two extra spots.

  • DPP PU and BW PU are metagames that rarely see play outside of tournaments like PUPL and PU Classic. There have been changes to each metagame that have needed more input and the exposure to more people can potentially help develop the tiers further.
    • In DPP's case, PUPL this year saw a massive change being the first one after the revamp in mid-late 2019 after PUPL V. As such, there were many things this PUPL that became apparent that had not been considered as much before such as Magmar and Grovyle being viable, the decline of Muk and Electabuzz, etc. (not to mention the possible reintroduction of Roselia that's been talked about).
    • As for BW PU, it's been long known that the meta isn't perfect and several changes should likely be made. Pokemon like Throh, Gothorita, Beheeyem, Simipour, and others are all somewhat difficult to deal with. More games can help people find ways to beat these Pokemon or otherwise determine which one(s) is/are too much to remain in the tier.
  • DPP PU for one, has a decently large PU main player-base. The metagame has a lot of people who play it, just not many who play outside of the tournaments in the previous point. I don't think it would be hard at all for every team to have at least one person who knows the DPP metagame well enough to preform.
  • More players, more games, more fun. This point kind of just makes it better for both people hoping to get on teams and for spectators looking to watch games. Going from 6 to 8 games means that Untier Talk will also continue having episodes longer than an hour.
  • More stable games to combat the large changes that will likely come with the release of Crown Tundra. This is a much less important point, which is why I've put it at the end, but with how greatly the meta will be thrown on it's head with the DLC drops in the next few months, some meta stability by adding more already developed old gens may just feel a little nicer (this point makes a little more sense in my head but is kind of hard to convey).
  • It might be hard to find BW players. BW PU has traditionally been the old gen that most PUPL teams just stick a general tournament player in. Not to say that those players aren't good, but BW PU mains are few and far between (save players like EviGaro and Lilburr).
  • Going from 6 to 8 players may be difficult for smaller country teams. Even though PU was once ruled by the Italians, not as many of them actively play as they once did. And I personally don't know of too many Canadian PU players (not to say they aren't there, just that I don't know who's from where). I'm sure this would be remedied by the general tournament players who sign up, but speaking strictly from a PU main standpoint, it might be difficult to find enough players for every team.
I know that these two extra metagames aren't necessarily as popular or as widely played as SM or ORAS, but I think their inclusion in World Cup would be overall positive. (Maybe next year we can talk about adding GSC and ADV).


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Hi! I would like to captain team Ohio Midwest with Bag of Trixx
We both participated in pupl, keep up with the tier, and the community. It would be a great learning opportunity to try managing for us

As for feedback on the format, if there are going to be a larger number of smaller teams, I would cut SM down to 1 slot so that DPP could be included > a second SM slot, but if we go with a smaller number of teams but make them larger, so long as old-gen representation happens it should be fine imo.

Bag of Trixx

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Can confirm about Co-Captaincy with Brandon. Through combined efforts: both of us have vast knowledge on current developments in PU metagame, success as players in previous tournaments such as PUPL as mentioned previously, and again to also have this opportunity to further our knowledge in the tournament-aspect. Some qualifications I got personally outside of the shared ones with Brandon are I'm also contributing for Snake as a builder for TJ (my MAN) and helping a larger portion of the PU mainers who are in that tournament with testing, team ideas, etc. etc., currently drafted as a player for ODL (Spanish Snake), a builder in PU Open, comfortable in every PU metagame as a player/builder ranging from SS, SM, ORAS, DPP, ADV, and GSC (except BW PU if the formatting changes to something similarly to PUPL, but would never be opposed to learning).

Also, I enjoy the notion of opening up the tier formatting like how SergioRules and a few others had suggested. PUPL was overall enjoyable as a format for all of the gens and definitely would be exciting to see more games in lesser-played gens like BW and DPP in order to help establish those gens as suggested. (if possible, I'd personally love to add ADV and GSC to the mix because of how fun those metagames are and the fact these metagames need development, but I understand this idea isn't really plausible as of this moment).


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Supporting gum for captain and Bag of Trixx (and Brandon!!! go Brandon go) for Midwest, they have the tools

Also to not be completely useless, free BW and DPP, if you can fit them in pupl there's no reason not to, people don't always main the tiers they like best in wcop but that's partly why this tour is designed that way, otherwise if you're going to limit the representation of tiers that have been included in the biggest team tour of the tier since forever you might as well just make it all current gen. It would suck, but it would be more consistent.
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Signing up to captain India, I can guarantee we will have enough players

Speaking from my experience with LCWC, 6 slots isn't enough: a lot of people get left out and 6 slots itself is susceptible to a lot of variance. The pros of expanding to 8 starting slots outweigh the con of weaker teams having less depth (which isn't really a big deal at all).

Support 4 SS 1 SM 1 ORAS 1 BW 1 DPP, I don't see the need for 2 SM spots
signing up to captain spain with Xevara as my co-cap. I have a lot of captaining experience and i have the knowledge for pretty much every meta. I helped last PUPL and currently helping in snake.

Also supporting the free BW and DPP (the format serene said looks fine to me). 10 teams with 8 slots is very doable and would make everyone have his opportunity.
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