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Hosted by tlenit and Akir
Art made by AmirAlexander

Welcome to the PUWC, a chance for nations all around the world to prove who's the best at PU. There's no defending champion this year, so the fresh title of PUWC Champions is up for grabs for whichever nation proves that they're the best of the best!​

Regarding US Regions:

The census region for NE will be used. If you’re in the US, then please specify your state in your eligibility.

Census Regions Map


How to Join

All you have to do to join is fill in the below format and post in this thread. Captains of the various regions have already been selected by the host, and they will be able to select which players they want on their team. Sign ups will be closing on Thursday 29nd of October at 18:59 PM GMT +3 (11:59 AM GMT-4).

Important note for players!
If you are not aware which country you are allowed to represent, please contact me or Akir and we will go through this manner with you. If we find out you're not allowed to represent the team you are playing for, you will be removed from tournament.

Signups format:

*Tiers Played:
Significant Time Missed:

*The current tiers are: SS, SM, ORAS, BW, DPP. There are four SS slots and one slot for SM / ORAS / BW / DPP.

Teams and Captains + CO-Captains:

Italy: Averardo + g
Asia+Oceania+Africa: devin + PTF Discord
India: Serene Grace
US MidWest: Brandon + Bag of Trixx
Europe: termi
Germany: DnB + FeaNiiX
US South: Roxiee + ManOfMany
France: Ktütverde + Squash17
Brazil + LatAm: GOAO + hs
Canada+US NorthEast: gum + Juno
US West: LordST + 2xTheTap

The slots for PUWC this year are as above mentioned, with all teams having 12 (8 starters + 4 subs) players total.

Format: There will be two pools of six teams and from each pool top two teams goes directly to semifinals. Pools will be randomly picked and announced later on commencement thread.

Good luck to everyone captaining and participating, and hope you all have fun watching!
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