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Is The Studio gonna be the next PS room you're checking out?​

We are also back with a new The Flying Press Puzzle Page edition--as always, the reward is a custom title of your choice! Once you've completed one, some, or even all of the puzzles that this page has to offer, send your answers via a private message to Smogon's Flying Press on the forums. Congrats to ScarfWynaut on getting the most points last time, and congrats to Bartimaeus on becoming the overall winner of last cycle! A new cycle will begin starting this page, and it will last for 6 pages.​

Written by: Amaluna and HamSandwich335
Puzzle page by: Clouds
Grammar checked by: Fireflame479 and The Dutch Plumberjack
Art by: BlueberryBlanket and Bummer
QC by: Eyan, HoeenHero, and bumbadadabum
HTML by: Naziel and The Dutch Plumberjack
Scripts by: Quite Quiet and Toast++

This article is also available in Spanish, translated by Naziel, and in Portuguese, translated by HappydaTropa!

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