QC Lists - Check here if you are doing a BW2 Update


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1. Drilbur

Drilbur actually got Stealth Rock from the new tutors. Accordingly, and because Sandshrew sucks, I think it really needs a Stealth Rock / Rapid Spin set. 19 Attack and 16 Speed is damn good and differentiates it from Sandshrew. That's also the only Drilbur set that can be used outside of Sand. I used it on a Hail team and it's actually pretty good. The other two sets are fine as they are, but this one needs to be added.

Worth a revamp: Yes

2. Duskull

I will be honest and say I've never used a Duskull in my life. However, the only set I would probably recommend is:

Duskull (M) @ Eviolite Trait: Levitate
EVs: 196 HP / 196 Def / 116 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Please
- Use
- Misdreavus
- Instead

But aside from my obvious hatred of Duskull, it really didn't get anything important from the tutors. The set it has is fine. I just want more of a mention of Disable in the OO as that's the only thing it does better than Misdreavus. Also mention a (rofl) offensive choiced set with Trick since it got Trick, but that's still worse than Misdreavus. Mention it in the OO though.

LC Worthy: No
Worth a revamp: No

3. Ducklett

Ducklett didn't actually get anything useful at all from the tutors, and its status hasn't really changed whatsoever with the new threats. However, with the change in metagame (and because its Dream World ability is actually released........), Ducklett definitely needs a revamp. Due to the increase in Sand, Lileep, and Foongus, along with Ducklett's passable offenses and access to Hurricane, I think a Rain Dance set needs adding.

Ducklett (M) @ Eviolite Trait: Hydration
EVs: 20 HP / 244 SAtk / 236 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Rain Dance
- Hurricane
- Surf
- Rest

is what Elevator Music and I thought would be best. It's good at trolling Hippopotas, OHKOing Foongus / Shroomish / Chikorita (after a bit of previous damage / hazards), and doing overall cool things in the meta. Plus it can absorb sleep! It's kind of weak, but does enough cool things that I think it 100% needs a set, positioned as the #1 set on the analysis. And remove Choice Specs because Rain abuse is 100% better.

Worth a revamp: Yes

4. Dwebble

Uhhh...not much happened with Dwebble aside from Knock Off, which can replace the second attacking move on the Lead set. Switch the order of moves on the lead set (should be: Stealth Rock / Spikes / Rock Blast / whatever) and make the last slot Earthquake / X-Scissor / Knock Off imo. That's enough for that. Also, just reorder moves in the Shell Smash set too. Make it: Shell Smash / Rock Blast / Earthquake / X-Scissor or Stealth Rock. Rock Blast is just better than Stone Edge, and Stealth Rock can be used on Shell Smash Dwebble to surprise the opponent. It's actually not bad at all. Just move stuff around and remove Stone Edge / Bug Bite because they're garbage.

Worth a revamp: No

5. Elekid

Elekid didn't get anything useful at all--except Signal Beam!! Though that doesn't really do much aside for deserving a mention > HP Ice to hit Grass-type Pokemon harder in the mixed set. Electroweb is pretty cool too, but that just deserves a mention. However, I personally believe Elekid needs a Choice Scarf set now, because Choice Scarf Elekid outspeeds Jolly Sandshrew in the Sand and outspeeds Choice Scarf Murkrow, which is gaining popularity as it can counter Foongus. + STAB Volt Switch isn't bad, and good coverage etc. I think it wants a Choice Scarf set.

Worth a revamp: Yes

6. Elgyem

Seeing as this doesn't even have an analysis...and I've never used it...I don't really know. I mean, it got Gravity...and Trick? Like I legitimately don't even know where to begin with this thing, but I feel as if a Trick Room set is probably good. Analytic boosted moves on such a slow Pokemon is a pretty cool thing, I would think. Actually that's damn cool. Seeing as it doesn't have an analysis and Analytic is kind of kick ass for this thing, I'm thinking an Eviolite three attack + Recover set is freaking necessary.

Worth an analysis revamp: Yes

7. Exeggcute

It got nothing. Nothing changed for it at all. Period. I just think Sunny Day needs to be the main slash over HP Fire on its Sunny Day set, but that's just because I find trolling Hippopotas / Snover incredibly important. And honestly, it doesn't need a dedicated Sunny Day abuse set. So either that can be removed, or Sunny Day is made the first slash and the first move, and the moves are reordered to: Sunny Day / Giga Drain / Psychic / Sleep Powder or HP Fire @ Life Orb. That should be it.

Worth a revamp: No

8. Ferroseed

I think the Ferroseed analysis is absolutely outdated, and with the Stealth Rock tutor allowing Ferroseed to run Stealth Rock, Spikes, and Leech Seed all on the same set...YES! Ferroseed is super damn bulky and definitely needs some changes to fit in with the metagame. I personally believe it should be more physically bulky, and for the moves to be: Stealth Rock / Spikes / Leech Seed / Bullet Seed, but I'll finalize that decision after testing it more / confirmation with fellow QCers.

Worth a revamp: Yes

9. Foongus


Worth a revamp: Yes

10. Frillish

The Life Orb set is stupid, so remove that. Frillish finally got Trick! So that should probably be part of the Choice Scarf set (which actually isn't half bad!) Magic Coat should be added to the OO. I honestly think the bulky set is fine as is.

Worth a revamp: No


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Prem's list of revamping shit.


-got knock off. nothing else of note
-still is outclassed by missy, only boasting a higher special attack.
-increase of drilbur and lileep usage sucks for it

worthy of a revamp: not really. just mention knock off in other options

got stealth rock!
-current analysis is shit
-got drain punch and no guard
- is now a decent answer to mienfoo

revamp worthy: yes.

-choice is cool
-gained nothing
-i just dont like the analysis.
-flame charge set needs to be added cause blara seems to have a boner for it

revamp worthy: only to blara


-got sand force stealth rock
-needs to mention lo set cause its funny
-needs to mention how much better it got with lileep and how sandshrew is also a good teammate.
-superpower makes it even cooler.

revamp worthy:yes

-from what i know it gained nothing new
-i dotn like the analysis
-has more purpose if only because sand rose in usage, so hail should rise in usage, making houndour cooler to kill snover.
-im already planning on updating it because eviolite and scarf both suck dick.

revamp worthy: yes.


-dw ability released
-got gigadrain which isnt really useful but the healing is cool cause bulky joltik is cool
-the analysis is shit and i dont approve joltik is like top 5 in cutemons.
-compound eyes is sitll useless :(

revamp worthy:yes


-still is the only good physical rain sweeper.
-still is outclassed by tirtouga
-didnt gain anything

revamp worthy: no

-became a dogar.
-gained nothing else
-is still useful cause drilbur is a bitch
-analysis is well written

revamp worthy: not really


-didnt get roost :(
-gained giga drain which is lol to hit waters and gain health
-not actually a big change though cause its physical

revamp worthy: no

-ganied nothing of importance
-still fucking good
-the analysis sucks
-needs a wish set
-why is there no wish set, but a subpunch set. who made this analysis? vader?

revamp worthy: yes


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iss's's's's's's's's's list

<--- is cute


- Gets Regenerator through Dream World (released)
- Gets a few moves, most notably Signal Beam and Magic Coat
- Metagame changes do not really affect it, as Magic Guard allows it to retain its role as a stallbreaker

LC Viable: Yes- although Simple Woobat is a better Calm Minder, Magic Guard is still fantastic
Revamp Worthy: No- Regenerator and Signal Beam should be added to Other Options via SCMS


- Gets nothing from BW2
- Hurt by metagame changes, most notably the rise in usage of Foongus and Shroomish

LC Viable: No- Staryu is a much better spinner, and Totodile outclasses it on the physical side. Its only niche is having Fake Out + Aqua Jet to hit Drilbur, but that's a pretty shitty niche.
Revamp Worthy: No- however, more emphasis should be placed on Ice Punch; it really needs it to do anything at all to Foongus/Shroomish.


- Gets practically nothing from BW2
- Hurt by metagame changes, most notably the rise in usage of Foongus and Shroomish
- Not bulky enough to take advantage of being Water-type to help out against Sandstorm teams

LC Viable: Yes- still the best spinner in Little Cup, and has solid stats and movepool.
Revamp Worthy: Yes- Ice Beam and Psychic should be put over Thunderbolt, which should be moved to AC. Hidden Power Fire should be deslashed on the Eviolite set.


- Gets practically nothing from BW2
- Not heavily affected by metagame changes bar a small rise in Golett usage, which Stunky cannot trap effectively anyways

LC Viable: Yes- a very good counter to Misdreavus/Frillish and other Ghost-types, as well as having solid priority in Sucker Punch.
Revamp Worthy: No- its role has not changed at all.


- Gets practically nothing from BW2
- Helped by metagame changes, as its Brave Bird OHKOes or at least forces out Grass-types, and Guts Flame/Toxic Orb makes it immune to Spore

LC Viable: Yes- although still a specialized choice for mid to lategame sweeping, Guts means it does its job very well.
Revamp Worthy: No- a mention of hitting Foongus should be added though.


- Gets nothing from BW2
- Not affected by metagame changes
- Teddiursa is basically a weaker 21 Speed Taillow- it's got a niche in midgame sweeping, but it's really not that good

LC Viable: Yes- it's still okay because it gets Close Combat and Crunch to cover for Facade.
Revamp Worthy: No- the current onsite analysis is fine.


- Gets practically nothing from BW2
- Slightly helped by metagame changes, as the rise of Foongus and Shroomish has really made Tentacool into an attractive spinner (as well as Liquid Ooze)
- Toxic Spikes aren't nearly as useful but they still are gamechanging if they stay up

LC Viable: Yes- best Toxic Spiker, good Rapid Spinner.
Revamp Worthy: Yes- a RestTalk set should be added with dedicated spinning/spiking as a choice and Scald, and Protect should be put somewhere on the existing set


- Gets elemental punches, Knock Off, Sleep Talk, and Iron Fist from BW2
- Helped by metagame changes (due to new moves), as Ice Punch hits Grass-types hard and its natural bulk and Drain Punch helps it defeat Sandstorm teams

LC Viable: Yes- best "bulky" Fighting-type.
Revamp Worthy: Yes- Ice Punch is huge, RestTalk is worth at least an OO mention, and Iron Fist is OO. Also Sheer Force Ice Punch is pretty good.


- Gets Stealth Rock and Sleep Talk from BW2
- Neutral toward metagame changes, as Grass-types wreck it but its utility with Aqua Jet against Sandstorm teams is amazing

LC Viable: Yes- solid defensively with Solid Rock, solid offensively with Shell Smash.
Revamp Worthy: Yes- Stealth Rock (and Sleep Talk) vastly improve defensive sets.


- Gets nothing from BW2
- Still no Sheer Force! sigh
- Neutral toward metagame changes- Ice Punch makes it do okay against Grass-types, and Aqua Jet is great against Sandstorm

LC Viable: Yes- good DD/SD user, although remember that DD+Aqua Jet is illegal (yeah Dratini line can get it)
Revamp Worthy: No- Ice Punch is already a sole option, so it looks fine

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Ray Jay's List



Changes: -Numel received Stealth Rock and Curse among other moves from the BW2 move tutors.
-Increased popularity of Foongus and other Grass-types seems to give it an easier time as well.
-It doesn't have the Special Defense to validate a Curse Sleep Talk set, especially with a crippling 4x weakness to Water-type attacks and a vulnerability to Knock Off.
-Increased popularity of Dratini and Axew allows for more Steel types in the metagame, meaning Numel can set up Stealth Rock and Toxic or even Stockpile with greater ease.

Worth a Revamp: Yes. The revamp should focus primarily on a defensive set. Other than that, the Stockpile set should be updated to suggest either Stockpile or Curse depending on the team's playstyle. Stealth Rock obviously is important enough to validate such an update to a defensive set.



Changes: -Oddish sits as a notable sun sweeper, and sun as a whole got very few, if any, buffs at all
-Foongus now sits as the premier defensive Grass / Poison type
-Defensively struggles to be justified over Lileep who now has Giga Drain, Shroomish, and the aforementioned Foongus

Worth a Revamp: No. Oddish will continue to be used as a self sufficient sun sweeper or one that relies on such a style of team, and with the changes BW2 brought, it can't really hope to fulfill other roles.



Changes: -Omanyte's offensive set (Shell Smash) didn't really get anything new. There's some legality stuff with Icy Wind but no one uses that.
-Omanyte's defensive set got nothing.
-Move tutors were bland for Omanyte as he gets them in HGSS
-Increased popularity of Grass-types

Worth a Revamp: No. The on-site sets and spreads are solid imo, meaning there is no need for an update.



Changes: -Pawniard is one of the few Pokemon from Gen V that already had SR as an Egg move, so little changes there, especially since it's 4x weak to Fighting-type attacks.
-Still, defensive sets with Knock Off could be viable, especially with a possible new niche brought on by Dual Chop wrecking Dragon-types hard.

Worth a Revamp: Actually, yes. The on-site analysis was written at a time when Pawniard was frankly considered to be a completely different caliber of Pokemon. An update would serve well, even if it is as simple as removing the Choice Scarf set or figuring out a better spread for the first set. For example, Life Orb is the recommended item but it's not necessarily a necessity. Fighting-types such as Mienfoo are also much more common now.



Changes: -Most of Petilil's changes are very redundant. Heal Bell when it has Aromatherapy, the release of Leaf Guard when it has Chlorophyll.
-Outclassed by Chikorita, Shroomish, tons of other stuff defensively- all which are more common now

Worth a Revamp: Not unless sun stall gets suddenly popular



Changes: -Here's another Pokemon where all of its changes are not even really changes at all. It already has Stealth Rock and Earthquake, along with Toxic and Knock Off for a defensive set with the occasional Ice Shard. Nothing new and viable exists.
-We do have Phanpy's Dream World ability now (Sand Veil). This should be changed to the preferred ability instead of Pickup as Oran Berry has pretty much fallen out of favor.

Worth a Revamp: No. I will be fixing the ability thing with the approval of you guys, though.



Changes: -I got all the boring Pokemon. It did get Drill Run, if that matters, along with Giga Drain.
-Addition of Spikes SR Leech Seed Ferroseed is also very bad for this guy
-More Fighting-type dominance is good for this guy, except that it still doesn't have recovery aside from Pain Split. Shelmet is more dominant nowadays.

Worth a Revamp: No. Once its Dream World ability gets released, then people can mess around with that, but right now its only niche is spinning and SRing which it can't do very well. I think the current analysis makes this clear enough.



Changes: -Salac Berry + Torrent seems cool I guess if you can beat Croagunk, will test
-Typically runs a more defensive set nowadays
-Perhaps even Covet could see use here to handle Knock Off or something? IDK
-Increase in usage of Lileep, Foongus, and even Shroomish gives more reason to use Ice-type moves after Gligar ban

Worth a Revamp: Yes. The on-site spread is too offensive, meaning Piplup is not capable of putting up SR like even twice in a match. A bulkier set should be done, along with perhaps Sub Salac or whatever I decide.



changes: -Literally nothing apart from some legality fixes that are pointless, such as Heat Wave + Flame Body.

Worth a Revamp: No. The on-site analysis does a good enough job already.



Changes: -choice Scarf now a much more viable set
-Tons of coverage moves, such as Electroweb, Zen Headbutt, and other outclassed stuff
-Wonder Room lol

Worth a Revamp: Not a full one, but we need a Choice Scarf set in the analysis. It needs to specify why you use it (beat Double Rush etc) along with include Trick.


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cause vader is a gay.

-gained nothing
-still a great bulky grass capable of beating drilbur without x-scissor

revamp worthy: no because nothing changed for it. we could get rid of the dual screens set though cause its really bad and useless


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macle's list of crap


- DW ability has not been released.
- No notable move tutor moves.

Worth a Revamp: No


- Dw ability sucks
- gets Giga drain but special attack sucks

Worth a Revamp: No


- dw ability useless
- heatwave to hit steels instead of HP Fire

Worth a Revamp: Yes. Rewriting the specs and np set to include heatwave


- pressure sucks
- no noticble tutor moves

Worth a Revamp: No


- no dw section
- rain dish is ok possibly list it ihe sets

Worth a Revamp: No


- Simple helps CM set
- Heatwave to hit steels now
- possible trick scarf set

Worth a Revamp: YES


- Nothing new
- No DW section

Worth a Revamp: No


-DW ability sucks.
- Teammate section is lack luster

Worth a Revamp: No. Just add teammates via scms


- Does not have a DW ability
- Gets trick via tutor that can be added to the Scarf set

Worth a Revamp: Trick should be in set comments for the Scarf set, so that can be possibly added via scms.


- I would rather use Inner Focus than Infiltrator. No good tutor moves
- Zubat is missing team mates in the ac

Worth a Revamp: no just add the teammates in the scms


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-magic room
-wonder room

at most, a sentence or two in OO ought to suffice


-still no DW ability
-acrobatics could get a mention in OO

deffo not worth it, wait until DW ability turns up and then re-evaluate


-aqua tail

I think it's worth a revamp, since both the moves I listed are good and roost in particular could be an asset


-superpower, aqua tail

revamp this since axew can even manage Scarf now maybe



worth a revamp since this could change how people play as and against bronzor completely


it didnt even GET anything lol


same as above I think


I HATE chikorita
(and prem said he'd do it instead lol)


again, no real differences


is icy wind new? even if it is I guess it gets Ice Beam, so this guy is a no-go on revamping
QC assignment list: Elevator Music

1) Lileep:

- Storm Drain is no longer illegal with Giga Drain or Earth Power.
- Sandstorm is now even more relevant, and Lileep is a staple on sand teams.
- Still has to compete with other Grass-types (Ferroseed/Shroomish/the new Foongus), but has a lot of selling points.

Worth a revamp: Yes.

2) Machop:

- The only new toy Machop got is Dual Chop, which is cool but not awesome.
- Both Timburr and Croagunk got better, and Machop was already struggling to see usage before.

Worth a revamp: No. That being so, the current analysis isn't very good and seems a little outdated.

3) Magnemite:

- Magnemite gained Supersonic, Electroweb, and Recycle, but none of those really help it.
- Sand teams appreciate Magnemite even more now.
- The current analysis was written recently and is well done.

Worth a revamp: No. It could use adding of some new threats that Magnemite checks (Woobat) and struggles against (Golett/Sandshrew/etc) though.

4) Mantyke:

- Mantyke gained Air Slash.
- Mantyke's ResTalk set has merit for being able to shut down Pokemon like Croagunk and Mienfoo.
- Rain Dance has had problems since the start of Gen 5, but with the popularity of sand it might be worth a set in the analysis. Especially now that it can run Hidden Power Grass with Air Slash
- The current analysis is very outdated.

Worth a revamp: Yes. I need to test this Pokemon still, and will post the results.

5) Meowth:

- Meowth gained Covet, which perhaps deserves a mention in OO.
- There are many good Fighting- and Ghost-types in the tier now.

Worth a revamp: No. Like Machop, the current analysis is old and shoddy though.

6) Mienfoo:

- Reckless is now legal, though nothing else changed for it.
- Golett is a lot better and counters Mienfoo very nicely.
- Has to compete with Croagunk still, and Timburr too now. It's still obviously cutest though.

Worth a revamp: No. Reckless should definitely be mentioned somewhere in the analysis though, but doesn't warrant a new set. Golett also deserves a mention the Checks and Counters section now.

7) Minccino:

- Skill Link is now legal (?), and Minccino gained Seed Bomb and Knock Off.
- The current analysis is old and not too great.

Worth a revamp: Yes.

8) Munchlax:

- Gained Covet and Superpower.
- The current analysis is recently done and well written.

Worth a revamp: No. Just slash Superpower appropriately (blara also insists that Fire Punch is stupid and should be removed) and do a minor update of the Checks and Counters section.

9) Natu:

- Magic Bounce is now legal with Heat Wave, Giga Drain, and Trick. Natu also gained Magic Room.
- The analysis hadn't been updated since before Misdreavus and Murkrow were unbanned.

Worth a revamp: Yes.

10) Nosepass:

- Sand Force recently became legal, but Nosepass didn't get anything that great (Rock Blast?)
- The analysis is very old. Now it has some slight merit as a Murkrow check.

Worth a revamp: No. The slashes can be rearranged for now, and maybe it can get an update later down the road.

little gk

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gk QC :>

I'm using my vacation as an excuse for not testing and stuff; this is the second time I've been able to get online ;-;


-Rhyhorn didn't get a whole lot from bw2 and it wasn't a great Pokemon to begin with.
-Sand is better which helps I guess...
Revamp: The analyses is good enough for a mon that is rarely used.


-It only really got Sand Rush, but that was enough to make it good :>
Revamp: Yeah, the new DW ability means we're dealing with an entirely new creature.


-Scraggy got a whole lot coverage attacks which could be nice as a fourth option on the DD set, especially the elemental punches (if blara mentions ice punch, hurt him n.n)
Revamp: The analyses could use an update for the new meta imo. The bulky set could definitely use a mention in OO and I'd even be willing to let prem's lo set have a set now u.u


-Shellder got Iron defense, which could be a fun gimmick, but the only other attack that's notable is Icy Wind.
-I don't like Explosion on the scarf set, but that's not a big deal.
Revamp: Nah, it's fine


-Bug Bite makes a viable attacking option for anyone who hates Bug Buzz.
Revamp: Shelmet is still a one-trick-poney, no


-Nothing new to note outside of Foongus showing it's smiling face.
-It's mono-Grass typing does become nicer when trying to pick between the two little shrooms.
Revamp: The analyses seems to underestimate the effectiveness of Shroomish, so I'd be in favor of a revamp here.


-Aqua Tail could be nifty on a four attack set or something...
Revamp: I don't like the analyses much, but since Skorupi is probably around LC NU, any attempt to revamp this should have low priority. I would like to switch the two sets in SCMS once i get the time, though.


-Slowpoke got Magic Coat, Wonder Room, and Signal Beam, which could be fun in the right situations. Unfortunately, they don't help the standard sets much.
-This analyses is from the days when Slowpoke was one of the best Pokemon in LC :c
Revamp: the on-site analyses is good enough


-The new toys Smoochum got are entirely supporting moves and it's just too frail to use them.
-For some reason, Blizzard isn't slashed with Ice Beam; that should be taken out of OO and be put in the set.
Revamp: It only used a scarf set in bw and bw2 is showing that it's doing more of the same :>


-Snover got nothing worth using u.u
-Al mentioned that an EV set of 36 HP / 24 Atk / 184 SAtk / 36 SDef / 200 Spd on the Choice Scarf set would be better than the one in place currently.
Revamp: Nope, it's a bit outdated, but SCMS can take care of that.

don't get mad at me for movepool stuff; this was hard to do offline x.x
aerrow's mons

idk we just did this in chat

[15:11:32] <&elevator_music> cottonee, revamp y/n
[15:11:37] <&blarajan> what did it get
[15:11:38] <&blarajan> lol
[15:11:40] <&blarajan> did anything happen
[15:11:43] <&blarajan> wait let me look at the analysis
[15:11:44] <&blarajan> it's probably shit
[15:11:58] <&blarajan> yes it's shit
[15:11:58] <&blarajan> revamp
[15:12:09] <&elevator_music> lol i agree completely
[15:12:21] <&blarajan> lol
[15:12:27] <&blarajan> what the fuck is that 
[15:12:27] <&little_gk> i don't even need to look at the analyses to know it's shit
[15:12:33] <&blarajan> sub seed encore hp fire
[15:12:33] <&little_gk> i still remember it
[15:12:36] <&blarajan> were you (BAN ME PLEASE) high
[15:12:37] <&blarajan> what the hell
[15:12:37] <&blarajan> lol
[15:12:45] <&little_gk> and the writing is bad too
[15:12:47] <&blarajan> sub seed on these little puff balls is the first step to losing
[15:12:56] <&blarajan> sub seed is like the worst set
[15:12:57] <&blarajan> lol
[15:12:59] <&blarajan> okay next poke
[15:13:30] <&elevator_music> cranidos
[15:13:32] <&blarajan> no
[15:13:46] <&blarajan> just scms for this one
[15:14:04] <&elevator_music> yea it didnt get anything noteworthy
[15:14:06] <&blarajan> it's still the shitty dinosaur it was before
[15:14:13] <&blarajan> scarf / rp are the only notable sets
[15:14:17] <&blarajan> though i'd kind of scrap rp cause it's balls
[15:14:19] <&blarajan> tbh
[15:14:29] <&blarajan> mention a bulkier set in the oo
[15:14:32] <&elevator_music> yea its still beaten by the same stuff lol
[15:14:35] <&blarajan> cause its defenses are p decent
[15:14:45] <&blarajan> i'd say scrap rp, mention bulky eviolite in oo, scms the scarf
[15:14:49] <&blarajan> no revamp necessary
[15:14:57] <&elevator_music> ok next mon
[15:15:00] <&elevator_music> croagunk
[15:15:03] <&blarajan> yes
[15:15:15] <&little_gk> gunk sucks...
[15:15:26] <&blarajan> well
[15:15:27] <&prem> oh
[15:15:30] <&prem> i was highlighted
[15:15:34] <&little_gk> i should look at the analyses brb
[15:15:39] <&blarajan> can anyone tell me
[15:15:41] <&blarajan> what the difference is
[15:15:47] <&blarajan> between mixed defensive
[15:15:50] <&blarajan> and bulky offensive
[15:15:54] <&blarajan> what the fuck
[15:15:55] <&blarajan> lol
[15:16:01] <&blarajan> they are like the exact same thing p much
[15:16:16] <&blarajan> Although this set looks similar to the previous one, it's played rather differently.
[15:16:17] <&elevator_music> just an ev swap
[15:16:17] <&blarajan> this is bullshit
[15:16:20] <&blarajan> why is it using max speed
[15:16:21] <&little_gk> it should just have one set
[15:16:23] <&blarajan> when its only non prio move
[15:16:23] <&elevator_music> i wouldnt use the second one
[15:16:23] <&little_gk> and the ac
[15:16:25] <&blarajan> is fucking drain punch
[15:16:26] <&little_gk> should be HUGE
[15:16:26] <&blarajan> is he retarded
[15:16:28] <&blarajan> who wrote this shit
[15:16:30] <&blarajan> scrap the second set
[15:16:35] <&blarajan> and expand the first set
[15:16:36] <&blarajan> A LOT
[15:16:38] <&blarajan> as in
[15:16:42] <&blarajan> discuss alternate ev spreads
[15:16:43] <&blarajan> a fuck ton
[15:16:46] <&blarajan> and all its other options
[15:16:53] <&blarajan> and uh i would also say drain punch > sucker punch this meta
[15:16:54] <&little_gk> yeah like "ok dude gunk uses way too many moves, here are all of them"
[15:16:55] <&blarajan> imo
[15:17:06] <&blarajan> so i'd say put dpunch in
[15:17:11] <&blarajan> and slash sucker punch with shadow ball probably
[15:17:17] <&blarajan> shadow ball > dark pulse
[15:17:18] <&blarajan> that sort of thing
[15:17:21] <&blarajan> this needs a revamp
[15:17:28] <&elevator_music> yea
[15:17:32] <&blarajan> were we retarded
[15:17:33] <&blarajan> like actually
[15:17:35] <&elevator_music> ok
[15:17:36] <&elevator_music> darumaka
[15:17:40] <&blarajan> "we wish we could use drain punch but it's illegal with dark pulse"
[15:17:43] <&blarajan> did we not know shadow ball existed
[15:17:44] <&blarajan> like actually
[15:17:59] <&blarajan> lol
[15:18:04] <&blarajan> nah not darumaka
[15:18:08] <&little_gk> take out support set
[15:18:12] <&little_gk> but nah
[15:18:16] <&blarajan> wait
[15:18:17] <&blarajan> there's a fucking
[15:18:18] <&blarajan> support set
[15:18:20] <&blarajan> for darumaka
[15:18:26] <&blarajan> how drunk were you fuckers
[15:18:29] <&blarajan> scrap the hell out of that
[15:18:39] <&elevator_music> dude that analysis is really old :(
[15:18:46] <&blarajan> but the scarf set is fine
[15:18:49] <&elevator_music> but still good so yea just scrap the second set
[15:18:52] <&blarajan> no changes necessary
[15:18:54] <&little_gk> it was pre-gkmod i take no blame
[15:18:57] <&blarajan> lol
[15:19:08] <&elevator_music> deerling
[15:19:11] <&blarajan> oh lol
[15:19:11] <&blarajan> actually
[15:19:12] <&blarajan> WAIT
[15:19:14] <&blarajan> DARUMAKA MIGHT BE COOL
[15:19:16] <&elevator_music> all i know is it got seed bomb
[15:19:21] <&blarajan> BELLY DRUM DARUMAKA
[15:19:23] <&blarajan> WITH SALAC BERRY
[15:19:23] <&blarajan> PLEASE
[15:19:31] <&little_gk> test it u.u
[15:19:33] <&blarajan> BELLY DRUM / ENCORE / FIRE PUNCH / BRICK BREAK
[15:19:35] <&blarajan> @ SALAC BERRY
[15:19:36] <&blarajan> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[15:19:38] <&blarajan> brb making a team
[15:19:42] <&blarajan> lol
[15:19:42] <&little_gk> and besides
[15:19:49] <&little_gk> it dies to pokemon@move
[15:19:49] <&elevator_music> you'll need sub blara
[15:19:51] <&blarajan> IT HAS INNER FOCUS
[15:19:53] <&blarajan> WH OCARES
[15:19:55] <&blarajan> FUCK FAKE OUT
[15:19:58] <&blarajan> okay
[15:20:02] <&blarajan> definitely raping shit with this niger
[15:20:03] <&blarajan> (BAN ME PLEASE)
[15:20:07] <&blarajan> oh uh what was the next poke
[15:20:13] <&elevator_music> why not just run flame charge
[15:20:16] <&blarajan> fuck h
[15:20:17] <&blarajan> oh
[15:20:18] <&blarajan> that works too
[15:20:19] <&blarajan> lol
[15:20:22] <&elevator_music> im sure at plus 6 that kos everything
[15:20:25] <&blarajan> what the hell does deerling do
[15:20:29] <&elevator_music> wtf why did i type out plus
[15:20:36] <&blarajan> i have never seen a deerling ever
[15:20:44] <&blarajan> remove the last two sets
[15:20:46] <&blarajan> they sound retarded
[15:20:47] <&elevator_music> its got good stats
[15:20:54] <&blarajan> remove the last two sets
[15:20:55] <&little_gk> and its got ok ability
[15:20:56] <&blarajan> they sound retarded
[15:21:08] <&elevator_music> man serene grace >:(
[15:21:11] <&elevator_music> give that shit headbutt
[15:21:12] <&blarajan> what the fuck is that last set
[15:21:13] <&blarajan> what the fucking fuck
[15:21:14] <&elevator_music> itd be GODLY
[15:21:15] <&blarajan> is that last set
[15:21:18] <&little_gk> yeah the sun set can go with vulpix gone
[15:21:29] <&blarajan> work up synthesis return faint attack
[15:21:31] <&blarajan> are you for serious
[15:21:33] <&blarajan> what the fucking fuck
[15:21:34] <&blarajan> scrap
[15:21:36] <&blarajan> keep bpass that's it
[15:21:48] <&blarajan> wait actually does this thing have any moves whatsoever
[15:21:50] <&blarajan> does it have like
[15:21:51] <&blarajan> horn leech
[15:21:56] <&elevator_music> it got seed bomb in bw2
[15:21:56] <&blarajan> if it has horn leech then we can add a lo attacker
[15:21:59] <&little_gk> it should run a scarf scerene grace set
[15:22:00] <&blarajan> oh
[15:22:03] <&little_gk> imo
[15:22:03] <&blarajan> why gk
[15:22:05] <&blarajan> what does it even have
[15:22:07] <&blarajan> to abuse serene grace
[15:22:11] <&blarajan> no headbutt lol
[15:22:12] <&elevator_music> gk it gets no moves with secondary effects
[15:22:13] <&little_gk> because it has 18 speed and headbutt
[15:22:15] <&elevator_music> except bounce
[15:22:16] <&little_gk> oh what
[15:22:19] <&little_gk> fuck that shit
[15:22:26] <&blarajan> oh um
[15:22:32] <&blarajan> actually this little shit might not be awful
[15:22:38] <&blarajan> a lo attacker
[15:22:38] <&elevator_music> yea
[15:22:40] <&blarajan> would probably work
[15:22:48] <&blarajan> agility / seed bomb / normal / jump kick
[15:22:48] <&blarajan> ?
[15:22:52] <&elevator_music> idk if it hits hard enough
[15:22:57] <&elevator_music> you can also run nature power
[15:23:01] <&little_gk> oh yeah no headbutt ok
[15:23:03] <&blarajan> idk 15 attack doesn't sound too bad
[15:23:04] <&elevator_music> which is like eq or something
[15:23:05] <&blarajan> uh
[15:23:10] <&blarajan> i say we test out a lo set
[15:23:12] <&blarajan> i'll go do that
[15:23:15] <&blarajan> probably
[15:23:20] <&blarajan> but scrap the last two sets at least
[15:23:24] <&blarajan> deerling isn't high priority at all lol
[15:23:27] <&blarajan> say maybe
[15:23:28] <&elevator_music> it can run the token defensive grass set
[15:23:28] <&blarajan> on this one
[15:23:31] <&blarajan> cause lo might not be ass
[15:23:39] <&elevator_music> its got 60/50/50 defenses
[15:23:44] <&blarajan> oh fuck
[15:23:50] <&blarajan> yeah but it can force out like
[15:23:51] <&blarajan> wooper
[15:23:54] <&blarajan> ^_^
[15:23:55] <&elevator_music> and synthesis/aromatherapy/leech seet/etc idfk haha
[15:24:04] <&blarajan> it actually
[15:24:07] <&blarajan> doesn't look completely shitty
[15:24:09] <&blarajan> just kind of shitty
[15:24:15] <&blarajan> just scrap the last two sets and if anything useful comes out of it
[15:24:18] <&blarajan> we can add them later
[15:24:20] <&elevator_music> its the
[15:24:21] <&blarajan> i doubt anyone gives a fuck about this analysis
[15:24:26] <&elevator_music> anti-grass bulky grass
[15:24:28] <&little_gk> i'd allow a low prio revamp
[15:24:31] <&blarajan> yeah
[15:24:33] <&blarajan> i'm up for that
[15:24:38] <&blarajan> we can experiment with this little shit
[15:24:41] <&little_gk> yeah
[15:24:45] <&elevator_music> except it probably doesnt like hp fire from lileep if people run that still idk
[15:24:48] <&blarajan> it does got a movepool
[15:24:52] <&blarajan> who runs hp fire lileep
[15:24:52] <&little_gk> people don't anymore
[15:24:54] <&blarajan> though
[15:25:00] <&elevator_music> actually yea dont use it against lileep maybe but lol shroomish
[15:25:00] <&blarajan> i'm playing around with lileep without sr
[15:25:01] <&blarajan> and man
[15:25:04] <&blarajan> that thing has earth power
[15:25:05] <&blarajan> i didn't even know that
[15:25:08] <&blarajan> lol magnemite croagunk
[15:25:09] <&blarajan> eat shit
[15:25:16] <&elevator_music> it just got it legalized with storm drain
[15:25:18] <&blarajan> wall me no longer asshat
[15:25:20] <&blarajan> oh
[15:25:22] <&blarajan> then lol
[15:25:29] <&blarajan> i've never actually looked at lileep's moves
[15:25:31] <&blarajan> i've used like
[15:25:36] <&blarajan> sr recover toxic grass ancientpower
[15:25:40] <&blarajan> and that's all i've ever used
[15:25:40] <&blarajan> lol
[15:25:53] <&blarajan> then i looked at its moves saw ep and was like yay
[15:26:03] <&blarajan> cause i decided to give rocks to hippo
[15:26:09] <&blarajan> anyways next poke
[15:26:54] <&elevator_music> deino
[15:27:02] <&blarajan> is that the dragon thing
[15:27:36] <&blarajan> did that get anything useful
[15:27:46] <&elevator_music> aqua tail ummm
[15:27:58] <&blarajan> aqua tail doesn't do anything
[15:27:59] <&blarajan> lol
[15:28:05] <&elevator_music> superpower
[15:28:31] <&blarajan> it got superpower ?_?
[15:28:33] <&blarajan> okay scms
[15:28:40] <&little_gk> i'd maybe put superpower over fire fang, but no revamp needed
[15:29:37] <&blarajan> yeah
[15:29:37] <&elevator_music> ok next mon
[15:29:41] <&elevator_music> diglett
[15:29:44] <&little_gk> no
[15:29:46] <&blarajan> yes
[15:29:50] <&blarajan> memento sr is huge
[15:29:54] <&blarajan> and that sash set sucks
[15:29:56] <&blarajan> definite revamp
[15:29:57] <&blarajan> i'll do this one
[15:30:16] <&blarajan> i remember looking at this analysis and getting mad
[15:30:18] <&blarajan> definite revamp
[15:30:18] <&elevator_music> yea i was about to say i dont like the analysis
[15:30:37] <&blarajan> definite revamp
[15:30:46] <&little_gk> that's fine, i wasn't even looking at the analysis when i said no u.u
[15:30:46] <&elevator_music> because memento is so important and its like 'why dont you emphasize how memento/arena trap is a fucking god'
[15:30:54] <&blarajan> lol gk
[15:30:58] <&blarajan> memento sr is damn cool
[15:30:58] <&blarajan> and
[15:30:59] <&little_gk> well hey
[15:31:00] <&blarajan> the life orb set he has
[15:31:01] <&blarajan> is shit
[15:31:03] <&little_gk> i am juggling a lot atm
[15:31:11] <&little_gk> we're doing this during the fucking trade deadline
[15:31:11] <&little_gk> :<
[15:31:15] <&blarajan> wait actually
[15:31:15] <&blarajan> no
[15:31:16] <&blarajan> that's right
[15:31:16] <&blarajan> nvm
[15:31:18] <&blarajan> that set is fine
[15:31:18] <&blarajan> lol
[15:31:23] <&blarajan> but
[15:31:32] <&blarajan> needs one more set
[15:31:33] <&blarajan> or something
[15:31:36] <&blarajan> i don't like the analysis
[15:31:43] <&blarajan> and memento sr needs to be emphasized
[15:31:51] <&blarajan> so that needs a set
[15:32:07] <&blarajan> that's about it though
[15:32:11] <&blarajan> this analysis is different than the one i remember
[15:32:16] <&blarajan> the one i was bitching at had like
[15:32:18] <&blarajan> a sash sr set
[15:32:25] <&blarajan> when did this one happen?
[15:32:45] <&little_gk> it's old
[15:32:51] <&elevator_music> sounds like last gen
[15:33:20] <&blarajan> i don't remember this analysis at all lol
[15:34:09] <&elevator_music> anyways next mon
[15:34:10] <&elevator_music> doduo
[15:34:22] <&blarajan> the hell
[15:34:24] <&blarajan> does that get low kick
[15:34:33] <&blarajan> does doduo even deserve an analysis lol
[15:34:35] <&blarajan> this is a shit mon
[15:34:50] <&blarajan> oh well we said it did meh
[15:34:50] <&blarajan> um
[15:34:54] <&blarajan> probably no analysis needed
[15:34:58] <&blarajan> emphasize early bird is useful
[15:35:00] <&blarajan> that's about it
[15:35:00] <&elevator_music> i like it better than taillow
[15:35:03] <&blarajan> oh actually that's pretty useful
[15:35:06] <&elevator_music> as far as scarf birds go
[15:35:11] <&blarajan> early bird is cool
[15:35:13] <&blarajan> i didn't know it got that
[15:35:14] <&elevator_music> but that was before we unbanned murkrow
[15:35:25] <&blarajan> scrap work up at least
[15:35:28] <&blarajan> that sounds fucking dumb
[15:35:34] <&blarajan> can we just not allow work up sets
[15:35:34] <&blarajan> ever
[15:35:35] <&blarajan> ?
[15:36:06] <&elevator_music> yea thats like an inferior krow set
[15:36:20] <&blarajan> i get it's that pokemon's only option
[15:36:21] <&blarajan> to boost
[15:36:24] <&blarajan> but it's such a bad move
[15:36:27] <&blarajan> on almost everything that uses it
[15:36:31] <&blarajan> work up not worth it
[15:36:45] <&blarajan> wait
[15:36:46] <&blarajan> DO WE REALLY HAVE
[15:36:47] <&blarajan> ROOST
[15:36:48] <&blarajan> ROOST
[15:36:49] <&blarajan> SLASHED ON
[15:36:51] <&blarajan> FUCKING SCARF DODUO
[15:36:52] <&blarajan> ROOOOOOOOOST
[15:36:53] <&blarajan> ?
[15:36:55] <&blarajan> no
[15:36:56] <&blarajan> die
[15:36:57] <&blarajan> kill that slash
[15:36:58] <&blarajan> who the fuck
[15:37:04] <&elevator_music> it gets fucking nothing lol
[15:37:04] <&blarajan> i don't care what you use in that last slot
[15:37:07] <&blarajan> you're using fucking toxic
[15:37:09] <&blarajan> you don't use roost
[15:37:11] <&blarajan> what the fucking fuck
[15:37:12] <&blarajan> lol
[15:37:12] <&elevator_music> the fourth move is like w/e
[15:37:17] <&blarajan> no just use toxic
[15:37:20] <&blarajan> roost is the most retarded
[15:37:20] <&elevator_music> actually
[15:37:21] <&blarajan> thing
[15:37:28] <&elevator_music> it needs a mention of double hit
[15:37:29] <&blarajan> i would even fucking prefer steel wing
[15:37:33] <&blarajan> why the hell would you put roost
[15:37:44] <&elevator_music> ok but thats minor right
[15:37:48] <&elevator_music> it doesnt need a revamp per se
[15:37:52] <&blarajan> no revamp
[15:37:55] <&blarajan> scrap work up scrap roost
[15:38:08] <&elevator_music> oh it also gets knock off (mentioned in ac)
[15:38:23] <&elevator_music> yea the scarf set should just be reslashed
[15:38:25] <&blarajan> how does mirror move work?
[15:38:26] <&elevator_music> imo it should be
[15:38:27] <&blarajan> could that be fun?
[15:38:28] <&blarajan> in the last slot?
[15:38:31] <&blarajan> i don't even know what mirror move does
[15:38:33] <&elevator_music> brave bird
[15:38:34] <&blarajan> but it sounds better than roost
[15:38:40] <&elevator_music> return / double-edge
[15:38:57] <&elevator_music> pursuit / steel wing
[15:39:07] <&blarajan> wait really to steel wing
[15:39:17] <&blarajan> well steel wing does hit tirtouga for neutral i guess........
[15:39:20] <&elevator_music> quick attack / double hit / toxic
[15:39:30] <&blarajan> why didn't doduo get drill liner / low kick D=
[15:39:31] <&blarajan> wait em really
[15:39:33] <&blarajan> waht does mirror move do
[15:39:34] <&blarajan> ?
[15:39:39] <&elevator_music> no it gets neither of those :(((
[15:39:55] <&blarajan> nah double hit should not be a slash
[15:40:01] <&blarajan> ac mention
[15:40:07] <&blarajan> and don't slash steel wing either
[15:40:09] <&blarajan> that was a joke
[15:40:11] <&elevator_music> irror Move causes the user to use the last move that the target used. A move called by Mirror Move in this way counts as the last move used.
[15:40:20] <&blarajan> so if like
[15:40:32] <&blarajan> idk tirtouga used aqua tail
[15:40:34] <&blarajan> you use aqua tail?
[15:40:38] <&elevator_music> i guess???
[15:40:46] <&blarajan> that sounds better than any of those other options ?_?
[15:40:59] <&elevator_music> idk if i like mirror move though because if you ko a mon or they switch you're pretty much forced to switch too haha
[15:41:05] <&elevator_music> uhh brb
[15:41:12] <&blarajan> you're always forced to switch
[15:41:55] <&blarajan> 252 Atk Doduo Aqua Tail vs 84 HP/12 -1 Def Tirtouga: 47.83% - 56.52% (2-3 hits to KO)
[15:41:56] <&blarajan> lol
[15:41:57] <&blarajan> nvm
[15:42:43] <&blarajan> hl me when you come back
[15:44:41] <&elevator_music> blarajan
[15:45:33] <&blarajan> k
[15:45:45] <&blarajan> just reorder slashes (we'll figure out what) and scrap work up
[15:45:45] <&blarajan> no revamp
[15:46:04] <&elevator_music> yea
[15:46:07] <&elevator_music> ok next mon
[15:46:08] <&elevator_music> dratini
[15:46:19] <&blarajan> fuck yes
[15:46:21] <&blarajan> absolutely
[15:46:24] <&blarajan> marvel scale is huge
[15:46:26] <&blarajan> 100% yes
[15:46:45] <&elevator_music> yea lol
[15:46:46] <&elevator_music> ok
[15:46:50] <&elevator_music> last mon is drifloon
[15:46:55] <&blarajan> what does that do
[15:46:57] <&blarajan> again
[15:46:58] <&blarajan> lol
[15:47:00] <&blarajan> did it get anything
[15:47:01] <&elevator_music> acrobatics
[15:47:02] <&elevator_music> uhhhh
[15:47:13] <&blarajan> i don't think so lol
[15:47:18] <&blarajan> it's the same kinda cool shit mon it was before
[15:47:24] <&elevator_music> yea
[15:47:25] <&blarajan> um
[15:47:28] <&elevator_music> recycle but idk
[15:47:33] <&blarajan> the slashes need reordering
[15:47:34] <&elevator_music> thats p useless
[15:47:35] <&blarajan> on the first set
[15:47:44] <&blarajan> that needs minor editing
[15:47:46] <&blarajan> but not a revamp
[15:47:50] <&blarajan> uh
[15:47:52] <&blarajan> has anyone ever
[15:47:53] <&blarajan> used sub cm
[15:47:56] <&blarajan> and can vouch for it
[15:47:56] <&blarajan> ?
[15:48:02] <&elevator_music> not me
[15:48:07] <&blarajan> i have never used it
[15:48:09] <&blarajan> it sounds not shit
[15:48:12] <&blarajan> but i haven't ever used it
[15:48:14] <&blarajan> so i can't say anything
[15:48:18] <&blarajan> gk prem
[15:48:22] <&blarajan> have you ever used sub cm drifloon
[15:48:22] <&blarajan> ?
[15:48:29] <&little_gk> a couple times
[15:48:38] <&little_gk> it's ok, but a bit frail for my liking
[15:48:38] <&blarajan> is it worthy of a set?
[15:48:42] <&little_gk> ehhhh
[15:48:49] <&little_gk> borderline
[15:48:53] <&little_gk> i'd say no
[15:48:54] <&blarajan> just leave it i guess
[15:48:56] <&blarajan> oh
[15:49:05] <&blarajan> i mean it sounds p cool
[15:49:06] <&little_gk> either is fine really...
[15:49:11] <&blarajan> i guess
[15:49:15] <&blarajan> cm +2 spe
[15:49:20] <&blarajan> sub to get around murkrow
[15:49:22] <&blarajan> doesn't sound too bad
[15:49:23] <&blarajan> i say leave it
[15:49:46] <&blarajan> cause it doesn't ohko scraggy at +1 with hp fighting
[15:50:34] <&blarajan> lol damn
[15:50:37] <&blarajan> look at this damage variation
[15:50:40] <&blarajan> 200 +1 SpAtk Drifloon Hidden Power Flying vs 0 HP/36 SpDef Eviolite Scraggy: 71.43% - 100% (6.25% chance to OHKO)
[15:50:52] <&blarajan> Possible HP Damage: 15, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 21
[15:52:09] <&blarajan> no revamp though
[15:52:18] <&blarajan> ok em can you post this irc log or something
[15:52:19] <&blarajan> idk
[15:55:15] <&elevator_music> sure
TL;DR version:

Cottonee- Revamp, the analysis is subpar.

Cranidos- Don't revamp, it got nothing new and the analysis is fine.
[15:14:45] <&blarajan> i'd say scrap rp, mention bulky eviolite in oo, scms the scarf​
Croagunk- Revamp, it got some new toys and we don't like the current analysis that much.

Darumaka- Don't revamp, blarajan wanted to test out Belly Drum, but if that's legit it can be added later.
[15:18:49] <&elevator_music> but still good so yea just scrap the second set​
Deerling- Maybe. We're on the fence.
[15:24:15] <&blarajan> just scrap the last two sets and if anything useful comes out of it
[15:24:18] <&blarajan> we can add them later

[15:24:28] <&little_gk> i'd allow a low prio revamp​
Deino- Don't revamp, just add in Superpower.
[15:28:40] <&little_gk> i'd maybe put superpower over fire fang, but no revamp needed​
Diglett- Revamp, the current analysis is alright but could be better. Also blarajan wants a set with SR/Memento.
[15:29:50] <&blarajan> memento sr is huge
[15:29:54] <&blarajan> and that sash set sucks
[15:29:56] <&blarajan> definite revamp
[15:29:57] <&blarajan> i'll do this one​
Doduo- Don't revamp, just take out the second set and reslash the first.
15:45:45] <&blarajan> just reorder slashes (we'll figure out what) and scrap work up​
Dratini- Revamp, needs a Marvel Scale set (over the bulky DD set probably).
[15:46:24] <&blarajan> marvel scale is huge
[15:46:26] <&blarajan> 100% yes​
Drifloon- Don't revamp, though the first set needs some slight editing. We debated scrapping the SubCM set but decided to keep it in the end.
15:47:33] <&blarajan> the slashes need reordering
[15:47:35] <&blarajan> on the first set
[15:47:44] <&blarajan> that needs minor editing
[15:47:46] <&blarajan> but not a revamp

[15:48:22] <&blarajan> have you ever used sub cm drifloon
[15:48:22] <&blarajan> ?
[15:48:29] <&little_gk> a couple times
[15:48:38] <&little_gk> it's ok, but a bit frail for my liking
[15:48:38] <&blarajan> is it worthy of a set?
[15:48:42] <&little_gk> ehhhh
[15:48:49] <&little_gk> borderline
[15:48:53] <&little_gk> i'd say no
[15:48:54] <&blarajan> just leave it i guess
[15:48:56] <&blarajan> oh
[15:49:05] <&blarajan> i mean it sounds p cool
[15:49:06] <&little_gk> either is fine really...​

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