Question for the really really oldbies: Stadium Mode?

How much Stadium Mode didn't take off as the standard meta for Gens 1-2? Did it ever really compete with 6v6 cart mechanics, or did people overwhelmingly flock to 6v6 right from the start? I always wondered, with Stadium being the "official" ruleset and that being the origin of sleep and freeze clauses.
As far back as around 2000/2001 on the prehistoric simulators like Porygon's Big Show, the standard format was 6v6. This was a long time ago and I have always been more of a lurker than a participant, but I don't remember there being much discussion about using Stadium 3v3 or its other modes (such as Poké Cup) as a standard or even alternative game mode.


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The main problem with stadium 3v3 is that in RBY at least it isnt very good. It doesnt take you too long to catch on to the fact that the game is a lot more interesting with 6 pokemon.

EeveeTrainer won the US championship in 2000 with stadium 3v3. And I think a lot of the original development of the competitive game online was based around that format. It's even before my time though, by the time I started playing it was all 6v6.

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