rabbits in minecraft

do you play minecraft

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i hate these guys so much. mojang put all of the rabbit budget into making them cute so i'd want to get them, then left all the mechanics to this one junior programmer who was too busy doing side projects in unity or whatever to playtest them.

so basically rabbits are the only creature in the game that jump to get around instead of walking around. if you want to get a rabbit out of the wilderness and into your carefully constructed rabbit house, these are some of the issues you might encounter:
  • even though they hop away from stuff at lightning speed, when following you they jump agonizingly slowly and it takes ages to move anywhere at all with them. seriously you can spend twice the amount of time you would with like a cow or a sheep
  • they can get stuck on blocks and you have to go back and nudge them.
  • if you have them on a leash, they can randomly die from fall damage.

  • rabbits other than the desert and snowy variants are quite rare and spawn most commonly in taigas, where wolves and foxes naturally spawn to attack them. have fun being on constant alert for these guys!
  • rabbits must be kept in a completely flat area because they can and will die from fall damage from jumping otherwise!
  • minecraft developers love the idea of players losing progress and putting in effort for nothing! this is why they continue to leave creepers in the game unchanged
sure i could put out a suggestion for letting you carry rabbits in a backpack but they'd probably make it so the rabbit dies from blunt force trauma if you jump or something.
I installed Wyrmroost mostly because they added a mob called the Lesser Desertwyrm, whose main purpose atm is to bite at desert rabbits. All my homies hate rabbits
rabbits are good target practice if you want a challenge tho. thats the only good thing about them (besides being cute).

they drop... nothihng really good tbh. rabbit hide is mostly useless and is only good for leather (well there are bundles now and they look pretty neat but i play bedrock becuase im a piece of human garbage so i dont have access to them). rabbit meat is just worse than the easily accesiable beef/pork. and rabbit foot make a leaping potion which is really inferior to other potions imo
Yes, I agree that the rabbits are insanely cute. But their mechanics were added to the game as if at the last minute. They're not well thought out, and they're even silly. But that's the magic of their content. The player has to consider an insane amount of factors, without which the rabbit will immediately die. I recently played a game of Minecraft on minecraftforfreex.com in multiplayer mode. My friends and I created a rabbit farm in one of the worlds. And words can't tell you how hard it was to collect rabbits. They were literally dying all the time. And finding them in the woods was not easy at all. On the farm, they were dying all the time, too, because we accidentally left one block deep in pen. That's where they fell in.
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Man I haven't played Minecraft in a while, rabbits are super cool, and yea they made not rewarding in the game, though i guess it's somewhat realistic? Would be nice if they were different for sure. Maybe I should also play minecraft on my phone again, don't have a PC to play Java so
God this thread is from a fucking year ago?

But the one nice thing about rabbits are that you can breed them with dandelions so you don't have to waste crops on them. But chickens are basically the same thing if you have enough wheat alread

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