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Hi there! I am pretty new to shiny hunting and other rarities, as you might be able to tell. And by new, I mean really new. For the longest time, the only Shiny Pokémon I had were from Wonder Trades with dot-com users offering suspiciously good Pokémon in exchange for almost nothing. But now, having played Shield for over 150 hours and finding literally nothing else to do, I have decided to take up shiny hunting and try to get 'mons worth trading for.

Current Status: Feebas hunt is now currently on hold, currently playing through Ultra Sun to get wormhole shinies in the postgame.

Rules (please read, there's not that much)
  • General courtesy stuff, be nice, etc.
  • You do not need a trade thread to post here.
  • I can currently only trade for Gens 7 and 8, but I am working on Generation 6 connection.
  • Unfortunately, my stock is fairly limited at the moment, because I can't find anyone to clone for me lol.
  • Pokémon in the Trophy Case cannot be traded for (until I work out how to clone them).
  • All Pokémon can be redistributed freely, as long as you give credit.
  • This list is subject to change in response to other posts.
This list has been moved to PokePaste because the images attached were very glitchy and broke a lot of the time.


Skyrazer (Necrozma)
Ability: Prism Armor
IVs: (yet to check because getting Judge in gen 7 absolutely sucks)
Quiet Nature
- Psychic
- Power Gem
- Night Slash
- Shadow Claw
Ball: Beast Ball
OT: Jakob
Game: Moon

Now this is a special one for the trophy case. While far from the best Pokémon specimen you've ever seen, Skyrazer is made rare by the fact that I spent hours desperately trying to catch it in a Beast Ball. Necrozma is still one of my favourite legendaries, and getting it in this way makes it even cooler. During my painstaking efforts to catch Skyrazer, I caught two Spinda which I named Teardrop and Swirly, which I am considering adding to my resources as they later obtained Pokérus. I was incredibly surprised when I finally caught Necrozma in only 129 Beast Balls, which actually isn't a lot. In fact, the only disadvantage of this is telling people that your most impressive 'Mon is literally called "Sky Razor." (I mean, why does it have to be pronounced like that?)

Ability: Battle Bond
IVs: (yet to check because getting Judge in gen 7 absolutely sucks)
Timid Nature
- Water Shuriken
- Hydro Pump
- Dark Pulse
- Spikes
Ball: Poké Ball
OT: Jakob
Game: Moon

Not too much to say about this one, I finished the Sun and Moon demo in about half an hour and reset for Timid nature once it had been sent to Moon. The only thing that was particularly noteworthy is that I somehow managed to get Adamant AND Jolly natures twice each (as well as Modest once) before getting one with Timid nature.

Next project: None yet, waiting to finish Ultra Sun for wormhole shinies (namely Audino and Quagsire)


Dave (Samurott-Hisui) (M)
Shiny: Yes
Brave Nature
- Night Slash
- Poison Jab
- Swords Dance
- Aqua Jet
Ball: Gigaton Ball
OT: MegaChungus
Game: Legends Arceus

One thing you will begin to notice is that I have had some weird ideas for my Trainer name in the past. (Just you wait until I start getting some good BDSP stuff.) But anyway, despite being far from the perfect Pokémon, Dave here was the first ever shiny I caught myself. It turned out to be quite the surprise when I stumbled upon him while searching for a decent massive mass outbreak. Having once accidentally caused a Shiny Kricketot to flee by throwing the wrong item at it in my shock, I was quite paranoid that I would knock Dave out that I did nothing but throw Gigaton Balls the entire time. Thirty turns later, that Shiny Samurott was finally mine, and I named him Dave, because I felt like it.

Next projects: Shiny Milotic, Shiny Centiskorch

Stuff I want (whether now or in the future):
  • Arceus w/Shadow Force
  • Shiny Eternatus
  • Game Freak to tell us if (*SPOILER WARNING*) an ancient form of Salamence exists or not
  • A Shiny Snom from the raid day two weeks. (Wait it was two whole weeks? How did I find only three raids? What happened?????)
  • Someone to clone 'mons for me
  • Enough patience to reset for 22796 ID on Red VC


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Gen 7 Pokémon - Available For Trade

Shinies from Sceptilian70

These sets are copy-pasted from Sceptilian70's trade thread and were generously donated to me to help me begin this thread.
As a sidenote, they are all cured victims of Pokérus! I got a Groudon in trade with the user Christian and spread its Pokérus to other 'mons.

(#571 - Asher's "Neo" ♂

"The Strutter"


OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31(HT)/31(HT)/31(HT)/31(HT)/31(HT)/31 - Modest/Illusion
Moves: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Protect
Neo is not currently EV trained, will be updated when he is.

Neo is the name of the protagonist of The Matrix, and is also similar to the word Neon, because of the luminous colors of Zorua and Zoroark.

[#254: Asher's "Celestial" ♂
"The Great Friend"

Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31 (HT)/31/31/31/31 - Modest/Overgrow ( )
EMs: Grassy Terrain
Moves: Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Protect
[252 SpA / 6 SpD / 252 Spe]

Celestial Sceptile? I dunno...

(#195 - Asher's "Ocean" ♀
"The Strutter"


OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31(HT)/31/31/19/31(HT)/31 - Sassy/Water Absorb
Moves: Rock Slide, Waterfall, Stomping Tantrum, Ice Punch
Ocean is not currently completely EV trained, will be updated when she is.

Ocean is a nickname my little sister came up with when I found this Shiny in the Ultra Wormhole.
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Gen 8 Pokémon - Available For Trade

The Spitbacks
Having messed around with various Masuda breed projects, I happen to have a lot of spare 'mons for trade. Those that are 3IV or less will be reserved for Wonder Trades, but those that are 4IV or higher can be claimed on this thread in exchange for other 'mons. All you need to do is reply to this post with the following form filled out:

In-game name (SwSh) - pretty self-explanatory
Pokémon you want - choose from the list below
Gender - male/female
IVs - e.g 31/31/X/31/X/31
Offer in exchange - put CMT here if you have a thread of your own

I will try to find a Pokémon in my Boxes with the requested attributes, but if not available, I will PM you with updates as needed. Note that 6IV 'mons cannot be requested YET.

Sizzlipede Spitbacks

All Sizzlipede come with the egg move Knock Off.

Shiny hunt status: On hold

Feebas Spitbacks

All Feebas come with the egg move Hypnosis.

Shiny hunt status: On hold

Pichu Spitbacks

These Pichu do not come with any additional Egg Moves.
Shiny hunt status: Cancelled
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