NOC Rand+++ Mafia [GAME OVER | Zombies/Jester/Lyncher/Survivor Win]


Mafia Champion

n1: blocked by hal
n2: infects somebody (1 incoming)
n3: infects somebody (1 incoming, 1 zombie)
n4: dead, n2 infect infects somebody (2 zombie, 1 incoming)

WHYDON AS NOT STARTING ZOMBIE confirms asek is a zombie, probably the starting one (what kind of potato would infect asek n1 and whydon n2. honestly why would asek infect whydon lol)

n1: infects somebody (1 incoming)
n2: infects somebody (1 incoming, 1 zombie)
n3: asek is blocked, n1 zombie infects someone (2 zombie, 1 incoming)
n4: whydon is dead, asek is blocked, remaining zombie infects somebody (2 zombie, 1 incoming)
this post is the math (plus i added n4 for the second one)


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acid, can you figure out a way for zombies to infect everyone alive?

i think it involves lynching town players but it should be doable

i think maybe we can all win here with the zombie faction


Mafia Champion
only way for energy to be town is for

a. whydon infects texas n2 and asek n3 (this seems doubtful)
b. asek infects whydon n1, before we killed all the scum and back when reads mattered, or n2, the night when all the power roles had claimed

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