NOC Rand+++ Mafia [GAME OVER | Zombies/Jester/Lyncher/Survivor Win]

Panic Station

formerly KnightsofCydonia
Energy was lynched.

You are a Zombie!

At night, you may target a player to bite them.
A bitten player becomes a zombie at the end of the next night phase.
There is a role in the setup which can prevent zombification. This role will kill you if you target it.
You do not have a night chat with any other zombies and will not be informed of who all is a zombie beyond your own personal inference.

You are a third party role. You win when half of the living players are undead zombies.

Night Five

Deadline for Night Five is 7/17 5pm UTC-5. This deadline has been pre-adjusted to the Host's schedule.

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