Gen 3 Random Battle (LIVE!)

While we're at it, could we make it that an offensive setup move requires enough coverage so that nothing is completely immune to the mon's moveset? I've been getting Bulk Up/High Jump Kick/Mach Punch/Counter Hitmonchans occasionally, as well as Curse/Thunder Wave/Seismic Toss/Counter Registeel.
And can we also remove Sitrus Berry entirely from the item pool and replace it with Salac(on sub+drum sets) or Leftovers(without sub+drum)? 30 HP is like 10% at level 100.

In general, redundant coverage is a massive problem for some sets, typically Fighting types. Brick Break/High Jump Kick Medicham (both are good options. putting them on the same set is not.), Cross Chop/Revenge Hariyama. There's other nitpicks like Protect without Wish on certain eeveelutions, Sunny Day + Giga Drain on some Chlorophyll Pokemon, Lugia with no Recover, etc. Also the lack of choice band metagross/aerodactyl saddens me.
Is there really a point to have a CM resttalk Suicune with Hydro Pump? After you use all 8 pp of Hydro Pump (which is quite easy) it is rendered borderline useless (other than pp stalling) as you can see on this replay:

I managed to win but I was surprised that after you use all PP of a move you can't use it via sleeptalk (I believe it is the only gen with such mechanics). Considering that I think CM restalk Suicune should be run with Surf. The only competetive resttalk set with 1 attacking move with subpar accuracy and 8 pp that I am aware of is Machamp with cross chop and bulk up.

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