Tournament Random Battles Classic Open - Round 1

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About 24 hours to the deadline and opponent is still missing. I'd like an activity win - dunno if I'll have all day tomorrow to check if they showed up or not.

Scheduling attempt:

Edit: never mind, they showed up and we played. They won 3-1
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Activity post :/ Left a message on his wall but no response and any time I try searching for his username he's offline


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Contacted on Monday and haven't heard back yet - will try again but posting just in case for activity (or if a sub can be added)
Won vs Pakinazo in 4 matches. After he was 26 minutes late to a second scheduling after he missed the first one (and gave no notice of being late either time).

You all can thank me that this guy is out of the tournament so you don't have to deal with that shit.
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I have not been able to contact with my opponent @Wrongfully_Banned although i have tried (can be checked in their profile). Nevertheless, I will still be open to play until tonight (central european gmt) if they show up


#DnB4608, its way easier on discord :>
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claiming act, opponent never responded or even logged in since may 5th
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