Random Battles Ladder Tournament - Qualifying Phase [Done]

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Do you love to ladder random formats on PS when you have time? Do you enjoy playing some of the older generation's randomised formats amd want to compete in them?

The Random Battles Room is announcing the first Random Battles Ladder Tournament, which will feature all generations of randomised formats! This event will run over around three months, starting with six qualifying cycles on each one of the past generation random battle ladders beginning with RBY. A single elimination playoff bracket consisting of the qualifiers for each cycle will follow the laddering period. These games will be played as a best-of-3; each player chooses one generation and if needed, a third game is played in USM Random Battle format.

What is a ladder tour?
A ladder tour, similar to Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament, is a type of tournament where qualifying happens via gaining the most points out of all compettors on a ladder in a certain period of time (7 days). To qualfy, you must use your fresh laddering alt, which will be designated at the signups of each qualifier, to try to climb up the ladder to gain the most points. At the end of the cycle, the ladder will be screenshot and the alts with the highest ELO (other ratings do not affect ladder tours at all) will have qualified for that cycle. If you qualified, there is no need to try to ladder for another one. If you didn't quite make the cut, don't worry! You can sign up for as many or as few cycles as you wish, so there's plenty of opportunities to qualify.

When will this take place?
There are six laddering cycles, all lasting one week each. The first cycle will be hosted in RBY Random Battle and will begin on Monday, 20th August. After the laddering period has finished, the playoffs will follow shortly after. The schedule for all six laddering cycles is as follows.

  • Cycle 1 (RBY): 20th August - 26th August
  • Cycle 2 (GSC): 27th August - 2nd September
  • Cycle 3 (ADV): 3rd September - 9th September
  • Cycle 4 (DPP): 10th September - 16th September
  • Cycle 5 (BW): 17th September - 23rd September
  • Cycle 6 (ORAS): 24th September - 30th September

How do I participate?
Joining the Random Battles Ladder Tour doesn't involve much; all that's required to join is to sign up for the cycle you want to participate in on this forum so we can clearly identify your Smogon account if you make playoffs. The thread will be clearly advertised, so all you need to do is read the OP and make sure your alt account fits the rules! After signing up, ladder on the generation of random battles that is assigned for the cycle you join, which will also be clearly indicated.

Feel free to ask us any questions about the tournament below, and make sure to have fun!
Welcome to Cycle 1 of the Random Battles Ladder Tournament! This cycle will run for 7 days, finishing on the 26th of August, and will take place on the [Gen 1] Random Battle ladder.

To sign up, simply create an alt on Pokemon Showdown with the prefix RBLT11E followed by your forum name or something similar and easily recognisable.


To allow the hosts to find the winners of the cycle, all RBLT signups must be posted in this thread to count. If you qualify on the ladder but did not post, your spot will be given to the player with the next highest Elo. No exceptions will be made to this rule. To sign up, copy the given format below, providing your forum username, PS username, and laddering alt.

Forum Username:
PS Username:
Ladder Tour Alt:
Forum Username: martha
PS Username: martha
Ladder Tour Alt: RBLT11E martha

Tournament Information
  • After each laddering cycle has concluded, the hosts will screenshot the ladder at the time of the deadline.
  • The top 4 people on the ladder using RBLT alts will be added to a single elimiation playoff bracket, which will start after the last laddering cycle has concluded.
  • Matches will be best-of-three; both players choose a past generation of randbats and Game 3, if needed, will be played in Generation 7 randbats.
Tournament Rules
  • Do not forfeit your games intentionally to provide a win for another ladder player, and do not ask another ladder player to forfeit their game to provide a win for you.
  • Do not use other accounts to match up with yourself and "boost" your Elo to rank higher on the ladder.
  • Do not game the system to help yourself or another user win in any other way.
  • Cycle 1 (RBY): 20th August - 26th August
  • Cycle 2 (GSC): 27th August - 2nd September
  • Cycle 3 (ADV): 3rd September - 9th September
  • Cycle 4 (DPP): 10th September - 16th September
  • Cycle 5 (BW): 17th September - 23rd September
  • Cycle 6 (ORAS): 24th September - 30th September
This laddering cycle will end on Sunday, 26th August at 11:59 PM GMT+1.

If you have any questions regarding this tournament, do not hesitate to contact the hosts A and martha. Good luck to all participants!
What is an alt? and how do I create one?
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