Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament V - Introduction and Changes

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Guess it's this time of the year again...

There's going to be some major changes to how OLT operates this year compared to previous years.
  1. The ladder will run for 4 cycles like last year with 8 players qualifying each cycle for a total of 32 qualifying players. However, past years you've been allowed to use multiple alts for each cycle. This will be limited to one alt per user this time.

  2. In addition to the above, alts this year will start with LT51## [forum name] where ## are two randomly selected letters (by me) at the start of each cycle. This is done because we've had issues in past years by knowing exactly when players startd using an alt as all we had to go on was the register date. Attempting to ladder early now has a 1 in 676 chance that you're not wasting your time.

  3. The most significant difference this year, however, is that playoffs will not be a double elimination bracket. Instead of double elimination we will be employing a method more similar to VGCs swiss format. After the 4 cycles have been completed all 32 players will participate in a swiss tournament (more info exactly how this works here) for 5 rounds. Players will participate in this only until one of two conditions have been met:
    1. They have won three games, or
    2. They have lost three games.
  4. The players who have lost three times are removed from the tournament, and the remaining 16 players will play a more standard single elimination playoff bracket to determine who is the winner. Those players who meet either of these conditions will no longer participate in this portion of the tournament, though only the losers are eliminated.

    This format is shorter than a double elimination bracket of the same size, has a lot less waiting for the players (especially the winners bracket) while still allowing players a degree of safety net in regards to losing (as with double elimination).

I understand some of this might be a bit hard to understand but it's my hope that this should all be much clearer when it's put into practice.

Most importantly though, remember to have fun, and good luck to everyone.
New to this, someone mind explaining what this tournament entails? Which format, objective, etc.?
Basically you create an alt on showdown, with the beginning tag listed when each cycle goes up. Then, people ladder on the OU ladder for a week. Once the cycle is over, the top 8 alts on the ladder qualify. This continues for each cycle. Once the 4 cycles are over playoffs start. Playoffs is a swiss tournament, as explained in the op


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Why were you allowed to make 4 alts per cycle in previous OLTs? Like what was the point? Did GxE count or something or were you limited to a certain number of games?


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It was so if you had the time and willingness to, you could ladder multiple alts high, giving you more chances so to speak. If you tilted super hard on one alt, you had others as backup. I think GXE is literally only used to split ELO ties, and there has never been a game limit.
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