Random Battles Team Tour 3 - Week 2

Team Victini vs Team Hoopa

Zap vs BoRida - Boris already won but yea woulda gone with him anyways
PikminWarrior vs snorlax142857 - Roginald told me he's good and occasionally Rogi is correct
Mannie vs LordST - I said this was LST's year to shine and I'm stickin with it
Trade vs RealMiwa - isn't Trade a gen 4 guy
xGang vs PrinceOfAllTacos - Victinis made their lineup in the dark
Glop vs Roginald - So apparently Rogi actually does play this meta who knew
Anthonyy23 vs 100%GXE - GXE has still never lost a match in his life
sharpclaw vs Fissure - Fissure is one of the best hc players ik
a fruitshop owner vs bike waffles - name me one fruit that's better than a waffle
trace vs Hamhamhamham - Once Ham learns how Magic Bounce works he'll be unstoppable
King Leo V vs soTsoT - Leo is dope but soTsoT has like, 2 soT's
Jacked vs Panty&Stockings - I think Ass Style has the momentum going into this series, can go either way tho

Winner: Team Hoopa
1-11 :v4:

Team Victini (2) vs Team Hoopa (10)

Zap vs BoRida - already happened, they played NOW, respect, prob woulda gone boris too cuz he's consistently top 10 on ladder
PikminWarrior vs snorlax142857 - 1 outta 7 times snorlax gets bad luck, I can maths (taking skill into account, probably 35-65)
Mannie vs LordST - Lord Stacked Teams (I don't actually know what it stands for but that's what I'll say it stands for), 35-65
Trade vs RealMiwa - idk how good trade is at gen 5 but Miwa is definitely a tough opponent, 40-60
vs PrinceOfAllTacos - do you see how many xgangs are on the old gen rands ladders? insane, I want to believe in POAT but it looks like an uphill battle, 65-35
Glop vs Roginald - C A L M M I N D, 35-65
Anthonyy23 vs 100%GXE - this isn't the format for EQ gengar, 30-70
sharpclaw vs Fissure - Fissure played really well against me in HCC and also does really well on HC ladder, 30-70
a fruitshop owner vs Bike Waffles - Juna managed to bring lamp to a very close series and lamp is really good at SSB, 30-70
vs hamhamhamham - I'm actually gonna predict an upset for this one, I think ham's a better player but maybe he's tilted from last week idk, 55-45
King Leo V vs soTsoT - TLT gang, 40-60
Jacked vs Panty&Stockings - Assassin hasn't dominated room tours this month yet, perhaps he's having a bit of a bad luck streak, 45-55
2-10 :pikuh:

Wiggly gets a pass for memeing

Team Victini (4) vs Team Hoopa (8)

Gen 8 Random Battle: Zap vs BoRida - done
Gen 7 Random Battle: PikminWarrior vs snorlax142857 - not sure, picking numbers cuz whynot
Gen 7 Random Battle: Mannie vs LordST - not sure, picking Mannie cuz that name is a steal
Gen 5 Random Battle: Trade vs RealMiwa - trade is good, havent seen miwa
Gen 4 Random Battle: xGang vs PrinceOfAllTacos - poat is rly good, idk gang
Gen 3 Random Battle: Glop vs Roginald (40-60) good and better
Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle: Anthonyy23 vs 100%GXE - gxe best player in the tour sry yall hes gonna sweep from here
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup: sharpclaw vs Fissure - havent heard of fissure so ill go with the driver
Gen 7 Super Staff Bros Brawl: a fruitshop owner vs bike waffles - seen good stuff from this guy
Gen 7 Battle Factory: trace vs Hamhamhamham (40-60) both really good, ham is slightly better
Gen 7 BSS Factory: King Leo V vs soTsoT (49-51) both are really good but sotsot is slightly better i believe
Gen 7 Random Battle / Gen 7 Battle Factory / Gen 7 Hackmons Cup: Jacked vs Panty&Stockings - ive seen stockings before but not jacked so sure

Hoopa, Diancie, Marshadow best teams imo
3/4 of these will be wrong cuz its rands
these are biased as fk
you almost had it



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