#RarelyUsed Chat and Resources (Read if you're new to RU)

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Come swing by the irc channel #rarelyused for ru discussion and fun chatting with other people who are into the meta. Click here, type in a username (preferably your smogon forum username), and click connect. It's easy!

The chat tends to have higher activity when people in the US are home during the evening, so from around 5-6 pm to 12-1 am EST is when more people will be on and talking. There may be people on at other times but in general that's when the majority of people are on. Just a heads up for if you go on and no one is responding.

These are the go-to threads if you want to learn how to play RarelyUsed, or if you want to participate in projects.


  • np: RU Stage 16 - Learn about the current metagame and specific trends that are going on in the tier.
  • How to Build RU Teams - See how some experienced RU players build their teams so you can emulate their strategies.
  • RU Teambuilding - Find Pokemon for each role of a team and learn about what to use with them and how to counter them.
  • Pokemon of the Week - Take a look at some popular RU Pokemon and read through the community's thoughts on them.
  • Discussion of Undiscovered Threats - Read about good, underrated Pokemon who were previously unseen in the metagame. Pick some threats for your team to make it more unique and surprise the opponent.

  • RU C&C Index Thread - Write RU analyses, articles, letters, and more. If you're not into writing, you can read analyses in progress and comment to add your knowledge to them.
  • RarelyUsed Hub - Give suggestions for the tier in this thread or help work on the RU Hub located here.
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