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Real 386 Tournament (interest thread)

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Would you guys join a tournament according to the old 386 rules on RS bot? That means:

- No ubers, includes Wynaut/Wobbuffet as well as Jirachi and Celebi back then
- No FRLG, Emerald, XD, Box or NYPC moves
- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- No Evasion
- No OHKOs
- Freeze Clause OFF (RS bot didn't have it...;D)
- Self-KO clause
- PP Ups on by default unless both players want them off (RS bot had them on anyway)
- Unrated on by default unless both players want them off (RS bot didn't even have a rating system)

I was thinking about forbidding putting Defense EVs and a +Def nature on Blissey simply because that discovery was made right when FRLG was introduced, but seeing as Blissey just lost Counter, Seismic Toss, Thunder Wave and Wish, I don't think it's needed.


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Yeah I would actually like to see a 200 tourney, no one plays it nowadays and I've been wanting to lately for some reason
I would be interested in any type of Tournament really, and 200 is fun.
I guess I'm the same as rekt; I'm down for any tournament since I haven't played the game in some months.

Never played 200, though. So I have no opinion there.


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I'd say no b/c it isn't really a 200 tournament... but it is close enough to an advance tournament (I don't think we should have another one until the official Smogon #3) that I'm just not really sure what to think about it.
So you could get all 386 except a few Ubers (such as Mewtwo) with Ruby, Sapphire and Colosseum? Colo must have made it possible to get the rest of the pokemon. IIRC it has practically only gsc pokemon. But im pretty sure there were a lot of RBY pokemon that couldn't be obtained in those 3 games alone. Such as Charizard. Can someone explain this? Other than that I'm in.
386 was played on the bots even though FRLG were not announced yet, but you could use everything not considered uber or gay (Wobby), even if no one knew how to get them in-game. Their data were obtained from hacking the cartridges.
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