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  • No embedded trailers. This thread must be readable on mobile. If you want to link the trailer, wrap it in something that'll prevent it embedding.
  • Provide a store link. If you can't for whatever reason, at minimum list out what platforms it's available on.
    • No pirate links!
  • Don't just post a one-liner. Talk about the gameplay loop, what it's main appeal is, why you like it etc. Doesn't need to be massive or anything, but this isn't a PC++ thread. At least try to sell people on it.
  • No self-promotion. If you are a solo dev or whatever and want to share something your proud of, use Plug Yourself Here instead. I want this thread to be about games that people found organically.
  • Only post actual indie games. This means games produced solo devs or small, wholly independent studios. This typically also means low budget, but that's less of a hard rule as particularly ambitious games would probably be pushing it in terms of cost/required fundraising and I don't want exclude them if they are otherwise in scope. The main thing is to draw a distinction when it comes to studios like Annapurna Interactive that stopped being indie a long time ago but which still get marketed as if they are "indie" for some reason.

Note before posting:
The spirit of the thread is more about hidden gems and low- to medium-popularity cult games. Popular, well-known indie games like Celeste, Undertale, The Stanley Parable, The Beginner's Guide, Shovel Knight, The Binding of Issac, Dwarf Fortress, Stardew Valley, Getting Over It, Superliminal, Lethal Company etc. probably don't need the signal boost. A broad rule of thumb for this is that if you find yourself questioning whether a game is "too popular" for this thread, it probably means you should use the Videogame Thread instead.


Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Wildermyth is a procedurally-generated turn-based grid-based tactics game where the story of characters you create unwind as you play. Its mechanics are good, it's decently challenging, and just allowing shit to happen to your characters and seeing how their lives unfold is a lot of fun. There's also a bit of a metagame around managing characters aging, meaning that on one playthrough you aren't permanently going to be able to just stick with the same party like you would in a Fire Emblem game or whatever, and it features permanent death (although you can optionally let characters die one time in exchange for them becoming crippled, which just makes them more interesting anyway).

Ganbare! Super Strikers
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

Another turn-based tactics game, but instead of being about military or militia like most tactics games are, it's a football game (actual football—not American "football"). I got this in an Itch bundle a few years ago and was very pleased with it. The game takes inspiration from Inazuma Eleven and Captain Tsubasa and is just all around a lot of fun. If you like football and enjoy the simultaneous team-wide micromanagement of Inazuma Eleven, or if you like turn-based tactics games, you'll probably like this. It's dirt cheap, too!

Harold Halibut
Platforms: Windows, Playstation 5, XBox Series S/X

Technically not out yet, but there's a demo on Steam for it so I figure it's ok to link (the game comes out in April). This game has been in development for 14 years, including a failed Kickstarter fundraiser in 2017, and the end result is utterly gorgeous. It's made with Aardman-style clay models that have been scanned in and it's clear that they've tried to imitate the feel of stop motion within a 3D CG and motion capture environment, even if in places the immersion is broken a little. The trailer seems very quaint and charming, and I like the setting a lot, from the space station with its goofy transportation system to the gorgeous outdoor areas. Definitely one of my most anticipated games for the year.
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The Expression Amrilato (series)

A hit game in the Yuri language learning genre. An isekai visual novel about a girl that gets transported to an alternate version of Japan where everybody speaks Esperanto. There are no subtitles. Learn Esperanto to understand what the fuck is going on. Also the English translation is miserable so learn Japanese too while you're at it. I'm playing through its sequel right now (Distant Memorajo). It is very cute and having a bunch of anime girls talk about language learning is a deeply rugi-core experience. Even beyond the gimmick, they're just very sweet fish-out-of-water stories talking about what it's like to overcome cultural and language barriers, with a sprinkle of urban fantasy worldbuilding flavour. If you have an interest in language learning and a tolerance for weebshit, you should check it out.


boba fett cool
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Platforms: Windows & Mac (, Steam), Android, iOS

Steam blurb said:
Tactical dice-rolling roguelike combat. Take control of 5 heroes, each with their own unique dice. Fight your way through 20 levels of monsters and try to take on the final boss. If you lose a single fight you have to start over so be careful (and lucky!).
I found this game through Vinesauce sometime last year or so and I found it just as addicting as he did, the type of heroes, abilities, monsters, and tactics you can utilize are hella diverse + the dice physics are very satisfying. It was just the other day they dropped the 3.0 version as well, I didn't even know about it until I looked it up before posting here. If the blurb has you interested it's well worth the money to support this guy or if you want a great game on the go that isn't your typical gacha or free-to-play with purchases mobile game.
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