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Written by Martin and vonFiedler

Smogon is home to a wealth of very talented people, and this thread aims to celebrate that creativity. Whether you run a YouTube channel, stream on Twitch, produce music on SoundCloud, run an art blog on Instagram, host a podcast, or anything else, feel free to plug yourself and highlight some of your proudest work here.

What should you consider including?
  • A link to what you're promoting (YouTube channel, SoundCloud link, blog, etc.)
  • A brief outline of who you are and what you do
    • Music genres
    • Video topics/genres
    • Games you play
    • Podcast name/subject
    • etc.
  • A few tasters of your work (1–2 video links, 2–3 song links, 3–4 pictures, etc.)
    • Use hide tags!!!
    • Don't post your whole library or discography if you have more than a few entries
  • Don't over-format your post; there's nothing wrong with a bit of visual flair, but if there's too much going on in your post it will be more off-putting than anything.
What doesn't belong in this thread?
  • Anything by new users: Your Smogon account must be half a year old in order to post in this thread.
  • Personal accounts: Posting Twitter/Instagram/etc. accounts are fine if you use them as a vehicle for creative work, but if you just use your account to post memes, shower thoughts, opinions, etc., this isn't the place for it.
    • If you really need links to your personal accounts on Smogon (not recommended unless it's something like MyAnimeList/Letterboxd), use your signature or profile instead.
  • Regular updates: Don't make a post every time you release a new video, go live on Twitch, release a new song, etc. If you decide you want to promote a different video/song/etc. to what you originally plugged, edit your original post.
    • You can post about a different subject at a later date, but this thread is here to highlight talent site-wide: not for a few people to spam.
  • Use common sense or we'll use it for you: If you repeatedly fail to follow these simple rules, we reserve the right to restrict your posting permissions in this thread.
We're reserving the next post for archiving good stuff we see so that it doesn't get lost to the sands of time. We're still deciding how or how often we wish to do that, but a good indicator might be if a post gets a lot of likes, so if you see a post with content you enjoy, please like it!


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Hi! I'm a freelance tabletop role-playing game content creator, and I'm eager to show off my work! Specifically, the work I can create for YOU! I recently started up a Ko-fi hosted specifically for character creation commissions! And I don't mean building characters using existing rules in games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder; I mean making new rules for those sorts of games, tailored specifically to the character you specify! My rates are dirt cheap for this quality of RPG freelance work, and I hope you come check me out right here!

If you need convincing, I've got you covered! All commissioned content I create is made publicly available upon completion, so you can look at the various things I've created in the short time I've has this operation. Examples of my work are in the hide tag below, and I'll edit in more as I complete them!
Psygene class for Pathfinder Second Edition (Previously known as the class where you play Mewtwo. What better way could there be to celebrate his birthday tomorrow?)

Spoonbender class for Pathfinder Second Edition (based on a Gym member with a psychic vision)

Lady Dimitrescu ancestry options for Pathfinder Second Edition (any Resident Evil fans around here? As more info about the game surfaces, more options for this will be added; stay tuned!)

Preacher for Coin Divine Domain for D&D 5th Edition (Televangelism for clerics! Pay to win? More like pray to win!)

Infospheritualist Archetype for Starfinder (Televangelism but in SPAAAAACE)

Bitfolk Versatile Heritage for Pathfinder Second Edition (You can play as a paragon of the game, boy! Girls and all genders are also welcome!)

Hedgefolk Ancestry for Pathfinder Second Edition (Plenty of quills, and paladin-friendly!)

Spaciakineticist Prestige Class for D&D 5th Edition (Bending the fabric of reality to your will, and maybe move some things around too!)

For all you fans of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have a treat on the horizon! In addition to the current two commissions, I'm also developing a Monster Duelist class or Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition! I plan on hosting a sort of crowd-based campaign for this class, to drum up support for my Ko-fi! I plan on releasing this class for free, along with a Yugi class path on my Ko-fi and Twitter! When it's prepared, I'll link the relevant post on Twitter; for every 10 retweets the Twitter post receives, I'll release a new Yu-Gi-Oh! character you can play as using this class! It'll have customizable monsters that vary depending on the character/class path, a tribute system, spell cards, all that good stuff! I hope to see some of you there when I edit this post with the relevant link!

I'm really grateful to vonFiedler and Martin for setting up this platform, and I look forward to seeing you at my K o-fi, as well as all the other lovely talent in this thread! Cheers!


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Hi lads, it is me Rabia. I'm an avid NU player that frequently uploads NU-specific content to YouTube. Be it PS! lives, suspect test coverage, or other general informational content, my goal is to give deeper insight to more casual players about NU and competitive Pokemon in general. I occasionally (and by that I mean once LMAO) do Let's Plays too; I have a pilot episode recorded for a new one that I still haven't uploaded, though ;_;

I've been working on improving the general quality of my videos this year by doing thumbnails and improving the descriptions of my videos. If anyone has feedback you're welcome to provide me with it, and of course if you'd like to subscribe I'd appreciate it greatly. Below I'll include a couple of my more recent videos that I thought were good or generally funny.


Plague von Karma

Banned deucer.
Outside of Smogon - and inside, really - I'm commonly known as Plague von Karma. If you've kicked around Smash for long enough, you've probably seen my name on lab documents or had it dropped when discussing King K. Rool. It's not hard to see why, looking at this. But if you want to know what I truly do...

I'm a VTuber that produces YouTube content for RBY, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As of late, it's been mainly RBY, as it's the easiest for me to focus on and has the most reliable focus group. This is probably the best video I've done on my channel as of June 2022, it took a herculean effort:

I also stream on Twitch!

Once in a blue moon, I'll post things on this blog about obscure prototype Pokemon content. It's a basic caveman Weebly blog, but you get the idea. My biggest one thus far is this article on Pokemon Blue's prototype sprites from Corocoro's November and December 1996 issues, where I bought and scanned the magazines myself. I also had a certain notorious magazine re-translated by someone called Obskyr after managing to get hold of it: MicroGroup Game Review Vol.14, that one magazine with two unused designs on the cover. I guess you could say collecting these is a hobby of mine.

I also run a Smash-based YouTube channel, though it's been dormant due to me moving away from it. This documentary on Brawl Dedede was absolutely the channel's magnum opus, thanks to SkeTcH for being such an incredible editor.
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Hey this is the perfect thread for me! Toy Time King here (everyone just calls me TTK), been doing pokemon youtube since late 2017 mostly doing PU content and some general pokemon content like generational quizzes and stuff. I took an hiatus from mons and uploading from seven months ago but I decided to come back now to stream on my channel now rather than make videos and uploading because life is busy and I definitely do not have the time to edit upload etc. I would do Twitch but I have my subs on YT and I realise people do watch my videos, which is always appreciated.

I have many videos I could share but I decided to choose this video because I'm still very confused why this blew up but for a channel that has only 90 subs, I'm surprised that a good chunk of my older videos were in the 300-800 range of views.

You can check out my videos from 2017-2019 but you can just tell that I was still getting used to it. I was only 15 when I started and my mic was so badd but yeah thanks for reading!
Hello, I'm Noel!
I am an event organizer that likes to create content for the events I run! This post will mostly be showcasing my YouTube channel, which acts as a little window into the events I run.

The biggest event series I've run is called Victory Road Draft League, which has had a total of three seasons thus far. This is an amateur Gen 7 pokemon draft league with an emphasis on friendly competition and learning through playing.
Videos I've created for the league include draft showcases, team impressions, battle commentaries, weekly recaps, and ribbon ceremonies, to name a few. I also did interviews with the coaches in season 1 and 2 which were really fun! A big focus I have with creating content is creating experiences that people will enjoy not only participating in, but watching as well. In addition to the videos I create, I also have been working on league document optimization, and I have made adjustments to make the document cleaner, more user friendly, and more automatic.

An upcoming event series I have planned is the Pokemon Interregional Tour. This will be an event with the goal of combining the competitive feel of a draft league with an episodic narrative revolving around different locations every week. Each week will have a different battle format and a different character that is focused on! I am currently creating scenes for that event using the Ren'py engine, and I'll be uploading them to my channel in the leadup to the event as well as during the event.

...Speaking of pokemon-based narratives, my biggest and most beloved video is just that! I got the idea for the Pokemon Interregional Tour after creating my favorite work yet: Hypno's Slumber Party, the visual novel. This goes into the backstory of my Season 3 Victory Road team in a visual novel format, and gives a narrative for the team coming together as well as a setting and backstory for all the characters. It's pretty cheesy but very wholesome and I put ~60 hours into making it. You could watch it here:

Finally, I have a few other videos on my channel for various events. I ran many smash bros events in the past such as a Smash Ultimate Photo Contest, and some crew battles which are on other youtube channels but may go on mine in the future if I do them again. I also made some touhou content such as level playthroughs, which I haven't done in a while but would love to get into again sometime.

My ultimate goal right now with creating videos and event organization is to be able to open a local draft league in my city and have it be something that I could professionally run, with content that participants and spectators alike enjoy. If you have any feedback and would like to discuss any of my projects, I'd love to talk! And that about wraps this post up.
(Also yay for this post reminding me to do uploads I've been putting off! lol)
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It's very niche, but I write for one of the biggest Los Angeles Lakers blogs on the internet, Lake Show Life.

Link to all my work for them here.

Also, these are a bit out of date, but I also have my own sports blog and a SoundCloud from DJing for almost 11 years.

I will be uploading new mixes to SoundCloud soon, but the paid blogging has taken up too much of my time to keep generating content for my own blog.

EDIT: I recently signed a contract with Sports Talk Line as a Freelance Digital Content Producer. I'll eventually have my own show and write a bunch of articles for them, but in the meantime, here's my guest appearance on one of their shows - The Unnamed Sports Show.

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Going to post on behalf of my wife. She's an amazing artist and has been drawing for the better part of 30 years. She recently opened an etsy store and has already sold a painting. She does hand painting and has done extensive digital painting/drawing. Her specialties are painting and recreating fan art. Here's a link to her store.

Here are a few of her drawings





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this is the one time i'll link my channel here but i've started doing showdown laddering videos where i'll try to peak all the oldgens, similar to bkc's videos if you're into that but with weirder teams. uploading every week or 2 weeks. also don't watch the first video, the audio is mixed poorly but i actually put effort into this one:

Colonel M

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I was told about this thread to plug in for advertisement, so I figured I would post about my Twitch channel here:

We mostly play older games, but I've been doing co-commentary with EternalSnowman (which you should also check out his Twitch channel too at !) and eden . I've been attempting to expand to play more games and have co-commentary with a side of me just commentating every now and then on my own. I love platformers and RPGs, but I'll occasionally take a few spins on other genres.

I'm doing what I can to expand my horizon on what to play and trying to think of ways to give some fun clips too. I'd love for you to stop by and watch. Feel free to give me a follow too, no Subscription needed. :) And if you like my content, please let others know so they can join in on the shenanigans. Feel free to give some suggestions along the way - I'm very open to constructive criticism.
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Guides, Sweeps and Analyses

Analysis of an SPL Game I played recently with the teambuilding process, game analysis, and importable of the team

Hi everyone, i recently started a Youtube channel where I narrate high-level tournament games from many different tiers, as well as making teambuilding guides and sweep montages for the tiers I know best. Hope you enjoy!

My Channel:



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Hi there!

I'm Kink, also known as the lead producer in a group called Keylontix - we are a Electronic/Dance/Indie Electronica group that tries to make fun and funky tunes.

Over the last year, I have produced 5 albums that have seen slight success, and I thought I would share them here! I will share in order from newest to oldest:

There are a couple other records from 2013-2017, so if you can find them, congrats! These are relics from when I first started!

I'm super pleased to announce that I have 2 more records I'm currently working on:

- lo-fi electronic piano-jazz with our very own ima singing on vocals.
- a double album called From The Moon and To The Stars, which is the most ambitious record I've ever made.

Enjoy everyone, and I hope you all take the time to listen - it's actually half-decent, I promise!


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Hello Smogon folks, I am itsjustdrew, my friends call me Drew, and I do YouTube. I started my channel back in 2018 and I cover UU content pretty exclusively. Here is my channel:

If you are not one of the OG's, here are the highlights of my channel and YouTube career...

I made some comedy-vlog videos:

I went to Japan with my friends and vlogged the trip:

I put together a great series of building guides for SM UU like this one:

And finally I was featured in a Pokeaim video:

All in all I have put a lot of effort into my channel and enjoyed every second of it. I have experienced an uncanny amount of technological issues with my computers so there is a current quality decrease. However the grind continues!

I hope you enjoy the content I have created! Have an awesome day!
Hello everyone, please check my twitch channel:

I am doing a blue kaizo run atm, after that I could play Emerald kaizo and some old gens laddering, follow my channel if youre interested in nuzlocke/old gens content ❤

Starting from next week, I'll also do SS OU ladder sessions on my twitch channel, so make sure to follow it:

I could also ladder in old gens if ppl like that
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My friend (the elusive Estu) and I have a weekly twitch show called Mans Who Play Mons.

Each week, we recap and analyze a Generation 1 random battle that we've played. Neither of us are championship-level players, but we've been playing a long time, so we usually have some interesting things to say about our tactical choices. We're also long time friends and former roommates, so we have a lot of material to banter about and make fun of each other for. What may be of interest to people here is that I've been kicking around the greater Pokemon community since 2000, so I like to share an occaisional recollection from that era.

We're still trying to find our audience, so I'd be really thrilled if you gave it a try. We broadcast live on Thursdays at 8:00 PM eastern time (that's currently Fridays at 00:00 UTC).
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Hello everyone. My name is DuoM2, and I'm a poster in the Pet Mods subforum for those of you who don't know me. As of late I've been running a channel for Pet Mods content, mainly to inform people of the formats since a lot of people seem to have interest but don't know much about them. Most of my videos will be formatted as follows - brief introduction of how the metagame works, explanation of a few top threats, and then two or three battles. I'm just starting out so my content surely has a lot of room for improvement, a few people have already told me some glaring problems with both of them, and there's only two videos for you all to see so far.

Here's the link to my channel. No point in linking specific videos since there's only two of them. I hope you all check it out, and I especially hope you leave me criticism! A video needs to be a good experience to watch to be fully informative, so if I can't achieve that, then I've failed and need to fix something. Thanks for reading!


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Hi, bo here :) not super active on forums anymore but lurking in cong and smogoff is always fun.

I'm currently doing portrait commissions alongside other kinds of drawing / illustration work. If you have a photo (s) you'd like turned into a nice drawing of you, a friend/loved one, or even a celebrity you're a fan of, shoot me a DM and we can talk shop!


These will be done in a couple of days maximum!


These take a lot longer, usually a bit longer than a week, and involve two stages-a physical drawing with colored pencils and additional digital editing.

^the above examples are low-res files--actual commissioners receive hi-res psd files along with image files! I'm also ok with mailing physical drawings to you if you're in the US and want to pay shipping. Portraits are stylized a bit and not 100% realistic, just showing a bit of the artistic license you can expect from me if you want a portrait.

I'm also flexible with pricing and am willing to haggle up to a point. Just dm me with details and we can talk things out! Payment is always up front, and I can send frequent progress updates on smogon / discord as needed.

-I'm also 100% down to do other kinds of illustration work, from DnD character art, to fanart commissions, to general caricatures. Check out my website for some examples: and my instagram:
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Is this the right place? It certainly looks like it. There's an extremely likely, if not guaranteed chance you don't know who I am, and that's because I just got here for the first time... no, like, literally just now, I really need to rework my sleep schedule.


Hello, everyone. I'm bdt2002. Sometimes with "Gaming" in the name as well. I've had my Somogon account for about three years now and have been posting on and off in the Forums after taking breaks whenever something busy comes up. My activity has been almost entirely in the "Orange Islands" subforum, with posts about various Past Gens OU metagames in the "Ruins of Alph" subforum posted once in a blue moon. Suffice to say, I've been looking to branch out to as many of these more casual communities as I could, and I hope you will all welcome me with open arms. I for one am very excited to meet you all. This is the so-called congregation of the masses, is it not?

Now that introductions are out of the way, I'd like to dive into the actually interesting stuff. See, the reason I'm posting in this thread right now is because I didn't know how else to make a formal introduction. I want to meet and help as many people as I can in this world, even if I'm not getting anything in return. I've only recently increased my social media activity, having raised myself as surprisingly "anti-Internet" for most of my childhood. Nowadays you ccan find me in the Orange Islands subforum, like I said, but also in the occasional YouTube comment section on gaming (primarily 7th/8th Gen Nintendo) and game soundtrack videos alike. You'll know it's me if you find a guy named "bdt2002 Gaming" with an Espeon profile picture who doesn't upload any videos. At least, not yet.

I've included some brief trivia facts about myself based on this thread's original post so we can get to know each other better. Who knows? Maybe we'll all make some great new friends here together.

What I am promoting: I would like to say I'm promoting my wishes to expand on social media, but I'd rather finish college first.
Favorite music genre: How does one define "video game OSTs"? Particularly the ones I grew up with?
Games that I like to play: I'll dive more into this one on the "favorite video games" thread I saw on my way here.
Life goals and/or career interest: I'm interested in some combination of writing and motivational speech for the neurodiverse community. I was born and raised on the autism spectrum and am currently pursuing a human services degree in college. There's a good chance that when I finally take to social media later this decade, I'll be splitting my brand into two parts: a channel for gaming and a channel for disability advocacy.
Other miscellaneous interests: I used to and still am pretty interested in most things related to the weather and meteorology. My high school days got me interested in band music, and for nine years growing up I played soccer before junior high school put an end to that. I absolutely love writing, and pride myself on some of the great works I've done whether it be in my free time or for, say, a graded essay assignment. As a matter of fact, my success with writing in school is a big part of why I want to write for part of my career path!

I'm sorry that this post was so long, but I just wanted to make sure I covered everything to compensate for my lack of any true social presence. Again, it's great to finally meet you, and I hope we can all welcome each other in. :)
I have a passion and I'm working on an album, please be kind. I'm surprised that no one has created and ability that ensures no recharge time for moves that usually require such.

Nonetheless, upon investigation I have very firm believes in things and one of those is that every move in the game can be scientifically proven to exist. There are other things that are like that, but one has to listen to the song to know what I mean...


I wrote this song directly about Pokemon and competitive battling, but I also directly wrote it about how the game Pokemon's moves really exist scientifically.


Please be kind in comments. People usually can't take it after dishing it out with me. I can say it so kindly and yet so respectfully that the comment won't get deleted.
I do some cool Pokemon Challenge Runs (Original and Creative I know), with some Mario Maker 2 and other random and funny Switch clips I have. I just released my Solo Phanpy in Platinum run about a week ago. I also have this series of challenge runs, and the second video of that is being made currently. (Totally check out the first one, it's pretty cool, it's the Pidgey one)
Hey! I was a part of the Fire Emblem Facebook community back in the days, as in, pre-Awakening. I was a young teenager back then, and I'm 24 now.

All those years ago, I made what are called "Gauntlet" videos- these were videos where you take a GBAFE unit all the way to level 20/20, and then run them through the arena until they die- the goal was to get as many kills as possible in a row without healing or buffs like the dancer rings. These were slightly popular back then, but I wasn't a big name by any means. I stopped doing them because of the prohibitive grinding required.

Over the years, I've considered continuing the Gauntlets, but I never felt like putting in the work.

However, starting at the end of February 2022, I started getting a massive uptick on views from one specific Gauntlet video, one of Jaffar. As of writing this now, it went from a respectable 300~ views to about 1.8k, with the extra 1.5k being in the last 28 days.

This gave me the motivation to go ahead and give it another shot- but this was 2022. I'm not a child struggling with 2012 modding tools anymore. I took the old patch a friend named Aura Wolf gave me, and updated it to have every unit at 20/20 with perfectly average stats. And I've been editing these videos all month! I'm releasing a video once a week on Wednesdays, but I've waited until I had a decent backlog of videos released before advertising this many places, including here. But the time has come!

This is a link to the playlist containing every video that's public at the moment!

And here is the first video:


formerly 2020 idm boomer
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I'm not even here to promote the YouTube channel, I'm just here to put on for the GREATEST NATDEX OU PLAYER OF ALL TIME Mollymiltoast - come check out Molly vs Darkness 789 in Set 1 of the NatDex OU Winter Seasonal finals and show the vid some love fr - this is as high-level as it gets

My last post I promise! But let's be honest, it's no secret Whole Lotta Agents is hoarding all of Pokemon Showdown's finest talent. But the GOAT debate
? Undisputed. In our community lies the Truth : Mollymiltoast
. Come witness his greatness in our latest vid , where he plays Darkness 789 in the ULTIMATE WINNER TAKES ALL SHOWDOWN, IN THE NATDEX WINTER SEASONAL GRAND FINALE


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Hi there!

I'm Kink, also known as the lead producer in a group called Keylontix - we are a Electronic/Dance/Indie Electronica group that tries to make fun and funky tunes.

Over the last year, I have produced 5 albums that have seen slight success, and I thought I would share them here! I will share in order from newest to oldest:

There are a couple other records from 2013-2017, so if you can find them, congrats! These are relics from when I first started!

I'm super pleased to announce that I have 2 more records I'm currently working on:

- lo-fi electronic piano-jazz with our very own ima singing on vocals.
- a double album called From The Moon and To The Stars, which is the most ambitious record I've ever made.

Enjoy everyone, and I hope you all take the time to listen - it's actually half-decent, I promise!
I'm super pleased to announce New Music by Keylontix (yours truly!), featuring Smogon's own ima

Apple music:


Thank you for your ongoing support, enjoy!

I finally launched my full-blown website for my music and other stuff connected to it, along with short films and other things I plan on directing! For those who don't know, I'm a multi-genre artist who blends Chiptune with a ton of other genres, everything from Metalcore to Classical to Dubstep and beyond. I'm still adding more and more to the site, but so far I'm proud of how it looks!

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