Relicanth Giveaway

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I'm giving away 5 of the following Pokemon, in 5th gen only. Use the FC in my signature. To win, you must have a trade thread and you must actually put the Relicanth in your thread (and give me credit lol). It's redistributable by anyone.

Adamant - Rock Head - Johto
252 Atk/252 Spe/6 SpD @ Choice Band
Head Smash, Waterfall, Earthquake, Double-Edge


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Such a beautiful catch *_* I usually don't trade away other's mons but I'll make and exception for this one. Link to my thread is in my sig :p
Ok, winners: braseg#s, delacruz, darksoulSP, zero2exe, impact - VM me when you can trade

@texas cloverleaf, I'll give you one anyway because of dat canadian pride. :pimp:

(sorry labarith) this can be locked now
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