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I recently noticed that all of X-Act's applications (i.e. Base Stats Ratings and Defensive EVs calculator) were taken down from Smogon. I've always enjoyed playing around with them, and they've really helped me build teams throughout the years. Is it at all possible to access them? If not, can they be brought back?
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I don't know much about javascript admittedly, but the curious thing about these apps is that webarchive saved the site its self, but the javascript fails if you use it. For reference. Perhaps an admin can retrieve the java.

I know when you search the applet this old guide shows up also, so we may be able to rebuild the defense applet.


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The defensive EV app is certainly rebuildable, but probably a lower priority with everything else to do. It doesn't appear in the archive because it was a java applet.

I have no idea what the base stat ratings thing is.

Fyi, javascript isn't the same as java.


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There is a Base Stat Rating thing floating around still, since we use it in CAP. An Excel thingy here and an explanation current as of Gen V (aka no longer current) in this thread. CAP folks will get around to updating BSR for Gen VI some time or another after we know final base stats.


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Just to piggyback on what srk said, Base Stat Ratings are comparative values that depend on the stats of all the other Pokemon in the game. The one in X-Act's applet is, therefore, only accurate for 4th gen. Restoring it obviously is not a bad idea, as doing stuff for 4th gen is perfectly fine. But if you are looking for something more current, the Excel doc is the best thing out there for that.
If I can scrounge up the free time, I'm thinking about trying to replicate the defense app. If there are any old screenshots of it floating around, those would be slightly helpful, but I'm pretty sure I can get all the necessary info form the "How To Maximize Your Defense" article.

Aside from that, I just have to account for new defense modifying items (like assault vest) and any new abilities that modify defense/special defense. Anyone that can shoot me a list of items/abilities like that would be greatly appreciated.

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